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Visiting the Sydney Fish Market…

When Tourist Humans come to visit Sydney, one of the famous places they always go see is the Sydney Fish Market – and lots of Sydney people go there too to buy fresh seafood yummies!

The Sydney Fish Market is the biggest one like it in the bottom half of the world (Southern Hemisphere) – and the 2nd biggest in the world, after Japan, for the number and differents kinds of seafood sold. It sells about 50 tonnes of fresh seafood every day – wow, that’s a lot of fishies! :P – and has about 2 million people come to visit every year.

The Sydney Fish Market is in a part of Sydney called Pyrmont and that’s the area that my humans love to take me walking (remember my busy weekend where I did a big walk along the wharves and then had breakfast at a cafe?) – so I get to pass by the Sydney Fish Market every week!

And last week, I got to stop and have a peek. It is usually very busy, especially in the mornings – because every week day, at 5:30am, they have special auctions to sell all the fish and other seafood that the fisherman catch and bring in. They sell about 20,000 kg of seafood every hour at these auctions!

Unfortunately, they don’t allow any doggies in the fish market, except for Guide Doggies and other Service Doggies, so I couldn’t really go in to see it properly – but I did get to see a lot of the fishing boats outside! :P

The Sydney Fish Market is very good about doing something called “sustainability” which means that they are careful about where the fisherman catch the fish in the sea and how much they catch every day – so that they don’t take too many. This way, the baby fish have a chance to grow up and make more baby fish – and so the fish don’t all die and disappear…and then we would have no more fishies, ever! :-(

For example, tuna fish are facing extinction now because people are over-fishing them and also catching them in a mean way, which hurts many other types of sea animals too.

My humans are always careful when they buy tuna to make sure that the company which sells them is “dolphin-friendly”. They also check the kind of tuna they are buying or eating and try to make sure that it’s NOT Yellowfin Tuna (aka ‘Tuna Ahi’ – this kind of tuna is often caught using big nets which catch lots of other innocent sea animals and kill thousands of dolphins every year) or Bluefin Tuna (this is the kind people like in sashimi & tuna steak). These kinds of tunas are really endangered from over-fishing PLUS they are much bigger fish, so they have much more of the yucky stuff called mercury in their bodies, which is poisonous and bad for you. The best kind of tuna to eat is called Skipjack Tuna (aka Striped Tuna) coz there are still many of them in the sea and they’re much smaller, so they don’t have so much mercury in their bodies!

But it isn’t just tuna – you should think about all other kinds of fish too, even fish that are in fish farms (like salmon), which are often crowded together so they are very sickly and then given yucky medicines & hormones to make them look fatter and better (did you know that what’s called “Atlantic Salmon” is really all raised in fish farms and they don’t get to swim free in the sea and eat those little baby shrimp called krill, which is what makes them pink – so they are fed dyes to make them look the right colour! :-? ) – so you have to be very careful these days when buying and eating fish and it’s always a good idea to ask more questions about where the fish came from and how it was caught – and try to buy/eat from places that support “sustainability”.

If you want more information, here is a great guide which helps you make “ocean-friendly choices” and work out which fish to buy and which to avoid, how to find good substitutes for those and which fish are good for your health – you can even download it as an app in your iPhone machine so that you always have the information with you whenever you are out shopping or eating! :P http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/sfw_recommendations.aspx

Well, although I couldn’t go in to the fish market to take a proper look around, my humans went by themselves on another day – so I can show you their pictures!

They were supposed to go super early to watch the auctions – ‘coz that’s what all visitors should do – but my humans were very lazy and so they only got there early enough…to have an early lunch! ;-)

The most popular choices are the “seafood platters” – which is a big plate full of all kinds of different seafood, that you can share. You can get it steamed, grilled, deep-fried, cold salad…guess which kind my humans got?

The super unhealthy but super yummy, crispy, Deep-Fried version! ;-)

Yes, my health-freak human, Paul, nearly had a heart attack just looking at that plate – but he said that it looked and smelled so yummy, he was seduced to the Dark Side….

Look at the concentration on Paul's face - hee! hee!


Even after the auctions are finished, the Sydney Fish Market is open all day and there are lots of restaurants & cafes there selling seafood yummies – all super fresh! So lots of people like to just go there to eat…the place is really buzzing at lunch time!

And after you finish stuffing your face, you can mooch around the shops selling more seafood yummies, which you can then take home to cook yourself…

…although since my human, Hsin-Yi, is such a terrible cook, I’m glad she decided to just stick with munching the seafood yummies there. Prawns & shrimps are her favourite and she had so many that day, she nearly came home all red and itchy and scratchy!

