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A Muffin, A Coconut and Two Wrinkly, New Friends!

Well, I was hoping to have a big post telling you all about my human’s recent adventures in Taiwan but Hsin-Yi has been too busy so she hasn’t found the time to help me do it yet. So I’m just going to have to tell you about some other new adventures I’ve been having since Hsin-Yi came back. Oh, I’ve been keeping busy! 😛

Well, first of all, I got very excited the other day when we were out for our daily walk because I found a Weird Ball! Now, you know how much I love balls and the best kind are the ones you find when just out walking…it’s like finding treasure! So I was really excited when I saw this one..

…it really was a bit weird, though. Well, first of all, it wasn’t really round…and it had a strange, rough, hairy outside…and it was really heavy…and it had a big hole in it as well!

I pounced on it and grabbed it and batted it around with my paws. It could still roll around quite well so it was still a pretty good ball, even if it was a bit weird! Then I rushed over to show Hsin-Yi…

…oh, but Hsin-Yi told me it wasn’t a ball at all! She said it was an old, empty Coconut! She explained that a Coconut was a type of yummy that fell from big, tall trees and they have a lovely sweet juice inside. Hmm, now that she mentioned it, I could definitely smell a yummy, sweet smell coming out of that hole…maybe there might still be something left inside? I lay down and tried to lick through the hole but my tongue was too big and wouldn’t fit in! :-(

Anyway, I still loved my Coconut-Ball and when we continued on our walk, I decided to take it with me! 😛 Hsin-Yi thought I was crazy and said it was a big, heavy stupid thing to lug around with us but I ignored her. I mean, I’m not asking her to carry it, am I?

So I carried it around the park with us for the whole rest of the walk, wagging my tail as I went….but when we got back to our car machine, oh – Meanie Hsin-Yi wouldn’t let me take it home with us!! 👿 She said she didn’t want some Disgusting, Stinky Old Coconut in our house…oh, I was so grumpy with her! I thought it would look really good next to my bed in the living room…but she made me leave it by the side of the road. Humph! 👿

I was so mad at her, I didn’t talk to her for 2 days. But then I decided to forgive her because she took me out for a wonderful surprise one morning! Well, actually it was because Paul suddenly got a day off that he wasn’t expecting and it was such a special treat, having Paul with us, in the middle of the week – that we decided to go out for breakfast!

See, usually my humans don’t like to take me out to brunch on weekends because there are always LOADS of people and they keep coming up to our table, asking to pat me and asking questions about me and human pups run up to me suddenly and other doggies aren’t controlled by their owners and also run up to my face…so it’s very stressy for Hsin-Yi coz she has to “supervise” all the time and can’t really relax to enjoy her breakfast. We never get left in peace. If people aren’t coming up, they’re hovering around talking about me and pointing and taking pictures of me.

Of course, I am very well-socialised and don’t mind the attention much – but Hsin-Yi thinks it’s a bit unfair for me to have to cope with so many strangers and lie still and be on my best behaviour for hours, especially coz some humans don’t know the right way to behave around doggies! (And you know how BIG doggies always get blamed for everything! :roll: ). And especially now that I’m a “senior doggie”, she doesn’t want to “force” me to put up with too much and maybe make me get cranky. Sometimes she says she wishes we had Harry Potter’s ‘invisitbity cloak‘ for me – so that we could go out to cafes but nobody could see me! 😉

Anyway, so that’s why we don’t usually go out to brunch on weekends, even though my humans love taking me to cafes. But this time, it was the middle of the week so when we arrived at Savichees Cafe in Pyrmont, it was so lovely and empty, with only a few other people there.

They are really dogfriendly too – with bowls of water specially out for doggies – and the waiters all come over to make a fuss of me. 😀 Best of all, it passes the Bighoneydog Cafe Test because there is loads of space around the tables for me to stretch out and not worry about being too close to people (or doggies!) at other tables. Oooh, and guess what? I got the same yummy I had last time…a whole strawberry & ricotta muffin…all for me!! 😀

Mm…yumm…it was Very Good! And Hsin-Yi gave me part of her Bacon & Egg Roll too, so I definitely decided to forgive her for the Coconut Incident! 😉

After brunch, we had a lovely walk around Pyrmont – the sun was sparkling on the water and everything looked so pretty! It’s the end of winter now , here in Australia, and the weather is still cool enough for me to enjoy my walks, even when it’s sunny – the air is still nice and cool. We’re trying to do lots of daytime walks now because soon it’s going to be Spring and then it will get hot again and I won’t be able to enjoy these kinds of walks anymore…

Oh, and finally – I must tell you about the new friends I made today! Well, you know how hard I find it to make doggie friends because most doggies I meet Freak Out and either get Stupid Scared of me, squealing and cringing before I’ve come anywhere near them, and making their humans give me dirty looks – or Psycho Grumpy, lunging at me and making nasty faces at me and calling me names…and if I try to defend myself or make them leave me alone, I always get blamed coz I’m the BIGGER doggie! :-(

So after many bad experiences, Hsin-Yi has become very anti-social when we go to the park and she’s really “selective” now about which doggies she’ll let me meet. We have tried to make some friends – and I have met a few nice doggies, like Banjo the Aussie Shepherd – but most of the time, we’re disappointed.

