A Special Message…

Have you read the books starring Honey the Great Dane & her friends? Available as EBOOK & Paperback. Buy on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Kobo and through bookstores & libraries). Click HERE for more details

Have you read the books starring Honey the Great Dane & her friends? Available as EBOOK & Paperback. Buy on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Kobo and through bookstores & libraries). Click HERE for more details


Honey’s blog is no longer active as she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She lives on now in the mystery series inspired by her.
Come and check them out ~ the Big Honey Dog Mysteries!

Farewell Slobbers

I will be leaving this blog up as it contains a lot of information that others may still find useful. Below is the original intro page.

~ Hsin-Yi (Honey’s human)


* This is just an intro page which I don’t update often – to see my latest adventures, photos, videos & more, please go to my BLOG – or see one of my recent blog posts to the right! :-)

(photo by Rachael Hale)

. Hello – I’m Honey. They say I’m called a fawn Great Dane but all I know is that most other doggies are very short. Sometimes I see other doggies like me but everyone tells me that I’m a very big girl, even for a Dane! 😛 I love sleeping in the sun, eating bread and giving my paw. Oh – and I slobber…a LOT! I was born in New Zealand – the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ – and lived for a long time in Auckland but I have recently moved to Australia with my family. I’m still a Kiwi doggie at heart, though! 😉 I grew up with a “kitty sister”, Lemon the Tortoishell Moggie, but sadly Lemon was taken from us very suddenly at just 5yrs old, by a mystery sickie when she was staying at the pet hotel and she went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 27th 2009. Lemon – we miss you terribly

Recently, after 2 yrs , we finally felt ready to add another kitty to our family. So introducing…Muesli! She is also a moggie, adopted from the RSPCA. Things were a bit stressy when she first arrived but we are now good friends! You can see how we became friends here

My human, Hsin-Yi, does lots of fun things with me. Just because I’m a Great Dane doesn’t mean I have to be a couch potato – and it’s not true that Danes can’t be trained!

We were members of Outreach Therapy Pets NZ which meant that I was a Therapy Dog and I went to visit sickie people who need help and a bit of cheering up. For more on my therapy work, visit the Therapy Work page

I also do lots of fun training with Hsin-Yi – I’ve dabbled in Obedience, Agility, Rally-O and of course, lots and lots of Clicker Training which I love!

We also do this really cool thing called Canine Freestyle which is like doggie dancing: Hsin-Yi teaches me lots of fun tricks & dance moves and then we dance a routine together to music! I have even competed in Canine Freestyle competitions – they say that I am the first Great Dane to do this kind of thing! 😀

For more about my dancing adventures, visit my Canine Freestyle page

HY+Honey-BigSpender-bow (watermark)


What happened to Honey’s eye?

Honey-9.5yrsI am now quite a senior doggie (us Great Danes only live to about 8yrs on average) but I’m still doing well, having new adventures, meeting new friends, going to new places, playing a bit of football, enjoying yummies, doing a bit of dancing & tricks for fun (I have retired from dance competitions & therapy work now).

I did recently lose my left eye due to glaucoma – you can read more about that on the Honey’s Eye! page – but I have adapted really well to being blind on one side and it doesn’t stop me doing anything! 😛

Want to know more? :-) The best way to keep updated on all my news & adventures, photos & videos (including many not on public Youtube) is to follow My Blog!


Check out this movie of all the things I’ve been up to recently…there’s life in the old dog yet!



400 Responses to A Special Message…

  1. Dino says:

    Hi Honey,
    The work that you do with your mommy is just awesome! I think I am going to be your be your biggest fan!
    Love, Dino

    • ryan says:

      i love you honey your so cute i am like your bigest fan.

      • Ginger says:

        I just watched the video with Lemon and Honey. It was wonderful. I laughed and cried. Thank you for sharing some of the entertaining and sad memories.

        • Michele says:

          I too just watched the Honey and Lemon video…I started to cry and one of my Danes, Molly came over to me and put her head on my shoulder. Danes are very special and they know when we hurt and when we are happy. We have a catdog named Chubby…he thinks he’s one of the Danes. He sleeps with my other Dane Diesel and snuggles with him. They share a special bond like Honey and Lemon shared. Thank you!

    • Leah'x says:

      Yeh.. Have watched all the videos Honey! Love you and them:) defonatly going to get a great dane when im older!:D

  2. Dino says:

    How have your been, Honey? Hope all is well.
    By the way, I've given you an award in my blog! Check it out! Love, Dino

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Honey,
    We hope you have fun on your big OE. We are very proud of 'our daughter', we will watch your blog with interest!

    Much love from all at Yacanto.

  4. Ombre says:

    Hello Honey!

    WOW your blog looks AWESOME, your human did an excellent job! I've got to get my human to do something like it for me~

    I heard about the big OE coming up for you, I hope you'll have a great time and I'll be thinking of you no matter where you are! I feel sorry for my human though, she's quite attached to your human… I think they are going to make the most of that thing they call "telephone".

    Lot love, bouncy hugs and hairy kisses,


  5. Charli the Chihuahua says:

    Hey Honey – You look soo big an massive compared to my size….You are going to have sooo much fun doing your OE….My mummy is taking me to Australia for the first part of our OE…..I am a little nervous, becasue I have never been on a plane, but my mummy says that I will be fine!! We should write to each other and so we can be updated of our travels…..big doogie licks to you and your mummy – love Charli the Chihuahua and Julie xx

  6. wilfpen says:

    What a star Honey is, we've enjoyed her antics for some time on the owners forum. She is a wondeful example of this noble breed.

  7. Honey says:

    Hi Honey!

    You must be great cos we share the same name! I am a fawn great dane too!

    Hope you have fun on your adventures!

  8. Lucky Bear says:

    We looked at it again today as we can not beleave your going.As you have help us soooooooooooooooo much with many different things your great.

  9. Scoobydoobydoo says:

    Hi Honey

    We love hearing about all the things you do. We think you are wonderful.

    Looking forward to hearing about your move overseas. Hope all goes well.

    Patsy and Simba.x.

  10. Tiggy & Leo says:

    Hi Honey, what a great site you have here 😀

    We are Leo fawn boy and sis Tiggy brindle girlie.. We are looking forward to reading what you get up to. Good luck with the move.

    Lots of slobbery kisses


  11. claire:b says:

    Hi Honey, your site is great…can't wait to read up on your adventures :-)
    Claire, George (Dane) & Oliver (Chihuahua) xxx

  12. Bonjour !
    Félicitations à Hsin-Yi et Honey pour leur superbe travail. Cela fait plaisir de voir que dans le monde entier des personnes travaillent avec les dogues allemands ! Vous formez ensemble une très belle équipe. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite et bonne continuation. A très bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures.
    Monique et Tara (great dane)……..en FRANCE

  13. George says:

    Hi Honey

    Fantastic website! It had taken me ages to read it and you even mentioned me wow that was nice. It's a great please knowing you and I am going to miss you heaps when you leave, especially our creche days together with Flip. I always thought that we were the perfect couple…. don't tell our Mum's and Dad's.

    Lots of Love George xxxx

  14. Amber-Mae says:

    Hi there Honey! So kool that you finally have your own website! I'm one of your fans! When I 1st watched you dancing, I was is awe. You are the 1st Great Dane to ever do Canine Musical Freestyle & to compete ever! Kudos to you! Well, I think you may know me but if you don't or have forgotten, do drop by my page. I just had my 3rd Barkday today. I'm turning into an old granny, fast!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  15. Mango says:

    Hi Honey,
    I met you over Dino's blog.
    I like your name and your therapy work.
    I'll will take time to read all your posts.
    I haven't have any Great Dane friends, can we be friends, please.

  16. Mango says:

    Hi Honey,
    I bet you're always sweet, highly concentrated level of sugar.
    My name is Mango, that means I could be as sour as a lemon, hehe.
    Thanks for replying promptly, I like that.
    I'm only 3 kg, go figure, please be gentle when you play with me.
    Your mom is cute, you guys make a perfect pair.
    Mine is not that cute, I don't even think about taking her pictures but because I'm cute, she glues the camera to her hand to click my image all the times.
    You could make a guestbook the way you want it, please go back to my blog, at the bottom frame of the guestbook, click on " make your own", voila, you get it.
    You could choose anything you want from the size, the skin, etc…
    Good luck, can I add your blog to my blogroll?
    (I almost delete your e-mail because the name is not familiar, sorry)

  17. Gio & Romeo says:

    Hi there Honey! I actually saw some of your freestyle routines on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. What a coincidence that I would then stumble across your blog! Welcome to DWB, you sure are a pretty Dane. We'll be sure to check back in on your adventures.

    Gio and Romeo

  18. Niobé says:

    I like your video, you're very good! I never saw dane dog dance before. Gratulation!

    Best regards,

  19. Sue says:

    I did a freestyle seminar a month or so ago and I showed the audience Hsin-Yi & Honey's routine to Hey Big Spender. They got a big round of applause and one lady was in tears…..she thought it was so wonderful to see such a big dog doing freestyle, and so well! She was also moved by the the obvious bond between them both.

    Well done guys!!


  20. Happy says:

    Hi Honey, it's nice to meet you! It's really great to know you're a therapy dog. And you are such a good dancer too!

    P/s: I'm a shorty alright.

  21. Chef says:

    Hi Honey! I am so glad I found your website. I just love your freestyle dancing and I think you are just exquisite. I'm also glad to know you are a therapy dog too. You are amazing and I hope we will be friends. Stop by and say hello when you have a chance.


  22. Jeri says:

    Great going Honey. You're so pretty and so talented. Nice to see your video's,

  23. Addie says:

    Hello Honey!

    It is a pleasure to meet you and your family!

    You are sooo very beautiful, talented and special. I believe it is wonderful that you share your talents with the world so everyone can love you!

    The pictures that you posted of your therapy dog work are very precious. You have no idea how appreciated you are to those who get to meet you! I am training to be a therapy dog, but some days my mom has doubts.

    I love to meet new friends and am so happy that you visited my blog! May I add you to my fav fur blog list so we can keep touch and see what you are up to?


  24. Hi Honey ! Its glad meeting you !
    Hope we can we best pals alright !
    Mind if we link you ?

    Doggies Smoochies ,
    4 Musketeers
    Lady , Zena , Cody & Joyce

  25. Thor says:

    Hello Honey!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your name too. Adorable, just like you!
    You are a therapy dog. What cool!
    You are beautiful and so talented!
    I will love to know more about you. Can we be friends?


  26. Technodoll says:

    Hello Honey! What a pretty girl you are… We have added you to our blogroll and will visit often – do come by to visit us!

    the canadian akitas


  27. Tim Mulligan says:

    Hi Honey. Just seeing your photo makes me happier. I know you must be a great dogter and make a lot of sick people better. Good on you.
    Tim and Ruby.


  28. Joyce is here !!! 😀

    Lots of Loves ,
    Four Musketeers

  29. Momo & Pinot says:

    Hello and nice to meet you, Honey! Are you a fashion model?!? We love your first picture. You look very very sweet… our mom's best friend used to live in Auckland and we've heard a lot of nice things about your town. We have to visit there one day.

    Momo & Pinot

  30. Chef says:

    Hi Honey. A plushy is a furry toy, usually an animal with a squeaquer inside it. But it has no stuffing. It's limp and skinny! My Mama likes those for me because I destuffed all my stuffed toys and she doesn't want any stuffing getting stuck in my gut because that could be very dangerous. I like plushies but stuffies are more fun.

    Have a good day.

  31. Charlie says:

    That's a cat for you – no matter how much you try to play with them, they just get all huffy!
    – Charlie

  32. Four Musketeers says:

    Hey , not to worry , Joyce is contacted with kennel cough & the vet say that it is common , so she is prescripted with some medicine & will be fine in no time (:


  33. technodoll says:

    Honey! We need new photos and stories of you :-)

  34. Chow Chow says:

    Hello Honey!

    You are such a talented dog! You can dance and you can help others too….so wonderful!

  35. Chloe says:

    Wow! What a lovely website, Honey!

    Your Furriend,

  36. Hi Honey!

    Nice to meet you! You are a beautiful pup! Welcome to Dogs with Blogs!

    I'm a black lab/newfie mix…I'm a girl with a silly boy's name…

    Come & visit my bloggy sometime!

    Love & Licks,

  37. behr rake says:

    WOW, what a pretty and talented girl you are!!! Nice to meet another dane girl :) I"m SOOOO impressed with your dancing!!! I hope to learn lots of cool tricks and stuff like you as I grow up. I already know how to run around the house and pick up all of my toys and put them in my toy box, but not too many other interesting tricks. I'm still a pup tho.
    I'll be back!
    Behr Behr

  38. bubba says:


    will you marry me?



