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My Bum Ouchie & My New Obedience Class…

I’ve got a bum ouchie! :(

You see, since I have been getting older, I seem to have been getting more and more bony. I used to always have a nice round, curvy bum but in the past year, my bum seems to have been getting pointier and pointier! 8-O

Hsin-Yi thinks that as us ladies get older, we either become round and fat, like Elizabeth Taylor – or thin and haggard, like Teri Hatcher. Well, I guess I’m a Teri Hatcher doggie, then. :-? No matter how much my humans try to feed me up, I just can’t seem to get my curves back. (sigh)

So lately, every time I sit down, the bony part of my bum is rubbing and rubbing on the floor, until all the fur and skin on that part of my bottom has rubbed away! And now I’ve got a sore pink ouchie there! :(

Well, actually, to be honest, it isn’t really bothering me that much. :P  In fact, I didn’t even know that I had it until Hsin-Yi noticed it!

But she’s worried that if the skin breaks and I get a nastie sickie called an “infection” there, then it will become a big problem because it’ll take forever to get better again, ‘coz it will always be rubbing on the floor every time I sit and never get the chance to heal.

My blog friend, Mango the Mastiff, recently had an ouchie like this but on his back leg and he got the nasty infection sickie which made yucky yellow pus come out of his leg and he had to go to the vet…ugh! I don’t want that to happen to me!

Hsin-Yi is trying to make the ouchie get better by putting some special medicine cream on it. My vet back in Auckland gave my humans this cream because I’m such a rough tomboy when I play that I’m always hurting myself and getting cuts and bruises…so my vet gave my humans a whole tube of this special cream so that they wouldn’t have to keep taking me back to the clinic every time I got a cut or a graze!

So Hsin-Yi has been rubbing some of the special cream on my ouchie…but unfortunately, it’s not working very well so far ‘coz it keeps rubbing off every time I sit or lie down (which is most of the time – my motto is ‘Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down?’)

So now Hsin-Yi is just hoping that I might grow some thick scabby skin over that part of my bum, to cover up the ouchie. These ouchies are called “pressure sores” and they happen to us giant doggies a lot.

Most of us giant doggies also have thick scabby skin on our elbows and backs of our legs – called calluses – where we lie or sit down, especially if we’re lying on hard ground. It’s because we’re so heavy. Smaller dogs don’t have this problem – it’s just one of those things that happens to giant doggies, especially if we’re lucky to live many years.

My humans have tried to always have soft things for me to lie on – I even have my own special square of carpet that they put down in the garden every morning, so that I don’t have to lie on the concrete – but even with all their efforts, I still have a little bit of scabby skin under my elbows and at the backs of my legs. But not too much…so I guess I’m not doing badly for a nearly 7-yr old giant doggie! :)

OK – now, as promised – here is a movie of me at my new Obedience class!

You remember I told you that I’ve started going to a new class at the Metro Dog Obedience Club? It’s ‘coz those Rally-O & Tricks classes at the RSPCA Animal Training Centre finished and Hsin-Yi wanted to find something else that we could do together once a week – so now we’re doing this on Mon nights!

Although Hsin-Yi does lots of training with me all the time – and of course, we do our dancing practice – we haven’t been in a proper Obedience class for a long time, so we weren’t sure how we would do….well, they assessed me on the first day and told Hsin-Yi that I could go straight into the Advanced Class! :D  

So here’s a peek at what I get up to in class – as well as Heeling both on and off-leash past distractions, we also do lots of Down Stays (Yuck! I HATE those!), Sit Stays, Stand Stays and Recall past the other doggies – and they do that touchy-feely thing too where I have to stand while someone comes and gives me a weird massage. Most doggies find that exercise very hard although I don’t mind – hey, who can complain about a free massage, even if it’s a bit weird? ;)


Well, can you believe it – we have only been in the class 3 weeks and this Monday, at the end of class, they told Hsin-Yi that I’m good enough to be promoted out of the class! Since this is already Advanced, the only next level we can go up to is the Instructors’ Class. (GULP).  Yikes. I wonder what that’s going to be like.

