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My humans in Paris…(Part 1)

* Please forgive me if I haven’t come round to visit your blog yet!  (or responded to some of your emails…the nice ones! 😛 ) I AM catching up with everyone but Hsin-Yi is just taking it slowly and only doing it when her RSI isn’t bothering her too much, so we’re a bit slow! And instead of trying to visit or email EVERYone in a couple of hours, we’re just doing a few every day now, so she doesn’t sit at the computer for too long in one go. But we ARE on our way!


My humans started their French adventures in the “City of Love”…Paris!

Both their mummies were coming to meet them there, so they could all have a holiday together. Paul’s mummy is called Mum and she was coming from England while Hsin-Yi’s mummy, Ma-Ma, was coming from Dubai – and nobody had seen each other for a very long time so it was great to catch up!

They were all staying together in an old part of Paris called St-Germain-des-Pres, which is on the Left Bank of the Seine River and is where all the famous writers and artists and other ‘Intellectual Humans’ used to live. It has lots of beautiful old buildings and shops and wonderful atmosphere!

You know, Hsin-Yi always likes to find small, “boutique hotels” to stay in ‘coz she likes to stay in something ‘different‘ with more “character” – and so she did lots of searching on the internet and found a great little place called Hotel Odeon St Germain. It was really tiny (the lift could barely hold 3 (skinny!) people) but so quaint and gorgeous! And the Hotel Humans were so lovely and friendly and helpful too. They were even very patient with Hsin-Yi’s pathetic schoolgirl French! Before they left home, my humans had heard lots of scary stories about the rude, snooty service in France but it certainly wasn’t true at that hotel! (sadly, it was true in some other places :-( )

With just a few days in Paris and loooooong list of things to see, there was no time to lose! 😀 My humans came straight from the airport, dumped their bags and rushed out to explore the streets of Paris…

a Parisian doggie at a Parisian cafe!


Hsin-Yi found Paris cafes so strange - everybody seemed to sit in rows, all facing out, instead of facing each other! She guessed it was better for "people watching" but it did look very weird...)


'gendarmes' - a.k.a. hunky French policemen! ;)


Paul checking out a Paris delicatessen with lots of French yummies!


Check out these amazing gelato flavours!


And wow – even the ice-cream in France is stylish & beautiful! 😉

One the most famous & beautiful places nearby was the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) – so that is where my humans headed first! This is a huge park FULL of beautiful flowers. You know how much Hsin-Yi loves parks and big, open spaces where she can see the sky and the horizon and doesn’t feel crowded in by lots of horrible, concrete buildings – and she loves cities that will keep aside space for proper big parks for people to enjoy…look, can you believe that you’re in the middle of Paris?

The next morning, bright & early, with both mummies in tow, my humans borrowed a car machine and set off on a day trip to Giverny. They had specially arranged this trip for Mum & Ma-Ma because they knew that mothers always like flowers & gardens…and there is one of the most famous gardens in the world at Giverny: the Monet Gardens!

[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Paris,+France&daddr=Giverny,+France&hl=en&ll=48.9694,1.94458&spn=2.455694,6.130371&sll=-25.335448,135.745076&sspn=52.583423,98.085937&geocode=FSZ-6QIdXuQjACkPt-IGH27mRzFglIxow4ILBA%3BFfvs7AIdQGYXACmBQOy04sjmRzEAo7tPSBQMBA&vpsrc=6&mra=ls&z=8 width=640 height=505 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]


It was a bit scary driving out of Paris, even though Paul has been using a car machine for many, many years and knows how to drive on both sides of the road ( in France, they drive on the opposite side of the road to UK and Australia/NZ)…well, it’s just that the French drivers were awfully grumpy and didn’t seem to care about the lines on the roads at all! And Paris is so huge, with so many tunnels and roads all criss-crossing each other, and so many “one-way streets” (and all signed in French!) that my humans got very lost and were very grumpy too by the time they finally got out of the city!

But thankfully they made it to Giverny in one piece! Unfortunately, it was really, really grey & rainy on that day – in fact, it was pouring by the time they reached Giverny, so since it was nearly lunchtime, they decided to check out the nearby La Musardière crêperie first and hoped that the rain might stop by the time they finished lunch and went back to the gardens…

You know, crêpes are a kind of very, very thin French pancake and you can have them with all kinds of yummy fillings, like the traditional ‘lemon & sugar’ or chocolate, of course, but also exotic things like coconut or cinnamon apples or peaches & Grand Marnier – or even salty things, like ham and cheese!