  39. brad mulcahy says:


    my name is Brad Mulcahy and I work for Jimmy Kimmel. I saw the video of you and your dog on youtube and I am interested in talking to you further.


    thank you

  40. brad mulcahy says:


    my name is Brad Mulcahy and I work for Jimmy Kimmel. I saw the video of you and your dog on youtube and I am interested in talking to you further.


    thank you

  41. Delia says:

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I love great danes. I have a great dane calender, and I keep drawinf pictures of them. I always show my mom pictures of great dane puppies, but it doesn't work

  42. hi honey! i think you are just beautiful. i want to start dancing with my mom, can you tell me how to get into it,or how she can teach me at home.
    thank you so much
    i think you are awesome

    love elvira

  43. Hi, Honey,

    It's a pleasure to meet such a big girl! Especially one who doesn't hate cats.

    We'd sure love to see some video of you dancing with your human. We love canine freestyle.

  44. Suzuki says:

    Hi Honey
    Thank you furry much for voting fur me in the Most Sporting Looking Dog Contest :)
    Stop by my blog sometime. I love making new friends.
    Big licks to you

  45. Lorenza says:

    Hi, Honey!
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog!
    I'd love to be your friend!
    You do a pawesome therapy job and dancing! Wow! I am so impressed!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  46. Monica says:

    Hi Hsin-Yi,
    Love your Danecing

  47. Gabi + Cessy says:

    Hi Honey and Hsin -Yi,
    we love watching your video on you tube. You dance beautifully!
    Love, Gabi + Cessy

  48. Camry says:

    Wow! U are such a TALENTED dog! Ur k9 freestyle videos are really interesting.:)

    Mind if we tag u in our blog too?? :)

  49. Camry says:

    hehe, for our blog, comments can only be made on the shoutbox! hehe..:)
    Do tag us! we've tagged u too!:)

    What do we need to know b4 we can start on k9 freestyle? Really interesting to watch u do it!:)

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Honey and Honey's humans

    Love your blog. I have actually been looking for a puppy of my own for quite a while and I am finally getting my own.

    I just want to say your blog is brilliant. I hope Diva's Blog will be just as entertaining.

    Elizabeth Boston MA USA

  51. Sammiegolden says:

    Honey – you do more things than I can think up in a whole lifetime! How beautiful and graceful a dancer you are! And obedience and therapy work and…and… on and on! I can't wait for more blogging from you! You go, girl!
    Love and Licks, xo

  52. We have earlier seen your videos of dogdancing. We would love to link your blog to our that we can follow your blog. We train agility with three Danes.

    Slobbers Lenni, Vekku & Ressu

  53. dizzymum says:

    I was so sad to read of the loss of your lovely Lemon. It is always so upsetting to lose a member of the family. Sending you hugs.x

  54. JD and Max says:

    Hi Honey – thanks for letting us know about clever Scottie, his human must be very proud! We've got in touch and have told him that a gorgeous Dane sent us his way…


    By the way – we're both jeleous of Ombre, what a lucky Schnauzer he is being your special fella! We take it as a personal compliment that you have a soft spot for our breed though, from miniature through to giant!

    Tail wags – JD and Max

  55. Mr Darcy's Huma says:

    Hi Honey,
    I found something that I think your Human, Hsin-Yi would be interested in. If she doesn't know about it already that is 😉

    Please pass it on to her and tell her to give you a big scratch behind the ears from me…
    By the way Mr. Darcy is going fabulously – huge improvements!


  56. Freestyling sounds like so much fun! I'm not sure I'd be into being directed, even by my own human, but I do love to do stunts in the air! I'll let you know when I have a post about them!

  57. You are a very big and purrty woofie Honey!!! We are very sorry for the loss of Lemon….she looks like she was a great kitty!

  58. Hey Honey! Thanks for visiting our blog. Us cats call our humans, beans. They are human beings, so we drop the "human" part and shorten the "beings" to beans.

    We hope you get a new kitty soon!!! Meowm (our Mom)would have a woofie if she could, but us two take up enough of her money and space in the home as it is!

  59. aninhas says:

    Hello Honey!
    Kiko is a grand anoir too and he loved see you in the videos 😀
    your dance is great :)

    Hugs and licks 😀
    Come and visit us in Kikos word http://mundodokikoecompanhia.blogspot.com/

  60. aninhas says:

    ps. we signed your guest list too :)

    hugs and kisses kiko

  61. Ona says:

    Hi Honey! I read an article about you and I think you are the bestest Great Dane in the world! Keep up the great work!


  62. Lindsay says:

    Hi Honey! It's nice to meet you! I've enjoyed your blog and your videos as well. I've got two danes myself, Heffner and Bess and just recently started up a blog. I look forward to reading more about you!

  63. Oh Honey that sound like so much fun. Dancing.. We usually herd and play in the water no dancing.. Callie probably would be a good dancer since she is a leaper…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  64. Thor says:

    Hi Honey!
    Your dance moves are so beautiful!
    What a great double you do!
    Keep training. Good luck to you and Hsin-Yi!
    I´m glad you found a new friend at the dog park.
    Jack looks so friendlly and playfully :)


  65. magiceye says:

    hey honey! you guys are doing a fantaastic job! would love to have you around at pet pride… bozo

    Have started a new meme Pet Pride where you can display your or your friends' pets every week beginning every Sunday! Do join in and share your pet pride with the world!

  66. Bell says:

    Hi Honey – I'm so sad for you that you lost Lemon. I hope Hope HOPE that your aren't too sad still. Lemon is in a better place (that's what my mom says) and you are going to see Lemon again dont you worry..
    I wish I could have sniffed Lemon. Was Lemon nice to you?

  67. Mom has a cannon Xti camera with a zoom lens. She usually delete more pictures than she keeps.. she does set it on auto focus so ever once in a while they turn out..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  68. The slipper in my mouth is actually a flippy that we found at the lake… Silly humans leaving their flippy's around…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  69. Bell says:

    Hi Honey ~
    How are woo doing? I hope your dancing skills have made your mama happier than evfurr… Those practice video's are so cool I wish I could learn to dance wiff you's…

    Bell girl

  70. Great website with cool pictures and information. I'm very impressed with the level of training that you undertaken.

  71. Honey, you do outstanding work for people and keep up the good work. And remember, don't stop dancing!!

  72. Jeanette says:

    Oh my god, your adoreable!!! Very talented 😀 Keep up the great work!!
    Ipswich Dog Grooming

  73. Hi Hsin-Yi & Honey,
    Your blog is great! I will check it often. Do you have follow this blog button? I tried to find it, but could not. It is late tonight and I have to be on the news tomorrow, so I will check out your blog more later. I attached the link to my blog, but I am not sure how these things work as I just started using youtube, facebook, and blogging recently. Here is my blog http://ptfordogs.blogspot.com/
    Have a great weekend!
    Pam, Isabelle, Bandit, & Sabrina (the cat)

  74. honey you are sooo fun

  75. tiger says:

    I love your blog it has heps of imformation and other stuff. Great gob owner nice job

  76. Yes mom's are very protective of their young…

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  77. dilsha says:

    hi honey! you are sooooooooooo cute.

  78. Chad says:

    Hi Honey

    you would look great in my Guinness World Record attempt.. simply upload a great photo of yourself at http://www.GlobalPetGallery.com and you will be part of making history


  79. luiz henrique murici says:

    Hi Honey

    You're fantastic! I'm a firefighter in Brazil and I've seen your videos in youtube every day and I love that! They're very good! Congratulations! Bye.

  80. Biggie-Z says:

    Hi Honey, I saw you on DWB and Mango's blog, and thanks for commenting on my bloggie too! I have a soft spot for Great Dane Girls because they are so sweet and beautiful. You can boss me around any day!

    Licks, Biggie

  81. Honey, you are such a beautiful great dane!!

  82. Brownie Roo says:

    Hi Honey,

    I like your blog and what you do… Sorry about Lemon

    Take care
    Brownie Roo

  83. killer says:

    Honey, your femal human companion is mad hot, hook me up!

  84. Benny & Lily says:

    Hi new friend..you are very good looking AND talented
    benny & Lily

  85. kelly says:

    Hi Honey! Me and my great dane Bella LOVE to watch your videos! You have inspired us! We love you!!!

  86. janis says:

    Hi Honey,
    your are a very nice dog.
    I have seen your video on youtube.
    I have a great dane too, his name is angus.

    we come from germany!
    and we think you can dance very very god

    we hope we can se more videos from you, son

    nice greetz from us from germany

    have fun

  87. Pedro says:

    Hi Honey! I'm stopping by from Dino's blog. You sure are a beautiful girl. I'm quite a bit, um, shorter than you – maybe the size of your head, but my mom says she thinks we look a little alike. I think she needs stronger glasses! How can a Great Dane & a Chihuahua look alike! It's great that you help out people who aren't feeling well. Stop by and see me sometime at my little blog!

    Pedro the Chihuahua

  88. Kimba says:

    Hi, Honey!

    I'm Kimba! A Golden Retriever from Brazil. My humans and I love to watch your videos on YT! You're so beautiful, funny, nice, smart, talented and BIG! I wish I could be like you! Congratulations to you and your beautiful Mom! What a great team!
    Lots of love from Brazil.
    Kimba & Family.

  89. Kimba says:

    Hi, Honey!

    I am so happy you visited my blog! I'm really honored.

    A few days ago I added you to my blog buddies list and subscribed to your YTube channel.

    Yes, we know you have a blog and are excited to get there, but Mom and I are so in love with you that we wanted to see everything about you from the very beginning.

    On You Tube, we have watched some videos of you. They are the best! We are amazed by your talent and the bond between you and your Mummy. We also laugh a lot! LOL.

    Definitely we are new big fans of you and your Mummy. Mom even says that if she could she would get a Great Dane. ^^

    Greetings and love from Brazil.

    Kimba & Kimba's Mom

  90. Loren and Jeff Ferne says:

    We just found your website while watching random great dane videos on youtube. We have a 7 yr old fawn dane as well. Her name is Meadow and she too is smart and beautiful. The first swimming lesson video was so fun to watch. Meadow HATES water….she quite dramatic about even hearing it.
    Honey, you have a great human!
    The Ferneaus in Arkansas

  91. Mary and her dogs says:

    Our human mom just saw your swimming video on The Dog Files on Facebook. What a fun (and funny) video! Honey, you are gorgeous. And so brave to go swimming like that! Tail wags from Teddy, Belle and Gabe in Oklahoma

  92. Tofu says:

    Hey Honey!
    Congratulations on your first swiming lesson! My human wants to take me there because water scares me, especially at the beach.
    My human and I love reading your blog so much, and we decided to make one too! But mines not as cool as yours.
    Hope you have a nice weekend Honey! The yucky weather isnt that great for walks.
    Sniffs & Licks

  93. Denise & Chica says:

    Hello Honey !!

    Your owner asked me if I wanted to leave a message for you here on your absolutely fantastic website!
    I am a little fan of you from Holland (Netherlands), me and my owner watched a lot of clips from you and youtube and we both became huge fans of you and your owner!
    It's a little difficult for me to type on a human keyboard so I hope you can read it well. Well I wish you a lot of fun in the future with everything you are going to do and eh… about your first swimminglesson? I watched it and I really felt mercy for you, … my owner did the same to me she made me swimming too, and water can be so freaky! I was like , "What are you thinking? I'm not a seal!" , … but although my owner promised me if I put one paw in the water I would get a really delicious cookie, and so I did. But after that, never again! Haha.

    Well high five and greetings from me and my owner!
    Your Dutch fan Chica.

  94. Mr Darcy says:

    Honey, Hsin-Yi, and Paul,
    I just heard that there is a tsunami heading for New Zealand after a big earthquake :-O
    I hope you guys are going to be ok!
    keep safe,
    Darcy's Mumma

  95. Deborah says:

    I love your Great Dane! WOW, she is huge!

  96. Alishka says:

    hey its hugos other hugo. yes hugo the very boncey dog. I think he really misses his girlfriend Honey.

  97. Alishka says:

    Hey its hugos other owner. Soz bought the miss spelling. Hugo loves to play with Honey. He is about the only dog the same size. well almost!!!!

  98. I'm sure you'll do great :) I'm looking forward to seeing you live!

    Hehe I kind of figured out how to do a blogg! Hehe hopefully I'll figure out how to work it soon. I got some idea's off you, just so I had something on there :)

    I'm sure I'll get the idea! hehe

    See you later

    Laura and Lexi

  99. Hello,
    My english language isn't perfect but i will try…..
    I found your couple (Honey and human) on youtube at an exhibition from Obe-paced and I congratulate you for the wonderful relationship between you, love and complicity reflected and it is so beautiful. Thank you to discover the world how the Great Danes are exceptional dogs, faithful friends. Thank you again for these beautiful moments of poetry.

    French friendship.