So today we were really happy to meet 2 doggies that were confident and sociable and friendly! They were 2 Sharpeis – a boy called Fudge and a girl called Pepper. They ran up to us as me & Hsin-Yi were doing some dance practice in the park – and introduced themselves! (Hsin-Yi was just using her mobile phone machine so she didn’t get very good photos)

They were both still really young – about 10 months old – so they were full of energy and really wanted to PLAY! 😀 I did run around with them for a bit but whew, I couldn’t really keep up! Hsin-Yi was making rude comments about me being an “old” doggie and “the spirit’s willing but the body can’t keep up…” – humph! Does she realise I’m like about 65 years old in human years? I’d like to see HER gallop around with youngsters when she’s 65!!

Well, you can see for yourself – here’s a little movie Hsin-Yi got on her mobile phone machine of us playing…what do you think? Don’t you think I held my own pretty well?


If the movie doesn’t play, try here: http://youtu.be/4g8JclF42F0


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21 Responses to A Muffin, A Coconut and Two Wrinkly, New Friends!

  1. parlance says:

    Honey, only a big girl like you would be able to carry around a coconut!

    I’m glad you had such nice adventures after you had your treasure taken from you.

  2. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Oh, so sorry to hear you had to leave your favorite ball EVER behind :( Maybe you’ll find another one just like it someday. But, looks like your mom made it up to you by taking you out for yummies!

  3. Nightshade says:

    Hey Honey,

    Seems like you had a fantastic time!
    I think that many Great Danes and their humans have the same problem, though. Everyone is talking about “that big dog”, and wants to pet the dog or talk to its humans.
    People with children are usually very careless about letting them come up to the dog; not that Danes are unfriendly, in fact lucky for those people, most Danes are quite friendly. And don’t get me started n people with small dogs… Killian has gotten such a scare of little dogs when he was little, that he’s still afraid of them now. We hope it’ll pass as he gets older. Not that he reacts aggressive to little dogs, he justs panics and wants to run away (he really is such a sissy!!)

    We are lucky to be able to take Killian (and his Great Dane friends)to the restaurant of the person we got Killian from. He doesn’t only breed dogs, but also owns a restaurant and Great Danes (other dogs as well of course) and their humans are very welcome there. People don’t look so strange at us there, cause most of them are already used to seeing Great Danes there, since lots of the people who buy a pup from the owner of the place, regularly stop buy with their dogs.

    In fact, we’ve just been there yesterday evening with a couple of friends of ours (and Killian). You can see the pics on our blog. Today Killian is really sleeping from playing with his friends and all the impressions from last night’s restaurant visit.

    & a slobbery kiss from Killian

  4. Ha! We truly think you should get to keep whatever you find on walkies, but we know it doesn’t work that way! OOOH! Yucky! Disgusting! DROP it! Right?? Dad is better than muzzer about this, but it doesn’t matter, because we are not allowed to bring it into the house. Sorry you have that problem too, but very glad we are not alone.

    Gus and Teka

  5. What nice friends! and the brunch looked yummy. You sure are lucky to be able to take part in all of these wonderful experiences!

    Drools and licks,
    MInnie, Mack and foster Mario

  6. Lassiter Chase & Benjamin says:

    Wow a coconut! Too bad Hsin-Yi has a heart of stone and wouldn’t let you keep your new favorite coconut ball!

  7. Sam says:

    Maybe Hsin-Yi would let you have a new coconut?


  8. echo says:

    Hi Honey,
    The coconut looks awewome ! Sorry, we’ve been away for a while, our humans are crazy busy and we are too, supervising the packing ^^

    You’re lucky to go on breakfast with your humans we never do. Plus I have a sensible stomack like you said. Yesterday I stole a peach and this morning I was soooo sick…

    I hope I’ll make some new friends when we move in our new house !

    Bisous baveux.


    Pee-ess : we send the parcel yesterday (sorry we are late)

  9. Kari says:

    TOri plays the same way, bursts of speed

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Hi Honey, we loved your funny ball you found. Maybe Hsin-Yi will buy you one of your own that isn’t so stinky. Your new friends looked fab. We met two new friends the other day too, two Schnauzers and even though they were small they loved Rory and he loved them. We loved your video too. Take care and have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Hi Honey,
    I think you did great with TWO youngsters! You showed them you can run, but choose not too ;).
    And the Coconut ball, how could Hsin-Yi be so nasty!! After all, you carried it all the way on walk, and she only had to put it in the car … Luckily, she made it up by taking you to caffee, but still … Very bad, Hsin-Yi.

