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Snug as a bug…and more Camera School photos

Honey-curlup-PJsIt’s proper winter now and really chilly at nights, so I get to wear my lovely soft fleecy pyjamas when I go to bed.

Now, don’t laugh! I know I’m a big dog but I’ve only got a really short, single coat – I’m practically bald! – so I really feel the cold.

And you know us Danes really like our creature comforts…! :)



My humans got my pyjamas especially made – they tried buying some from shops that sell doggie clothing but even the XXXXL sizes were too tight on me – especially my deep chest! So in the end, they went and bought some lovely thick fleece fabric from a shop and asked a tailor to make one up for me, in the same design as the smaller dog pyjamas they saw…it’s a bit big and floppy when I stand up but it covers me up really nicely when I’m curled up on my bed and keeps me very warm when I’m sleeping! :)

(they’ve also put the winter cover on my beanbag bed…it’s got a warm, furry top that’s lovely to lie on!)


My human, Hsin-Yi, has been sick in the last few days because she said she caught a cold (why did she go and catch it?) – in fact, she caught the cold 2 weeks ago and had just let it go and then caught another one again!  How stupid is that?!

So she has been walking around the house making funny noises into tissues all the time and when she talks to me, she sort of sounds like the ducks down at the pond. I think maybe if she wore fleece pyjamas like me and tried to catch rabbits instead of colds, she wouldn’t get sick…silly human!

HY+Honey-sickness-flowersAnyway, Paul was very nice and when he came home yesterday, he brought her some of her favourite flowers – tulips – and some of those  flat books she likes to read, called ‘trashy mags’ which are full of stories about famous humans that are not true.

I tried to make her feel better by offering some of my slobbers but I must say, she was not very appreciative…so I just helped by sending her special healing sleep vibes.  I think they’re working coz when I woke up today, she seemed much better and was talking in her normal voice. Thank goodness!


Oh, I also wanted to show you some more pictures that Hsin-Yi has been taking of me in the last few weeks for Camera School.

She has been learning all sorts of different things, like how to make something close to the camera look sharp and clear while things at the back are blurry…






…and how to take take “continuous shots” so she can catch me in action…



…and some pictures with no colour…























…and she also learnt to do things on the computer to make photos look a special way, using a programme called Picasa.  (You can download it for free, if you’d like to make some fancy pictures too)

The collages in this post are all made with Picasa – and you can do lots of other cool things too, like change the colour of your pictures and make them fuzzy or even put them in a slideshow with music!

But Hsin-Yi’s favourite effect is the “Focal B&W” which does this:


Me on my 1st birthday...


Lemon (RIP) and an orchid flower


Me posing in our garden...


Lemon (RIP) and a sunflower...


Me in front of my vets, with their special Catmobile!


…oh, and this is just a picture of me being a shameless hussy! :)


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41 Responses to Snug as a bug…and more Camera School photos

  1. Gennasus says:

    Great pyjamas! I think Jana would be jealous of them.

    You’re really getting the hang of that camera Hsin-Yi, those photos are great. The one with the paws is my favourite!

  2. Jackal says:

    Those are great pictures. I think I tried using picasa years and years ago and I either couldn’t figure it out or didn’t like it. Can’t remember. I think I might give it a try again. Looks like fun. Right now for just general photo editing I’m using GIMP (a knock off of Adobe Photoshop). If you do a web search for GIMP downloads its free too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sara Alves says:

    ohhhh Hsin-Yi did a great job with your photos! they look really good! I love your nose close up! Too cute!
    Hope Hsin-Yi gets well soon, so you two can go to the parkie! 
    And… I love your PJ´s! next winter I´m asking Sara to make one for me! Yup!

    PS – made a post about my marching legs… go check it out!


  4. Sammiegolden says:

    So sorry your mama has been sick, but I'm glad she's better. Her pictures are amazing!!! We have Picasa, but mom's never thought to try any of these artistic things – but her eye is not like your mom's!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pix and I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Your dad is very sweet to bring mom those lovely flowers.
    Hugs and Love xo

  5. Mango says:

    Those pictures are just lovely. My momma has still not adapted to the digitals. Maybe she should go to school too.