My humans decided to save the crêpes for dessert so they had a “proper” lunch first – Paul had French onion soup and Hsin-Yi decided to try some foie gras! Well, she wouldn’t normally eat foie gras (goose liver pâté) because it can be really horrible the way they force food down the goosies’ throats to make them grow bigger livers – but she decided that she couldn’t come all the way to France and not try one of its most famous dishes. And she had to admit – it was really, really yummy!

Mum decided to be really naughty and just have her sweet crêpes AS lunch – hee! hee! Well, I guess when you’re on holiday, you can be a bit naughty! 😉

And you know how Paul & Ma-Ma always do one silly photo every time they go on holiday together? (remember their silly one in Shanghai last year?) – well, this is this year’s! 😆

Finally, with their tummies very full, my humans and Mum & Ma-Ma staggered back to the Monet Gardens….but it was STILL raining! :-( So my humans decided to just buy some Monet umbrellas from the Monet Gardens shop (Ha! ha! – well, I guess they make good souvenirs! The shops was doing GREAT business that day!) – and go out and enjoy the gardens anyway! 😛

Thankfully, the rain did stop a bit from time to time, so Hsin-Yi did manage to get some pictures to show you…she says they would have looked a lot better with sunshine – but they still give you an idea how pretty all the flowers were!


You could even go into Claude Monet’s house and see where he worked on his famous paintings…

…but of course, what everyone really wants to see is the famous lily ponds in the Water Gardens, which Monet painted in his famous paintings!

Even in the rain, the gardens were magnifique! 😛

If you want to see some of the paintings that Monet did of these gardens, you can see them here:


But wait, the exciting day wasn’t over yet for Mum & Ma-Ma…when they all got back to Paris, my humans told them about the next surprise: they were going to take them to the Moulin Rouge!!

(the programme cover)

No, it’s not just a movie – it’s a real place! It’s a “legendary Parisian cabaret” – which means it is a very (in)famous place in Paris that has amazing – and slightly naughty! – shows, with beautiful girls (and some boys!) singing and dancing in wonderful costumes.

Well, it is “slightly naughty” because the pretty girls wear fabulous costumes but they don’t cover very much of their bodies! In fact, they don’t cover anything on top at all! 😀 And of course, they do the very famous (and naughty!) Can-Can dance!

But Hsin-Yi says it is not naughty in a bad way – it is really beautiful, like Art – and you “sit in a beautiful ballroom and get served dinner with champagne, by elegant waiters in black tie” before the show and it is a wonderful, magical experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let people use camera machines inside the Moulin Rouge so my humans couldn’t take pictures to show you what it was like – but the place did have their own Photographer Human who took 1 picture for my humans (below).

* Note from Hsin-Yi: I was actually quite surprised when I was looking up links for the “Moulin Rouge” for this post, to come across travel articles (such as this) warning people not to take their children to the show and making a big fuss about this “adult entertainment” like it was some kind of sordid strip-show…really, it is nothing of the kind! There is nothing “sleazy” about the show at all – yes, the girls are all topless and often wearing very little else but the whole thing has a totally different vibe – more like an appreciation of the female body as an Art form, the way sculptors and painters do.

It is the kind of show that – sadly, I think – doesn’t exist much elsewhere in the world now. Like something from a bygone era, when people were able to appreciate things on a “higher level”  – through the colours, shapes, costumes & patterns of dance coupled with the music – rather than just obsessing over body parts. Of course, I understand some people have more conservative views than others (my goodness, I come from one very conservative culture: Chinese, and grew up in an even more conservative one: Arabic/Islamic! 😛 ) – but I honestly felt that unless you have a VERY prudish frame of mind, you would not find anything offensive about the show.

As for children, I was pleasantly surprised to see several French families there with very young children (as young as 5 or 6) watching the show but when I thought about it: why not? They were not watching google-eyed or giggling in embarrassment – they were just like: yeah, pretty ladies dancing, oh, they’re naked, they’re beautiful, no big deal… I actually think this sort of relaxed European attitude to nudity and the female form helps children grow up with a much healthier, positive mindset, than the sort of attitudes that’s prevalent in the West today, where there is either some sort of furtive, “dirty” association with the naked form, leading to shame & guilt – or the unnatural obsession with “perfection” in the airbrushed form seen in magazines…in fact, I noticed that the girls were in a variety of shapes & sizes – and all ‘natural’ with not one sign of Botox or boob job – and yet all beautiful in their own ways…and it was really refreshing to see this confident, unapologetic display of the beauty of the human form, in all its shapes, colours and sizes. This, I thought, was a far better message to be giving our children, than the usual shameful, negative connotations, which often lead to body dismorphia, furtive sexual promiscuity and/or self-mutilation.