Don’t worry – my humans brought some leftovers of that seafood platter home for me (& Muesli too), although they forgot to get photos of us eating it. Mm-mm…I think those little baby octopus things were my favourite! :D

 ps. Sorry – we’ve been having a busy time over the Easter break so we’ve fallen behind again on visiting our blog friends…but we’ll be coming round to catch up on all your news as soon as we can!

 pps. Thank you to everybody who went over to visit Hsin-Yi’s own blog! But please stop saying nice things to her about her new blog & her writing – you are making her head blow up so big, it might not fit through the front door anymore next time she takes me out for my walk!! :roll:

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50 Responses to Visiting the Sydney Fish Market…

  1. Wow Honey! Those fish look really tasty! You are making Ellie really really hungry. She was born and partly raised in Japan, and now lives in Idaho… so she misses being able to eat fresh seafood! She says she wants to visit that fish market someday! :)

  2. **SHUDDER** seafood. ughhhhhhh
    I (Helen) really really don’t like seafood, the smell, the taste, the texture! Nor does Jerry, tho I’m sure Snoopy and Rocky would love it!

  3. Not a fan of seafood myself (apart from fish), but Sparkie LOOOVES prawns!

    That photo of Hsin-Yi with the big head is hilarious! :D

    – Jasmine

  4. Snoopy toy toy says:

    Hi Honey, you are so lucky that you always got a chance to eat human food which is yummy most of the time for us doggies, I mean it is usually yummier than real doggy food. Your human ordered a whole piece of pizza for you when they were eating at restaurant, brought back that leftover delicious fried seafood platter for you and Muesli etc etc. You know, my human hardly share her human pizza, fried yummies, her delicious fried rice etc etc with me. Whenever she has her yummies with me sitting next to her starring with the begging look, she would tell me that those food are not suitable for us doggies, and she would give me the same boring doggy biscuit to console me. She told me that human food can cause my fur to drop and skin itchiness because it is too salty and oily. I wonder is it true? Are you okay with those human food?
    By the way, I always wonder where your human would put you and Muesli whenever they go out by themselves?

    • bighoneydog says:

      Well, your human is right, Snoopy Toy Toy – most human foods are not really good for doggies – it can be too oily and spicy and salty and stuff…I don’t get human food every day, you know! :P – it is just a special treat once every month or so. My humans believe in “everything in moderation” – so as long as it’s not TOO bad, they think it’s OK to be naughty once in a while – as long as your everyday diet is very healthy (it’s the same in humans – it’s OK to eat greasy junk food once in a while if you eat lots of fresh veggies & fruits and healthy wholegrains & low-fat meats & fish every day).

      Also, you must remember that I am MUCH bigger than you – I weigh about 70kg, which is the same as a big human man – so the same thing won’t affect me as much. If my humans had a doggie as small as you, they would never give it a whole slice of pizza either! :lol: (And I only had that slice of pizza once in my life – and it was when we were on holiday and it was a very special treat! ;-) ) – so they can be a bit naughtier with me because I am much bigger and I need to eat a lot more of something before it affects me.

      Although having said that, I know a lot of big Great Danes who have sensitive tummies and would get very sickie if given human food…so I guess it also depends on the doggie. Every doggie is different. I’m lucky to have a ‘cast-iron stomach’ – I can eat all sorts of things and never get pukey or diarrhoea. So again, my humans can be a bit naughtier with me because of that. If they had a different doggie, they might not be able to be so “relaxed”. Your humans know you best so if they think that human food would make you sickie, then you should listen to them.

      And it’s true – it’s not good to make a habit of eating human food – especially processed human food. I think some simple, plain human foods are probably OK to share – like plain boiled or roast chicken (without the skin, if you’re worried about oily fats) – if your human is having something like that, then I think that’s OK to give you a bit. But since you’re so small, it would only be a tiny bit! ;-)

      Oh – about where me & Muesli stay when my humans go out: well, in the house, of course! Where else would we stay? :P We are indoor pets so we always stay inside the house. My humans never leave me outside in the garden when they go out – I only go out in the garden when they are home. Or they take me out to the parks & streets for a walk. Muesli also only goes out of the house when my humans are home – she gets called in and shut indoors when my humans go out, so that she isn’t left alone outside. Mostly, we just sleep when the humans go out.