    Fanny Barthelemy and Venus (Great Danes)

    • Hello Fanny,

      Thank you for your lovely email message! I visited your site but unfortunately, my French is not very good (I learnt in school but I have forgotten a lot of it!) so I was not able to contribute much – but I just wanted to say thank you for contacting us – it is so nice to make friends from all over the world. I agree with you – I think a well-trained, well-socialised, healthy, good-temperament Dane is the most "perfect" dog – no other breed can come close! :-)

      Will you please sign Honey's Guestbook (on the Homepage) with a photo of your Danes?

      best wishes, Hsin-Yi

  100. Love it…dancing Dane!

  101. Kristin Harris says:

    I have a beautiful dane also named Quinn. Unfortunately, I have been very lazy with training Quinn. This has inspired me. Maybe I will start doing some training with him.

    By the way, the video of Honey dancing was beautiful. Keep up the great work!

  102. Diabetes says:

    OMG!!! You site is PR3!!! How you have achieved it?
    My site is http://diabetes.6te.net/ PR= n/a!!! :-(

  103. Rudi says:

    Hi Honey. You are ace.I am a doberdor, and quite tall compared to most canines close to home. I watched your dancing you were fantastic. Well done, I will be watching fo rmore! A bit past it myself but love to watch"

  104. hella says:

    hello everybody

  105. Oreo the Black Lab says:

    Hi Honey,

    I wish i could do that as well, but my Human is very far away right now and only got the chance to spent time with me ones a year for a couple of weeks.. i am currently living with her parents while she is working in the city.. i tried to stay with her for a few days when i was just about 3 months old but then her apartment was too small for me to play with.. so she has no choice but to send me to her parents with big rooms for me to burn all my energy… and a baby boy to play with and with their other dogs to chat with.

    i so adore what you are doing with your life… take care and God Bless you always..

    Love lots,
    Lady Oreo Ü

  106. Oreo the Black Lab says:

    By the way, I'm sorry to hear about your cat friend, lemon. Ii used to have a brother too.. his name was Dax, he is a japanese spitz born last November of 2008 but suddenly, last april 2009, he got sick with my grandparents not around to bring her to the vet just our nanny.. my grandparents where with my mommy at that time visiting her and also doing some medical check ups for grandad who has diabetes.. nanny and me don't know what to do.. we tried to feed him but he won't eat.. he was just so weak, so what i just did is i just stayed with him all night, but when i woke up the next morning, he already left us, God already took him to a place where he will no longer be hungry and will always be happy watching over us. i heard that my mommy got very sad and even cried. grandma told me that mommy was so upset that she was not able to go to work for a day when she heard the bad news.. my adopted brother, who is also my best friend was only 5 months old when he left us. I miss him so much… =(

    >>Lady Oreo Ü

  107. 4eridog123 says:

    hi i saw the video of the contest that you and honey played in''big spender'' i love it its soo cool

  108. rebekah says:

    dear honey you are very cute. i have one big great dane her name is Kattie she is very loving she loves to cuddle and sleep in the bed with me but pluse she can be very agresive when somebody comes into our house. mom says that sge is protictive because i am a child. but from the you looke your owner is very looky to have you.


  109. Pollyna says:

    hi honey you must be the cutest great dane in the wirld! i have a question how can i make a site you know it starts with www. please help me my e-mail is rock12738@abv.bg best wishes from me polly

  110. GREAT photos! we're new to the dog blog world, and we were wondering if we could add you to our blog roll?

    let us know!

  111. Eve says:

    Hello honey,

    just wanted to let you know that my great dane Indy and I are big fans.

    P.S. Indy has a crush on you 😉

  112. mykuvasz says:

    that is a scary-good dog-pile entry. Amazing.

  113. mikaeli says:

    hey hey i love great danes they are totally me fav! I want to show a harliquen great dane, i even hav ethe perfect name for him!! I have wanted one for a while, they remind me of small horses which i am crazy about also lol!

  114. Ashley says:

    Hi Honey!

    It's so funny… last night I was youtubing great dane videos and found a video of you with Lemon… Sorry about your loss. You must miss her!

    Anyway, today I kind of accidentally stumbled upon this blog while looking at blogspot comments on another doggy's blog. Well whaddya know?!

    You are very cute. I am such a fan of great danes and look after two that belong to my neighbor. Anyway keep bringing joy with your videos and diary entries! I will be so grateful.

  115. Juba says:

    Hello Honey,

    You are the most awesome, great, cute, beautiful dog in the world!! My name is Juba, I'm from portugal, I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback and I'm going to have a brother, a great dane, like you!
    You rock!

  116. Harley says:

    Hiya honey. Harley the dane from canada. Kaj and I are big fans of your blog and your videos! It always giving kaj new ideas.
    keep it cool.
    Pic of me

  117. shadow says:

    Hi honey! My mom watched you on you tube before I even came home with her. She thought you were so cool she did much research and 3 months later I came to my new home! My mom and dad always say that I'm the best dog they have ever had by far! I was about 5 months when I came to my new home and my old mom never took me around others so I'm really shy but not for long! My mom takes me to meet new people every day! My mom is a nurse who works with a lot of sick people too and I'm going to be a therapy dog just like you! I'm a black dane with a small white patch on my chest I have a little on the tip of my paw too! My mom says I'm really smart I do pick up rather quickly but I like the treats that's why. I'm also really calm for my age maybe it is because I have hernia my mom says it will get fixed very soon it doesn't hurt me one bit my mom even massages it every day and we do small exercise and its gotten way smaller and might even heal by it self I have my own room here! And my mom didn't like the way I fit in any crate so she told my dad to get me something and he came home with a 4foot by 4foot by 6 foot high out door pen they set it up in the corner of my room and I fit perfect in it! That makes my mom so happy! I only go in there about 2 hours total a week and of corse if I want to during the day. I love to be close to my mom tho she holds me every night I get to sleep in between mom and dad and dad sometimes gets jealous! Oh oh I have a sister too! She is a 3lb yorkie thing she can be so bossy! Urg! But she is moms little bird yeah what a name birdy! She looks like one to! Anyways honey dad is snoring and I think I want to join him and mom had a long day too! My mom saved 3 lives today where she works it takes a lot out of her sometimes. She has been sad lately two little boys lived here my dad and moms nephews ya my human cousins well they lived here a long time and their mom just showed up and wanted them back one day. Mom didn't get out of bed for a while after that but I really help make her feel better. Well honey I hope to talk to you again soon!

  118. Paulina and Trufel says:

    Hi Honey!
    I and Trufel are your VERY BIG fans!
    You are amazing great dane!

  119. Kirsten says:

    Hi Honey!

    Zepplein here, I really love all your videos and I am benefitting from them greatly. I look forward to anything new you come out with 😀 I was hoping you could give my human some tips on the 'bow' when my human watched Honey she applied the same technique. But something must be off because I just stand and nipple at her hand trying to get the treat and eventually give up. Do you have any suggestions on what my human can do?

  120. Hello,

    I'm a french owner great dane, and I see a lot of videof you and your wonderful Honey♥♥♥…

    I'm really enjoy when I see your canine freestyle (or obe) show !!
    You're will be proud of your work and your nicest big Honey ;)))

    I wish you all the best for both !!!

    Best regards
    Leslie & Malko http://www.elevage-deshighlands.com

  121. lazydane says:

    Hey honey. Harley here. let you know kaj set up our very own wedsite. if you have anytime check it out.
    kaj says its his first time building a sit so bear with him :)

  122. Hi Honey!

    You inspire me to keep trying and to never give up. I love your videos. Maybe after I get my leg fixed, I can learn to bow just like you. Then I can show my mom a big "thanks" for taking care of me when no one else would.

    Best wishes!


  123. Ollie Shenton says:

    I love to watch you and your dog. I'd love to watch you and your dog in action in person!

  124. Just wanted to say Hi to you guys! The K9 Center Crew sends their love.


  125. Lab Happy Feet says:

    I hope you continue to dance. You inspire me and my happy Lab, who moves with the same tempo. Often I find it hard to choreograph routines and find myself looking to your videos for guidance.

  126. Jana says:

    Hi,my name is Jana and i live in Serbia a little country in Europe.I have great dane too his name is Harley and hi is 4 years old.Honey is very special dog i can't belive she can dance.I wish you more and more trophies.!!!!!!Love Jana

  127. Meghan says:

    Hi, my name is Mehgan and I have a 10 month old Great Dane named Zeva. Our first Great Dane. Her birthday is in May. She is a blue merle with some brown spots. Zeva also has a "sister'' an Old English Sheep Dog named Zoey who is 5 years old. We live in the USA, Maryland. There is not too many Great Danes here. Zeva and Zoey are so goofy together. After wacthing the youtube clip I went to the web site and read more about Honey. Honey is one of the coolest dogs ever. I wish my Great Dane will be as well behaved as Honey.

  128. Ahoj :) Náhodou som sa dostala na vašu stránku, cez youtube :)
    Máte krásnu dogu Honey!!! Je úžasná, hravá a krásna.
    Pozerala som, aký máte aktívny život, tá sa u vás nudiť nemôže a že ste vyskúšali aj dosť psích športov :)
    To video z agility, kde Honey nechcela ani za nič vojsť do tunelu, to bolo dobré 😀
    Majte sa pekne a nech sa vám darí!

  129. zali says:

    hi honey
    I love you site it is really good
    I have a great dane too
    he is not at all as well behaved as honey… well we are still training him because he is only a puppy

  130. zali says:

    hi honey
    I love you site it is really good
    I have a great dane too
    he is not at all as well behaved as honey… well we are still training him because he is only a puppy

  131. hello honey its dennis the vizsla dog hay i dont no wot it is with hyoomans and baths!!! they think evrything has to smel like soap and flowers sutch silly kreetchers!!! ok bye

  132. bubba says:

    does anyone know a place on the internet where people discuss caring for their older great danes? not that i am old….yet. maybe we should start one.

    i just updated my blog after a long time being busy with other things. i hope everyone visits and reads about my new adventures.



  133. Kacy says:


  134. jenni says:

    i'm jenny from Italy: great honey!!! fantastic in dog dancing!!! uau!!!

  135. Gili says:

    Hi Honey!
    I saw you on YouTube dancing with your mama and a hoop. People can be sort of negative on that website, which is annoying, but I just want you to know I think you're great! I also think your mama is great, and you're lucky to have her–and she's lucky to have you! I think the world would be better off if more people danced around with their dogs.

  136. Lacey says:

    I just saw your video on YouTube and I loved it. My husband and I have two Great Danes. We chose not to have their ears cropped, and I was glad to see that you left Honey's ears natural as well. Keep dancing!

  137. sewa mobil says:

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I love great danes. I have a great dane calender, and I keep drawinf pictures of them. I always show my mom pictures of great dane puppies, but it doesn’t work.

  138. GreatDane says:

    You're such a talented dog, Honey! You're a living example of a wonderful Great Dane. I enjoy watching you dance with Hsin-Yi. i'm also amazed to know that you're a therapy dog. I haven't known any dog like you. Keep it up!

  139. Naomi says:

    My name is Cricket. I'm the "kid" of the house. My mom says I'm a harlequin great dane. My mom is a student learning how to be a "animal" doctor. I also have a sister Marley she is blue heeler/coyote mix. I guess the coyote is like your dingo over there. I also have a human pup that resides in my house. My mom brings me to see what she calls horses. She has 5 of those though I'm SO happy they don't live in the house. People say I'm going to be as big as a horse but I don't know how THEY are huge. But I'm just a kid so I will see. I like reading your blog and my mom gets very angry when she reads about your animal doctors.

  140. moriah says:

    Wow, i never knew that dogs could dance!

  141. Whetten says:

    Hey, this is a really great blog you've got here. I just found it. Please continue to post great content! Thanks, have a great day.

  142. Holly McGovern says:

    I love to watch you and Honey working together. She is a wonderful dog. The fawn Great danes are so gorgeous. They just melt my heart when I see them.
    I lost my Great dane 2 years ago, and I still think about him every day and miss him so much. There is no other kinder, gentler breed of dog than the Great dane! They are truly the best.
    Keep up the great work………..

  143. michael says:

    honey you are so cute i wish i had a greatdane and sorry about lemon!

  144. Brittany says:

    Thank you for the wonderful and easy to follow clicker training videos. My husband and I just picked up our first clickers and cannot wait to start. We were worried at first now we have no worries with your detailed videos.

    Thank you and Thank you Honey.

  145. Hi Honey,
    Very glad to meet u. u aresuch an adorable great Dane.
    we had a GD friend named BOZO who moved away last year and we haven't met him ever after that.
    It is also very interesting to see that you are a therapy as well as a dancing Dawg.