In fact, the only dance number that made me feel uncomfortable was one where a (practically naked!) girl was writhing around in a tank of water with a python…but only because I was worried about the welfare of the poor python! 😀 )

Stay tuned for more of my humans’ adventures in Paris! 😛

(to be continued…)

PS.  So how do I look with the Monet umbrella? Like a stylish French doggie?

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49 Responses to My humans in Paris…(Part 1)

  1. wow, what a fantastic holiday, our humans would love to go to Europe some day

  2. Lucille says:

    Beautiful adventure for your humans!
    Yes travelling in big cities is a nightmare even for people that are used on driving on the right side… My humans do all they can to avoid driving in big cities – like Milan and Rome – even if they have a little box that give you all the information about where to go, where to turn, etc etc… People living in the cities do not have patience and you get easily lost…
    My humans actually thought your humans were very brave to drive in Paris …
    Paris is really a magical place…
    Honey, you look uncomfortable with the umbrella… why? Don’t worry Hsin-Hy will not force you to use it when you go out for your walk!
    Ciao Lucille

  3. Sasha says:

    Ooh, Honey

    My human made a very loud noise when she saw the Speculoos flavour of gelato – her mother’s (my Grand(hu)ma) family are Dutch kind of humans, and she loves speculaas cookies!

    She’s still very jealous of Hsin-Yi’s stay in Paris – especially now that we’ve moved house, and she’s spending all her time trying to figure out where to put things. I get to walk on the beach every morning, so I’m quite happy!

    Puppy kisses

  4. Elena says:

    I’ve been in Paris just one time when I was younger and I must admit I did not remember it this beautiful!
    Why do gelato flavours are written in Italian? That “round and gentle” hazelnut is kinda funny! :)
    Oh boy that rose ice-cream it’s embarassing… too beautiful to be eaten!

    Honey you look really “chic” with that umbrella but I think it’s too little to cover your entire body! ^^’

    Now I gotta go, Lyra and I are going to enjoy a little dog parade :)

    Ciao from Elena and Bau from Lyra the JRT!

  5. Lilli says:

    Now I want to go to Paris and France, thank you very much 😀 And I will someday! Although I think I’ll learn a little bit france before that, I’m a little bit afraid how we manage there with english only.

    That hotel looks gorgeous! Very comfy. I must remember the name :)

    And I’ve always wanted to see Moulin Rouge. I got to know it from the movie of course but I knew even then it’s a real place. And you are right what you say about the shows. It’s very misunderstood, like Burlesque (The Moulin Rouge shows are like Burlesque, aren’t they? At least I’ve got that idea of them). I saw my first Burlesque show about two months ago and I am hooked :) It was beautiful! Ok, there also were those numbers which I didn’t like, and this time, comedy numbers were the best in the whole show. But I noticed all the dancers didn’t have “the perfect body” which media etc. is claiming to be “the perfect”. It was like combining music, theater, dancing and all the genders. It could be drama, comedy, horror, anything and there were even one male dancer who put the clothes ON on the stage, that was different :) So I started to think, could I do it too then. And I said yes :) I would really like to try. But I would do it old fashion way with the big feather lucks or with some elegant way and I would like to sing too :)

    Waiting the part two :)


    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh, actually – I think the Moulin Rouge show is more like the Rio Carnivale than a burlesque show because there is no taking off clothes or anything…it really is more like lots of beautiful ladies parading around in amazing costumes of feathers & sequins, etc in lots of different colours and doing ensemble dances together to look like a flower opening or whatever…yes, it was really more like a carnivale!
      ~ Hsin-Yi

  6. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Oh, it all looks so romantic, as France should! The ice cream shot is amazing! The gardens are stunning. I guess that’s why it is a good idea to go to France in the summer.

