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Goodbye, Big Awful Head Ouchie & Pushy Eyeball…Hello, Gorgeous Yummies & Fun at the Sydney Opera House!

Me sunbathing in the garden yesterday…

Hi everybody! I’m back and I’m feeling great! No more Big Awful Head Ouchie making me feel wobbly and pukey and no more Big Pushy Eyeball into my head, feeling like it’s going to explode – it’s all nice & normal now! :D

Well, I sort of can’t see much on one side of my face – like everything is blurry on that side and I can only see light and dark bits – but that’s OK. I can still find my way around fine and if I turn my head, then I can see everything clearly with my other eye! :P

So don’t worry about me – I’m just learning to walk a bit more carefully sometimes – but hey, I can still run and grab my stuffie when my humans come home and I can turn around in tight spaces and walk backwards and go up & down stairs and get into the car machine and all the things I used to do, with no problems! In fact, this morning I surprised my human, Hsin-Yi, by galloping out the door and down the side of the house, to our backyard – I was so excited for my breakfast! Hee! Hee!

So don’t anybody make insulting comments (like someone did in my last post!) suggesting that I should just be a pathetic old doggie now who needs to spend my life taking “na-na naps” and being an Invalid Doggie! Humph! :evil: I heard that there is a special event happening at the moment called The Paralympics which is all about celebrating those like me who have a “disability” – and look at all the amazing things they can do! Well, I can too, still, as long as people just treat me like a normal doggie and let me still have adventures and have fun!  I’m still the Big Honey Dog! (just with one blurry eye, OK? ;-) )

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Michelle’s visit. Oh, in case you don’t know, Michelle is my friend, Bodie the Border Terrier‘s human.  Bodie was also my little dancing partner back in NZ.

I used to see Michelle & Bodie every week when we were in my dancing club back in Auckland. Michelle used to dance with me by herself too sometimes and we always had lots of fun – well, except that one time when I tried to High-Five her and I whacked her in the chest instead and nearly knocked her to the ground! ;-)

Me & Bodie did this really cute Pairs Dance Routine together to the song, Mercy by Duffy – I found this old video of us rehearsing, which I hadn’t put up before…this was when we were still just working on the choreography and practising putting it together.(don’t you think the bit where we swap humans in the middle of the dance is really cool? ;-) )

We only had a month to put this routine together so it was a big rush and neither of us had ever danced in a duet with another doggie before. It was my last performance in NZ so we really wanted it to be good! And since neither me nor Bodie are – ahem, “reliable” doggies  (well, we’re not Border Collies, you know! ;-) ) – our humans were really nervous about whether we would “step up” on the day of the performance…but we totally did! We wowed the crowd! :P

Hope you enjoy the movie!


If it doesn’t play, try here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPIYUDHud5U

Anyway, poor Michelle! She’d barely got here and the first morning after she arrived, I got my Awful Head Ouchie & Pushy Eyeball – so she ended up spending most of her “holiday” in Sydney rushing around from one emergency vet hospital to another with me & Hsin-Yi…or doing stressy waiting at home with Hsin-Yi, for news about me….she was so good about helping Hsn-Yi lots but it was so unfair to her! :-(

But thank goodness, there was that first afternoon on the day that Michelle arrived, before everything went wrong – and my humans did manage to take Michelle out to have some fun! Well, first they went out to have lunch in a lovely placed called The Winery, in a part of Sydney called Surrey Hills, full of beautiful people wearing weird trendy clothes. They have gorgeous yummies at that restaurant – look what the table next to my humans were eating!

My humans almost wanted to order the same thing (although Hsin-Yi thought it looked too beautiful to eat!) – but then they both decided to have the ‘Steak Frites‘ instead. Oh la la! It was GOOD!

Michelle had the Wagyu Steak Burger, which was super yummy too…

…and they shared some Onion Rings and a Mint, Pea & Fetta Salad…

Hsin-Yi & Michelle said the onion rings were the best they ever tasted! Am quite grumpy that my humans didn’t bring any home for me but Hsin-Yi says onions are poisonous to doggies so I wouldn’t have been allowed to have any anyway! Humph! Well, she could have brought me back a little piece of steak, couldn’t she? That was such a huge piece – Hsin-Yi is such a total pig!! :evil:

Well, to be fair, my humans were taking Michelle somewhere special after lunch so they probably couldn’t carry around bits of smelly yummies anyway…they were going to visit the Sydney Opera House!

I’m really jealous that I didn’t get to go too – although Hsin-Yi says doggies aren’t allowed inside the Opera House and she isn’t even sure if doggies are allowed on the waterfront area around the Opera House outside…anyway, it’s REALLY crowded there, with loads of Tourist Humans and local families…look at all the people in the picture above!