    Keep it going girl.
    Wags, Buddy n Ginger

  146. naia says:

    hi honey i am your biggest fans i just dotn know how you do those incredible tricks u are a smart dog and you have a nice and smart teacher

  147. hello Honey, We are reellly glad that u came by to visit our blog.
    Yeah Girl! we are going to be Grrrrtt cyber friends. we will definitely keep track of ur intersting Pawdventures.
    Mummy is glad to know Paul is a surgeon too. She says Hi

    wags, gin n Bud

  148. Hi Honey,

    I was trying to watch your clip on the Pawdance Festival page but couldn't, so I went to Youtube to watch it from there. And well, you are paws down the dancing queen of all canines, even through the bloopers, you still looked mesmerizing. Secondly, I couldn't help but notice the name to your youtube account "hsinyicohen". Is hsin yi your mom's first name? Cause if it is, its my mum's too!!!! My mum's from Taiwan originally!

    Nice to meet you and best of luck in the Pawdance Festival!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  149. Dani says:

    Hi Honey,
    I have seen lots of clips of you on Youtube and I have to say the work you do with your mum is just amazing! You remind me so much of my old girl Sasha, she was fawn too and big for a female just like you. And she loved running at the beach (for 15-20 minutes before she was exhausted!). It's been nearly three years without her now and I think will still be a long time before I can have another Dane in my life. But seeing the cool clips of you and other Danes helps me to get my 'fix'. Keep up the good work!

  150. Barhi says:

    Wow Honey – just opened my copy of Dog World – the UK's biggest selling dog paper – and saw you (and you mum) staring out at me. Richard used your photo in his column about his trip to Aus. Nice to feel a connection :)

  151. I know you probably get a lot of comments like this, but just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work you have put into the blog. I was wondering if I could put a link on my blog because I am sure my followers would love to read it. Let me know.

  152. Felicity Francis says:

    Do you do one on one training?? If so I would love the chance to work with you, your located in brisbane yes??

  153. Mattiello says:

    cool picsxxx

  154. Amanda says:

    hi there honey :) i was wondering how did you get famous? Roxy is my siberian husky who knows 34 tricks and also has her own youtube and website .

  155. Howdy Honey! Our mama had a Great Dane named Tigger 25years ago but we never knew her. Mom says she was a wonderful dog and she looked a lot like you…never had her ears or tail cropped. Pretty like you!

    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  156. Beth says:

    i love your website i really want a great dane really bad i love you

  157. yash says:

    why do you never responce????

  158. rajiv says:

    hi finally a comment after 2 years but i have a question how much all toghter dose it cost to raise a dane in dollars please email thank you

  159. hi honey

    I have loads of energy in the mornings and my humans dont know how to control me!.. my human pups cant even come outside to play with me because I am so JUMPY!..

    are you really energetic in the mornings too??
    After about 12.00 I start gettting very sleepy and quiet and my humans let me inside and I sleep on my mat for ages! oooooo! it is so nice!

    slobbers earnest

  160. diving says:

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  161. Amanda says:

    Hi, Honey! You are a gorgeous girl! You’d have so much fun playing with my two sweet Danes!

    You have a great blog; count me as your new follower! You should come check out my Danes, Layla & Lucius! They’re both adopted & have added so much love to my little family ♥

    * http://donandamanda.blogspot.com *

  162. Leslie says:

    Hi there. I LOVE your site. I have a 10 week old great dane cross and its such an inspiration to see what a lovely little guy he might grow up to be with hard work.

    I am new to ‘blogging’ and I subscribed to your old site so I got a notification of a new blog, but I cant seem to work out how to do that now.. anybody know?

    thanks for your help

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Leslie – glad you’re enjoying Honey’s site. If you look on the right side, in the sidebar, there is a section where you can subscribe to the blog through email – but I would think that your old subscription should still work because I haven’t changed my domain – it is still http://www.bighoneydog.com. But if you want to be sure, then maybe go through the email subscription again in the sidebar of our new site. Good luck!

  163. Lucille says:

    Can you believe I watched your video about last year only today?
    So touching…. I have no words…
    You are a special dog for a special human!
    Ciao Lucille & Nicoletta

  164. Hey Honey!

    I just wanted to let you know you are SUPER beautiful and I have to say my favorite picture of you is the one all the way to the right of your blog where you are looking to the left!! super cute profile girl!! You are super smart I know your human is just wonderful with you and you are a super lucky Dane!

  165. Lois Hansen says:

    Hi Honey,
    We are so happy!!!!! Our new girl “Sky” was born on Aug 18. Jack and I can’t wait until she is in our home. We will definitely go natural with her ears. Could you tell me if I have to do anything to make sure her ears turn out as beautiful as yours. Is there any shaping I have to do?
    I will be clicker training and feeding raw — so I will be looking to you for all the right answers :-)
    Lois Hansen

  166. Ammy says:

    Hi Honey,
    You are superb! And you’re such a talented Dog. You’re a living example of a wonderful Great Dane. I enjoy watching your dance with Hsin.

  167. Polly and Cherry says:

    Hi you’re human made an exelant job whit you’re blog we think that you’re and awsome great dane kisses (from polly my oner) and slobbers from me take care
    Cherry the german shepherd 😉

  168. Sofia Nilsson says:

    Hey Hsin Yi And Honey!
    yesterday i was surfing at the youtube and there was Honey, Wow the dog is breath taking! You really inpressed me and push up my belives in Great Danes dog. i live in Sweden- Helsingborg with my old loveling Pandora a New-foundland. The bad news here in Sweden are that the Great Danes has a loot of sickness. So my question to you what to you recomended to look after when a go looking for an puppy to buy? Do you have any tips? Sounds wierd but im so scared and i don´t belive the owner to the Great danes kennel here in sweden.. I have been reading a lott of these dogs, and was i can find is that the Great Danes have a loot of problems when the grown up, is this just a dirty talk or is it real? did Honey have much problems when she grown up?..

    I hope you has understand evertything i been writing.. ( my eng. is not the best *laugh*

    All my greatest wisches to Honey and you!

    Sofia And Pandora from sweden

    • Robin Lake says:

      We’ve had Great Danes for nearly 30yrs, and they are truly the most wonderful dogs. Unfortunately, they can have medical problems, and 3 of our Danes died before their 7th Birthday. Our last one, Bogart, just died at age 10; we’ve only had one live longer than that. It is so sad to have them die so young that we now have only Labradoodles.
      That said, we will be getting another Dane next spring. They are such loveable dogs that we can’t do without them!

  169. Keith Zetterstrom says:

    So you are a Chinese! I didn’t know that Great Danes are sold in China! Well last month I went to Shenzhen, and saw some people selling puppies on the road. I asked them how much does one cost (in Mandarin, of course), and it was very cheap! One puppy costs only 200 Yuan. And I was about to visit a pet shop to see some Tibetan Mastiffs (藏獒 [Zang Ao]) in Beijing, but there was no more time and I had to return to my country, Indonesia. And by way, how much does a Great Dane cost in China? I wanted to buy one but Great Danes here are very rare and thus, expensive. There are some cheaper ones but they are difficult to find.

  170. extra-cheesy-pizza says:

    Hi Honey

    Sorry to hear that Lemon (actually, Lemon is the name of my very annoying Mandarin language teacher) went to the Rainbow Bridge. I saw a video of Lemon Kung Fu fighting with you. Sorry to say but his skills doesn’t meet Jackie Chan’s. Anyway before Lemon was taken away, did you watch “The Karate Kid” with her? Just asking because I just love Kung Fu and Great Danes.

    -This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember MY name!-

  171. Eddie & Zenyatta says:

    Hi Honey,

    I’m a 3 month old Great Dane puppy. I’m only 3 months old and trouble is an ease in my town. I’m seeking help for my humans because it seems they are only familiar with raising other little humans. They are in dyer need of help, and I’m determained to find it for them.

    I’ve watched them do much research on my kind and they seem to be attracted to your videos. They get together as a tribe to sit in front of a screen projecting something called youtube. And their efforts to help me change are progressing. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Please help- at this point any type of information would be greatly appreciated.

    -Gotta go, I smell my human coming.

  172. Dan says:

    Awesome blog Honey! I always enjoy checking in to see what Honey is up to. You can check out the blog I set up for my Great Dane meetup group if you’d like at: http://chicagoareagreatdanes.blogspot.com

  173. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

  174. Lucille says:

    hallo you girls!!!

    i can see your first ad here!!!!

    Well done!!!

    Love Lucille & Nicoletta

  175. Hales says:

    Honey, Ever since I was little I’ve wanted a Great Dane and after seeing you and your mommy you have made me absolutely sure that I am going to get one! I hope that he/she will be as amazing as you!! Keep on Droolin!


  176. christy says:

    i love honey i have a blue merle great dane merlen hes so cute and so r u

  177. Playing around the bush for me personally is a no simply no so I will get to say this due to the fact reaction to your top knotch post. Yayy fantastic job

  178. ellie says:

    hi honey i’m ellie
    just quickly want to say that i was trying to post a comment and i think i accidently sent it to ‘ask honey’ oops sorry about that im so silly! :)
    i heard about the flooding hope you and your humans are all ok
    im very ecxited that your moving to the UK i live there too!I’m a HUGE fan!
    I’ve recently decided that i MUST have a great dane :) but mum says that i have to wait until we move early next year to get one because our house is to small :)
    our two labradors both say a big hi they are sitting next to me now wagging thier tails!
    our girl lab (Dumpling) is ecxpecting puppies in March very very ecxited 😀 it’s her first litter (we’re keeping 2)
    anyway i have to go now it’s dinner time for the doggies!
    thanks a load for reading but dont worry if you can’t reply i apreciate that people dont always have the spare time :)

    love, ellie xxx

  179. Honey, I am soooo glad you are ok! Tonya has been worrying about you all week, ever since she hear about the flood she has been waiting for a post from you to make sure you were all right. I am glad to hear that you made it to Queensland alright, and that you are even near a doggie beach! I hope you find a nice house soon, and again, me and Tonya are very glad you are safe and sound.

  180. I am in love with food! Anyhow… I really enjoy browsing your blog for the reason that you guys often publish excellent posts about my favorite topics. Well written writeup. Awesome Job once again. I have already bookmark this website. I think I shall subscribe to the websites feed also. Thee yummiest paaart to waking up is creamer in yer mug…

  181. Lucille says:

    Hi Honey,
    I had not noticed you changed the picture of your header…. I like it…
    I like it because there is a bigger you and the ocean…
    (even if my human was fond of the other one done at sunset…)
    Ciao Lucille

  182. Niki says:

    Hi guys I have been following your blog for a while now and I think you are both amazing.
    I live in the UK and am currently Owned by Luna the sibe x Malamute, Indy the full sibe and Oscar the sibe X spanish mastiff (Imagine a husky the size of you …. Yep Thats my boy oscar) Hsin-Yi … A question for you … Is it just me or do bigger dogs take that little bit longer to learn things? I love oscar to bits but sometimes I think he is a little slow on the uptake 😉 he is a rescue dog who I have only had for a few months but we are learning together

  183. it’s very cool website and increase for knowlege in dog me…thanx far….

  184. amanda says:

    just found out about the website and i love it, the videos are funny. Sorry about lemon you two are so cute together. R.I.P to Lemon and good luck to Honey

  185. Craig Sayers says:

    Hello … I had a Great Dane until 7 August 2010 which Gema was taken from me very sudden due to Bloat … Gema was also fawn … your videos are great and next time I get another GD love for her to be able to do all the stuff honey can do … I am in a wheelchair and Gema took great care of me … she was like a companion dog for me … she loved me to bits anyway the purpose of writing this message was to see if you have not been to devastated with the floods in Queenlands …
    Best of luck in 2011. I am from Melbourne but if I make it to Brisbane this year love to catch up with you ….
    All the best

  186. I think your blog is interesting I found it on Bing. Definetely will return tomorrow! Best Regards, Glen

  187. John Cleary says:

    The internet hides such awesome stuff! I can’t even remember how I got to this post, but I’m so glad I did. Your site is chock full of interesting stuff, and I’ll definitely come back for more.

  188. ellie says:

    hi i wrote a comment a little while ago about my labrador dumpling having pups unfortunatly afew days ago we took her to the vet and found out she has mastitis shes wearing an elizabeathen colar and had an operation she should be better hopefully by the end of next week :) (fingers crossed!) but now its fifty fifty wether shes having a litter or not, poor dumpling :( ah well
    i hope everything is ok with you sorry to hear about the cyclone.
    im a huge fan infact i was thinking about starting up our own blog for my dogs :)
    thanks for reading loads ‘o’ love ! xoxoxoxoxox

  189. Deb says:

    Hey Honey,
    I was sent the link for your blog site from Gaye & Susan @ Don’t Fret Pets. You are a very gorgeous young lady & we are very much looking forward to meeting you. I truly hope you will like our family & will enjoy visits @ “Club Deb” if your mum thinks we are suitable for you (I think we will get on just fine :) I grew up with Great Danes & going to shows then when I got my own home I had a very handsome blue called Luther, he won me lots of ribbons & his girlfriend Bella was black & she was very pretty but much smaller than you. I thought my heart would never mend when they crossed they Rainbow Bridge. I still miss them very much. So am hoping that you will consent to stay sometimes with us & let us enjoy your company.
    Hope to meet you soon, cheers Deb :)

  190. ellie says:

    hi Honey and Hsin-yi
    I’ve made my own blog! you can visit it on http://www.littlebrownspice.blogspot.com
    everyone is welcome!
    It’s okay at the moment ellie is helping me to make it better ’cause it’s a bit hard to work by myself theres lots of comlicated little buttons and gagets :@
    sorry to hear about your computer machine being sickie hope it’s better soon :) xxx
    love and licks from Dumpling and ellie x

  191. Thanks a ton for your efforts to have had these things together on this site. Jack and i also very much treasured your insight through your articles on certain things. I am aware that you have quite a few demands on your timetable hence the fact that a person like you took as much time just like you did to guide people really like us by way of this article is even highly treasured.

