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My new Rally-O & Tricks class!

 I’ve started a new class at the RSPCA Brisbane Animal Training Centre!


You remember I was in the Dog Sport Prep class which helps beginner doggies learn about Agility & Flyball but I had to stop that class because of my back ouchie and the vet said since I am a “senior girl” now, I shouldn’t do anymore classes with so much jumping and banging around…and I was very sad. :(

But then the nice trainers at the RSPCA Animal Training Centre told my humans that I could transfer to another class! This one is called Rally-O & Tricks and it is great fun too! Rally-O is sort of like Obedience but more fun ‘coz it isn’t so serious and strict, and there are more interesting, different exercises and best of all, our humans are allowed to talk to us and praise us & encourage us during the exercises! 😀

Walking through the Rally-O course first time...

Learning the "1-2-3 Step Forwards" exercise


This is my 2nd week so I am still just learning the different Rally-O ‘stations’, such as the “270 Degree Turns” and the “1-2-3 Step Forward“. (by the way, I was doing this wrong in the video below – we hadn’t been taught the exercise yet and were just messing around, guessing by ourselves! Please see Em & Pepper’s comment for the correct way to do it! 😛 )

Some of the other stations I know how to do already – like “About-Turns” and “Stand Stays“…

…and until we learn more different exercises, we get to do some ‘fun stations’ such as “Jump Through the Hoop” and “Shake Paws”, to fill in.


Some of the stations are really boring – humph – like “Push-Ups” – ugh, I hate those: ‘Sit – Down – Stand – Sit – Stand – Down’…you know how much us Danes don’t like doing anything that requires a lot of effort. We’re not small doggies, you know, and it’s a lot of weight to have to keep getting up and lying down and getting up and lying down…(sigh) 👿

You don’t believe me? See for yourself…



And as if that wasn’t bad enough, do you know what else happens in this class? They come and touch you all over! Creepy or what? Yup – my human makes me do a Stand Stay and then one of the trainers comes up and touches me everywhere. Actually, I don’t mind it – I quite like being touched! 😉 (gosh, with the number of new vets I’ve seen lately, I’ve been touched and poked by strangers all over lots of times!) but this can be a really hard exercise for some doggies, as you mustn’t move at all when they are touching you.

Check it out:



Doing my Sit Stay...

Well, aside from trying out the Rally-O stations, we also get to practise different Obedience exercises, like Stays and Recallswith distractions.

This is really important as lots of doggies can only do their training well if they are in a certain place and their human is standing in a certain way and all is quiet, with nobody around them…well, that’s good in the beginning but if that’s all you can ever do, then that’s not good enough! 😉

Our humans need to keep challenging us with new distractions and testing to see if we can still follow our commands well – that’s how us doggies become reliable and really well-trained.

Recall over a jump

Recall over a jump


So check out my Sit Stays, Down Stays, Stand Stays – and my awesome Out-Of-Sight Sit Stay (with awesome distractions) – not that I’m bragging! Hee! Hee! 😛

Me doing "Paws Up"on a chair (but it's a bit too low for me to bend over!)

Aside from Rally-O, we will also be learning different “tricks” in this class, using clicker training.

For example, we are all learning to “Say your prayers” – I have learnt the first part of this trick (my human calls it “Paws Up”) but I haven’t learnt to put my head down between my paws yet.

Although it’s much harder for me ‘coz I’m so much bigger and more “top-heavy” than other doggies – and my legs are so much longer (and my back too!) – Hsin-Yi was worried it might be uncomfortable for my back or I might get a back ouchie again – so I might only learn to put my chin on my paws and not my head all the way down between them.

Yeah...this is a better height! But it's still hard to reach my head to my paws!


The other trick I am learning is to carry a bag. See, I’m not very good at carrying things in my mouth (other than my stuffies!) – I always prefer to bash things with my paws instead! (it’s a Dane thing) – but my human says I need to learn to do more with my mouth.

I can retrieve balls and toys and dumbbells but Hsin-Yi would like me to learn to walk beside her, carrying a bag in my mouth (lazy human – I bet she just wants me to help her carry the groceries from the car!) – so I have just started learning this new trick…


And last but not least – in honour of the Football World Cup – we’re also learning some ball skills! 😀


Hsin-Yi was quite impressed because although she started teaching me this trick back in the beginning of March, we hadn’t practised it at all since…but I still remembered! 😀 And I did pretty well, considering that I was in a new place with lots of distractions & other doggies (and clickers!) around me.