    Honey, love your new umbrella :)

  7. Vero says:

    Funny to see Paris from another point of view.
    I refusevto drive in Paris, hudge traffic, so many lanes, etc… My daughter seems to be comfortable, but she lives there.
    My friend from Sydney and her daughter visited Paris last year, they too went to Giverny and the Moulin Rouge, and stayed in boulevard Saint Germain. I’ve never been to Giverny, must go in a next trip to Paris.
    Cabarets are rather popular. For new year’s eve, one of the French TV has the Crazy Horse (vety similar to Moulin Rouge) show on its program ( at least until recently, I’m not sure about the last few years since the owner died). Anyway, as a kidI used to watch it… Yes the
    girls are beautiful, and natural, but they are not allowed not to remain perfect. Weekly weight-ins, etc…
    Both your mothers look so young! And you seem all to have fun.
    Thanks for sharing the trip with us

  8. Kim, Luc, Kira and Jasmine says:

    Hi Honey,
    Your humans make a lovely couple, especially in the city of Love! Hsin-Yee takes beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed them, so thanks for taking the time to share.
    I’m always amazed at how much you look like our Kira – you could be sisters.

  9. Mina & Maks says:

    Very nice, I’m still drooling (well, part thanks to those nice french policemen :P), but the places you visited and all the beautiful parks and streets and food … amazing. I can’t wait for the next part of the story. Shame about the weather in Giverny, but just like people can be a bit naughty on holidays and eat sweets for lunch, they are also less grumpy when it comes to things you can’t change 😀 (we could be more like that even when not on holidays…). And another bright side of that is now you have a beautiful umbrella at home which could put a smile on your face when it’s raining in Australia 😉 (and of course to be a prop when taking photos of Honey!). Your mothers look happy and young :).

    Moulin Rouge sounds really artistic and fancy, and great you got a chance to go there.


  10. jet says:

    Burlesque is making a comeback! Actually there was a Burlesque lounge in Perth for a while, though it shut down recently. I went one night to see my friend perform! It was a little bit strange, seeing bits of her I never saw before! lol!

    PS we never got an ice cream like that in Paris! We will have to go back!

  11. Rubie says:

    Hi Honey, Tell your humans that those Paris pics were brilliant – and they certainly look like they had a great time. My pawrents were in Paris in 2002 – just before they got married in England (yes they eloped!). They loved being there – but as your mum said – they experienced some rude and snooty service too! Such a pretty place mum says!

    So happy you scored the umbrella!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xx

  12. Wow! What a great start to an adventure and we are eagerly awaiting more photos. Great job holding the umbrella and you look classy!

  13. Well, you certainly look stylish, although I’m not sure you have to be French to be a stylish doggie! (Not that we are ones to make fashion statements, mind you…) Mom says that when she was a pup, the area around the Moulin Rouge was a bit seedier – sort of like when she was a pup Times Square in New York City was also pretty seedy – but both areas have been cleaned up – and maybe that’s where the show got the reputation for being an ‘adult’ show. Although, Mom also thinks that there is certainly a different attitude in Europe about nudity. (And you want prudes? *sheesh* Come to Utah. These people wear religious clothes UNDER their underwear!)


    Beautiful photos! We can’t wait to see more! And thanks for the note on our bloggie – Mom was all excited about the CGCs, even if Abby is still a goofball – she thinks that the more training (in and out of class), the more ‘bonding time’ we’ll have. And if nothing else, she feels more and more comfortable knowing how we are going to react in situations, and that makes everyone more comfortable!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  14. Dee says:

    Ah, it’s beautiful! I’ve only been to Paris once, on a tight budget! But it snowed and was really lovely. I wanted to live in one of the tall buildings overlooking the streets! I wanted to go in the Moulin Rouge, but they were fully booked for our stay. I agree with you that it’s a much healthier way to view nudity, as something natural and beautiful and not seedy as we seem to see it else where.
    The monet gardens look really beautiful and not at all different from the photos. Ma-ma and Mum seemed to be having a really great time too!

  15. Ionela says:

    What a lovely vacation! My human is originally from an European country, but she never got to see France before moving to America (besides the big airport where she switches flying machines). She agrees with your view on nudity and she said that a group of psychologists did a longitudinal study on some children (followed in their adulthood) and they found this approach on nudity to be the most beneficial.

  16. rottrover says:

    Thank you, Honey for this lovely post. Our human has never been to Paris and she really appreciates how you and Hsin-Yi explain things and plan so far in advance. Everything looks so beautiful – and dog friendly! We anxiously await your next installment. By the way, you look tres jolie with your umbrella!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  17. Oh my! What beautiful pictures! Hsin-Yi is an AMAZING photographer! The flowers were gorgeous, and now we’ve gotten ourselves in trouble for drooling all over the keyboard after seeing all the yummy food pics. No wonder you were so grumpy about the soap after seeing those pictures! hehe
    Look forward to part 2!