They were also telling Hsin-Yi that she should do Obedience competitions with me but Hsin-Yi is still thinking about that. She doesn’t care much about getting ribbons and titles – the most important thing for her is that we are having fun, so she says she doesn’t want to make me do something which might be stressy for me, especially as now that I’m supposed to be a “senior doggie” and heading for my retirement. With dancing, the competitions have always been so stressy…but I find this Obedience stuff much easier to do than the dancing. So maybe we’ll give competitions a try…

Anyway, my humans were so proud of me! When I first walked in, all the other people in class looked at me a bit funny and I could tell that they were laughing inside and thinking that a giant doggie could never do much…well, I soon showed them! :twisted: Hsin-Yi says I was one of the best doggies in class  – better even than a lot of the working breed doggies – and I really showed everybody what Great Danes could do! 

You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself and work hard! ;)

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34 Responses to My Bum Ouchie & My New Obedience Class…

  1. We already know that you are WAY better behaved than we will EVER be – although we’d be excited if you showed up in one of our classes (the largest doggie we’ve had so far is a 100 lb chocolate lab…)! Anyhoo, we are sorry to hear about the ouchies. (And Mom is muttering something about how she thinks I’m going to be one of those boney dogs while Abby is going to be more of a Liz Taylor dog when we get older…Huh?!?) Enjoy the obedience!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  2. Kathie R says:

    Wow, Honey, your focus and attention in heeling are awesome! I think you would be great at competitive obedience if you decide to try that. I hope you do – especially so you can show what Great Danes are capable of : )

  3. preston says:

    oh ouch! it is not easy to be a giant breed. mom always wondered about the calluses on some dogs’ elbows and how they got them (she thought it was some sort of skin disease that might be contagious. oh boy, was she wrong!) thanks for the info.
    we love your obedience video. we are still working on the heeling and on leash walk. it is even harder now since I am in a new neighborhood and there are so many new things to sniff. It is so hot and humid here and mom often got all sweaty and irritated by me during my walkies. Mom is going to check out some formal training classes.
    ps. Please don’t ever feel bad about not having time to visit our blog. we have less than 40 dog blogs on our google reader..but 150+ updates we are still trying to catch up on reading. we love getting comments but are not obsessed about them.

  4. Dana says:

    Owie!!! It is so hard to get rid of things like that – Mandy has a terrible sore on her paw that she is licking so it won’t heal. at least you are not licking but the same problem comes with sitting on it all the time! Moose has a bed outside but I still sometimes find him lying on the concrete or gravel so I am not sure if he wants to lie on those things or would lie on a bed if a second one were in that spot but it drives me nuts! So far no open sores but there are some spots where his paws touch the ground when he lies down that have no fur!
    You should be very proud! I am not surprised you were moved up… I was surprised that even the advanced class would be challenging enough. You are a great ambassadane! I know Hsin-Yi would only let you do that kind of competition if you enjoyed it and she knows you best but I would think you would enjoy it. Would it mean hauling your giant crate around and such? That part does not sound fun ;-)

  5. Cheryl says:

    Sorry about your ouchie, another thing I did not know about Giant breeds. You are such a good obedience, doggie, all your Mums hard work is paying off!

  6. Rufus and Indie says:

    Noooo Honey! I hope that doesn’t hurt! I have some of those too, more like calluses like you said! But then they go away! Get better!!!

  7. Drake has those callus spots on him too. He has a bit more, but then again he didn’t always have this cushy a life. He agrees with your philosophy on life. Laying, sitting, and standing as a last resort….

    As for the obedience class… Way to go!! To both of you.

  8. Lucille says:

    Honey, you are really good!
    I liked your style! Yes, you must really try obedience competitions, but only as a game, don’t get stressed by that, else it has really no point.
    1-0 for us big doggies!!!! Thank you Honey!

