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Dancing at "Wag ‘n’ Walk"!


Last weekend I danced at a big doggie event called Wag ‘n’ Walk, with the rest of my Canine Freestyle / Heelwork to Music doggie dancing team from ChoreDOGraphy Connection.

There were SO many people and doggies there!


Our humans had been worried because the weather forecast had said that it would rain on Saturday- but we were very lucky and although it started drizzling a little bit when we started dancing, it was not very much and it soon got sunny again.

In fact, I was really panting after a bit because it was very hot and the air felt very thick and sticky. Us giant doggies always overheat really easily and then we just don’t feel like doing much except lying down and resting to keep cool…so I have to say, doing my dance moves was a real effort! But I was a good girl and tried my best anyway.

My routine didn’t go too badly this time (not as bad as my slippery dancing disaster last weekend! :shock: ) although I did get stuck between Hsin-Yi’s legs at the end – and Hsin-Yi found it really difficult to balance on one leg when we were doing our weaves because the ground was very lumpy and bumpy and there were little holes in the grass everywhere…but anyway, I think we did OK! :P

(you can click on the collage to enlarge and see all my fancy moves! :D)

Honey-WagNWalk collage

 Afterwards, loads of people and human pups and other doggies came up to say hello to me…

Meeting my fans...

Meeting my fans...


Nice to meet you...

Nice to meet you!


 I also met my friend, George the Bernese Mountain Dog (sorry, I didn’t get a picture!) and my new little puppy friend, Lexi - both of them had done the 3km Fun Walk around Milford earlier in the morning…

(How come Hsin-Yi always catches Lexi with her ears flying?! ;-)

(How come Hsin-Yi always catches Lexi with her ears flying?! ;-)

And here I am with my dancing teacher, Jan Corles of ChoreDOGraphy Connectionwhen I first started dancing, everyone laughed at Hsin-Yi and said she could never teach a Great Dane to dance but Jan always believed in me and helped us lots…thank you, Jan!


I got some great video to show you of my dancing – and also my special treat afterwards (something I never had before!) – you can scroll to the bottom of the post if you want to watch it – but first, I wanted tell you about all the other exciting things I saw at Wag ‘n’ Walk:

After our performance, we had a little walk around to see the many doggie things on display there and meet some of the other canines…


There were so many different types of doggies there, it was almost like a dog show!

Big, glamorous doggies…


Little scruffy doggies…


Cute doggies…


Scary doggies….


Doggies looking for fame…


…and doggies looking for homes!


Some of the doggies really reminded me of my blog friends…such as this lovely smiling Beagle who reminded me of my friends, Cookie & Cinnamon


…and this lovely lady reminded me of Khyra, the OP Pack,  the Army of Four and Storm Glory


…and who does this chap remind you of? The Relentlessly Huge, of course! Although I have to say, he was nowhere near as big as Mango – but what a gorgeous face, eh? (Hsin-Yi just LOVES wrinkly-faced dogs!!)


And here’s a Dennis lookalike…


…and this little fellow reminded me of my friends, Jackson & Patrick the Californian Chihuahuas


…not to mention this handsome guy who reminded me of Chef and Boxen & Bella


…and of course, there were loads of lovely Golden Retrievers who reminded me of all my Golden Friends…


 It was also a little bit sad to see a beautiful 3yr-old mantle Great Dane who reminded me of my lovely friend, Mr Darcy, who lost his battle after his big operation and went to the Bridge a week ago…


 He had just been in the competition for the Tallest Dog and his owner was very surprised when we met because she had never seen a girl Dane as tall as me – we were almost the same size! :P

Here I am trying to say hello (see my flirty tail?! ;-) ) but he was a bit shy – he didn’t even really want to say hello to my humans. (Sometimes, some of us Danes can be a bit timid – that’s why it’s really important to only breed from those of us with stable temperaments and to socialise us a lot when we are puppies). He was a lovely boy, though, and might have got friendlier if we had a bit more time together!