      We are lucky because Hsin-Yi works from home so she is usually around most of the day – but on the weekends sometimes, my humans will leave us for 5 – 6hrs alone at a time. They don’t usually go for longer than that, just in case I need the toilet or something (although I can hold it for 8+ hrs and usually do! I usually wee first thing in the morning, after breakfast – around 8am – and then on my afternoon walk, around 4 – 6pm – and then one last time before bedtime, around 10 – 11pm…so I can hold it quite a long time! ;-) )

      Honey the Great Dane

  5. Hi Honey,
    Wow thanks for sharing your sustainable fishing ethics! My humans just stopped eating fish altogether :p You are so lucky to visit so many places!!! But… I have a question for you and your readers, it’s a bit personal but really important.
    I live in the countryside and we always go walking in fields or forests, so going to the potty is not an issue, but this summer we plan to go to the seaside, and my humans just can’t leave my poos on the beach!!!
    How do you do to deal with the situation? Dane poos are way to big to be carried around in plastic bags aren’t they?
    thanks for helping,

    • I carry a bag with me that has a shoulder strap whenever I walk my dogs. I fill it with plastic grocery bags for picking up the poop. My shoulder bag has an extra compartment in it where I keep the filled bags until I have the opportunity to throw them away. –pbcdallas.com

      • Alright, i see! Is the smell bareable? I saw some bags specially designed for dogs and i thought maybe she could carry her own poop, but then the other doggies might find it weird and try to get to it :p
        Well i don’t think we could do anything else really, so i’ll follow your advice!
        Thanks a lot!

        • Of course, I notice the smell when I put the poop into two layers of grocery bags. When I put the filled grocery bags into my shoulder bag, I don’t notice the smell any more. Depending on your nose’s sensitivity and the foulness of the poop, you might still notice the stench, but I don’t. –Jerry (www.pbcdallas.com)

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Indigo – My human doesn’t think Dane poos are too big to carry – I mean, all poos are nasty to carry around, whether they are big or not – and since it’s our humans’ responsibility to pick up our poo, then they just have to carry it – big or not! ;-) It’s tough luck, really.

      We are quite lucky in that most places/parks here have bins nearby so it’s usually fairly easy to find one to throw the poo away – so you don’t have to carry it too far. But sometimes, when my humans haven’t been able to find a bin, they have just carried my poo around in a bag, for the whole walk…yes, even up to 1hr sometimes! :P It’s not ideal but it can’t be helped – there isn’t really any excuse for leaving the poo there, just because it is big to carry. Sometimes what they do is if they know they are going to come back the same way, then they might leave the bag of poo behind a tree or something – do the walk – and then pick up the bag on the way back (but you must remember to pick it up! :P ) – and then take it back to the car. Yes, we have even carried it back in the car, back home, sometimes, if we cannot find a bin, because it is our responsibility to find a way to dispose of my poo.

      Having said that – on the beach, we have often met people who said that they just bury the poo into the sand – because after all, the poo is biodegradable and so it’s actually crazy to put it into a non-biodegradable plastic bag…better to just bury it and leave it to decompose naturally. BUT – I would only do this if we are on a very isolated beach that is not used by human pups – because otherwise it would be horrible for them to be digging in the sand and find dog poo! :-? Not nice and you might spread sickies around. So we would only do this if there is a corner of the beach, say behind a bush, where nobody is likely to go (especially human pups to play) and then we bury it really deep into the sand. But we would never do it in the middle of an open beach – it is rude & dangerous to other people using the beach. Otherwise, we pick it up and take it away.

      As for bags, my humans try to find biodegradable bags – at the moment, they’ve found a brand of small rubbish bags which come in a roll, which are degradable – so they usually tie a couple of those on my leash (you can usually see it in my pictures! ;-) ) – but I know alot of people use supermarket bags also. I suppose if you’re getting supermarket plastic bags anyway, then it’s a way to use them again and not waste them…although my humans try not to take any plastic bags in the supermarket – they use their own eco-bags every time when they go shopping.

      Hope this helps!

      Honey the Great Dane

      • Hi honey,
        Thanks for taking the time to answer! I know that doggy poo can be dangerous for human pups, a while back, the first time she came to the UK, my human saw a documentary where a little girl’s vision was very seriously damaged because she played with poo, that she found in a sandbox in a children play area, and rubbed her eyes with it! So she is definitely not going to burry it!!! My humans are going to take me to obedience class next september, and we have this crazy dream that (after much work) i would poo on command, we’ve seen doggies doing it before!!! That would solve the problem of having to carry a bag around :p
        Have a nice weekend!