    By the way, I am sorry for your back ouchie… my human is trying to prevent the problem at the elbows with the cream she uses for her feet…. if that works I will let you know… but now that you are already pink it’s better if you keep on using the cream your vet gave you. I use Repy Gel normally – don’t know if it is available in Australia as well – for the bruises – like those I got from “flying into the sheep”…
    I will keep you informed!
    Ciao Lucille

  9. For some reason Darwin always gets little scraps/cuts/rubs in the same exact spot! on the right side of the base of her tail! we have an ointment too that we got from the vet but it doesnt stay on very long. hers have always healed up quickly though.
    Honey was so impressive in that video! I was wondering what she would move onto next because it all seemed like a piece of cake for her!

  10. Mango says:

    Miss Honey,
    Tell Hsin-Yi just to wait until you are snoozing to rub the cream on. Then at least there will be a little time for it to sink in. I think you must sit too much to have an owie on your bum. Perhaps more full reclining is in order. My owie looks like dinosauer skin now.


  11. Homer says:

    Dear Honey,

    I saw your video. You are doing great in your class. You, a tomboy? I don’t think so and certainly do not get that impression from you. You trot like a lady when you were heeling nicely next to Hsin-Yi!

    As for the ‘ouchies’, I do have a couple of suggestions but I got a feeling that you might laugh at one of them –

    You might want to wear a tennis wrists band or a baby sock (slit an opening at the other end) to prevent more calluses at your elbows.

    As for your bum ouchie, erm… perhaps you might want to consider wearing granny knickers to cover up the affected area, especially each time when Hsin-Yi apply the medicine on your wound so it won’t rub off? If there’s any consolation about wearing ‘em, Bridget Jones wears it. So does Madonna and Lady Gaga.
    Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing afterall…?


    The Missus

  12. Im sorry about your ouchie, Honey, but don’t worry, Hsin-Yi will get you all better again! And congrats on being promoted to the instructors doggie training class! Hope you have fun!

  13. Honey, I think you and Hsin-Yi are a fantastic team, You looked streets ahead of the other dogs in that group. I think Hsin-Yi shouldn’t worry about you being a bit slower than other dogs to sit or down, you can tell that as soon as she gives you the command you start doing what you’re told, so I think thats just as good as a dog whipping down in 0.1of a second! They seem fairly keen on the down-stay at that club, You looked like a wee sphinx looking round waiting for Hsin-Yi to return.
    Em & Pep

  14. Asta says:

    Mommi says, she is the kind of pawson who is getting all fat and yucky wif age..she will be happy to gibe you extwa bum bum fat..anyway, I know whatevew Hsi yin is doing will make youw uchies much bettew..I am not suwpwised that you have wun out of wegoolaw advanced classes..you awe soo incwedibly wondewful
    smoochie healing kisses

  15. sprinkles says:

    Good for you for showing those people in that class! It’s not nice to judge.

    Hope your owie heals up. It looks like it might hurt.

  16. Hi Honey! You are so smart! I hope your ouchie gets better soon.

    Wiggles and licks,
    Brodie and the gang

  17. Thor says:

    Hi Honey. Sorry about your ouchie. Hope you get better very soon.
    You did very well showing those people what you can do.

  18. So sorry about the ouchie – hope it heals quickly.

  19. The OP Pack says:

    We bet you are THE best in that class. And we think Hsin-Yi could be the instructor in the class too. We love watching you go through all your moves. But it makes us sad to think of you as a senior dog and to hear you talk about retiring from dance:(

    Wish we had some suggestions for your ouchie – but we do hope it gets better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Sorry about your ouchie, i hope it heals quickly :(

    And I’m super glad you finally joined an obedience club!!!! Remember, obedience is only as stressie as you make it. I really think you should give competing a shot!

  21. Lorenza says:

    Hi, Honey!
    I hope your ouchie heals soon!
    I have those calluses too!
    Good job showing them what you are able to do!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Hope says:

    Oh my…ouch it is!! But, you are one lovingly cared for Great Dane!!! You will be back to having healthy skin in no time!!!