    Well, I was meaning to ask you on fb when I saw the picture, but forgot, but still maybe now I could ask as well …
    You see, it doesn’t happen much, but sometimes I also take my dog, Mo, to cafe and she is usual quite polite and just lies down (just to say we were on holiday on Croatian coast, and once we set in a cafe – group of 4 people and 6 dogs (2 german hunting terriers, belgian shepherd groenendael, golden retriever, labrador cross and doberman 😀 and they were all behaving at their best and were such a pleasure to see)) … But, the thing is, I don’t let anybody pet her when we’re in a place like that. Because I’m not sure how will she react. She is scared of people still when they are pushing contact, like trying to touch her, leaning forward to her and just approaching in a “dog-unfriendly” way, and when she has an option (like moving back or move away) or when we’re out walking in nature and so, then is ok, but in a cafe, she is even more scared and I just don’t want to risk that she bites somebody out of fear, or just even growls on somebody (she never bit someone!) so if someone comes near us and ask to pet her, I say no … My question would be, should I push her, Mo, into contact with people or still keep the distance? Of course, when we’re out there walking, and maybe sit on the bench or something, and somebody comes near her and wants to pet her, I talk to them, and say that she doesn’t trust people and doesn’t like to be touch much, and I just talk with them and we are both kneeling, I give them treats or just say them to reach out their hand to her slightly, and she will come to them … And she does, and she sniffs them and let them pet her. But at the cafe it’s all too busy and to much people and strange place and I don’t want to put at first my dog in danger, and of course strangers that come to us, especially because someones can be so annoying and ignorant with dogs …
    To me, I see it as very important issue but which I can’t rush, because it can trigger counter effect, so we take it very slowly, but building good experiences and positive association around good people. What do you think?

    p.s. Sorry for the mistakes, I see them now but can’t change them because these form doesn’t let me go up …


  12. We’re glad you told us that was a coconut in your mouth because we never would have guessed, Honey. It’s huge! Bummer that you didn’t get to take it home with you.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Mango says:

    Miss Honey,
    I like your new friends. They know how to play without all getting into your face. I can see that you are not as bouncy as you used to be. That’s OK. None of us are.

    Now then, as for the coconut. I do not understand mean Hsin-Yi at all. Why indeed could you not bring it home to keep by your bed?


  14. Badger the Deerhound says:

    Fudge and Pepper? Sounds to me like their owner wasn’t nearly as careful in pairing up names like your humans were putting Honey together with Lemon and then with Muesli. Or did you get a story about those odd names? (I suppose it’s just that one is black and one is chocolate coloured?). Anyway, your coconut tale reminds me of a thing around our part of the world that also looks (at first) like a ball — it’s called an Osage Orange or a Hedgeapple, and it’s the size and green color of a tennis ball, with a nubbly texture. Around this time of year, THOUSANDS of them fall from the trees,so at first it looks like doggie heaven — all those free tennis balls out there for the taking. They even bounce when you throw them if they aren’t too ripe. But — oooooh — if your tooth goes into one and you get a taste of the goo inside! YUCK!!! Awful! So my human tries to keep me and the other dogs from picking them up. And every year, we totally forget how awful they taste. You’d think we would learn.

  15. Melanie & Grendel says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful day at Pyrmont! The pic of you slurping down the muffins is priceless!!

    But you’re right about the coconut incident — Hsin-Yi should have let you keep it. I mean, she already lives with Dane drool in her house and car….what’s a little coconut funk gonna matter?? Another thing about coconuts…Grendel’s breeder freaked us out by telling us how his dad could crack coconuts with his teeth. We gave on to Grendel once, but he didn’t make much headway with it. You should try it sometime….you’ve always struck me as much more motivated thaan Grins.:-)

  16. sprinkles says:

    I’ve never seen a white coconut shell like that! The only ones I’ve seen are brown on the outside and a little hairy. I’m sorry Hsin-Yi didn’t let you take it home.

  17. Melinda says:

    I am glad to hear you were only pouting 2 days, it seems pouting is a Great Dane trait not often mentioned.

    I wish my camera photos were as good as Hsin-Yi’s phone photos, I would be happy.

  18. jet says:

    Oh Honey, Bender and Barbie met a Boxer doggie up in Exmouth who always had coconuts to play with. Bender loved them and thought they were great balls, but the Boxer doggie didn’t like him stealing them all the time. Bender likes to throw his balls at you as well, which is not as fun when you get a big, heavy coconut thrown into your shins!!!

  19. Oh Honey! I’m so glad you got to play with some Shar Peis! I hope you get to play with them again.
    Sending Ear Scratches and Nose Kisses
    Pei In The Life

  20. Radha says:

    Oh, you’re muffin looked so yummy. Sadly, we don’t have a lot of pet friendly hotels or cafes in India. :(
    And it’s nice to know that you’ve been making new friends, Honey. :)

  21. Yay new friends!!

    Awww! Tell Hsin-Yi that you need the Coconut Ball back! Does she not realize you were multi-tasking? Walking and carrying at the same time? She had the perfect training ball LOL!!!! I bet she can’t argue with that. ;D

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