      • Here in the U.S., most cities have laws requiring people to pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately, many people disregard the laws and refuse to pick up after their dogs. I always try to pick up after my dogs for several reasons: (1) It’s the law. (2) It’s the considerate thing to do. We should always do things for others that we would want them to do for us. (3) As a dog trainer and behavior specialist, I have to set the right example for others to follow. I make a big show of picking up after my dogs. As a result, several people (probably not dog owners) have come up to me and thanked me for pick up my dogs’ poop. (4) It reduces the spread of diseases and other sicknesses through contact with feces.

        I carry around a shoulder bag that is large enough for me to stash away several plastic grocery bags. It has an extra compartment where I put the used, filled bags that I can throw away later. –Jerry Patillo, CPDT-KA (www.pbcdallas.com)

  6. Roo says:

    Wow! Do you have a great fish market or what?! YUM! What kind of fish was on the beach with Honey? Looks very interesting :)

    Waggin at ya,

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Roo – we think that fish on the beach was a catfish, actually! It had the shape and those sorts of whiskers…it was actually dead already when I found it, and washed up on the beach…

      Honey the Great Dane

  7. My humans would have chosen the deep-fried platter too. I’m so happy that you and Muesli got to taste some!

    Love ya lots,

  8. The seafood market looks wonderful. The humans eat quite a bit of fish, and me and teka get leftovers once in a while, depending on what sauce was on the fishies. We like the baby octopus things too. Dad does not, so there are often leftovers! mmmmmm drooling just thinking about them.


  9. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Honey, how big that fish market is!! Wow, can’t believe!!
    Here in Croatia we really don’t have much choices on picking fish and meat that is eco-friendly and such, we don’t even have information regarding that in most stores, and in ones that do have those information it’s so much expensive to buy from. …. I’m a vegetarian for the last 10 years, but that’s my choice of living and eating and I don’t impose it to others, and still so many times people can be really negative about it and say so many rude things … We have small garden, so I know most of the time from where the food I eat comes from, but yes, it would be great to know you’re not a participant in destroying sea and land life in general – It’s such an important issue.

    Moderation is so important, I completely agree, so if you take care what you eat every day, on weekend or special celebration of course you can eat more or a bit unhealthy ;P … Way to go, Paul. It’s really a big change to see him infront of a plate with deep fried meal, and not yoghurt, fruits and oatmeal or something like that :)) … It seems you had really great time.

    In my case, because I have to go to work, my dogs stay home alone around 8,5 hours (it seems a long time, but they were getting used to it step by step) and I get up at 4:15 a.m. to walk with Mo for an hour and a half before work, and right after work again at least two hours so I think they’re missing a lot less then some other dogs who maybe even have somebody at home all the time …

    Take care,

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Mina – I think you’re wonderful to get up early just to make sure your dog has a walk before you go to work! I meet so many people who use work as an excuse not to walk their dogs…sometimes all week! I think it is really wrong to only walk your dog on the weekends…if you’re really that busy and can’t take them out at least every 2 days or so (Of course, ideally, every day) – then you really shouldn’t have a dog, in my opinion. It is just selfish and unfair to the poor dog. They need REGULAR exercise – and regular does not mean “once a week”!! :P

      Besides, I always meet lots of owners like you too who DO make the extra effort to walk their dogs every day (and esp give them a walk in the morning, before they are left alone all day) – and I always think: if these people can do it with their jobs, then other people have no excuse!!


      • Princeton (Angi's Boy) says:

        I wish we could get a walk every single day! I know my Humom does, too. But she has some sickies of the kinds that stay forever and make her hurty a lot and tired a lot. And my Daddy also has some forever sickies, not as bad, but still. So we get walks only a few times a week. But Lily and I (and Artos some days too) can always play and run in the back yard with each other. And we get clicker training games almost every day! Only once every week or two is Mommy so sick that we get hardly any training that day. Most days we at least get a bunch of training games in the house, and that’s just as tiring as a good long walk! Plus, we learn fun things, like spinning and twirling and sitting up and begging, and helpful things, like getting Mommy her slippers and picking up things from the floor so she doesn’t have to bend down so much. So we’re pretty happy here. And on the sicker days, I’m glad to be able to just lie near my mom and keep her company. It makes me happy and I know it makes her feel better, too!

  10. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Wow! That place looks amazing!

    Seafood is always best when it is fresh out of the water.