 There were still lots of competitions going on with people cheering and doggies going on stage…the one that was the most fun to watch was the Best Trick competition:


 Each of the doggies had to go on stage and perform a trick – and then get scores from the judges…



But some of the doggies got stage fright and wouldn’t do their tricks or were naughty and ran off…Hsin-Yi said it made her realise just how good us dancing doggies really are because we have to do so much more complicated tricks and not just one but lots of them – one after the other – all in time to the music and ignore the crowds and other distractions to perform…

See, our humans forget – they start taking what we do for granted and get impatient when we don’t do our routines well- but when you see other doggies struggling to do just 1 simple trick, you realise what a big achievement it is for us dancing doggies! It’s not as easy as it looks and our humans should be very proud of us! ;-)

So anyway, here is the video of my exciting day at Wag ‘n’ Walk –

* Hsin-Yi: because it would get too long for YouTube’s 10min allowance, I have only put Honey’s routine in full and only included the highlights of the other dogs’s routines but I have uploaded their full routines separately so you can watch them too if you’re interested:

Check out my special treat after the show – I have never had one of those before! And then I got my belated breakfast of raw lamb brisket – yummy! What  a packed morning! :D 

ps. Hsin-Yi’s RSI is much better now so we are going to start catching up on visiting your blogs but there are so many that it may take us a while to get around to you all – so please bear with us! :)

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42 Responses to Dancing at "Wag ‘n’ Walk"!

  1. Mango says:

    Hehe. I know why your Hsin-Yi wobbled. Because of those five inch heels she had on! Yuh, for sure.

    That mini-mastiff is most handsome I must say and that Mr. Darcy look alike was just overcome by your loveliness.

    What a great day.


  2. Wow You sure did meet lots of new doggies!!

    loved all of the pictures!

  3. Mr Darcy says:

    O Honey what a great day you had! It always lovely to watch your dancing :-)

    But my most favourite part was watching you eat your special treat it looked so yummy and you were enjoying it so much!

    Darcy's Mumma

  4. You did fantastic Honey!!!! I glad the weather turned out decent for you. It would have been no fun to perform outdoors in the rain. You sure met lots of interesting doggies. That husky did look a lot like my sister. :)

    I'm jealous about the treat you got. It looked yummy. How does you mommy clean the car after you get a treat?? Was it not sticky??

    Did you take still shots off of your video footage or did someone take those pictures of your performance? If someone took pictures they did very well!! Each move was caught perfectly. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing! It was a lot of fun!


  5. Lorenza says:

    Hi, Honey!
    Watching you dance makes me very happy!
    You met there lots of doggie friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Khyra says:

    What a pawesome day!

    So many khool khanines and FANS fur woo!

    It was so khool to see the Sibe on your blog fur Sedona had one on hers too!

    I LOVED your flirty tail of khourse!

    My mom is smiling at Mango's khomment about your mom's heels – my mom doesn't do more heels well – something about her center of gravity is thrown way off!

    I bet you had some great dreams after all that fun!

    Tank woo fur sharing your pawesome video too!


  7. hello big honey dog its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like grate fun and that down under vizsla dog duz luk just like me duznt he??? he is a verry verry handsum fellow!!! say do yoo think he wood be intrested in meeting a verry nice smurfette??? ok bye

  8. Great, wonderful! We can't get enough of those posts, pictures and videos! :-)

    your two black boy friends Paris and Bel Ami

  9. Wow, you met so many dogs!! We should have been there to watch your demo! We were worried about you, because it started raining just after 12pm in our area that day. But, someone there must have blown away all the cloud. Who was it? Was it you?

    The treat you got in the car looks so yummy! We have never had anything like that!

  10. Sara Alves says:

    Hello dear friends!! sorry we haven´t been posting comments lately, but my human has been busy with that stuff called work….
    anyway, I have been following your adventures every week! :D
    you did great at the show! :D well done!

    Wonder how you can concentrate when there are so many people watching you :D wow!
    Big licks to you and your mommy! We miss you

    Pu and Sara
    Sara Alves

  11. That was an excellent post, would of loved to have been there to see Honey… see all those crossed paws kept the rain at bay…Seems a most excellent day out.. I havnt watched the vid yet as my comp is playing up but cant wait.. the photo montage was excellent… great work you two!

  12. Ricky says:

    Honey what an awesome day you had! Great photos of all the other dogs – especially your beautiful dane friend! Glad the weather improved and you did such an excellent job on your dance routine. Lumpy grass is better than super-slippery floor any day!

    Also glad to hear that Hsin-Yi is feeling much better!

