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Honey & Lemon…

It was a year ago today that we lost Lemon.

It sounds trite but I still can’t believe that she is gone. Sometimes I whip around, convinced I hear the tinkling of her bell in the distance…other times, I’m sure I see her little face peeking in through the glass doors from the garden…just like how she used to drive me crazy, playing that game, asking to be let in when she was perfectly capable of coming in through her own cat door not 2 metres away…exasperating minx!

It’s funny – people always ask about Honey and think only of Honey, because she is the more “famous” of the pair – but for us, Lemon was always the other precious half of the whole, just as special, just as important. It was always Honey AND Lemon.

From the moment she came into our lives – jumping out of her cardboard box from the Auckland SPCA and strutting around our house (all 900 grams of her!) like she owned the place – Lemon fascinated, challenged, exasperated and delighted us. Like the archetypal “naughty tortie”, her inquisitiveness knew no bounds, her mischief knew no master.

It was Paul who wanted the kitten – the cat he had waited his whole life to have, just like Honey was the dog I had waited my whole life for. Lemon was the cat I never especially wanted – and the cat that wormed her way into my heart.  I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person but Lemon showed me all the wonders and delights of the feline species.

So in her memory, I have made a special video capturing some of the many wonderful, magical moments… I know many dogs and cats have amazing friendships but I think there really is something magical about the bond Honey & Lemon shared (- perhaps best seen in the sequence where Honey grabs Lemon’s entire head with her jaws!) … It is a bit long but I hope you will take the time to watch it, when you have a moment.

I actually made this video shortly after Lemon died but it is only recently that I have been able to view it without welling up with tears. Many people have asked us when we’re going to get Honey another “kitty sister” – part of me feels like I could never have another cat, that there could never be another…Don’t they say ‘first love’ is the deepest? Perhaps it is the same with pets. But Paul thinks that far from being disloyal, letting another homeless kitten into our hearts is the best tribute to Lemon. A year may seem a long time but the pain is still there, still raw under the surface – but we are now, finally, beginning to  feel that we are ready, perhaps – that we miss a cat in our home and it is time to let another walk in Lemon’s paw prints.

(Jan 2010)

*For some gorgeous pictures of Honey & Lemon together, from puppy & kitten, check out this post: In memory of Lemon

To find out more about Lemon, check out these posts on Honey’s blog that feature Lemon: http://www.bighoneydog.com/category/lemon/


* Update: 2 years after Lemon died., we finally felt ready to adopt another kitten into our family and we now have Muesli. You can read all about Honey’s adventures with her new kitty sister here: http://www.bighoneydog.com/category/muesli/


Honey and Lemon shared the same birthday – they came into our lives together, grew up together, played together, shared adventures together – and should have grown old together…but we lost Lemon to a mystery infection while she was staying at the pet hotel in Jan 2009. She was only 5yrs old. For such a tiny cat, she has left a huge hole in our hearts – and an empty space by Honey’s side. She was the night to Honey’s day, the spice to Honey’s sweetness, the devil minx to Honey’s placid simpleness – and she was a cat in a million.


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74 Responses to Honey & Lemon…

  1. irstenkay says:

    Hi Hsin-Yi,

    Our pets are such a part of our life, I completely understand your (and Paul’s) pain.

    I am sure Lemon is still around…it seems you still hear and see her! That might be her way of sending you messages that she is still with you, just not physically.

    I’m glad you might be ready for another cat. And I’m sure Honey will be excited beyond belief!

  2. Maggie says:

    Absolutely wonderful tribute and video. How can you not giggle while watching a Great Dane puppy and a kitten wrestling.

    I’ve had 4 Great Danes over the years while growing up, they are one-of-a-kind.

    Btw, love Honey’s blog, I look forward to reading it every time.

  3. Heather in MN says:

    I think about Lemon often. It was such a shock to all of us when she passed so unexpectedly.

    She was a great kitty who was blessed to have you as her family.


  4. Khyra says:

    That was inkhredible!

    Thank woo fur sharing that!