  192. livyy says:

    hi, honey x

  193. hd webcam says:

    I noticed your weblog on yahoo and browsed a few of your other blogposts. I just added you to my personal Google News Reader. Carry on the great work. Will enjoy reading more from you later on.

  194. Rahwa says:

    OMG hi Honey your the most cutest and smartest dog in the entire world i have a Great dane crossed with a Ridge back and another dog i don’t no the name of it and it’s such a honuor to even talk to u i love you so much you have a great owner and hope we can meet up one day with my dog Belule she’s 7months and love to meet you Honey i saw our first swimming lesson yourevenfaster than me hahaha i just love u sososososo muuch Honey and you are a great dancer and so is your owner owh and i forgot my name is Rahwa and i’m 11 years old and Honey’s been to more places than me love you honey please reply if you have MSN here is myn wawa66@live.com.auomg i love you so much i am about to cry love you bye bye :]

    Queensland Australia brisbane please reply…

  195. Rahwa says:

    Hi Honey i’m Belule a Great Dane too I love you i am a girl and would like to meet you some day along with my owner Rahwa owh I am a Great Dane crossed with a Ridge back crossed with another dog I don’t know the name of my owner is a big fan and goes on youtube everday and watches u I am 7months I LOVE U ALL.


  196. Angie says:

    Hi honey you are awsome

  197. Lindsey says:

    Hey Honey!!
    I absolutely love watching you on youtube, and have been following your blog for a little less then a month now. This is my first post. I one day hope to also get a Dane. I always have, but you definitely confirmed my thoughts. Big dogs are my favorite! Keep up all your and Hsin-Yi’s great work! On the fateful day I get a doggy of my own, I will definitely send him/her in your direction!!
    Love much,

  198. Ashley Wagner says:

    I have seen a lot of honey’s videos and she seems like a great dog. My question is how did the owner of Honey get her to be so well behaved. I’m thinking about getting a Great Dane. This is the reason I asked. I don’t want mine to end up not listening to me when she/he gets older (big). If I could get some kind of feedback that would be great. Thank you.

  199. Deb & Bloss Dog says:

    Hey Ashley,
    Check out Honey’s clicker training videos :)
    My owner Deb says that she wished she had known about it when I was a pup, but it;s too late for me now I am 15yrs old & deaf but lots of other doggies use it with their owners & reckon it’s fun :)
    cheers Bloss Dog
    PS Deb has had Great Danes for many years & reckons that they are better behaved that the likes of me (I’m a Mini Foxie) have fun you will never regret it she says (Ha hmm so what she regrets me? naaa I’m much loved hehehe)

  200. hey honey it’s Belule and Manks Here how are u today and thanks for leaving a comment on my owner Rahwa’s MSN she is so happy now she just loves u even more than me haha well not more than me but the same as u thanks any way bye bye love you.
    bye :)

  201. Trixie says:

    How did you take care of honey ?

  202. Dog Trainer says:

    It was one such great video of Honey. My whole family enjoyed it. Honey is such a beauty. Is he trained to be a therapy dog?

  203. I love watching Honey perform. I’m an avid doggie dancing fan. I love your instructional videos as well. Fellow fans of Doggie Dancing should check out my site and see more great videos. If you love dogs Like us on Facebook and help spread the joy of http://www.DoggieDancing.com

  204. abby says:

    OMG this dog is sooooo cute!!!!! i am only 11 and when i grow up i want 2 have a great dane(just like honey)and a little little dog. lol.

    keep up the good work

  205. abby says:

    hoping for a new video soon

  206. Thy says:

    Hey Honey you’re really like my drug
    If I didn’t see you everyday I get nut

  207. Hi,,

    I like your bow…
    But here’s My Macabee’s Bow!!!!!!


  208. Honey, I love reading all your posts. I wish I was staying near by so that we could play and hang around together. Hows your human Hsin-Yi and Muesli ? Convey my licks and slobbers to them :)

  209. Bailey says:

    Honey — wowserz! You are the biggest doggie I’ve ever seen! And very pretty. :)

    Love watching you dance!

    Woofs & hugs,


  210. squo says:

    Hi Honey!
    Through your blog and video clips on it, I managed somehow to pick up after the loss of my Great Dane (Kaszmir has been with me for 9 years).
    I wish you all the best
    Your biggest fan

  211. Pihla and Sini says:

    OOH so cute girl. i have two greatdanes too ! i love greatdanes <3 = )

  212. Buzás Kinga says:

    szia! Magyarországról írok, nagyon aranyos kutyus :) tetszik ahogy tanítod és hogy ilyen okos. sok sikert a továbbiakban is, én nézni fogom. :)
    Hy! I try to translate my write but is very difficult for me.. :) I like your Honey She is very cute and clever. I like when you are theaching her. Good luck for the future I will see you. :)
    I hope you can read it :)

  213. Buzás Kinga says:

    Ohh I forget my favourite video when Honey try to learn swim. :) very cute.
    óóó azt elfelejtettem a kedvenc videóm az amikor Honey úszi próbál nagyon aranyos :)

  214. Rupert ,Mommy Debby and Daddy Duke says:

    Hi Honey,
    I’m just a little Dane right now but Mommy & Daddy say I will grow up big just like you..
    You are so Beautiful and my Mommy & Daddy love watching your videos.I am so sorry about your Kitty Lemon. I have 3 Kitties of my own..
    Whooof … Whooof…
    Baby Rupert

  215. sarah huff says:

    awsome i love this dog it is so cool my dog swim really bad where do you take honey to get here swimming lessons i love honey bye

  216. Bel J says:

    A big shout out to honey and her trainer. Always puts a smile on our faces:-)

  217. carol says:

    hi honey i love u the tricks u do with ur mom
    ur amazing!!

  218. Hi Honey! We read your blog all the time! You and your mom are amazing! We are so inspired with your talent that we have awarded the Inspiration Award to you!


  219. caterina says:

    I love Honey, I have a black Great Dane called Kylie and I think that they are amazing!!!!

    With LOVE,
    Caterina and KYLIE from ITALY

  220. Linnéa says:

    Nice new header! How sweet!

  221. Hope they brought you back a pile of those softies sheep.

  222. kaj says:

    Hi honey, its harley from canada! sorry we haven’t said hi in such a long time. we caught up on all your adventures. we love love all your photos and stories, especially the ones when you went to the desert! sadly we lost our blog lazydane.net for some weird reason. but kaj started a new one a couple days ago over at lazydanes.tumblr.com see how it says danes. yep im getting a brother. i don’t know how i feel about it yet. we will see. im sure ill love him. kaj says he will be twice my size. i think he’s a fat little chew toy, but who knows. he dose not come home for 5 more days. if you have any advice on how i should meet him. and if you have time please email kaj.
    loves and lots of slobbers.
    Harley and and baby brother Justin.

  223. bubba says:

    jeez you got a lot of messages!!!!

    you are lucky your humans didnt drag you to that snow. its freaking cold and horrible. its ok for 20 seconds then it just sucks.

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    I AM 4 YEARS OLD. Thats 4 in great dane years. maybe even 2 says mommy.

    not many pictures came out but i had a great day of mostly EATING AND NAPPING!!!!

    mommy made me a giant pile of pancakes with butter and syrup and bacon for breakfast, then i passed out in the hot sun of the patio for a while. then she gave me a wiping down so i didnt stink so bad and took me out to the park for a run around and a good peeeeee. then we went to pop pops house and i had spaghetti with butter, bread and butter, and cake for my birthday dinner. i had some fish too but who cares. the butter was the best.

    i got a new toy from granny. a ropey thing so pop pop can play tug with me and we dont end up with stuffing or beads all over the place. and mommy got me a giant ladybug stuffie. she also got me a gigantic stuffed DONUT!!!! with sprinkles. there are some pics on her facebook but mostly they didnt come out cause her battery died.

    what a wonderful day i had. i can still go for a birthday snack of course.



  224. Cosito says:

    Hi Honey!! Im Cosito from Colombia south America, Im a mix of breeds and I was adopted. You are quite tall! I’m only 8 months old but Im going to be kind of small 😛 and tiny by comparison. I love how you live you life! My parents are teaching me a lot of stuff. Im close to having my first bithday party :D!

    Hugs and Kisses from Colombia :3

  225. Amber Lamkin says:

    The video you made about Honey and Lemon was the sweetest thing. It reminded me of my Great Dane Maggie (1 year) and my cat Boots (2 years). Thanks for sharing!

  226. Gaston says:

    I love you honey! you have a new fan from Argentina!
    Such a lovely dog! Love all your videos.
    Keep rocking!

  227. bobraining says:

    hi, honey, you are simply great. hope your
    mom will send more videos of your childhood
    training. great, i love you.

  228. Sher says:

    I only recently been made aware of Honey’s blog. I think the photos and comments are wonderful, and inspiring. My Cavalier Pixelle envys Honey for her friend Muesli! She’d love to have her very own cat buddy (she has several cat friends in our neighborhood) but her mom is very allergic. Pixelle doesn’t do Canine Freestyle but loves dog agility (or more accuarately LOVES the dog agility treats). Pixelle hopes that Honey continues to entertain others with her dancing. Such a skill brings too much enjoyment to others to be hidden away. Make sure to look at my mom’s advice about “Jackpotting” of treats.
    Finally, thanks for the photos of your mom & dad’s adventures, especially the trip to France. It brought back some great memories of her mom’s trips there. And did you try the Chocolate croissants? Mmmmm…yummy! Now she knows that she’ll have to go back and visit Monet’s Gardens. Her mom wants to know if Monet’s house recreated the studio where Monet painted? She’s trying hard to arrange her artist’s studio, and would love to see Monet’s studio. She’ll dream of a trip there…

  229. India says:

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  230. Lindsey says:

    Hello Honey!!
    I love you soo much! I can’t wait to get a Dane of my own! I have to get out of school first and get a job so I can have enough money to take roper care of one. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve been following you for about 8 months now. :) your videos on youtube are TOO cute! Watching them was my favorite thing to do when I should have been studying for finals last winter. >.<
    Whenever I DO get around to getting a doggy of my own, I'll be sure to make him or her a blog of their own so you can be friends.

  231. Taylor says:

    I LOVE your blog, and i like the new colours and pictures!
    looks like you had an awesome trip! keep posting :)

  232. Mac says:

    I love the purpleness of your blog! Also it looks like you guys had fun in paris I heard it was amazing I want to got there myself one day!

  233. Mac says:

    Oh Honey you are such a good dog! I do wish you could reopen contact honey again. Unfortunately my young trainer is broke and need help:( Either way you are an amazing dog and you have very smart and wonderful owners who made you a great ambassador for your giant breed(:
    God Bless

  234. Brigitte (IceAnge1) says:

    [= Its nice to know that Honey has her own website. I truly am a fan.
    I left a message on Honeys vid which you actually told me to come here and read about if a Great Dane is for me. I’ve been reading for over 2 hours now and have barely scratched the surface but I have to go to class now since I’m still in college. Thank you for all the info, I will keep reading once i get home. =D Cant wait! ^^

  235. Hi Honey your all trick are superb. I am going to become a fan of you and your blog. I saw all your fun and tricks in paris and that time i become a good fan of you.

  236. Hi Honey!! I am very happy to read about you. Actually I love dogs. I have also a pet at my home. This blog will help me paying extra attention towards my dog.

  237. Honey! I have read full of your blog and your story is so interesting. I would like to thanks to the owner of the site who has posted such interesting story. An animal lover can get a lot useful information from here.

  238. Andreza says:

    Hi Honey! I just loved your histories! I`m from Brazil (São Paulo City) and I had a Dane too, my first, a male 2 and half years old called Wotan (sorry for my English… i`m better speaking Portuguese :))

  239. Stacey Gamble says:

    Rip the Whippet and I love you in Alberta, Canada. You’re amazing. We love the help you are giving us! Keep up the awesome work. We very much appreciate you!

  240. Goodness, our Meowm needs spelling lessons again!

  241. Apparently she needs lessons on how to post a comment properly too.

    That is one way to keep the gawkers away from you Honey!

