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Highlights from my ‘Rally-O & Tricks’ class!

As some of you know, I have been doing a 6-week ‘Rally-O & Tricks’ class at the RSPCA Queensland Animal Training Centre, down in Fairfield on the other side of Brisbane…

Me & my human, Hsin-Yi, really like the classes there because we get to try out fun training stuff but without people taking it so seriously and being so competitive like in dog obedience clubs. Hsin-Yi doesn’t really care about getting ribbons or letters after my name (although it’s nice when we do! 😉 ) – she just wants to do something fun together where we can work as a team and the most important thing to her is that I’m happy and enjoying myself, even if I’m not doing it perfectly! 😛

Anyway, here are the highlights so you can see all the new things I’ve been learning and what I’ve been up to every Monday night…I’ve been a busy girl! 😀

* Hsin-Yi is really proud of my Left-Pivot-Into-Heel Position – this is a new thing I have learnt to do – I only started learning it last year and it’s taken me months to master it – it’s a very hard step for a big, long doggie like me, especially as Hsin-Yi didn’t start teaching me “rear-end awareness” until I was about 5yrs old..just goes to show “old dogs can learn new tricks”! 😉 Anyway, I did it! You can see it in the video…Oh, and we also did some doggie dancing too! We each had to prepare a short routine to show everyone at the last class – me and Hsin-Yi performed our new routine, to ‘Sway’ by the Pussycat Dolls.

I’ve also learnt a couple of really cool new tricks – like bringing my human tissues when she asks for them and carrying a handbag (yes, a handbag! Hee! Hee!) – but I thought I’d save them for a “Tricky T-Day” post since I’ve been so lazy and naughty and hadn’t done any for ages – and also so I can show you how I learnt them, step-by-step.  So I’ll post about them separately soon! 😛

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35 Responses to Highlights from my ‘Rally-O & Tricks’ class!

  1. Helen says:

    this is my favourite post you have made so far :) I wish that we had a club to belong to like the RSPCA has there! It looks like such fun. I would love Rally-O I think! My brother Arrow has jackets just like yours, Honey – I laugh at him having ones that tie up around his belly, I better apologise and tell him that even you have ones like that.
    Big licks, Snoopy – all the way back in New Zealand.
    PS. Mum has you on her blogger follower thing, so that’s why she always sees your posts so quickly!

  2. Amazing. I feel less intelligent every time I visit. I may have to start paying attention – my dogs would probably appreciate the training. :)

  3. Em & Pepper says:

    Hehe that spiral one makes me dizzified too! Round-and-around-and-around….. Looks like you had heaps of fun, and a very nice left-finish too, you should be proud :) Impressive stand-stay. I love that Hsin-Yi makes growly noises when she plays tug. Pepper runs away if I growl even when playing. She’s a bit too submissive I think.
    Em & Pep

  4. Mango says:

    Hsin-Yi sure makes you work hard. I am exhausted from watching that movie. Of course idiot momma is now all like, “Mango, maybe you can work harder too.” Sheesh.


  5. Ricky says:

    Awesome rally-o moves, Honey!! Hurray for you! You are so smart and talented!

  6. Wow Honey,
    That was really neat. That looks really fun but we think that board with wheels was scary!! We can’t wait for your tricky day posts. Although it gives our human ideas… she’s been working on Drake’s bow lately!!

  7. Amber says:

    Isn’t Rally-O SO fun Honey! I never learned that pivot into heel trick though…very nice! Glad you have been keeping busy and your jacket looked lovely on you.

    Thanks for your nice words about my problems. Interesting about how in Europe they suggest more exercise to strengthen the muscles. Mom took me for a walk by the river yesterday morning so I could have some better things to sniff and I was able to cool my paws in the water. I did well, but then last night when she tried a short walk around our block I barely made it down my street. I kept stopping and Mom figured it was because I wasn’t feeling good in my back legs. She said we could just turn around and go home. :( I hope I feel better soon…I can’t stand not being able to see my furiends and do zoomies.