    Of khourse, when Mom saw the title fur today’s post she thought “OMD, it khan’t be a year already”

    It was khwite khool watching them grow up together –

    I’m sure Lemon enjoys watching how Honey has blossomed from a special perch akhross The Bridge –

    Hugz&Khysses on this sad anniversary,
    Khyra & Her Mom

  5. yeah we mis lemon to :(
    she was so pretty

    a very very very big hug for you all

    El’bow & Hauwii

  6. That was a grrrrreat video. It was so precious that Honey, even though one good step would have squashed Lemon, knew she had to be soft and gentle with Lemon.

    Beautiful…. thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Mary says:

    That was a lovely video tribute. Had me laughing and crying. What great friends Lemon and Honey must have been.

  8. Luke says:

    What a beautiful video and tribute to Lemon. She lives on in all of those memories that you all shared with her. It’s great that you’re thinking of adding another new friend to the family…I’m sure Honey will be as wonderful with them as she was with Lemon. I still miss my Freddie, and wish that Luke would have been able to meet him.

  9. sara says:

    Oh what a sweet, precious video tribute to Lemon. She and Honey had such a sweet relationship. It was truly beautiful.

    Our pets are forever missed, as they give us nothing but pure love. My heart hurts for you today.

  10. The OP Pack says:

    We didn’t know you a year ago, so let us give you some hugs today for your sweet Lemon. What a beautiful tribute both in your words and your video. It is hard to imagine how such a big dog can be so gentle and loving to a tiny kitty. We know why you miss her so much. Now that you are ready, it would be a great way to remember her by finding a new kitty to love.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  11. Marjie says:

    This is a lovely, sweet tribute. We’re both sorry for your loss of such a nice friend.

    Thor and Marjie

  12. Pepper says:

    Oh Hsin-Yi, we are so so sorry for you, Paul and Honey. I lost my wonderful cat of 17years three years ago tomorow and can totally understand your pain. Many hugs.
    The video was really amazing, (got me crying)
    I love the expression on her face when she is in front of the fire and then looks up at the camera, huneys floppy ears when they are playing together and the syncronized stretches while Honey and Lemon are lying outside in the sun.
    Thank you for sharing, I’m going to give my puppy a hug now.

    Emily & Pepper

  13. Ricky says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful kitty and to two of the most special friends ever. Strange but mom had a dream last night about the cat she and my dad lost in Dec. 2006 – Madeleine was @ 6 years old when she died (cancer) – the dream was so vivid and mom was very sad when she woke up. I never knew Madeleine but mom says we would’ve liked each other. Mom says she feels your loss and thanks you for sharing your beautiful memories.

  14. OH Hsin-YI, that was such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful lemon. What a wonderful bond lemon and honey shared.
    thank you for sharing your specal tribute with us all.
    Lots of love
    Nic,Stripe & Nitro

  15. We started reading your blog just about the time Lemon died. We all were teary. It’s so hard to lose a furry friend. It is so neat to see Lemon and Honey together. They obviously did love each other. And can see some of those future dance moves in Honey’s young days playing with Lemon.

    We understand about missing her.

  16. Wild Dingo says:

    What a beautiful and delightful video. I laughed so many times and cried at the end. Honey and Lemon were a beautiful team. I loved how big honey was so gentle with her. i loved how they snuggled together. my faorite was the well-timed in-synch sun stretch… sigh. so sad. too soon. she was beautiful.
    wild dingo

  17. Princess says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful tribute to Lemon. Animals come into our lives for reasons and all too often leave too soon. She was surely loved by your entire family and had a wonderful friend in Honey.

    ~P and her mom

  18. sprinkles says:

    What a beautiful post for a beautiful kitty! Thanks for posting the video. I enjoyed seeing Honey and Lemon and they grew.

    I feel your pain. I had a kitty who passed just a little over a year ago. I spent a fortune on him over the years on medical bills and I’d do it all over again if I could have him back again. I miss so much every single day.

  19. Tucker says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year since Lemon was taken from you. My kitty sister is a naughty tortie too. She never would go on walk with us like lemon did with you and Honey, she’s afraid to go outside. Lemon sure was special.

    Momma said she doesn’t want any more kitties cause older kitty bother gets so sick and makes her cry. You get so attached she says she doesn’t necessarily believe the phrase “It’s better to have loved and lossed then never to have loved.