    Our drool only soaks into our blankets at night. We never have drool like yours!

  242. ella wein says:

    have you tried calling dog walking services? i never tried walking with this type of dog…. i think it will be challenging…

  243. collette says:

    hey.iiiiiii llllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee your videos.i just want to give honey a big hug.please email me back soon.i love talking to you .it makes me feel sooo good.i figured that you might want to know something about.ok.so i am 11 years old i live in the united states of america ohh and i love your website.

  244. Giant Julius von Ritashi says:

    Hi Honey,
    like your website, my boss showed it to me. I love to lay in the sun as well. And I slobber to, they say. I can’t dance but I do agillity. I really like it, but sometimes I break stuff because I’m so big.
    greetings from the Great Dane Julius

  245. Cheryl & Benji says:

    Honey, You are on your way to becoming a fair dinkum aussie icon …… your fan base is always growing ! Not bad for a kiwi on Australia day :) x Mr B

  246. ArchieGDfawn says:

    Hi Honey
    I have a fawn great Dane just like you called Archie. I think that you great Danes look a heck of a lot better with your ears floppy. It gets me cross when I see any dog with clipped ears.

    From ArchieGDfawn

    PS – u r adorable

  247. Gwen says:

    God bless you for being such a wonderful animal parent!! : )

  248. hiya honey, we’re a brother and sister pair of white danes who are both deaf, we saw you on youtube and were very impressedat how brave you were getting in that big pool of water
    if you look on the website we made dad set up for us you’ll see our photos and some of our old friends daisy and bell who got that nasty bloat thing last year
    being deaf isn’t too bad, at least we’ve got an excuse for taking no notice of dad when we’re walking him
    anyway, stay well and keep up the good work, if you’re ever in melbourne look us up
    love from hogan and priscilla

  249. jessica says:

    omg how cute!!
    how much would it be to buy a clicker?

  250. Jermaine says:

    An interesting post right there mate . Cheers for it !

  251. Rony says:

    Happy Easter to you all
    Rony & Tara

  252. charlotte says:

    hello i love your dog she is soo cut i love her soo mutch

    love charlotte

  253. Alan Hudson says:

    parabéns… por este ter esta LINDA cadela.. tenho uma DOG ALEMÃO e quero que fique assim como a sua…

  254. Lady says:

    Hi Honey!
    I haven´t posted in a while but wanted to let you know that every time you “write” I greatly enjoy your posts…thanks for doing so!

    Oh! And my human is enjoying Hsin-Yi´s blog also.


    • bighoneydog says:

      Aw…thanks so much, Lady, for your lovely comment! It was so nice of you to take the time to drop me a note. I really appreciate it – and I’m glad to know that you’re still enjoying my blog – and even my human’s new one too! 😀

      Honey the Great Dane

  255. Tessa & Eva says:

    We love your dog!! He is an AWESOME performer and can do some real tricks!!! We wish we could meet her!!!!

    Tessa and Eva :):)

  256. Janace Moss says:

    Great videos, you have done a wonderful job!

  257. faithshen says:

    Honey your so talented, I’m so amazed while I’m watching you on the video 😀

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  258. alan says:

    hey honey try to do ur best move and avry day train hard but i think u r old but try to get with jusus he is de only one who can help u so dat y i got a great dane her name is maya she is so bright so she dont do any thing but she always want to sleep like u hahahahaha yea hmmm i wish to have a friend to play soccer but i have one so she always protect me

    by:(alan venzor) put on :facebook:
    love u honey have a great day muah

  259. Towanda Strong says:

    Dear Honey ~ I was introduced to you and Lemon when a friend sent me the video that is posted on dog works.com. You see, my husband has cancer, and the video of you and Lemon helps cheer me up when I feel down. Thanks for being such a calm, fun presence in my life, if even from afar. I knew you were a dancer all along from watching you play with Lemon!

    Thanks again. Towanda Strong

  260. Anne says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you had any tips for clicker training two dogs at once. Does the clicker lose its charge if a dog is crated while the other dog is learning? I just rescued a pit mix puppy who I need to be a little gentlemen. Will he learn while watching the other dog who is older/pack master?

  261. I am a veterinarian, and it is obvious to me how special the whole family interaction is. But U must remember that U guys R special and maybe lucky, Because a dane stepping on a ktten could kill it. In ut second video with the new kitten, I am always leery of small balls which would be no more that a large pill for Honey but could cause an intestinal blockage, and I am always leery of kittens with string. Having said that, I am so enamored with ur videos and ur relationship and Honey’s relationships with creatures smaller the she is. GOOD JOB P.S. I had one dog named Honey, and another named MIel (which means honey in spanish) Venice Florida

  262. Hi Honey , nice to meet you and nice blog. Have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  263. Scott from Vancouver,WA says:

    We love you and Honey! It is amazing how smart these guys are, we resently lost our first Dane Tabor 6/30/12 and now have a new brindle, we want to clicker train him like you did Honey. I’m sure you had many long hours of training with her. How old is Honey now? She is do adorable, we have fallen in love with her over the years. Thank you for sharing all your YouTube videos.

  264. Elle, Wesley & Cinema says:

    Hi Honey!

    I just watched the video of you and muesli getting to know one another. It brought a tear to my eye. Recently I adopted an older cat (Wesley) and a few months later a kitten (Cinema) for his company. This reminded me so much of their first couple weeks. They have learned to get a long great and Wesley acts just like a kitten as well now. I think you must have a pretty spectacular owner and I just wanted to say thank you for posting the video and writing this blog. We will be back often!

    Much love,
    Elle, Wesley & Cinema

  265. Yael says:

    I couldn’t help falling in love with you, Honey, and with your dear friends, feline and human.

  266. elizabeth camp says:

    Hello Honey,

    My name is Maxime. I am a Blue Great Dane and I just turned one. I am a very happy Great Dane but I just found out I have allergies. My mom and dad took me to the vet and then they took me to a dermatologist that would specialize in skin conditions. She told me I have classic allergies. I am on a raw diet just like you and that it would most likely not be because of my food that I have allergies. We are going to get allergy tested and possibly allergy shots, unless you have any better ideas. The vet said this was the most “hippie” way to treat allergies, but my mom wonders if there is anything better out there. Last night she gave me an oatmeal bath with Pao D’arco tea. She also rubbed sesame oil with a little lavender on me so I would sleep at night without itching, it worked better than the Benadryl the first vet recommended. I am still wondering if there would be any better options for me than to have allergy shots for the rest of my life. Thanks Honey, and I really like your blog. Maybe one day I will start my own. XOXO


  267. Dragnucs says:

    I really like your dane. She is a verry well trained dog.

  268. Brenda says:

    Hi Honey!! What happent to Lemon? Did he died?
    Well, the other day I saw a very cute Youtube video of Honew and Muesli ^^ It was so funny.

    Please follow me at http://www.rayosdesoltumbadosenlaarena.blogspot.com
    And if you like Corean Music follow http://www.koreannumber1music.blogspot.com

    KISSES!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!

  269. Mr Anthony Gredig says:

    Hi Honey.

    We really enjoyed watching the video of you and Lemon . We watched it this morning as part of our roll call. We then voted on which animal we prefer, dogs or cats. It was a close call!

    What a beautiful relationship you and Lemon had.

    Thanks again.
    Ruma Rima
    Brooklyn School (WGTN)

  270. Samuel C says:

    Hi there,

    I have a 4 months old Siberian Husky male dog. His name is Logan but he is very picky with the kibble food I give him. Can I just start right away on raw food?

    Where do you get your sources from? Like what raw food to feed your dog or how much to feed your dog raw?

  271. Dany says:

    just found out that honey had a blog and spent the last three hours watching everything. I’m sad to hear that she had health issues and hope with all my heart that she has the best recovery and many years to come. I always wanted a Dane,.still want one and seeing honey only makes me want one more! I don’t loose faith though! 😉
    Thank you for your wonderful videos and this great blog that I will keep up with for sure, I remember one year ago I bumped with the video of honey and lemon and immediately called my dad who is also a dog lover and told him to watch it with me..he’s in Mexico I lived in Italy so I watched him on Skype while he looked at it and had the same reaction as I did…laughing,smiling,shocked by the bond that you could see they had and then crying..like a baby really!!! Thank you for sharing that with us! If only every human could learn from animals!!!
    I hope that if one day I get to have a Dane it will be as well behaved,balanced and mostly loving as honey..for now I’ll just be thankfull for my two chihuahuas jejejeje
    Best wishes for you and your family.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  272. Khayyam Baig says:

    I love honeydog the great dane and most i think the trainer or her handler is so cute. she just stole my heart wow. all tumbs UP!!!!!! keep up the good work. I love great danes and seeing you do all this with em its just crazy wild. email me honeys owner lady. love ur dances on all the songs.. full of life.

  273. Mode Dog says:

    Adorable dog you are so lucky!

  274. April says:

    Hi Honey, Well I guess I’m going to start this out by being mushy. I hope you are ready for a long message. I guess it’s the New Yorker in me. First I want to say that you and your human mom amaze me and im not easily impressed. Out of all the people and doggies I would like to meet in the world you and your human mom are on the list including Oprah Winfrey, past U.S. president Clinton, current president Obama and that’s about all. I know you are super busy. I don’t know how you handle all the questions from your numerous followers but here goes one more question. Let me state first that I try not to ask a question because I know you are flooded with them. But this one is dear to my heart that I soooooo want to accomplish successfully. I had a great Dane that died after have surgery at the young age of 14 mSonths that I still think about almost daily. After debating back and forth whether or not to try again with another Dane and after traveling almost every weekend for several months across many states and staying in hotels only to turn the breeder down we are happy to announce that we got a 10 week old brindle boy. OMG. …..he is the sweetest. I’m working on finally getting to the question. I’m great at teaching my Danes in the past how to sit and wait for food, how to sit and wait for the ok to exit a door, how to watch me on command, how to leave it, how to go in the down position, how to give the paw to shake hands, how to stay, etc…etc…but I stink with walking on a leash, no less walking with no leash. I have NEVER been successful with that. My Dane that died after surgery listen to every command until I got around crowds of people and other dogs. It was especially difficult when I took him to the vet, he pulled and pulled and jumped other dogs and people to play. One time, I actually left crying! I got my puppy 6 days ago so I know it’s too early to be sending out an SOS but I feel I’m not once again going to be successful. I know to say heel after putting him in the sitting position on my left side and give the heel command with a treat as a lure and when he gets ahead of me pulling to just stop dead until he comes back to my side and praise and followed by a treat but I can’t even get to that point. It’s just a mess. Riley is not pulling but biting the leash, then he’s on my left side, then on my right side, then wrapped around me, etc. etc. Help!,!,, your input will be appreciated! Thanks, April and Riley
    oh, one more bit of info that is important….this on leash behavior is extremely important to us because we want to get to the point of no leash, so how do I do that and when do I start that? My husband is a paraplegic due to a car accident so it is important to him and to me that Riley gets to the point that he can go out with my husband, get in the van, etc with no leash. Please please, help! Thank you so very much for your insight.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi April – thanks for your comment and your lovely words! And congrats on your new puppy – he sounds gorgeous. I’m not normally answering individual questions anymore – except on the blog – because I just can’t cope with the number of messages we receive every day, but I’ll make an exception for you.

      About your leash question – I’m afraid that that is really too complicated to just give advice online. You really need someone watching you & giving you hands-on guidance. No really good trainer would ever just give you “quick fix tips” over the internet for something like that. There are lots of different ways to train a dog to walk on loose leash (and stay with you without a leash) – but it depends also on the dog what is suitable. So the best thing for you to do is to find a good professional dog trainer and have some private lessons with him, if you’re worried. There is no substitute for that – that is what we did as well with Honey. I read lots of books and was on lots of online forums but we still went through a phase when Honey was pulling & lunging really badly (starting from 6 – 8 months) and nothing I read or heard from other people really helped – until we went to a good private trainer and had hands-on guidance from him.

      But before you start panicking about that, just go to normal classes and see what your pup is like first. He may be a very different dog from your previous Dane and you may be able to manage him/teach him just with normal training classes – without the need for private lessons. But at least you can find out first what he’s like – before you decide what you need to fix. You sound like you’re doing the right things – as far as rewarding him for being by your side and also not moving forward when he pulls. It will take time. But you need to find a trainer to help you in “real life” – whether in a class or in private lessons.

