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Am going to be on TV! (+ Hsin-Yi’s Scary Face)

Gosh, just when I thought I’d finished telling you about my busy year…here is more excitement!

Last Friday, my humans got a phone call from a lady who works for the TV Box – she said she makes a show for human pups here in New Zealand, called ‘Studio 2‘, and they are doing a special show about animals on Tuesday (tomorrow!) and would like me to go and dance on the show!

Am going to be in there...?

Am going to be in there...?

Am a bit nervous as I have never danced in front of TV camera machines before…and I have never been in a TV studio before either… and how are they going to fit me inside the TV box?  Anyway, Hsin-Yi says we don’t have to do the proper dance routine  (I don’t think there is enough space!) but just show the human pups some of my tricks and moves.

So the show is at 3:30pm on Channel 2 on Tue 14th July, if anybody in NZ would like to watch…although I hope I don’t make a fool of myself in front of you! :)

To be honest, am quite relieved that this lady called because I was in Big Trouble and this has taken my human’s mind off What I Did. You see, after my dinner, I usually feel so happy that I want to run around and do zoomies but my humans won’t let me because doing zoomies with a full stomach can make me have a scary sickness called Bloat…so I get very frustrated and have a tantrum with the carpet mat instead.

Well, usually I just rub my head on the carpet mat and roll it around and pummel it with my paws a bit and my humans don’t really mind because it is just an old carpet mat for cleaning our paws when we come in from the garden…but recently my tantrums have been becoming a little bit more…er…violent and I have started tearing the carpet mat with my teeth and pulling out all the long woolly strands…oooh, what fun!

Then I looked up and saw my human’s face: Uh-Oh.


I get really frightened when Hsin-Yi uses The Scary Voice and gives me The Scary Face. Then I know I am in Big Trouble. I always try and make myself as small as possible and look very sad, so that maybe my humans will feel sorry for me and not be so angry. This works very well on Paul – but doesn’t seem to work on Hsin-Yi. She must have a heart made of stone! :(

Anyway, she didn’t make the Scary Face for too long this time but said that since the carpet mat was quite old, it was time to get a new one anyway. Whew! :)

Oh, lastly – am so very honoured to be Featured Blog this month on Dogs With Blogs!


 OK – will post when I get back from the TV studios and tell you all about it!

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34 Responses to Am going to be on TV! (+ Hsin-Yi’s Scary Face)

  1. pointerpandemonium says:

    Wow, we are the first to comment – how cool!! :)

    That is just amazing news Honey, that you will be on the tv! Not sure how you will fit into it, but i think it’s like a magic box, cos sometimes I see dogs in there and get very angry and barky, then the next second they vanish! Like Magic!

    Will you be putting your clip on you tube … purrlease? We not in NZ so we not able to watch! :(

    Good Luck Honey!!! So excited for you xxx

    PPEEEESSSS: Great timing getting that call when the humans were angry!! 😉

  2. JD and Max says:

    Oh wow, we’re so excited, we can’t wait to tell all our pals that we know a TV star! You’ll be great – and as the pointers asked PURLEESE put it on You Tube as we really want to see you strut your stuff! You’ll be fine Honey – oooh, we bet you get a lot of fan mail.

    And good timing huh – we admit we were a bit nervous just looking at that photo of Hsin-Yi’s stern face as she held up that mat, tee hee! Tail wags – JD and Max.

  3. Sara Alves says:

    Ohhhhh WOW Honey! you´re going to be a TV star! 😀 how cool is that?
    I´m sure you´re going to do your best! good luck!

    and… Clap Clap Clap! good job with the carpet!
    our humans don´t understand a thing about our masterpieces! we´re artist!
    hummm got to confess… I´m a bit scared of hsin-yi´s face too… gee… she looks really angry!
    Sara makes the same face too!!

    Big kisses to you Honey!!!

    PS – I´m spinning already!!! check it out!

  4. Sammiegolden says:

    Oh that is so exciting, Honey! Can’t wait to read all about it – wish we got NZ TV here! Loved the video of your carpet attack and Hsin’s look!!! Priceless!
    Hugs xo

  5. El'bow the mastiff & Hauwii the heidewachtel says:

    oooh great !!!!! thats very cool
    good luck

    big kiss

    El’bow the mastiff
    Hauwii the heidewachtel

  6. That is so cool how you’re going to be on the TV show!! Have fun! We also don’t live in NZ but definitely want to watch it!

    That carpet looks like fun to rip up. We don’t understand why humans are so picky about carpets…why are they there if we can’t rip them up?

    ~Mika and Wall-e

  7. Princess says:

    Congrats Honey on both being on TV and the featured blog award! That’s so awesome!!

  8. Jackal says:

    That is so fantastic! I'm so excited. I would definitely love to see a video of her doing the pivoting. I love when dogs finish connecting the dots all by themselves. :) Makes things so much easier on us. Maybe now that Jackal has had a break he might do it. I'll try again and let you know how it goes. I'm also excited about the TV appearance. I wish I could see it. Good luck!!