  13. so happy your wrists are feeling better – what a great day – we love watching you dance

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  14. Samantha says:

    Wow Honey!!! How fabulous you are – elegant, just like your hooman!!! You are just such a smart team – I'd love to dance some day, but working on basics still!!! That event looks so cool and the other dancing teams looked great also! My fave??? Oh that lamb brisket (like my steak – cooked however) as a major reward!!! You really look like you enjoyed that! I got the vid up at the end of the post. Just ignore Ma's fat butt hahaha!!!
    Huggers xo

  15. Marjie says:

    Thor and I are most impressed to see that you met two Mastiffs. We feel we are a handsome breed. And Honey, you are beautiful in your fancy collar, leading your human in such a talent show!

    Hugs from Thor

  16. What an awesome day!! You did great!

  17. Tucker says:

    Whoa, that pupsicle looked scrumptious! I can see you are a messy eater! I can't believe you left some of the those yummies on your nose. You must have been saving them for later!

    And good job making all kinds of droolies all over the car machine!

    woof – Tucker

  18. Tucker says:


    Honey although I'm sure you already have it, another copy of an award is waiting for you at my bloggie.

    woof – Tucker

  19. What an exciting day! So many bipeds to befriend, so many pups to meet! I hope you got lots of napping in afterwards!
    I love the pix of you with the Mr. Darcy look-alike!

  20. Wild Dingo says:

    Honey, I LOVE your flying ears in your jump! What a sweet affectionate girl you are! And such a professional dancer!

  21. JD and Max says:

    Hi Honey – that looks like a fantastic day, you really are so famous now, we're glad to see you don't let it go to your head and are still happy to mix with your fans, both doggies and humans alike!

    You did so well – you always do. We love to watch you – female human gets quite emotional watching you as she's so blown away by how amazing you are. Hmmm, we get a bit jealous, maybe we should try a bit harder to be a little more obedient from time to time – but you set the bar so high!!

    Wonderful post – we loved seeing all the photos of the bloggie doggie look alikes! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  22. Dozer says:

    Hi Honey, it's Star! Wow, that event looked like so much FUN! And meeting all those dogs and people, oh my goodness, I just know you had a blast. I haven't been to an event in a while. The Lady keeps taking the puppy instead. :( You are very lucky!

    From your dear friend Star

  23. Wild Dingo says:

    That was a Pawsome routine! how long did it take you to learn all of that? Mr. Wild Dingo and I took 1 year to do ballroom dance lessons and then we performed a rumba for our wedding dance. but it took a FULL year for us "humans!" How long does it take for a dog to learn to dance so well? And does your coach/chordogographyer train with you weekly or teach you the steps/tricks and you practice at home? curious.

    We feed Loki & Juno raw too! they love it. And that ice cream looked YUMMY! Honey deserved it for a great performance!

  24. Monica says:

    Hey Honey what a great time!! You get to have so many adventures!! And you look great!! But that guy who reminded you of Chef and Boxen and Bella… I sort of saw quite a bit bullmastiff ( and me!) in him… Bet you needed a long nap after such a day! Love from Bundy the Bundle of Joy!

  25. great performens :D
    super ;-) sanne was just smiling the hole time :D

    we love that ice cream to :D
    but we cald it CRAIME (is is how you spreak )
    We love CRAIME :D

    big slobbers :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

    PS: El'bow just won a competion of best authum photo of Facebook
    we will show it in a few days :)

  26. Brownie says:

    WOW! Honey that was pawsome! I gotsa confess that I laughed a little… ok a lot… when Hsin-Yi got stuck on your back at the end! I am so envious of your special ice cream treat… I've never had any cause I'm already fart-a-fus Rex-a-fus and Momster is afraid that I might blow the house away if I get such a special treat… Ohwell… I lived precariously through you!

  27. Tofu says:

    Wow Honey! You got to go to wag'n walk! You were sooo good at dancing. I wish i could do it as awesome as you! Me and my human wanted to go to wag'n'walk but were soooo far away from it, mums a bit worries that I might feel icky in the car for long drives. Mama said she made the paws on the cupcakes by rolling out white icing from the shop and chopping it into little bits! and then she stuck them on with jam.
    She also said the test we did was for responsible dog ownership run by animal management. Mama says I get 1/2 price registration fees now!
    You're soooo lucky you got to go to the wag'n'walk! *is jealous* :D
    Sniffs & Licks

  28. Clive says:

    Hi Honey

    We loved that post – seeing all those wonderful dogs and seeing how well you did.