      So my best advice to you is to
      a) join a puppy class. You should anyway for socialisation and start basic training/focus there, with other pups as distractions
      b) continue onto a general pet manners type class after you finish the puppy class. A lot of people think just doing the puppy class is enough, which is a joke – can you imagine trying to get by in the world if you only did kindergarten? In fact, I personally think that a dog should be in training classes the whole first year of his life – and ideally, continue for a few years more, until he matures. I still take Honey from time to time now, as a senior dog, because it’s good for her – keeps her mentally stimulated & continue practising working around other dogs + good socialisation. Especially when your pup reaches 6 – 8 months, he’ll be going into canine adolescence and so will really start to test boundaries – so even more important then to continue/repeat the training.
      c) if you feel that you’re still having trouble with him walking on loose-leash, then find a good private trainer to work with you. I would recommend finding someone who is willing to work with a range of training tools and isn’t stuck on one school of training *(eg. purely positive or traditional) because every dog is different and the best trainer is the one who keeps an open mind about finding the best training method & tool to suit the dog. If you’re worried, you can start researching private trainers now and talking to some of them – then when/if you need their help when Riley gets older, you already have somewhere to turn to.

      Lastly, I want to say that I think you may be a bit confused with regards how the dog walks with you. When people talk about “Heel” – that is a very strict command where the dog has to walk next to your left leg, his shoulder in line with your knee and to stick to that position no matter which direction you’re turning or what speed yuou’re walking. But you can’t expect a dog to walk like this for his whole walk – or even for any length of time. It’s cruel to the dog and unnnecessary. For every day walks, it’s fine for a dog to walk more casually, a bit far out from you, maybe in front or behind – as long as there is no tension on the leash (ie. no pulling). There is no need to have the dog Heeling next to you all the time. So a lot of pet owners don’t even bother teaching Heel (in its proper form) as they will never need it. Not unless you’re planning to do competitive Obedience or something.

      Similarly, you seem to be confused about the dog walking without a leash. Again, there is no need for the average pet dog to learn to Heel off-leash (ie. walk stuck to your side, without a leash). However, what pet dogs DO need to have is very good Recall (come when called) – so that even when he is off-leash, he will always come back to you when called and hang around you, instead of shooting off on his own. So that is what you should focus on – and then he will naturally stay with you when you are walking in a park, off-leash. You can start Recall training from now – just don’t expect too much. I did a big post all about Recall training, with videos to show some of the games I play with Honey which help to improve Recall and also the common mistakes people make – so read that if you haven’t yet. It’s on the “Ask Honey” page (look at the menu at the top of our site – float your mouse over “My Training” and you’ll see “Ask Honey” in the drop-down menu – click on that and it will take you to a page with lots of questions I’ve answered. The post about Recall training is there – it’s Ask Honey #5.

      Good luck and I repeat, the best thing for you is to find a good local trainer you can trust & work with. That was what made all the difference for me with Honey.


    • bighoneydog says:

      I forgot to add that I am planning to do a post about loose-leash walking at some point and show a video of me using the method we taught Honey…but I repeat, that is NO SUBSTITUTE for working with a trainer in REAL LIFE. You wouldn’t learn to drive a car just watching a video online, would you? So same thing – you need someone next to you, guiding you. Besides, I am not sure when I’ll get around to doing that post as I have so many other things I need to blog about first…but I do plan to do it at some point. So follow Honey’s blog and keep an eye out for it.


  275. April says:

    Thank you so very much for your reply. It was all helpful but especially your comments about heeling. You hit it right…..I have been so focused on my puppy being in the heel position exactly on my left side lined up with me. Thank you for pointing that out. Your reply was very helpful. I’ll now continue leash training with a new attitude. Can’t wait for you to see my new baby boy. He is the sweetest. I’ll post photos on Facebook in the next couple of days. Once again, thank you.

  276. Joy says:

    Hi Honey, I just watched your video of you and Muesli and Lemon. It was beautiful.
    My darling kitty Star passed away recently, so I know how you feel about Lemon. Best wishes to you and thank you for the gorgeous video.

  277. Aj says:

    WOW what a cover picture honey babe….!! Super majestic.

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  279. LeeAnne says:

    hey it me Lucky Bear how are you? What up.? I went back training last night, Keith the same person, he got shorter I think. He picked on me as norm. Hey I think I showed he up Lee Anne was happy with me. Do u remember Malcon an old guy? well he was there so nice to see him. really was it Lee Anne or me that love it more. Honey hope fur owers r good. xxxx

  280. Elena says:

    спасибо! Ваше видео напомнило мне о моей собаке… ее нет уже 13 лет… Спасибо.

  281. Julie says:

    Hi Honey! this is a link of a video with a dancing dog that you can post on your blog:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnHogAPzxj4&amp%3Bfeature=youtu.be
    Thank you!

  282. Angelina says:

    Hi honey Its your friend Angelina. Thinking of you and happy that things are better everyday for you and your family. Have a great weekend.

  283. juliette ribaudo says:

    i just love honey and could you tell us how old she is? it is 2012 now

  284. i just want to say you have some cute pets . and thank u 4 the clips on yutube . and i am telling some super star’s like @justinbieber and maybe carly rea jepsen to watch your clips and comments ! like i got 2 say who just love a kittien and pupp makeing freinds . i know i do :) plase tell honey i am a huge fan of hers and i will tweet u back if i have some time

  285. oh my gosh was honey borning on nov 6 ? cause if she is then thats cool i know 3 things with the same b day just like mine ! i know 2 people and a dog ! honey happy b lateded brithday i hope you a had an awesome day

  286. jess whalley says:

    hi honey!

    i work in a school where we teach blind children some of the skills they need for fine motor control for braillie reading. i just wanted to suggest that your paul could try some threading activities or picking dried beans or peas out of an ice cube tray. both great control activities. good luck with his recovery.

    my great dane puppy turned 5 weeks today (only 3 weeks until he comes home!) and i am super excited! your blog has been sooooooooo helpful in preparing us for this event! if you would like to know about us check out ram one.blog.com

    best wishes, jess

  287. Larry says:

    Hi Honey (And your humans)
    Hello from the US! I just started watching your videos on Youtube; I love dogs and am always on the look out for dog cool and fun dog videos to entertain me and keep my mind off the loss of my own best friend Bozo. It’s been over a year since I lost him and I still miss him so much. I do think I am almost ready to find another doggie friend though and watching you Honey and your humans have so much fun together has made me consider looking for a Dane too. My Bozo was a Rat Terrier so such a great increase in size will be something I will have to consider. Anyway you guys keep having fun and posting cool videos for me to day dream over. I wish you and your family all the happiness and luck in the world!!

    PS. I am so jealous that you got to live in New Zealand and now Australia!!!! Those top my list of places I would like to visit (And maybe move to if it gets any worse here in the States).

  288. mybigdoguk says:

    Honey is adorable! Love the photos. Hello from little old Cornwall :-) Dog Toys

  289. Be well Honey! You are in our thoughts.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  290. Eve Walraven says:

    YAY! You have made it thru the first hurdle!! Now it’s time to take it easy and get well fast!

  291. sheila says:

    i have a great dane like honey, what is the best age for she learn, she have 7 weeks

  292. Zuni says:

    It’s heart touching… I really loved this video… I LOVE YOU HONEY

  293. beverly says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I could not stop smiling through your entire video! Now I can’t stop crying~ Honey, you are shining example of why I LOVE Great Danes! I have 2 & absolutely adore them both~ You are a gorgeous, smart & elegant girl~ Wishing you the best of everything!!

  294. John Lipovsky says:

    Wow, after watching your Meusli and Lemon video I feel like I already know you. I’m giving my boxer/mastiff doggie a big smushy and thinking of you.

  295. JAN says:

    Loved Honey & Lemon but was sad..

  296. DanaBratt says:

    Just finished watching the video of the beginning of yours and Meusli new friendship, and by the end I was both laughing and crying. What wonderful control you had and taking your time not to scare her. I knew you had her when she was first on your pillow. I’m so happy right now.

  297. chad says:

    Honey put the great in great dane you guys are the luckiest people in the world to have such an awesome dog. It brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear ya talk about Lemon she was one of a kind and will always be in my heart along with Honey. Thank you so much for putting this website together to share the amazing stories and adventures you guys have had. God bless you and your family and may you have many more good years together.

  298. tay says:

    Oooohhhh honey is great!! I ‘m tania and i have a great danes too. Her name is sultana, and honey is her “idolo” we live in Spain and my dog and me start to practise the dog dancing now!! Do you help me,plese??? You are great girl!!!! Thanks for the heart. Sorry my vocabulary!!!!

  299. Toni Etim says:

    We just love seeing all you do …you give us joy just watching you and your family!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Zeus and Toni

  300. Renée says:

    J’ai été très touchée par l’histoire de votre chien et chat, c’est magnifque ce que vous faites! Merci

  301. doglover says:

    tjis is the best dog i have ever seen xxx

  302. hi how can your dog do that!?I love grate Danes gust like you! I want 1,000 grate Danes!

  303. Elmarie says:

    You really bring the best out of your dog, well done. I love the blog

  304. Honey has a full and happy life. 70 kilos of love. :)

  305. Hi Honey
    I was curious about your bed. Is it like a beanbag style bed? What is in side?

  306. alisa seymour says:

    hi your dog is so cute I want to keep it.

  307. menenes says:

    all the dogs of the word should has a life as you Honey!!!!!!

  308. Eve says:

    Hello from Estonia!:) Cutest dog i ever seen, i am speechless, I wish long happy life to you!

  309. Hi, honey!
    My Name is Florencia and i’m about to add to my family a relative yours 😛 A beatiful black great dane and i going to call her Morita, she’s a girl and still a baby. I found your videos wile i was loocking for good advices for her education. And now i can’t stop watching them! Your videos are very instructive and so, so, so much funnies! Your humans are very lucky to have you, beautiful Honey.
    Hugs from Argentina 😀

  310. Mohit rathore says:

    Honey very glad to see dog like u ,,when I bought ur breed ;I was having one geman sepherd .His nature was like ur sister.
    SO,nice to see u in ur webpage bcoz ur sister immitate like my german sepherd(jacky),,I love my pets and love u toooo!!

  311. nataly says:

    you are just amazing i have beautiful dogs too but your dog inspires me i am yours and his biggest fan

  312. Lucianna says:

    found your clip in youtube… follow ur link and i got in here… one word to describe —> AWESOME!!!

  313. amelie says:

    hi honey,
    your a great dog i wish i had you honey but i have a great Dane already to look after called Bella i love those types of dogs so very much and we were thinking of getting another one but the car we have just got is to small. I WANT HONEY YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please give me your dog and i will look after it and you may come and visit it any time you like. i love your little blog you have made up.it is great .from amelie bye !!!!!!!!!

  314. i love your page and videos! i recently saw the video in memory of lemon, awe….. best of luck with the new kitty! your such a sweet doggie honey! xoxo

  315. Haden Stracener says:

    honey i think you are one of the worlds prettyist dog ever

  316. Micheline Lacoste says:

    Un beau bonjour du Québec, je ne parle pas bien l’anglais et ne l’écrit encore moins. Je n’ai pas pu tout lire sur Honey et je me demande ce qui est arrivé à son oeil? Je vous félicite pour ce magnifique site. J’ai suivi Honey et Lemon depuis longtemps. Ils sont adorables ensemble. J’ai une pensée pour Lemon RIP.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Micheline,

      Thank you for your lovely comment and for your concern! If you look at Honey’s blog page (www.bighoneydog.com/honeys-blog ) – that gives you all the stories & news about her health, adventures, life, etc. It is the best way of following her news. I only make Youtube videos when I need to show something on the blog so I don’t update our Youtube channel very often.

      About Honey’s eye – at the end of last year, unfortunately, she developed glaucoma and we were unable to control the pressure in her left eye with medication so she lost the vision in that eye and it was still giving her a lot of pain – so we decided to have surgery to remove it. She has coped very well with being blind on one side and adapted to her disability with no problems. Dogs are great like that – they just get on with life! :-) If you’re interested in reading the details and more info about canine glaucoma and all the challenges we went through with Honey, you can check out these posts on her blog: http://www.bighoneydog.com/category/doggie-glaucoma/ (start at the bottom of the page and read upwards – the one at the top is the most recent, the one at the bottom is the beginning of the story)

      Honey has a new kitty sister now, called Muesli – you can read about her adventures with Honey on the blog.

      best wishes,

  317. destiny says:

    Hi honey im destiny and i love the work u do ….u make your mommy so proud..i love to train my puppies but they wont listen any advice?

  318. jessica lauren taylor says:

    thousand of words ,,,,,,,,,
    awsome dog you got there i wish i had a dog like you

  319. jessica lauren taylor says:

    i love you so much honey ………….i miss lemon too
    am in love with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Melody clark says:

    WOW Honey your humans are absoulotley wonderful. What dedication to your furbabies. I will continue to read and cry and lol you are awesome with words and well put together videos. It is wonderful to raise kittens and puppies together. <3 <3 <3 it

  321. steve says:

    Honey is obviously in excellent condition and you should be very proud. I have 2 large breed dogs 1 Dane and 1 wolfhound, I am wondering what if any measures you have implemented in order to keep honey so healthy. Bloat and Arthritis are of major concern and although I know genetics play a big part, I will try anything I can to limit the risk, I heed everything the vets say but would like the perspective of someone living with these concerns. Have you done anything special with honey to help with these matter?