    Time helps, but it doesn’t heal

    woof – Tucker

  20. Hello…

    I didn’t know you, Honey or Lemon a year ago but watching the amazing video tribute I felt like I’ve known you forever. Mom’s eyes started watering as she watched the video. What a very special bond Honey and Lemon had…truely amazing the way they got along together. I’m so sorry that Lemon left you so young but she had a wonderful life with you guys and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

    Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  21. Sorry you’re still hurting. I’ve always been more of a dog person as well, but there have been cats I have loved. If you’re anything like me the pain comes in waves. You’ll go a while where you’ll be okay and then something will remind you of her and it’ll come back. I still feel that way about my twin sister (she didn’t die, but she moved away and refuses to talk to me for reasons unknown to me) and it’s been over two years! I feel so lost without her. I want to share my life with her. I hate making memories without her. I’ve never been without her and losing her has left a gaping hole in my heart, so I completely understand how you feel. It will get better. The okay times will last longer and the painful times will get shorter. I think Paul is right about saving another lost, homeless kitten. It would be a wonderful tribute. I’m going to go watch Lemon’s video now.

  22. Just finished watching the tribute video. That was a really great video. I started reading the blog after Lemon was already gone so I didn’t know her very well. It was nice getting to see what she was like. I love how she went on walks with you and the part where she stole Honey’s bed. Beautiful cat. Life must seem so empty without her happy, energetic presence around. Hugs! Let us know how it goes on the ‘possibly adopting a kitten’ front.

  23. Sapphire says:

    Lemon had a great life. She is one kitten who truly had a BIG wonderful sister!

  24. Indiana "Bones" Taylor says:

    Hsin-YI – omg I was in tears reading this post. It was one year ago today that I too lost my sweet kitty Christina. She and my previous lab Buster were like two peas in a pod. I had Christina for 17 wonderful years, she was a stray that I brougt home and knew w/in a day (ok, maybe an hour) that she belonged to me. My son who was only 4 at the time named her. In December of 08, we lost Buster and as bad as we all felt, Christina felt worse. She changed completely on that day – and just 4 weeks later, she stopped eating/drinking and developed a tumor under her tongue. After 4 days on morphine and listening to her cries of starburst-like pain, I knew what I had to do. My son and husband and I were all there as she crossed over, quietly and peacefully and no more pain. Buster and Christina sit side by side in beautiful boxes – together again across the rainbow bridge. I am saying a prayer for you today and your sweet Lemon (what a beautiful kitty). She will be there in pet heaven to greet Honey when the time comes for her.

    Thans for sharing your feelings with us.

    Diane (Indy’s mom)

  25. Ludo says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful video. You can see the enormous bond you and Lemon had. I can also see it was really Lemon that taught that taught you your marching feet. hehe.

    Mum says she knows how much of a hole a cat leaves and although it very sad to think of it, it is so good to have another kitty friend. I think Lemon would approve.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  26. Boxen N Bella says:

    What a wonderful tribute. I’m not sure I ever knew that they were such wonderful friends. I know that she is deeply missed in your family. To have her taken so suddenly without any warning had to be so hard. Thank you for sharing her with us on this special day.

    After thinking were were going to lose miss Andy kitty the other day I have thought hard whether I would get another kitty after her. I think the answer is a resounding yes. There are so many kitties out there that need homes and if I did not take miss Andy from the SPCA she might not have made it. I think she would fully agree that I should save another kitty once she leaves me. She will not tolerate another kitty now, lol she has to be the center of my attention.

    Run free sweet Lemon. Your family misses you but knows they willk see you again!


  27. Chow Chow says:

    Lemon is greatly missed. She had lived a beautiful life with such a wonderful family.

  28. That’s so cute, Honey and Lemon playing! Our Pooh Bear always did her best to ignore our dogs, and Trouble actively hates them. Sorry Lemon went away at such an early age.

  29. JD and Max says:

    Hi Hsin-yi – what a beautiful tribute video. Honey and Lemon were so obviously two halves of one whole and Honey must miss her sister kitty so much. But a full and happy life, even if short, gives wonderful memories and you have captured some of these memories so wonderfully in this video. We especially liked the part where Lemon is lying right in the middle of Honey’s bed and poor Honey is looking around for help before finally giving up and settling on the floor, he he he! It is obvious that Lemon was in charge – so sweet!