    Puppy Love,
    Jasmine the baby Dane
    Winstin the senior Sheltie

  18. Tessa says:

    Oh such gorgeous pictures! I can see your Mom in her Ma Ma and Paul in his Mum too! Hsin-Yi’s dress in the Moulin Rouge picture is just beautiful on your Mom. Too bad you could not go to Paris Honey, I understand that dogs are very welcome in the eating places. Maybe the French prefer us dogs instead of the hoomans? BOL

    I gotta go cause Mom is drooling all over the keyboard, she says the pics are out of this world and should be in a fancy magazine, or framed and on a wall.

    woos, Tessa

  19. Oh Hsin-Yi, thanks so much for taking us to Paris. What a wonderful holiday you must have had. The pictures are all gorgeous, but the thing I love most is that you both met up with your Mothers. The flower gardens were so beautiful. Once again I get to see the world from my own living room. Thanks for sharing. Honey, you look adorable under your umbrella. Hugs to you lovely girl. No worrries, and love, Carol and Stella

  20. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA says:

    What a wonderful vicarious trip to Paris! Thank you for sharing. We’re not sure who’s drooling more – us or mama. Looking forward to part deux!

    Jed & Abby

  21. Violeta says:

    Hi! I’m Violeta, from Spain.
    I had been watching your YouTube’s channel and your website and I love Honey and her videos!
    I have a Great Dane, Máxima. She is a harlequin with 3 years and 6 months. She loves to learn because she loves the reward (but she learn so slowly hehe). She snore and slobber a lot! And she’s very very very adorable :)

    Thanks for the videos and advices.


    (and sorry for my bad english)

  22. bubba says:

    I’M HOME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i’m finally cuddled into bed with my mommy. my girlfriend Dancer the Poodle is here too for a few days. nothing like being back in your own bed (in this case mommy’s bed)

    mommy says you were actually lucky to see the monet gardens on an overcast day. thats the best time to see flower colors and esp the kinds of colors in monet gardens…all those shades of blue and purple. mommy has a masters degree in horticulture so she knows such strange things. she thinks the pictures are fantastic.

    i’m so glad you guys are home and everyone is safe.



  23. Indy Bones says:

    Hi honey this is Diane, what beautiful pictures you are showing us of your humans and their mamas in Paris. It looks so lovely, just like I imagine it to be! The Moulin Rouge looked like a once in a lifetime experience, your humans look so beautiful and very happy. Thank you from someone who will probably never get to Paris, you made me feel like I was there too!

    Diane and a very sleepy Indy Bones

  24. Sparta the Great Dane says:

    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful holiday stories and photos.

  25. parlance says:

    Oh, those gardens are so-o beautiful! It doesn’t surprise me that you were there when it was raining, because the gardens looked so lush that I suppose it must rain a lot!

    I think the umbrella is a wonderful souvenir, in the true sense of the word – every time you go out on a dull day, sheltering under your umbrella, you will be cheered by the memory of that day at Giverny.

  26. Bella the Dane says:

    What an adventure your humans had! It all sounds so exiting and beautiful, now I want to go too! Are doggies allowed in the Moulin Rouge, I wonder?

    Slobbers, Bella

    PS – Did you eat all your soap yet? :-)

  27. Roo says:

    Ha! Honey you do look very Parisian with your Monet Gardens umbrella :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful family reunion in Paris. It is such a special place (no matter the caliber of service). Mom laughed at your reaction to the Moulin Rouge. It was many years ago that she was able to enjoy that show but she still remembers how much it made her smile. There was a fish tank lady in the show she watched too but no snake. The lady was smoking a cigarette under water. Mom was fascinated by how that could be done. Never did find out. And Don Perignon to sip along with the entertainment? You betcha! 😀 She didn’t make it to Monet’s Gardens while she was there. So beautiful! Love the shots of the lily pond! :) So nice to see you, Paul, and your Moms having such a grand time! Look forward to Part Du 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  28. Katy and Kim says:

    Oh Honey, we so enjoyed this blog post.

    My human always wanted to see Paris and the Monet Gardens, but knew she never would. And now she has, thanks to H’sin Yi. We just loved seeing the pictures of the hotel and the streets of Paris…they did not disappoint when compared to my human’s vision of what it would be.

    I particularly like the fois gras picture and the crepes, well I liked that a lot, too.

    My human didn’t know you could actually go into Monet’s house, WOW she says.

    And the Moulin Rouge! How exciting!!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see part II. Thanks for sharing

  29. Lady says:

    Hi Honey,
    Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing. Your humans seem to have so much fun together. Tell Hsin-Yi she looks FAB in the Moulin Rouge pic.