  322. régine says:

    It is ok for me I can reach your blog Honey. Slobbers from Britany ! Ferli & Ferla

  323. Kate Ice says:

    Ooooo! You changed your blog design! I love the new header photo. It’s always been one of may favorites! And with the change in color, I can continue to stalk all your recent posts while at work without it being so obvious where I am 😉 Wooooo!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh, we’re so happy you like it, Kate! :-) Actually, we were going to make a big announcement asking what people thought but you beat us to it. Think you’re the first to see it! 😉 And I hadn’t thought that the old colours would make it inconvenient for people…good point!

      Actually, I have been busy making major overhauls to the site in the last few days to try and sort out the recent problems with it not loading & being really slow (don’t know if you were experiencing them but we heard from lots of readers that they couldn’t access the site & kept getting 503 errors) – hopefully, the new changes will make things run smoother and finally sort the problems! :-)

      Then we can get back to the proper blogging again! 😉


      • Kate Ice says:

        Ooo! The first to see… I feel so special! he he he.

        Ugh, I know how much work these blog redesigns can be! Very rewarding and worth it in the end, but time consuming and frustrating when you’re in the middle of it!

        I loved the old design to. I’ll kind of miss that delicious chocolate brown. It’s kind of like when an old friend gets a brand new hairdo. She looks stylishly wonderful, but it takes some getting used to 😉

        Yes, I experienced the 503 errors also, but all seems well at the moment. Good luck with getting it all settled and thanks for all your hard work keeping her up and ruining so that we call all continue to learn and enjoy from you and Honey! It’s very appreciated! 😀

      • Stella says:

        Miss the e-mail notifications on new reactions. It’s too big an effort to see if older blogs/reactions have new reactions. But surely the ones with the 503 errors have priority.

        • bighoneydog says:

          Sorry, Stella – I’m still working on that! I have had to remove some features from the blog in order to make it run more smoothly and I am slowly trying to add them back, as long as they don’t interfere too much. You are still notified if anybody replies to your own comment – but at the moment, I have not activated the general subscription on all comments for one posts. I wasn’t sure how many people were using that anyway – I didn’t realise that you were! :-) I thought most people would only be interested in replies to their own comments, not other new comments. Anyway, I will try to see if I can re-install that feature without breaking the blog again! 😉

          Thanks for your patience –

          • Stella says:

            No worry, it is not a big issue.

            There is a forum that only notifies me, that user A wrote something in theme B. But your blog sends the reaction with the notifications and it can be worth to read more reactions on a theme. So I read most reactions and sometimes I react.

  324. Toni Etim says:

    “Honey” I like the new Blog design..Hsin-Yi did a great job on it but I liked the other one too … but really all I care about is I get to see what you and family are up to and that you all are well, doing good,and having fun ! And just waiting to see what next ! I love all the pics and videos of you and get to see lots of great places with you and just cant wait for Hsin-Yi book ! We just love you ! :)

    Zeus and Toni

  325. Helen says:

    Hi Honey and Hsin-Yi,
    Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I discovered it about a month ago while doing research on Great Danes. It’s been great to read about clicker training, socialization, ups and downs of owning a Dane, and all your adventures. Your posts are always thoughtful, informative and well-written. I’ll admit that after focusing on particular topics, I went back and started reading all your posts from the very beginning! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into this endeavor.
    P.S. – Your new blog theme is lovely.

  326. katie says:

    ihave a great dane , black great dane her name is molly and she is beautifull like you!i am trying to do the tricks here is my email katie@shoebridge.net <3

  327. Pawel says:

    Poland says: good girl!!!

  328. Ashley says:

    Honey, you’re so sweet!!!

  329. I LOVE the updated video, shoot for that matter I just LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HONEY!!!!!!!

  330. kyrie says:

    hi honey! I watched one of your videos and it was soooo cute. I love all dogs so much but you are the one I want the most. You’re owner is soo lucky to have you. Well good luck in life and stay big!!(:

  331. petrina says:

    Sorry, having a total relapse on technology !!! We have just had a Daneline visit today, trying to do lots of research on the diet. Pretty much know where I need to be with all the research from the rest of our animals. Would you recommend a rehomed bitch Dane with young kids and lots of fowl plus a few goats?

  332. Angi (Princeton's Humom) says:

    How come clicking on the book ad in the top corner doesn’t take me to the book site?

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Angi – sorry, I think the “ad” you meant was actually a link to the book’s page on Goodreads. It’s not an ad – it’s just a widget that takes you to the Goodreads page for the book. But I’ve fixed the banner at the very top of the page now – thanks for reminding me! So if you click on the wider image at the top, under “Welcome to my website” – that should take you to the book website. :-)


      • Angi (Princeton's Humom) says:

        The banner was what I meant. Sorry, I knew “ad” wasn’t really the right word. I was just looking for a quick way to the book site. Thanks for fixing that!

  333. bighoneydog says:

    Oh no, Angi – thank YOU for telling me about it as I’d stupidly forgotten to include a link! What’s the point of telling people about something if you don’t include a way for them to find out more info? Duh! 😉

    Thanks again!

  334. Betsy Jusola-Macko says:

    Great video, fun to see Lemon, did make me sad. I love to watch you still dancing with your Mom. Congratulations on the new book, can’t wait till it comes out in soft cover.

  335. Aya says:

    Hello from Japan! It’s very nice to let you know that there are fans of you all over the world! Honey, you are awesome!!!

  336. kaitlyn says:

    the recent kitten you got looks quite alike to my cat:)

  337. Hello – Can I just say: “love you Honey!” Honey is SUCH a cool dog. I’ve been following her and her awesome freestyle videos for a while, and it was only thanks to you that I found a soft crate for my Great Dane. I thought you might enjoy this video of my big boy competing in the sport of dock diving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZDkxg1BkJ8 I hope you like it, and feel free to share! Keep up the great work, Honey!

  338. BollyOK says:

    I just watched the video with Lemon and Honey. I love it. I laughed and cried. Thanks for sharing some of the entertaining and sad memories. Many greetings from Germany.

  339. Stephen in Philadelphia says:

    Great video! Made me smile. Tell Honey she has fans in Philadelphia! Me and my Black Labrador Lily like doing the same things only there’s less slobber;-) We also just introduced a new kitten to the house, Mandy, and in two months they went from enemies to best buddies. The best part is both are shiny black and when they cuddle together you can’t tell where one end’s and the other begins;-)

  340. maya says:

    Honey you are very special and an awesome dog keep living life!!!.

  341. E LaCombe says:

    Hi Honey,
    We’re sending you and your humans love and healing energy.

    Your Greyhound friends in Spokane, WA -Nicky, Mia and Piper and human Elizabeth

  342. goutham says:

    nice vedio buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. dee says:

    Hi there. I have been reading your blog for a long time. Impressive what you can do with honey. I cannot get my great Dane trained to listen outside no matter what I do…so kudos!!!

  344. Tiffany says:

    Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

  345. alberto says:

    I want a dog like that ;(
    I always wanted one want one please

  346. alberto says:

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  347. Herr Schröder says:

    Hi Honey, I just watched the video with my Mum and we love it!! I´m just starting to learn to be a therapy-dog and now – you are my idol ♥ God bless you and your family.
    With big good wishes from Germany
    Your little (10month) big (63kg) Saint – Bernard called Herr Schröder

  348. bubba says:

    hey honey

    just came by for some sweet honey memories.

    we miss you so much.

    are cats nicer when they are over the rainbow bridge?

    love you always


  349. muthu says:

    i love you honey ..you are soo cute.

  350. Hunny I love you says:

    honey, i love you and miss you terrible… i am a newer fan i love you you are allways in my heart forever

  351. mindy says:

    Greetings Honey. Although I was never met you. I wanted to let you know that I found memories of you today while searching the internet. My Golden Retriever Molly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on December 10, 2013. I miss Molly terribly. If you run into Molly, please let Molly know I still find her hair everywhere, her toys are still where she kept them, leash hanging by the door and her favorite bowel is by her usual spot in the kitchen. Molly is always welcome to visit me in my dreams.

  352. So sorry for your loss. Do you see yourself getting another Dane in the future?

    Blessings xx

  353. Pamela says:

    I have to say I’ve cried and I’ve laughed at the videos. Watching Lemon and Honey interact as the odd couple was absolutely precious. I’m sure Honey missed Lemon terribly since she was a member of the pack and now you are missing Honey. The wonderful thing is the blog you shared with so many of us. It made us feel as if we were part of the pack too. I’m sure Lemon was waiting at the Bridge to welcome Honey to her new home. If you decide to get another pair of fur babies I hope you are as generous with sharing them with us as you were Honey and Lemon. Thank you!

  354. fiona says:

    honey and lemon together up there playing<3

  355. masa310 says:

    Honey was good dog as i watched over him on Youtube.
    great smart dog . this is why i like dogs . thank you Honey !!

  356. Wolf_Girl says:

    Ladybelle went to the Rainbow Bridge June 24,2013. I feel your pain. I’m sorry, I just found out about precious Honey, watching the videos got me through my dog passing. I’m sure Ladybelle is hanging with Honey, acting bigger than she actually is. I’ve been crying for the last like 20 minutes, because the world lost another wonderful fantabulous doggy. May your soul be in peace with God, and may your family find peace in knowing you’re well again. Thank you for bringing joy to us.

  357. JD Sierra says:

    Since I began freestyle, I followed you and Big Honey Dog on YouTube and my colleague has a great dane and loved Big Honey too. A lump in my throat won’t let me forget Big Honey’s soft face. I know the feeling and I never forget them. Big dogs have my heart. Great tribute with the Big Honey adventure mysteries! What a great owner she had. Love you Big Honey!

  358. Teresa says:

    I am very sad to just learn that Honey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t know when I watched the video of her playing with seaweeds at the shore of the Swan River, thinking she is still here on earth. I didn’t know that she left in January 2014 when I was visiting Perth and could have made it to see her because I was there from end-Dec 2013 to mid-Jan 2014. When exactly did Honey leave? I was planning to see her on my next trip to Perth in early Sep. She has given dog lovers like my mum and me much joy and laughter in watching the videos of her dancing, playing with Honey and Muesli and other dogs, her first swim, her birthdays, etc, etc. I will never forget how patient and gentle she was in watching and waiting for Muesli to accept her as a buddy. I loved watching over and over again that dance routine to the tune of “Big Spender” when both of you looked so chic in cabaret costumes and moved in perfect rhythm. I have lost many beloved dogs through six decades. Gone but never forgotten, just like Honey who will live on forever in the hearts and memories of the many people in the world she has touched through her blog and her videos. Happy frolicking in Doggie Heaven, Honey. Miss you very much!

  359. So sorry to hear of Honey’s passing….I saw her video with Lemon, and then Muesli. What a wonderful, big, loveable goofball. So sweet and gentle. The Rainbow bridge has a new angel that will always watch over Muesli and her family. The only good thing is she is reunited with Lemon….would love to see those videos! Thank you for sharing her and her kitty friends with us all!

  360. Joey says:

    I only just came across this site this morning when looking for something cute to cut through all the bad news out there. Honey (and her human) did the job in minutes! What a lovely relationship you obviously had. Makes me miss my Dane (a rescue dog called Scooby-Doo) even more. That said, time is a great healer and at least you have these vids etc to look back on.

    Thanks Honey, and enjoy being able to chase things all day without getting tired!

    Love from London xxx

  361. Conway says:

    HI Honey,

    Love your video. Hope everything will be great at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, my three dogs: GiGi Momo and NGKAN are there as well. Hope they can learn from you.

    You will be missed.

    Love from Toronto

  362. Graham Broadhead says:

    I just came across your site made me quite upset my great dane Goliath is not well diagnosed with spondylosis and be coming incontonent, he is a 95kg dane with a very gentle disposition Honey made me think of goliath hes 10 y.o dont know what i will do without him hes a real daddys dog goes every wher with me ,so i enjoyed reading about your honey adn was sad to see she had passed brought some realitys to me. thanks for sharing your wonderful honey

  363. solange says:

    OMG……..I just watched the video and started sobbing. I was going to email you and say “Please get another cat for Honey”, but when I saw that Honey had passed……..she was beautiful. LOVED THE VIDEO. XOX

  364. Carla Oliva says:

    Hi Honey! I love you!You are beautiful!

  365. ugiprashanth says:

    I cannot beat my words here, i love it in maximum… Its a pleasure and feels like a great companion for our life. They are simply awesome creature in the world.//// In the memory of ‘Chittik’…….

  366. Martina says:

    Hello!! I dont know if some one used To see this blog these days…but I just want to say that honeys vídeos touched my heart!! I wish i could watch her and hers cat sibblings on and on!!! Congrats for the great example she left!!
    All my heart

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