    The loss will always be felt but so will the difference the departed made in your life and the joy that you experienced because of them. Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  30. Kim says:

    What a wonderful video and a beautiful tribute to Lemon. I hope you do open your home to another cat Hsin-Yi, they bring much joy and laughter into our world and I know they make our lives complete.

    Our Danes and cats have wonderful friendships with each other, my cats all have their ‘special’ Dane friend who they love just a bit more than the others.
    Our Danes love all 6 of our cats and to see that special bond they have for each other is wonderful.

    Honey and Lemon did have a unique relationship and still do. Death is not the end Hsin-Yi it is just another path we have to travel down, every time you think you hear that bell or glimpse a tortie face in the bushes rest assured it is Lemon just checking on her family.

    Having another cat in your lives would be a fitting tribute indeed to an amazing cat like lemon.

    Much love to you, Paul and the lovely Honey


    Yacanto Great Danes

  31. Mom thinks that’s one of the most beautiful vids she’s ever seen. Her eyes are all filled up with wet stuff, though, so I think she missed part of it!
    Honey, I know your Hsin-Yi has taught you some dance moves, but it looked to me that when you and Lemon were puppies together, you two did some really cool dancing! I think my fave part was the two of you sunbathing together in your garden. I would LOVE hanging out like that with a kit-cat!!!
    We join you in celebrating Lemon’s life! You two will always be a great team!!!
    Play bows,

  32. Cinnamon says:

    I am deeply sorry about Lemon’s sudden departure a year ago. Now I realised that she had got sick just about the same time as my nextdoor cat, Maddie, and I got sick and both of us were brought to an animal emergency centre on the same day. At that time our humans thought that it might be some kind of infection, but now my humans think that it might have been the heat that affected us. On that day the temperature shot up suddenly. Now I feel that I will have to live my best life for Lemon too.

    My mum hasn’t been able to watch Lemon’s video yet, as the memory of Cookie who passed last month is still too fresh for her. She says she will watch Lemon’s video when she is ready.


  33. Cheryl says:

    Ohh Hysin, that tribute could not be more beautiful, they obviously loved each other and Honey knew who was the boss. I am still getting or at least trying to get over the loss of my Doberman at only 7 years old last May. I know your pain too well. I hope so see you get another kitty soon!

  34. Such a touching video. I was laughing at parts, and crying by the end. Honey and Lemon were quite the pair! I loved seeing tiny Honey with a tiny Lemon and big Honey and a tiny Lemon. I loved seeing Lemon walk down the street with you and Honey.
    Thank you for sharing her with us!

  35. Homer says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. Yes we remember Lemon who passed away unexpectedly a year go. She was a beautiful kitty.


  36. Master Teal’c Mom:
    Ohhh – that is so sad and I shouldn’t have looked at it at work. I’m actually working on some really boring design stuff at the moment and everyone is now starring at me… I know how you feel… I haven’t even had the guts to look at Jack’s ashes (the dog I had before Teal’c) or write about him. No little videos, only pictures are fine…
    Lemon was very cute and I’m sure she is happy where she is now! It is always so sad. I wish our pets would live as long as we do.
    Hugs from Sydney and a slobber from Teal’c

  37. Lorenza says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful tribute to Lemon.
    My mom is not feeling very good right now but you put a smile on her face while she watched the video… and I have to say thanks for that!
    I know Lemon will be forever in your heart!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  38. Have fun at dance camp! And don’t feel bad for being busy. I know how it is being busy and I don’t blame you at all. :)

  39. Amber says:

    Oh Honey, I bet you do miss your friend. What good times you shared. And how neat to have the moments captured on video…you two were so cute and playful together. What a wonderful bond.