    Your mom must be sick to read those trashy mags. That is what my momma reads too when she is feeling poorly. She always reads them and goes, "oh tsk, tsk, what are these people thinking?" Yeah, but you're reading it, right?

    I am loving that shameless hussy photo of you. Yabba do!


  6. The OP Pack says:

    We sure hope Mom is feeling a lot better – colds are no fun. Mom says she likes her pjs to fit big too for the same reason, she can wrap the bigness all around her when she sleeps.

    We loved all the beautiful pics your Mom did. Gorgeous.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Great jammies! We hope your mom throws away the cold she caught….

    We love your pics! You gave our mom ideas! She was supposed to go to camera college, but she hasn't moved to do it yet! Maybe now she will cause her close-up pictures are all fuzzy!

    Luna and Sole'

  8. Honey, those jammies look very cozy!

    My favorite cool photo is the close-up of your paws. They are very fascinating.

    I hope your mom feels all better soon!

  9. Great pictures! And really neat pyjamas! They look really toasty warm! I hope your Mom feels better soon – my Dad has been sick for a while and it is No Fun. I think your Mom needs some pyjamas like yours!

    *kissey face*

  10. awesome pajamas – we get cold too cause we have short fur but we just go under the covers – we sometimes even share the bed with mommy –

    great photos


  11. Wow, Honey, we love your beautiful jacket! Mommee made Waldo one last year, but we're pretty sure it won't fit this year. He has a big chest now, too.

    Your mommee is getting grrrreat at the pictures!! Of course, it is very nice to have such a beautiful subject. :)

    Gus and Waldo

  12. Paco & Milo says:

    What a great post with lots of wonderful photos dear friends!!!!
    Honey…you look soooooooooooooooo funny (and beautiful!!!!!) with your big big pyjamas!!!!!
    we can't wear one of it never!!!!!!!Sure we'll eat it immediately!!!!!!!!
    But you are a sweet lady not like us!!!!!
    And the black and white photos with some colour thing into it are Gorgeous!!!!
    Hsin-Yi…you're doing a great job with Picasa….we have it but we don't know we can do lots of wonderful things like that!!
    Thanks for sharing and reveal us Picasa's secrets!!!!!!!!
    And….awwwwwwwwwwwww….what a sweet man you have near you….Flowers….your preferred books….you're very lucky!!!!!!
    and Honey near you giving you lots of cuddles and slobbers!!!!!
    Waawaawaaaaaaa…well done sweet Honey…sure your mom is very very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care of you dear friends!!!!
    We love you sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks and special cuddles and licks for Hsin-yi From Paco & Milo

  13. Hi Honey,

    Thanks for your comments on our blog. Yes we are having problems with other kinds of blogs too. Sometimes they don't let us comment so we have to come back later and try again.

    Those are lovely shots of you, we especially like the last one…hehe

    Our human has a new computer now but it is taking her a while to get used to it…lol

    Holly & Zac…XX

  14. Dozer says:

    Yer pijamas shore look nice and warm. When it is winter here I usually wear my Daddys shirts cause they are the only thangs wut fit me!

    Yer pal Dozer

  15. We think you are very cute in your pj's. That is very nice of you and your Dad to do nice things for your Mom while she is sick.

    We love t he pictures of you…and welove that pink cat car!

  16. Hi Honey,

    We love your pajamas! They look like a lovely dress!! The photos are great and look professional! Our mum should go to the camera school your human goes to, as her photos are always blurred.

    We hope your human get better soon.

  17. Pipa says:

    Oh, Honey! I just laughed like crazy with this post! You have such a great sense of humour! I just loved that part: "why did she have to go and catch it {the flew}?" BOOOOL!

    You're way toooo funny! :)

    Hope that your lovely Hsin-Hi is feeling much better now.



  18. Tibby says:

    Hi Honey!
    All those photos are wonderful! It looks like your human is doing a great job at her photo school! Of course you are a wonderful subject so I can't imagine there being a bad picture of you!
    :) Tibby

  19. Khyra says:

    Oh my!

    Do woo think my fur would help keep woo warm? I'll send some fur woo?

    I'm sorry your mom khaught that khold thing – I'll khross my paws she gets better soon!

    Your pikhs are all gorgeous!
    Tank woo fur sharing!