Personally, I was more impressed with my ‘paw ball skills’ – you can see them at the end of this video – c’mon, what do you think? Aren’t I just bending it like Beckham? Huh? Huh? 😉


Anyway, so I’m really enjoying my new class and I can’t wait to see what other new tricks & moves I’m going to learn!

Class Photo


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30 Responses to My new Rally-O & Tricks class!

  1. Jenny and Kadie says:

    WOW Honey!
    You’ve got skills!!!

    I love to play with my american football! It squeaks!!!! I would love to have fun class like that but my mom thinks I would be alot more distracted! You did so well!


  2. So glad you found a new fun class to keep active with! Maybe we will see you in the rally ring soon, or even the obedience ring?!

  3. Your new class sounds really cool. Mom has been tempted to try obedience frequently but isn’t into the strictness required. (Mom is a real softy at heart heehee) Rally-O has become very popular here and she’s been talking about giving it a try with Willow since she has time on her hands. We like your tricks too. You’re a very smart girl, Ms Honey!

  4. Lucille says:

    I love your new course… why on earth am I unable to find a similar one here.. I feel like crying!!!! Wonderful… I am so envy!!!
    PS: I love your pink suit!!! are you also trembling when you are doing your position if it is cold outside?
    I wish anybody did anything similar near Verona…
    I need to keep on searching…
    Ciao Lucille

  5. Lucille says:

    PS: tell your mum to keep on putting on what you are doing and we try and do it by ourselves in the garden…

    PS2: do you know that thanks to your videos I have learnt to spin? and to beg?

    Just following your human’s tips!

    Ciao Lucille

  6. Digby says:

    Hi Honey!!!
    Rally-O sounds fantastic! We didn’t know much about it before!
    Mumma is working on being reliable with things too. Its is lots of fun :)
    I learned something the other week and when we were learning it we thought of you Honey, and thought that it might be something that you would like to try. So we will blog about it soon :0)

    your pal,

  7. Ricky says:

    Looks like you’ll learn a lot in your new class! Rally is great and we’re going to do it some day too! I hate holding stuff in my mouth also so carrying a bag would be tough for me! But I know you can do it, Honey!

  8. Cinnamon says:

    Hi Honey,

    I am ball-obsessed too! But, in my case, I have to destroy every tennis ball I get to catch. Also, my specialty is holding TWO tennis balls with my mouth at once. Unlike me, Cookie couldn’t hold even one tennis ball comfortably, as he somehow couldn’t open his mouth wide enough. So, my humans always let him play with a mini tennis ball instead of a standard tennis ball.

    I am glad to see you enjoying your new class! Can’t wait to hear more about it.


  9. Kimba says:

    Oh, Honey!

    I saw you playing with a Brazilian ball and you do great! We need you in our team! Hehehe.

    Love, Kimba.

    P.S. I haven’t commented on here lately, but I do keep visiting your blog almost every day!

  10. janice says:

    we are just catching up and really loved the last few posts. the video o fyou and Lupe playing are great–you look beautiful when you run together! we enjoyed learning about the soldier crabs too! we have never heard of them and couln’t believe how many! you behaved very well Honey!

  11. whaaaw honey we are happy that you find a sport to do :)
    it looks like funn, can we join???

    oh well we aren from australia but if your human do a artical about belguim thingies 😀 well we are those dogs :p 😀 BOL

    El’bow & Hauwii

  12. I just love that picture of you and Honey facing different directions — it reminds me of the ending of this samba routine from “America’s Ballroom Challenge” several years ago!

  13. sprinkles says:

    I’m glad Hsin-Yi was able to find another class for you, Honey. I love that pink shirt thingie you’re wearing! Pink is definitely your color!

    I’ve never held an actual party for my boys but I celebrated their birthdays last year. They got three toys each and a rawhide chew which they seemed to love! I had bought them canned food too which they LOVE but forgot to give it to them. Don’t know how I could’ve forgotten! Oh well, they didn’t know they were going to get it so they didn’t miss it. When I told people that I bought my dogs gifts, they told me that I had too much money and not enough sense!

  14. Preston says:

    How fun! I miss going to school. I’ve only been to a puppy class. Mom is going to enroll me in the agility class when we are settled in our new home. I can’t wait.
    ps. you are looking pretty in your pink shirt!