    And yes, you look like a beautiful French doggie.


  30. Cheryl says:

    What a great adventure, I cannot wait to see the sights of Paris, I have to wait till next year now, but I have a year to make plans!

  31. Momo & Pinot says:

    Wow, your humans are having such a beautiful adventure! We’re impressed by everything you posted… that ice cream is art!!! Look forward to part 2!

    Momo & Pinot

  32. Oskar says:

    Oh Honey, your people go on the most amazing, beautiful adventures. My mom person loves seeing things through Hsin-Yi’s camera lens!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  33. Kirsten & Zeppelin says:

    Wow even the inside of your hotel is absolutley beautiful! And that is so amazing that you were able to see where Monet used to live! How amazing. The gelatto by the way looks so pretty and yummy :) And the Moulin Rouge show, It’s nice to hear that their performance was more of an artform, where here it’s just seen as a money symbol, or…just not good enough. It is sad here out west because our culture has shifted so much to this perfection ideal that you have to have the perfect this and the perfect that. It does not do anything for those who see all these billboards, and magazine covers. Being comfortable with who you are and loving yourself in your own skin is what I wish they would put out in the media.

    Love and Slobbers,

    Zeppelin and Kirsten

  34. Annie Boyles says:

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I’m so happy for you….you certainly deserved a very nice long vacation! I had a cousin who went to France and commented on the positions of the chairs at cafes and said that it was for people watching! :)

    Annie and Keena

  35. Kimba's Mom says:

    Sigh… verrrrrry charming part 1. Looking forward to part 2.

  36. Glenlivet says:

    Hello Honey,

    It’s nice to visit my own country, throuth foreign eyes. I’m glad your humans enjoyed it !
    Those places are really wounderfull !


    PS : you almost look like a frenchy doggy, with your umbrella
    PS2 : yes, the people sit like that to watch people and the street animation

  37. 2browndawgs says:

    It sounds like a wonderful vacation. Not sure which is more appealing, the beautiful gardens or the yummy food! We would definitely check out Moulin Rouge, (hey if for nothing else, then the dinner and champagne :)).

  38. sprinkles says:

    I’ve never been to France before, it’s so pretty there! Now I want to go too.

  39. Thy says:

    Beautiful Paris .Everything looks great . Hope your RSI never come back .Oh Honey I think you’re unhappy under that umbrella .Is there s.o break your sleep ? Oh No ! :(

  40. I want to go to the Monet Gardens! Looks lovely, even in the rain!
    Paul looks just like his Mum!

  41. Lassiter Chase the Sheltie says:

    Fantastic photos. I keep thinking of the ice cream photo in the shape of a flower – Mommy said it looks too pretty to eat. I really like the picture of Honey with the fancy umbrella. That was a smart idea for Hsin-Yi to get a super fancy umbrella and save it to take home — all you need to do now is just sniff the french soap gift while posing with the umbrella and oo la la you are in Paris, Honey.

  42. cherry says:

    that must be a fun holiday, but i don’t think eating the fie gras was nice i hope that was the only time you ate it though and the ice cream looked awesome as well, could you also please post a few pictures of how doggies are pampered over there, because that will be cool for my owner to look through

  43. What a wonderful post:) I really enjoyed all the photos and am wondering how you didn’t come home twice the size with all the lovely food there! The Monet gardens are beautiful. And Honey, you look particularly chic with your Monet umbrella!

  44. Our human was so excited when she saw you went to the Moulin Rouge, she would love to go there some day!!

    Your humans must have eaten so much while they were away, with all the different yummies to try! I think if our human went one of her favorites would be the cheese and the bread!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  45. Lincoln says:

    You look beautiful with your umbrella Honey !

    My humans loved this post and all those pictures of Paris ! Can’t believe Hsin-Yi and Paul were in France, next time they’ll have to come and visit Bordeaux !


  46. Bronnie says:

    Oh Honey, at least you got an umbrella as a souvenir. I agree about the Moulin Rouge, but wouldn’t have liked the python act at all!

  47. Jaxson says:

    Hi Honey,

    Thank you for visiting my website. It is nice to meet you and a shame you live overseas now so I can’t meet you in person! You look beautiful with your umbrella!! I will watch your blog for more interesting updates, maybe one day you will come back to NZ and we can meet!

    Luv Jax

  48. Wow everything is so beautiful! Even the rainy pictures. 😀 The lily pond is amazing! I want that in my backyard lol. I love reading these posts and learning about other culture.

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