  20. MrsDesperate says:

    Those are funky jarmies (that's what we call them in Oz).
    Glad Hsin-Yi is a little better. Tell her next time she should let the flu fly on by!

  21. Chow Chow says:

    I think Hsin-Yi learnt some great stuff from the Camera School. And Honey, you look great in every pictures!

    Hope Hsin-Yi recovers really soon!

  22. Mason Dixie says:

    Your mom is doing very well with her photo class, I love the close up of your paws. I hope she is feeling better soon. =)

  23. Lindsay says:

    You look so cute in your cozy PJs!! We also wanted to let you know that we tagged you in our blog! http://lifewithbigdogs.blogspot.com/2009/06/produ

  24. Lorenza says:

    Hi, Honey!
    I hope Hsin-Yi gets better soon! It is not funny to be sick!
    Your pajama is great! Specially for you! The ones I wear are for human babies aged 6 months old!
    Hsin-Yi does a great job with your pictures! We use Picasa but just to change the size of the pictures to be able to load them on Blogger.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  25. kasha says:

    These pictures are crazy good! How fun! I want to take a photography class! Cute post.

  26. Love the closeup of your big paws!

  27. Whoaaa…. very nice pictures, we also like the ones that Hsin-Yi made with picasa.

    You got a cute pyajama!

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

    p.s: we are adding you in our blogroll, hope you don't mind coz' we would love to follow your updates *wiggles*

  28. That's awesome, our mom would really like to go to photo class!

  29. Amber-Mae says:

    Wow! That's one big pajamas you're wearing! Your Hsin-Yi is doing well with her photography.

    Solid Gold "Actress"

  30. Wow, you make a great loungewear model! Love the black and white shots…

  31. pointerpandemonium says:

    Hey Honey!!
    Sorry for not popping by lately, the humans went on hollibobs without us, and granny can't blog! :o(
    We loves you PJ's, mummy uses blankies for us, cos we also get cold.
    The photography tips are great, we also use Picasa occasionally, but we not know you could do that cool black and white stuffs, we just do collages on there!! BOL

    Love scotty xxx

  32. Cute pyjama. So strange to read about winter when here is sommer. (post to be it is raining and under 10 degrees warm *hrr*)

    You have so beautiful pictures.

  33. What can we say? We love all your posts! And this one is pawsome! Hsin-Yi's pics are amazing but Ana loved the catmobile!
    Your pyjamas is so cute!
    Rufus (Indie and Ana)

  34. janice says:

    how beautiful! what a fantastic post!

  35. Hi Honey
    That was a great post with terrific pictures. We just loved you in your lovely pyjamas! We hope they keep you cosy.
    You are very good at posing for pictures and we think you both should turn professional!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  36. Oh yes Honey, if only your human knew how to catch lizards, squirrels and bunnies rather than those colds! I'm glad you have that wonderful fleeze. My mom used to tuck me in during winter. There's even a post about me in a yellow blanket. Love it! Then hot season came and yuk, time to bathe!

  37. Mango Maltese says:

    I don't know what I did but I just lost my comment, my long comment!
    My mom is so impressed with your mom's photo skills. She oooh and ahhh nonstop. She love the picture of Lemon and Sunflower, how sweet!
    Please tell your mom do not catch any more cold, I wish we lived next door so I can bring your mom home cooked chicken rice soup or beef noodle soup to keep her warm!

  38. Dana says:

    We love your PJs! THey look soooo snuggly and very girly (as they should) from the back! Nice pics too. I would love to go to camera school to learn how to take good pics of a black dog (or anything for that matter!).
    Hope your mom is better now!
    Moose + Dana

  39. Here is the link you asked for Honey of my yellow blankie:

    Isn't it sweet?? :-D

  40. Princess says:

    Hi Honey, I'm stopping by after seeing your site on a few other friends blogs. I think your PJs look great! And I'm sure they'll keep you warm. Hope your mom is doing ok.

  41. Ella says:

    Hi Honey! I love your jammies but even more I love your beanbag bed… can your mom tell my mom where she got one? I'm a big girl at 4 months, and have outgrown my pillow! I hope your mom doesn't go and catch another cold, why would she do that anyway?

    Please let me know where we can get a bed like yours :)

    Your friend, Ella

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