  40. Dino says:

    I can’t believe it has been a year already! That is an awesome tribute to Lemon. Honey and Lemon were great buddies! I bet Honey will be super excited to have another playmate! Love, Dino

  41. Shelly says:

    Wow, as I sit here bawling I just have to tell you how SPECIAL that was and how sad that you lost your Lemon too soon. I lost a cat too soon also in ’06 and their paw prints will always be on our hearts. Not fair for Honey to have lost her cherished friend but how sweet the time they did share :) It’s hard to think of ‘replacing’ our pets and it CANT be done, but it does help the healing (a little) knowing that by adopting another furbaby we are essentially giving another animal a chance at a good life in a good home>>>like Lemon had….she would probably want it that way too. Maybe my Max & your Lemon have hooked up @the Rainbow Bridge.

    Always, Shelly (Sasha’s aunt)

  42. parlance says:

    It took me a couple of days to watch the entire video, but it was worth it. Indeed a cat in a million! I wonder if Lemon is the reason Honey is so gentle?

  43. karen says:

    We are now knowing just how you feel. We had to let go of Andy yesterday. She was very sick with intestinal cancer. Mom is very sad so we are trying to make her feel better but we are sad too. Mom told Andy to say hi to all the missed kitties when she got over the bridge. Hopefully she has updated Lemon on all your adventures and is snugging with all her friends right now.

    Sad kisses
    Boxen and Bella

  44. Sasha says:

    HOOOWWWWLLL… one of the lucky things about us pets, we mourn for a short time, then go back to living for the day. We wish our hoomans had the same gift. Hoomans have huge hearts, but it sure takes a long time for the hole to heel. My mommy’s eyes were leaking real bad watching the video. What a special relationship you and your kitty sister had. You were such a good doggie with her too. Mommy will keep praying for your mommy’s heart to heal. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  45. Niamh says:

    What a special, special cat. It is hard to lose someone so wonderful. I hope that someday you will find the perfect successor to Lemon.

    Your friend,

  46. tami says:

    I absolutely enjoyed your video of Honey and Lemon. What a rare beautiful friendship :)

  47. Oh Honey….Lemon sure was a special kitty. Our favorite is of you two outside in the sun, both the one on your bed and laying on the grass.

    It’s rough when we have to leave. As strong as humans are, this can sure vring them down. We are glad you are there to help your humans. We bet they were extra glad you were around duirng those first few days, weeks, months. When China crossed the bridge sudenly, Meowm was broken-hearted, and couldn’t wait to get another kitty. That is when she jot Junior~he healed her heart. We know another kitty would be just the thing for your family. We hope the landlord will allow it.

    We are a little late in posting, but all the same we are sending all of you gentle headbutts, and Meowm sends hugs.

  48. Hi Hsin-Yi,

    I’m a dog and cat person. Reading and watching this beautiful tribute to Lemon, really brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry to learn about Lemon, she was a very beautiful cat. Her friendship with Honey was so incredible. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us here.


  49. Criz Lai says:

    That’s a nice and touching movie to pay tribute to Lemon. The bonds between the two of them as well as with your family left some droplets in my eyes. It was touching! I can understand the feeling of losing one that had touched our life very deeply. What more one that has become part of the family?

    Joey left me barely few months back. One day she was sick and 3 days later she left for the rainbow. Until today, I can’t stop myself from browsing through my photo albums to recollect all those wonderful moments we had together. Her cuteness, playfulness and even her warmth has charmed me ever since. I truly missed those bed partying days. She may have gone to another better plane of existence but life has to move on still. The other kitties still need my committed love, care and attention.

    I have a few questions to ask you here. Have your life been any better ever since Lemon left? What about Honey? Would the current situation be good enough to keep you and Honey happy? Would another pet or playmate for Honey bring back the happy atmosphere as before? Can you cope financially and time wise? These questions would answer your inner doubt whether or not to have another pet in the family.

    I’m just like Jan & her funny farm pets. Although we have limited funds to spare, we strive to give the best to our pets regardless whether they are ours or strays. That made us content and happy with our actions. I hope you would be too.

    Lots of hugs & kisses,
    Criz & the J Family Kitties

  50. Jan Moss and Onny says:

    Hi Sinny and Honey, of all the videos you have made that one is by far the most moving. So pleased you are thinking of getting another kitten now, Honey and Paul will be besotted.
    Lots of love Jan

  51. Kimba says:


    This video is a therapy for Mom. She has watched it several times and always gets moved. It’s beautiful, sweet and funny.

    Before Mom got me, she was not a dog person, she was all a cat person. So now she understands both cat and dog love.