  9. Amber says:

    Wow, a tv star in our presence!!! That is pawesome Honey! You will do great! Bummer about the scary voice and face coming out….those human Moms can be very serious at times huh! I like to run behind the table and barely peek out when I am in trouble. :)


  10. Ludo says:

    Wow! How super cool Honey! I know you will do great and amaze them all. I very excited for you.
    Oh, I not like Mum's scary voice either, she make that whooshie noise that she make in the video. See how my ears wented down to say sorry.
    Still, it understandable that you need to rip something up after eating, cos it so satisfying!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  11. pipa says:

    Are you home yet? How was it????? ohmigosh, we're so excited!

  12. Oh Honey, congratulations! That's very exciting. I wish I could see you on t.v.

    ps: I think having a tantrum looks like loads of fun!

  13. Mango says:

    Holy crap! When I saw that photo of your Hsin-Yi making scary face I ran and hid myself. You are in big trouble for sure.

    Maybe you should remind her that it is better to eat the carpet than get the bloat, right?

    Good luck with your big TV debut. You will be a star! Careful under the hot lights. I hope you will have an assistant to mist yourself so you don't overheat.


  14. Laura says:

    Congratulations Honey!!!! Make sure to record it and submit it to youtube when you're done so we call all see how well she did!

  15. Hey, perhaps your spot will be posted on their website and then those of us who don't live in NZ can see you on TV too?

  16. wow how exciting – you are a star – we cant wait to hear all about it-

    be careful honey i had to have surgery to fix my tummy the same as if i had bloat and it isnt fun at all


  17. Paco & Milo says:

    you're going on Tv!!!!
    Now you're a real STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Clap clap clap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can we have your pawtograph pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dear Honey!!!!
    We're soooooooooooooooooo excited for youuuuuuu!!!!!
    Please…….can you tell to your mommy if she could record the Show and share with us after????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can't believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You made the same ritual after dinner like Milo!!!!
    He's usual to do the same moves of you…..he loves a lot scratch his face on the carpet.,….rolling on it…….and chew it!!!!!!!!
    Are you twins?????????????????
    maybe…..but your size isn't the same of Milo…Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…….right?????
    Can't wait to hear from you about the show!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck dear friends!!!!
    Sure you and your mommy will be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We're soooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    Lots of love…kisses…licks…cuddles!!!!
    You're special for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Concatulations Honey!!!!! We wish we could see you on TV!!! We think you will do just wonderfully!!!!~~Junior and Orion

    You playing with your mat reminds me of the fun I have with rugs. I love rugs!!!~~Junior

  19. The OP Pack says:

    That is just so exciting, Honey – we know a TV star!!!!! We only wish we could get the show on our TV box. Maybe we need to fly to NZ for a visit.

    Woo, the OP Pack

  20. how awesum you get to be inside a t.v honey, i wish they would screen it here in australia for us boyz to see, we are honoured to know a superstar!!!
    your mummy's scarey face sure scared us, our mummy does a scarey face like that, and we know straight away that was the wrong thing to do.
    Licks and leans to you, will check back soon

  21. Kasha says:

    Congrats Honey and Hsin-Yi for getting to be on TV. You are FAMOUS! Wish I could see you on the big TV box over here. Hope your mom posts pictures or a video of your big debut!!

    Kasha AARF!

  22. Honey, we will watch the program! But, are standard TV sets big enough to accommodate a big girl like you?

  23. Gennasus says:

    Wow Honey, you must be the most famous Great Dane in the world! I'm sure you'll do brilliantly, wish we could see it over here.

    That mat game gets Jana's approval……..she's a bed-shredder!

  24. Wow Honey – super duper congratulations! That is very exciting!

    Wish it was airing on our TV – we would sure love to see you show off all your moves.

    Hopefully this is just the beginning…….

  25. Clive says:


    Enjoy the experience – its great fun being on TV! I've done several shows with the little man talking about life as an assistance dog and its great – I love the studios and all the attention!

    You'll be brillant – we know it!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it – will you be able to upload it unto You tube?

    Have fun

  26. Khyra says:

    I khan't wait to hear all about it!


  27. Ruby & Penny says:

    Hi Honey
    Congrats about being on TV. We know you will do a great job.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  28. Lorenza says:

    Hi, Honey!
    A TV star!!! Wow! I will be waiting for all the details!
    Your tantrum video and the pictures are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. hello honey its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo ar so faymus!!!! now yoo wil not forget us wot noo yoo wen rite??? ok bye

  30. Hi, Honey! We watched the program. Both of you looked great, although the dance floor looked so small for you! You and Hsin-Yi are real TV stars!!

  31. Dozer says:

    Hey Honey well you is gonna be on TV?? Hey congrats fer that. Star wuz on TV a while ago and she never lets me live it down.

    My Mummy has a hart of stone too. I think all Mummys are borned with harts of stone and Daddys have harts of mush. However now that I am old I does not do too menny Bad Thangs. I am very sorry you cannot do zoomys tho. I did those wen I wuz a little dawg and they wuz loads of fun.

    Yer pal Dozer

  32. MrsDesperate says:

    How cool Honey! But you've always been star in my opinion. Oops, re the carpet, but seeing your face, i couldn't stay mad at you for long ( I am sure your human is the same). Just work those big doggie eyes, and you'l l be in, I'm sue!

  33. Tuffy says:

    hello there honey!

    We get real sleepies after our din-dins. So even if we're alot out to take a stroll we usualy lay on our sides and catch some zzzz. Congratulations on being on tv. We're very proud to be able to tell other doggies in our neck of the woods that we actually know a tv star!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

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