  11. Melanie & Grendel says:

    Hey Honey –

    Great post!! I’m so proud of you each time you speak up and remind people about things like sustainability, habitat loss, etc. Hsin-Yi has taught you well :-)

    I’m not a big fan of eating fish in general (I’ve never liked the taste beyond shrimp and crab fingers…) and the big, steamed platters of shrimp kind of freaked me out. So I was so glad to see that your humans got the yummy, artery-clogging platter :-) Now THAT I would eat! And I agree with you — the little octopus thingys are verrrrry good ;-)

    Hugs & Slobbers from Melanie & Grendel

  12. LOL at that last picture! The gigantic platter of fried fish looks so yummy! I would have headed straight for the lobster though. I also prefer local lake fish that we catch here, whitefish, lake perch, trout. Oh now I am hungry! :)

  13. Courtney says:

    I just love fish markets like that! I went to on in Bolton, UK – but I have no idea where the closest one to me is here, I’ve never seen one :( Probably on the east coast or something haha. Looks great! Every time we go out for Sushi here, I always bring something back for Jade as well ;)

  14. Jenny and Kadie says:

    Thanks for the info on the seafood!! I (Jenny) could live off of fish and shrimp!!! Would love to visit there someday!!! Kadies sends wags!!

  15. Kari says:

    Drool fish markets are very tasty places

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. Hi Honey and Hsin-Yi!

    Wow.. what a lucky find! I could eat fish all day, every day! My favorite is eel and my husband just makes this gagging noise because he thinks I was a fish-eating animal in my past life. The fried platter looks absolutely delicious! Im a big fan of the octopus calamari too :) The only thing we enjoy together are tuna fish sandwiches which we also make sure to buy the “dolphin safe” brands. Oh and we also enjoy eating the fish and chips that they sell at a local British pub but I think its just an excuse so that we don’t have to go eat sushi whenever I want fish.


    Val and Capone

  17. hahahahahah I like that last picture!
    I am shocked that Paul ate a plate (shared) of fried seafood! I thought Id scroll down and see him munching on steamed or grilled seafood. hahahah

  18. Hi Honey, yowza that seafood looks good. We haven’t tried any but mum is drooling just looking at the photos hehe. We envy your walks around places with so many sights and sounds. The last photo was hilarious. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. bubba says:

    wow that fried fish platter looks like night of the 7 fishes which mommy does every christmas eve. its very yummy.

    mommy also said its a good rule of thumb not to eat any fish thats bigger than your dinner plate. that way its not old enough to have accumulated all the PCBs and other heavy metals in the oceans. she thinks pretty soon we wont be eating much from the oceans because of the radiation from fukushima. actually mommy thinks we are all doomed anyway so we might as well eat all the cake we want.

    dancer the poodle was here for a few days and she had some easter lamb with me. it caused a major blowout as in poo shooting out of her butt all over mommy’s antique persian carpet. so we are getting the carpets cleaned. i guess dancer just wasnt used to fresh yummy succulent meat. i ate like a pig and didnt have any troubles at all. i guess i also have a cast iron tummy. and i seem to be gaining some weight finally. its really getting hot out here and i dont want to run around much either.



    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Bubba – your human’s “rule of thumb” about fish sizes is a great idea! We will remember that! :P

      • bubba says:

        yes mommy has college degrees in FOOD!!!!! she is kind of neurotic about it though. all the poisons and the way humans make their food. she has a big list of things we dont eat. thank goodness bread and butter is not on that list!!!!

        did you see my bread and butter video on facebook?



        • bighoneydog says:

          Hi Bubba – I’m really sorry, I haven’t had a chance to catch up with any friends yet this week! :-( Hsin-Yi is just crazy busy at the moment. I know you’ve put up a couple of videos on Facebook – I hope I’ll have time to check them out by the end of the week! Sorry – please bear with me!

          Honey the Great Dane

  20. Ares - the big slobber boy says:

    hi honey,

    my human, melanie, has been following your posts for a while now. she loves reading your stories and use a trick here or there to try and train me to be a good boy. oh, by the way, I’ma brindle great dane boy living in switzerland.
    so thank you for sharing with us!