    You are sooo AWESOME Honey…we loved watching your video…You GO GIRL!!! You have what it takes..over all of them!!! CLAPPING!!!!

    Paws UP!
    Gus and his mom (she also LOVES the pic of you by Rachel Hale!!)

  23. Carol and Bruce says:

    Honey, Dont worry about your bum ouchie. The cream will help. Good way to get lots of extra special attention. Hmmm I think my leg hurts. Must go and tell mum.
    Slobbers, Brucey

  24. Happy says:

    Oh Honey, hope your ouchie goes away soon. You’re still looking great, Honey! I think I’m turning into Elizabeth Taylor!

    P/s: Don’t forget to come by and pick up an award from us :-)

  25. Gee…I leave my blog unattended for just a little bit and all hell has broken loose! Hope your ouchie gets better soon Honey!

    Isn’t it fun to prove you can do something nobody expects you to be able to?

    Love, Oscar and the gang

  26. Hey, centennial park is pretty good! Its HUGE, you could walk for hours and not see the whole park, and theres no fenced off area (phewf) Because Charlies only a pup we didn’t venture far but the bit we did go to (and was an off leash area) was in a natural basin and about the size of a football field, also included a wooded tree area on one side. We were there on a weekday morning and there were 10-15 dogs there so I imagine its pretty popular. I like sydney alot so hopefully if you do move there you’ll enjoy it.

  27. Hi Honey,

    So you’re back to Monday night classes, which look a bit like the sort of thing we used to do together on Monday nights in Auckland!

    My mum also finds the competition stuff stressy (she gets her feet all muddled up) so we just go to obedience classes occasionally now for fun, to keep me on my toes (or down-staying for what seems a long time to me) and to be social.

    Perhaps you could treat obedience competitions the same way – as a chance to have some extra outings and to train in a different setting (as you obviously enjoy doing things with Hsin-Yi). Honey, Hsin-Yi and Paul don’t need prizes to know how wonderful you are – if you win it is a bonus, but if you don’t you will be just as happy as you’ve gone somewhere new, met new people and dogs, and you can tell us all about your adventures


  28. Tucker says:

    Ouchie – Hmm.. you can’t lick it really well either huh? I knows cause I can’t really reach back there I gets all twisted up and falls down. YOu must be laying down to reach your bum if you are a dane. Have you ever used Bag Balm? Thats what we use here in the States for elbows.

    woof – Tucker

    woof – Tucker

  29. Lilli says:

    Wonderful Honey! You really showed them! :)


  30. Ricky says:

    Your bum ouchie looks like it would hurt! Poor Honey! You look good doing obedience though – maybe you should do a competition!

  31. Awww Honey….you do a great job…no one should be laughing at you!

    We will be purring for your ouchie to get better!

  32. parlance says:

    Honey was great, as I would have expected. And you’ve cheered me up a lot, because you’ve reminded me that Penny and I can still do obedience, even if her leg is not so good (or her spine, or hip, or whatever we eventually come up with!).

    However, I must admit I can’t see why you would want to do competitive obedience, because I find that as soon as one does competitive anything it gets complicated by the humans’ egos or the humans’ nervousness.

    On the other hand, you’ve done lots of dancing and that seems to have been very pleasant, and I think I remember that was competition.

  33. Cinnamon says:

    Hi Honey – I am sorry to hear about your bum ouchie. I hope it will heal really soon. Wow, looking at how good you are at doing obedience exercise, anyone would agree that you should be promoted to a higher-level class. What are you going to learn in the new class? Are you going to be an instructor for other dogs?

  34. Oskar says:

    I’m sorry about your heiny owie! I hope it doesn’t get worse.

    My mom person really liked the last line of your post, very inspirational.

    She filled up the hummy bird feeder today. Every time she sees a hummy bird now, she thinks of you & Hsin-Yi!

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