    Thanks for sharing this tribute. And I know your humans will make the best decision about getting or not a new cat bro or sis for you.

    Love, Kimba

  52. Happy says:

    What a lovely tribute to Lemon!

  53. emily says:

    I enjoy reading your site, always find out random new facts.
    Emily RandallHusky Training

  54. Georgina says:

    What a wonderful tribute. I watched it through tears and laughter. I have always been a cat person but 3 years ago got my first dog. I can’t believe the intense feelings we have for our pets. They are so precious and it is so nice to see them being so loved and cared for.

  55. Oskar says:

    Lovely words to honor your beloved Lemon.

  56. fatima says:

    love the tribute video so touching it made me laugh and cry. pets are like kids too..

  57. Oh, thank you for sending us the link to this great video of Lemon with Honey. We are sure you miss her everyday, what a feisty girl she was! How sad the way you lost her. We know Honey must have felt the loss very keenly. We hope someday you have another cat companion for Honey.

  58. Jessica from Pet Barn says:

    I went straight to this post since I’m more of a cat lady (no offence to Honey!). I’m so sorry that you lost Lemon too early, she looks like she was a wonderful cat. After reading other people’s comments I don’t feel so bad now about crying while watching the video! It was beautiful to watch them play together. Lemon had such a wonderful, rich life with you and Honey. Thank you for sharing, it has inspired me to make more videos of my cats.

  59. Lisa says:

    So sorry for your loss. We lost our sweet cat Minx when she was only 6 1/2 to lung cancer. It was very sudden and definitely left a big hole in our hearts. I really hope you decide to open your heart to another cat. Seems like Honey would love the companionship and you would be honoring Lemon’s memory by saving another life.

  60. Ruth says:

    Let Honey find another soulmate! It would be so good for her…just my humble opinion…but I think there is a special bond that can only be between animal mates. I love very much my dogs and cats and I know they love me, but when I watch them together, sleeping, playing or just enjoying their silent friendship, I see that they share a language that is beyond human love. God bless you and your family.

  61. Hendra says:

    Sorry for the loss of such wonderful friend… I was very touched by the videos that I cannot even remember how I got here!

    You are indeed blessed, having surrounded by these angels :)

  62. Davidia says:

    I just now viewed your video of Honey and Lemon. This is by far the most touching and emotional pet video I have ever seen. I still have tears streaming down my cheeks and a huge lump in my throat as I write this. I have two kitties that play together like Honey and Lemon and I can’t ever imagine one without the other. Thanks so much for sharing such a special part of your lives. I will share it with all of my Facebook friends.

  63. Diane Levesque says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful video. I have shared it on my facebook page for others to appreciate and enjoy. I laugh and cry every time I watch it. The video captures the true spirit of these two amazing animals. Honey is such a gentleman with Lemon and he prances like a regal stallion around his Sisterkitty and best Friend.
    Thank you again for this video. I treasure it!
    Diane Levesque
    Rhode Island

  64. christine says:

    Hi Hsin-Yi!

    I just happened upon the Honey Muesli friendship evolution video and just watched the Honey & Lemon video.

    What a fantastic video you put together in memory of Lemon. I am not a very big cat person but Lemon looked like she could win anyone over. Honey is of course the sweetest dog.

    Thanks for sharing such great animal friendship moments! LOVE LOVE

    Chicago, IL

  65. Judy Byrum says:

    I just saw your video on You Tube and am crying like a baby. I watched the whole thing with a smile on my face, falling in love with these two. Then – The End. Instant tears. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that Honey is okay. I am, by the way, familiar with the kind of pain you must have felt. I lost my beloved Smokey (a German Sheperd) over 11 years ago and I still feel sadness over his passing. Thank you for that precious video and I wish you the world.