  15. Em & Pepper says:

    Oh cool, Rallys lots of fun, especilly if it involves a tricks class! I can’t believe that recall with a ball distraction, very impressive. We should try that although it would result in a massive fail for us I’m sure because if there’s one thing precious to Pepper it’s all things round and ball shaped! Just a wee hint, the 1-2-3 steps forward is actually one step forward with the dog in heel, halt and sit, then two steps forward, halt and sit. Then three steps forward, halt and sit. I think its about the dog watching the handler and not anticipating when they will stop. We found it hard! Theres also a 1-2-3 steps backwards one where the handler steps backwards and the dog must sit in front position with each halt. Theres a video of Pepper doing a rally course on my blog showing 1-2-3.
    Pep & Em

  16. The OP Pack says:

    Honey, you and Hsin-Yi always make your training sessions look like so much fun. We love listening the human’s giggle and how much she loves and enjoys you. You are doing so well with your new class. We can’t wait to see more.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Clive says:


    That new class sounds great fun and you are certainly learning lots!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  18. Hello my friend Honey….
    Sorry I’ve been neglecting your blog but mom had computer issues and they finally went and bought a new one yesterday so we are back. We missed you but we’ve been reading some of your posts from mom’s work computer (although not really supposed to be doing that). You have been a busy girl so stop by and visit my blog once in a while as we have lots to catch up on.

    Isn’t that rally fun? My mom and I did a little of the rally training classes last year…she even went and made up the cards and set up her own course in our yard….but I wasn’t that good at it but maybe we will try again this summer.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  19. Teal'c says:

    OMG! You are a well trained girl! But this pink thingy you are wearing?! I dunno… 😉

    If my mum would take me to a place like that I would just cause a hell of a lot of trouble! You know, the Terrier in me, nothing I can do! 😉

    Slobbers Teal’c

  20. Looks like a ton of fun! Great pictures and video’s.

  21. Hi Honey

    We think our club might start Rally O cos that will be far more interesting for dogs like me. This obedience stuff doing the same thing over and over isn’t really made for dogs like me. And Rally O looks like fun. We might have to ask Em & Pepper to help us at Club.

    Big Licks, Bodie & GOO

  22. Mango says:

    Honey! That outfit! Oh no! So unflattering. You poor dear.

    And doggie push ups. Phooey! Way too much work. AND getting mugged by a stranger. Are you sure that was fun? Plus I saw Hsin-Yi trying to make you jog. As if! You were a very patient girl to put up with all that nonsense.


  23. Thor says:

    You’ve got lots of new tricks and moves! Glad it isn’t so serious like Obedience! 😉 Your class looks very cool and you’re doing great! You go girl!


  24. Thor says:

    I agree with Kimba! Come to the Brazilian soccer team! =)


  25. Oh Honey,
    Your human is always finding fun new things for you to learn and do! I think rally-o is perfect for you two!

  26. Mayzie says:

    Guess what, Honey? I just graduated from my very first Rally class. It was really fun! My teacher said I was “born to Rally.” We prolly woulda gotten a higher score but my mom messed up on some of the signs. I tried to tell her but it was too late. She felt real bad about that but I told her it was okay and I promised to help her practice.

    I think you’re doing a super duper job! ‘specially for your first time there. I’m not sure i could just stands there that still and lets a human touch me all over. I’m pretty sure I would wiggle and wag and try to give ’em kisses. Your self-controls is Most Remarkable!

    I think it might be kinda fun to do some doggie dancing like you’ve done. Every time my mom dances around, I just wag and wag! How long did it take you to learns all your routines?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  27. Lucille says:

    Honey, sorry I had not realised you had chosen the best ball there was at the camp! Italy!!!!
    I am impressed… how could you do the recall with the ball flying in front of you?
    And … you are doing a wonderful down still waitin g for Hsin-Yi!!! All those dirty tricks…
    But you did really great!!!!
    Ciao Lucille

  28. honey you are so impressive!
    how did Hsin-Yi get you to stand still while being groped? We need to work with Dar on that. She HATES her feet and backside being touched.

  29. parlance says:

    Hi, Hsin-Yi. the class looks like fun, and seems to be like the one I do here in Melbourne.

    Regarding the doggie party, I did post about one I attended last year, http://mydog-parlance.blogspot.com/2010/01/dog-birthday-party-or-just-excuse-for.html, and you’d be welcome to use any info from my post, but it was quite brief.

    I’ve emailed the person who had the party and given her your page to contact you, but i don’t know her well, so I’m not sure if she will.

    It was a party for a dog who is one of a walking group I sometimes attend.

  30. Dana says:

    That looks like so much fun! I can tell you will learn all of that stuff in no time- especially since you know lots already! Whatever… it just looks plain fun anyway! I wish we had something like that but I am pretty lazy so not sure I could stick with it anyway. WE have not been doing much training at all lately!

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