    Great fun!

    take care

  29. Boy, what a big crowd you had to dance in front of Honey! You did a great job! I'm sure you were the crowd favorite!

    Thanks for sharing the other dogs' routines too. We'll come back later and check those out too. We like to watch and get ideas.

  30. Pawsome job as usual, Honey!

    Check out our bloggie for some great news….about WOO!!!

    Gus and Waldo

  31. Honey, great job on your routine! I think my favorite part is the shimmy!
    We had to laugh at you enjoying your treat in the car… slobber everywhere! Jason would never had allowed melty treat + drool in the car… he would've made Darwin eat it outside.

  32. We think you did marvelous on your dance. Going from a slippery floor, to a rainy then warm outdoor dance…well you made good adjustments for all of it.

    You have so many fans! Isn't it wonderful to get so much attention? So many scritches! And that snack at the end….we think it looked very yummy!!!

    We enjoyed looking at all the pictures of the other woofies too….but we think Meowm enjoyed those more than we did.

    In answer to your question, we are indoor cats. Meowm got me, Junior, from a rescue and one of the conditions of the adoption was to keep me as an indoor cat. She found my brother outdoors, but whoever his other owner was, had him front declawed so he stays inside for his own protection. Mewom has been considering getting a stroller so we can get outside and see and sniff things with out any danger of running away, getting run over, or getting in cat fights. Meowm also has a nice big cat tree for us to climb and it is in front of the big window, so we get to watch things happening outside that way. But we would love a stroller! Time will tell what Meowm will do.

  33. The PR Gang says:

    Fabulous job!! and most excellent photos too. You did a great routine. What a large crowd. We love looking at all the different breeds of dogs that were there.
    Lucky you getting an ice cream treat! And getting to eat it in the car??! You certainly have very wonderful humans.

  34. Gennasus says:

    Great work Honey and all the guys, so glad to see a much more suitable working area!

    What a fun looking day! So many interesting dogs there. Nice to see the vizsla (slightly different in type to Jana) but no papillons? Maybe they haven’t invaded NZ yet – I’ll have to send some over!

  35. beaglecc says:

    Hi Honey,

    Thanks for letting us know that you couldn't view Cinnamon's video. Our mum had set the video as private, but now the setting has been changed to public so that you can watch it.

  36. Oskar says:

    Honey, you guys were amazing & it made my mom person tear up a little bit to see the Mr. Darcy looking doggie.

    But HONEY, you did not tell us that you were a famous model dog from a book! We saw it here http://reflectionsofadogmom.blogspot.com/2009/10/

    It looks like you're even sitting next to a miniature schnauzer like me.

    Maybe someday you could send me an autographed picture, so everyone will really believe that I know the world famous Honey the great dane!!

  37. Hello Honey,

    It was fantastic watching you dancing live!! You held my attention the whole dance – thats pretty good for a puppy! :p

    Hehe it seems alot of photos have my ears flapping all over the place. In that phot you took it looks like I'm trying to fly!

    Catch up soon, hoping to hear about your 3rd swimming lesson! :)

    Flappy ears,

  38. behr rake says:

    Honey, you were spectacular as always, if not better. Maybe your mom was shrinking in the rain and that's why she got stuck when you went under her. Don't worry, she will probably grow back to normal when she dries out. :)

    Wow, you are really, really lucky to have such a yummy looking snack! Maybe you can send me one of those so I can taste it, ok?

    your friend, Behr Behr :)

  39. Homer says:

    Hsin Yi, Honey and Paul!

    I am so ashamed! I haven't been to your blog for a while! I'm so sorry. We've been busy and we are trying to get settled in Milan! It's hectic!

    Man, I'm going to start catching up on your previous entries!


  40. The OP Pack says:

    We are really late in commenting here but we are still playing catchup after our weekend away. Honey, you did just great!!!! We are not surprised that all those people wanted to meet you. Isn't it fun running into other pups who remind you of your furiends in blogland? Our Mom says she thinks people think she is really weird when she tells them "Oh we know a dog who looks just like you from our blogs" – BOL.

    And yes, our human brother's wife is from Taiwan – Mom says she is going to send you an email when things settle down a bit – always takes time to get back in the routine after going away.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  41. MrsDesperate says:

    Hi Honey,
    What an awesome day! I wish we could have come, but I felt really sick and my husband and the human pups let me sleep.
    We have enjoyed the photos and videos though, and I bet you got lots of attention from everyone there – humans, doggies and all!

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