  66. Aline says:

    Hi Honey,
    I’m Aline from Germany and there I saw the video of you and Lemon on Facebook. I was moved to tears, you two have touched my heart. I could watch the video every day and every day the tears would flow. That is true friendship! It is so sad that you no longer have lemon on your side, but I hope you can find in Muesli as a great friend. Many thanks to you for these beautiful moments and also to your people that they have shared these moments with me and everyone else.
    I will continue to follow on facebook what do you do and how you’re doing.
    Greetings from Germany,

  67. Tove Johannessen says:

    Hi Honey!
    I found the video of you and Lemon for around a year ago, and I´v seen it a lot of times. Touching – and I also wept for the wonderful friendship and that Lemon no longer was around.
    I have a Gordon Setter, Rikke – and when she was around 7 months – a streetcar followed us home, Ludde, and they made a special bound from the very start.
    It is very strange to see how good friends they are – and inspired by Lemon and you we created a video og Rikke and Ludde – BFF : )

    If you have the time – please watch following link:


    Kind regard to you and your new friend Muesli
    from Rikke, Ludde and Tove

  68. Susan says:

    I watched the video thinking it was recent and now know you have had time to heal from your loss. Lemon was like my cat Mac of 13 years, who found me in a cat respite. Honey must have been lonely so glad you finally had a space in your hearts for another kitten. My Mac was worldly, he lived in California for 5 years, then flew to Finland for the shock of his life for 4 more years. We returned to California until his final days when he became ill from renal failure. He was so special to me, and I had to put him down which was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my lifetime. In the final moment of his life I had to bury my face in his fur with all my tears for one final smell of my little faithful friend. He rests outside my front room window and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t say: “good morning Mackie”. He is still in my heart. I understand your love and loss and as time moves on our hearts grow larger. Thank you for sharing your story.

  69. Keri Cope says:

    I sat smiling and laughing watching your video… always noticing where Honey was where Lemon was and how they each almost would do the same exact thing…

    I got my husband a baby pitbull female puppy in December.. her name is Copper, my daughters cat Doll Face lives with us.

    The two are BFF..

    Prior to having Copper .. we had another Pitbull her name was Hazel Baby Boo Boo and she “adopted” two brother kittens at separate times .. and treated them like they were “HERS”

    we lost Hazel to liver failure Sept. 24, 2013.We miss her every single day.

    we had one of the brother cats left after Hazel passed away… Silas the cat missed her soo much we had to send Silas to live with another family whom has a huge male pitbull … they became fast friends and sleep together every night and cuddle during the day…
    I am so sorry for your loss.. I am sure of the fact that your family and mostly Honey still miss Lemon every day. Your video and the pics and your posts will keep Lemon alive forever.

  70. I came across the video of Honey and Lemon today. I was so touched that I was curious to know more about their story. I did some searching and just found the sad news about Honey. We have three kitties, one a particularly mischievious but loveable tortie. I’m also a dog person and smiled to see that you were involved in freestyle w/ Honey. I will read more and hope to discover that Muesli is well, and perhaps to read about a new dog….Thanks for sharing their lives with us :)

  71. MM says:

    This is the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen. I am still crying. What lucky pets to have such beautiful owners as yourselves, and it shows in how they lived out their lives together, beautifully, with love and security, as it should be.

  72. Roman says:


    in Germany this video is blocked by GEMA. Can u share the video without musik, please???

    Thanks a lot


  73. Allyson Scarna says:

    I was so into watching this beautiful gorgeous video, so worried it was going to have a sad ending. I had a lump in my throat almost the entire time and could feel my eyes welling up. And just when I thought I was out of danger I learned that darling Lemon had passed. I am a sobbing mess writing this but I want you know I personally have never watched a more moving and touching video – two opposite animals and with one being so gargantuan in size, such wonderfully close best friends more like siblings than best friends. My heart aches for you both on Lemon’s far too soon passing, and although I am no stranger to that kind of pain (our two 5-year old golden retriever sisters we’d had since 2 months old, passed only 5 weeks apart from a very aggressive form of cancer. We were still reeling from the pain and agony of waking up to find one girl lifeless only to have our hearts ripped open barely a month later). (Both dogs had full checkups and bloodwork done two months prior and were both deemed healthy). We decided to adopt two more goldies right away in their honor, as you happily have chosen to do in Lemon’s memory and honor. We needed that for ourselves before it ruined us, so it was a win-win for all. Thanks for reading this, and bless you all. I hope you all live a long happy and healthy life!💗💗

  74. Kris Morgan says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your video. What a wonderful home you provided for Lemon and Honey to live and love in.

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