  8. Cheryl says:

    Nothing more beautiful than a well trained doggie and Honey you are amazing! You could take someone out with that tail tho!

  9. Lady the Great Dane says:

    Bravo Honey! Clap! clap! clap! Your are the smartest! My human and I enjoyed the video…and now she can’t wait to see you retrieve a purse…I have a feeling she’s going to want to teach me that!

  10. Honey your down stays are AMAZING!!! Darwin’s getting better at hers, but they are no where near as bomb proof as yours!
    Im sorry Honey, but what WERE you wearing (and that other dog) when you were playing with the skateboard? hehehe. I had to giggle at your outfit. sorry!

  11. sprinkles says:

    I would never consider asking Shiver to get me a tissue. He would eat it up before he brought it to me! He loves tissues and toilet paper so I have to make sure I keep them both away from him.

  12. sara, oreo & misty says:

    What a fun video! Looks like a wonderful class, very positive & laid back. The stays with distractions were hysterical.

    I think we’ve been working on left pivot into heel and didn’t even know it! I’m doing it as part of a dance move. Didn’t realize it had a name.

    Can’t wait to see the tissue trick. I’ve tried that with Oreo, but he just wants to shred the tissue. He did learn to put the tissue in the garbage. Don’t see what the difference is…..guess pulling it out of the box is a bit too exciting.

  13. House and Jeannette says:

    well done, Honey. We loved watching the out takes too coz we amateurs see that you guys have the same fun/trouble as we do.
    Its great to see you having fun.

    I had my first bath as a grown up on Sunday. It wasnt as bad as i thought. My man human Ron gave me treats (thats nice !!!)

    slobbers House and Jeannette

  14. I had watched your video on youtube before I read your post, and your left finish was the first thing I noticed!!! Very impressive!

  15. Honey! It looks like you had a great time!! Well, except for those push-ups. And you got so excited for your Graduation…..doing a little dance! You are such a well behaved woofie!!! Great job!!!!!

  16. you are REALLY clever honey!
    I dont think I could ever do those things!
    Like bring tissues and handbags and things to my humans! although they would probebly like it!!

  17. The OP Pack says:

    Honey, that looks like so much fun – you and Hsin-Yi do so well together. We really need to work on our humans to find something like that for us too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Thor says:

    What a great video, Honey! Looks like you had lots of fun! You’re so smart and well trained! You and Hsin-Yi did very well!

  19. Wow Honey, I’m impressed! I need to get to work on my skills, that pivot into a heel was fancy pants! :-) – Darwin

  20. Ciao Honey, Ciao Hsin-Yi!
    We are back – we will post our news soon!
    Hope you are all fine and I can see you definitely are!!!!
    I am so happy you had a nice time with your class at the end 😉
    Bau Bau Kisses
    Lucille (& Nicoletta)

  21. Mayzie says:

    Oh, I’m so very glad you’re having such a Most Marvelous time in your class! You are such the talented girlie, for sure!

    My momma wants to know how Hsin-Yi taught you rear-end awareness. She thinks I need to learn that, too, but doesn’t know how to go about it. (I pawsonally think that’s ridiculous. I know exactly where my rear-end is when it’s time to give myself a bath!)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  22. Lilli says:

    Hi Honey!

    I promised to tell you when I get to start my blog and now I have finally started it! And there is huge first post xD and hopefully more later.

    Have a nice day!

  23. Marjie says:

    My mom’s friend took a picture once of her bloodhound Lucy with Lucy’s head in a purse. I think Lucy’s momma staged the picture by putting cookies in the purse.


  24. Lilli says:

    Thanks for your kind words!

    I have already found some interesting kennels through internet. Now I just have to contact those and ask if I can visit someday. I must now only found where all the shows etc. are held. If there would be some near.

    Sunny days!