    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Ares – thank you for your lovely comment and I’m so pleased you have come out of lurking to say hello!! :P Did you know – Hsin-Yi’s favourite colour of Dane, after fawn, is brindle? That is what she would like to get as her next puppy…but unfortunately, brindles are very rare here Down Under…and they are definitely not as beautiful as the ones in Europe! I’ll bet you’re a really handsome boy!! How exciting to have a friend in Switzerland!! My human always wanted to visit there…(Can I ask you a stupid question? What language do you speak in Switzerland?) :P

      Honey the Great Dane

      • Ares - the big slobber boy says:

        Oh my humans would totally agree that I’m a handsome boy! But you know I have my flaws ;-) — Oh you should definitely come visit Switzerland. I live right in the mountains, so we go hiking in summer and I LOVE to play in the snow in winter. My humans speak german but I was born in the french speaking part but I only woof in german now. there are places where the dogs woof even in italian and some other weird language called romansh.
        My humans went to your country in January this year and I stayed with a great dane friend of mine for that time. They said it was amazing down under and my human melanie would love to go live in New Zealand as she has live there for a bit more than a year when she was younger. But you know – I don’t really like to travel except by car. So I guess we’re staying here for a while :D


  21. Man, Honey! I didn’t realize dogs talked so much until I got involved with Facebook last year. And you Danes certainly seem to be a close-knit, talkative lot! Even my Lab, Lady, speaks her mind from time to time. I publish an email newsletter about 6 times a year, and Lady has her own feature article in each issue, called “Lady Speaks”. In it she claims she can train her canine friends how to train their humans. Hmmph! We’ll have to see about that. One thing that concerns me, though, is how much time she’s been spending lately on Facebook. It seems her German Shepherd Dog friends are up to no good. My Lady is such an innocent young girl! :)

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Jerry – my human has only got “into” Facebook recently too! ;-) But I have been talking to lots of doggie friends on my blog for 3yrs now. Oh yes, we have a whole secret life that you humans know nothing about! ;-)

      Honey the Great Dane

  22. Echo says:

    Hi Honey,

    The fried seafoods look so yummy !!!
    It makes me want to have a bite… but I’m never allowed in restaurants… :-(

    You look so small beside Hsin Yi’s giant head ! We looked at it twice before we realised how she did that !! Thank you, my human and I got a big laugh ! But not at you, you are the prettiest !

    Bisous baveux.

    Echo & Link

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Echo – I am so surprised to hear that you are not allowed in restaurants!! I always thought that France was the most dogfriendly place in the world and that doggies are allowed everywhere with their humans??

      Honey the Great Dane

      • Echo says:

        In fact, I think dogs are allowed in big, restaurant chains, but my human prefer to go in small, family and typical restaurant and there, the boss decides if he allowes dog or not.

        And these places are to small for a medium or big dogs like me or you.

        So mostly, we stay at home !

        Bisous baveux.


  23. Honey what a cool post this is! I watch some of those fishing shows on TV and always wonder who makes sure they don’t catch too many fish?

    Also did you know that my humans went to the Monterrey Aquarium this last year? They stayed in Monterrey for a few days and mom just had to go see the aquarium. It was really cool!

    Boxer snuggles

    • bighoneydog says:

      Ooh, Bella – my humans love visiting aquariums too! They have been to quite a few now – one of the best ones was the big aquarium in Boston! :P

      Honey the Great Dane

  24. Roo says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the fish on the beach! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  25. LOL! Honey, I don’t think Hsin-Yi’s head has gotten that big yet lol. :D

    I’m not really big on fish and seafood, so I don’t think I would enjoy a visit there much, but I’m glad you guys had fun and enjoyed the food. It looked absolutely . . . icky to me LOL!!!

  26. Angi says:

    But do they THROW the fish, like they do at the Pike Place Market in Seattle? That’s one of the big tourist things to see here! There’s a fish store right in the corner of the market, and if you stand outside it you can watch them. Whenever somebody orders a fish that needs to come from the back of the store, the guy in back calls out “FISH!” and then THROWS the fish out to the front of the store! The guy out front has to catch it and then wrap it up for the customer. I guess it’s faster than just carrying the fish out. When they’re really busy, they have several guys throwing fish back and forth and the fish really fly!

  27. *Haa! Haa! Haa!* That last photo was hilarious, our human was laughing so much – she can be quite simple minded at times and thinks the most simple thing are super funny….you’ll tell her a great complicated joke and she’ll stare blankly at you because she didn’t get it…*sigh*

    Our human really likes fish and makes sure she alwasy gets ocean-friendly stuff – she watched a documentary on it once and has been doing it ever since!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  28. great information sydney fish market.it is good option sydney people too buy fresh fishes.

  29. Oh, so unfair that a well-behaved doggie like you gets to miss out on the fish market. But at least your humans still saved you some yummies. I can’t believe there is photographic evidence of Paul eating something deep-fried, even if it is healthy seafood.

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