  25. Marianne says:


    Thanks so much for visiting Lucy & I. We are a great big fan of great danes! We’ll definitely be coming back to visit you!

    Lucy’s Human & Lucy

  26. Sammie says:

    OMD! It has been waaaay too long since we visited! What a great post! You and Honey are da bomb! Such a smart trainer and you… such a smart pupper! WOW!!! And I know you’re enjoying yourself, cause you smile! Love it!
    Hugshugshugs xoxoxooxxo
    Sammie and crew

  27. Jennifer & Brina says:

    Hsin-Yi and Honey,

    I just finished watching your Rally-O & Tricks video and it made me cry. Respect, love and trust are evident in every move you both make and it is such a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing yourself and your lives with us. Thank you for being honest about the hard work it took you to get to this place.

    You’ve given me new hope for my relationship with my current dog, Brina. I love her dearly but she has been a challenge for me from day one. She is so smart and yet very independent minded. I wonder sometimes if she isn’t brighter than me, or at the very least she understands me better than I understand her :)

    Thank you.

    Chicago, IL

  28. Brodie says:

    Honey! We love you! You are so smart! Good job!

  29. janice says:

    Thank you for your interesting questions! Yes the North and south shore are very different. Nova Scoatia has the highest tides in the world and the North coast Nova Scotia runs parrallel to the coast of the province of New Brunswick. so when the tide comes in it rips violently through that small chasm and creates violent and dangerous currents, and when the tide goes out it leaves the whole ocean floor exposed and you can walk right out on it–but you must be careful, because when the tide comes rolling in again it is fast and vicious and many people have been killed this way, and many ships sunk. it is called the graveyard of the Atlantic. There is an expression here in Nova Scotia when people visit the ocean “Watch the Tides!” Because of the tumultuous action and water turn-over, it is always churning up the cold water from underneath, so it never gets warm. Where as on the south shore, it is all white sand and pristine beaches. The water is warmer there because it is a completely exposed coast line open to the atlantic. The Tides come and go, but it is the same body of water in and out, so it heats up….and the drop off is slow and gradual–you can walk out for miles, which keeps it warm too. BUT Air temperate wise the North shore is always warmer because we are tucked away in the Valley and the cove keeps us sheltered. It takes one hour to drive from the North coast to the South coast. Halfway through the drive you are the farthest away from water that you can be in the entire province (so 30 minutes). Nova Scotia is shaped like a lobster, with Cape Breton Island being the claws. It would take 10 hours to drive from tip to tip length wise. great questions!

  30. janice says:


    -one more thing if you read this far lol –here is the post i wrote about the tide last summer, there is a short video with the tidal action!

  31. janice says:

    one LAST THING!!! hahaha! YEs–Marlee is a Landseer NFLD! I can’t believe you knew that.

  32. Miss Kodee says:

    Honey you did it again and inspired me! You have a knack for making all your lessons fun – the key to good learning!

  33. preston says:

    Hi Honey! we enjoy the video very much! we are very impressed with your left-pivot-into-heel position too. It looks like a fun class and you did so well.

  34. Wow Honey you’re so smart! I recently learned how to do push ups after my human started using a clicker so I could understand exactly what she wanted. Before that I thought push ups were silly and pointless and now I can’t seem to help myself!

    Love, Oscar the Maltese

  35. Kenia Brown says:

    Dear Honey,

    Thanks to you my Human is now seriously considering trying to clicker train. She is lazy so it probably won’t work but she wants me to be like you when I “grow up.” Whatever. I am pretty naughty and do what I want but it will be fun to make my Human think I will be like you. TeeHee. I follow my Human everywhere and walk between her legs when she is walking–sometimes she falls trying to avoid stepping on me so how does she think I will be able to do that dance thing? I will check back with you but I gotta tell you…you are amazing. You are pretty too. My Human is constantly saying you are so beautiful and graceful.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing video. Why is my Human on the way to Walmart to buy a hoola hoop?

    Big Shayna Lee Brown

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