There’s a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge too, from the waterfront by the Opera House…

But actually, thank goodness I wasn’t there after all because – oh, it’s so embarrassing!…can you believe this picture of Hsin-Yi & Michelle?  What were they thinking?? They were just setting off on the Opera House tour and Paul says they got a bit - ahem – carried away with the headphones… :roll:

My humans said the 1 hour tour was very interesting so if any of your humans reading this are in Sydney, they might like to do it too! It was all about how the Sydney Opera House was made and they take you to see the beautiful concert halls inside – and you know what’s cool? It was a Dane who designed it!! :D Well, OK, a human Dane – an Architect Human from Denmark, called Jorn Utzon, who won the worldwide design contest for the Sydney Opera House and came up with something that nobody had ever seen or imagined before…

After that, they came home and we had a nice evening all together, eating Takeaway Yummies (although again, I didn’t get any because it was Thai yummies and Hsin-Yi said that is too spicy for me! Humph!) – it was great fun having a guest in our house!

…oh, and Muesli surprised everybody because you know how she is such a Scaredy-Cat and she runs away if she even sees any stranger walking past our house, through the front windows? Well, whenever anybody comes to our house, even just to the door, like the Courier Humans, Muesli always scurries away and dives under the futon in the study to hide – she’ll stay there for hours sometimes! Even when my friend Carmel came over for tea, Muesli wouldn’t come out to say hello.

So we all thought that Muesli would probably spend the whole time that Michelle was visiting under that futon – hee! hee! – but actually, just 10mins after Michelle arrived, Muesli sauntered into the living room to check her out! We were all so shocked! She had never come out like that to check out a stranger before!

Muesli really liked Michelle – the first night, Michelle woke up to find Muesli in her bed, playing with her toes!! And she would climb into Michelle’s lap all the time and follow her around and talk to her and touch noses with her…wow, I guess Michelle must have a “magic touch”! ;-)

After Hsin-Yi & Michelle brought me back from hospital, there was still one afternoon left before Michelle had to go back to NZ. So after they stayed with me a bit and made sure I was comfy (I just went straight to my bed and crashed out! :D) – Hsin-Yi told Michelle that they had to stop feeling stressy and go out to do something fun, so that her holiday wasn’t completely wasted! It was so sad ‘coz Hsin-Yi had planned loads of fun stuff to do with Michelle, like take her to see the Sydney Aquarium and the Chinese Gardens and Darling Harbour…and now all those plans were ruined! But there was still a little bit of time left…

So they went out for a mooch around the famous, beautiful old shopping mall called the QVB

Yes, Hsin-Yi took Michelle to see that shop with the creepy sleeping “Petz” that breathed!

…and they went to Wagamama for some yummies…

…and to San Churro for some yummies…

…and the morning before Michelle left, they went to a cafe near us for some more yummies! (Triple Chocolate Fudge Platter, with ice-cream, blackberries & raspberries, to share)

Well, Hsin-Yi said that she might not have been able to take Michelle to see a lot of Sydney but at least she could make sure that Michelle ATE a lot of Sydney! :lol:


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45 Responses to Goodbye, Big Awful Head Ouchie & Pushy Eyeball…Hello, Gorgeous Yummies & Fun at the Sydney Opera House!

  1. Bernard Yeo says:

    Glad to have you back on line Honey girl. It’s really great to know that you are doing well and taking everything in your stride as you always do. In an ideal world you’d be able to accompany your humans to everywhere they go but you always make the best of every situation. In short .. that’s inspiring :) Lots of cuddles and little schnauzer kissies from all of us.

    Bernard and Chris and our furkids … Scott, Charity & Mercy

  2. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Michelle is a good friend (obviously, since Muesli gave her approval). Glad she ate well why she was there. Good food can do wonders for curing a bit of stress.

    Honey, I’m so happy that you are back to being your sweet, sometimes goofy, self.

  3. Charlotte :) says:

    I am so glad you are happy and your tail is wagging again! Woo!!!!

  4. Mango says:

    Miss Honey,
    I loved seeing that dance movie of you. I did notice your Hsin-Yi slap your bottom in the beginning. How undignified, but you ignored her which is only right. Reminds me that I need to work on a routine. It is so invigorating.

    Glad that your owie eyeball is better now.


  5. Lilli says:

    It’s such nice to hear you are ok now :) That eye thing is nasty thing, my partner’s best friend when he was a little (his brother’s Norwegian Elkhound named Rudolf) passed away because of it :/ And he suffered a long time before it was even noticed. He acted weirdly but they thought he was just old but when his eye started to change colour they started to think something was wrong. And then it was too late :( Poor thing, the headaches must have been terrible for him and you!!

    Luckily Michelle was there to help you and Hsin-Yi, although it is a shame the holiday didn’t went as planned. But looks like they eat a lot of yummies (what are those long things in the picture with strawberries and maybe a chocolate dip?).

    Just be yourself Honey and enjoy the life :) Like my sister says: It’s better to regret the things you do instead of regret the things you didn’t do. And I think that’s a really good advice :)


  6. anagha says:

    That is great dear Honey. You are always the Big Honey Dog..

  7. Molly,Taffy,Monty,Winnie says:

    Hi Honey

    We are so happy you are feeling much much better. What a relief all the bad times are over for you.

    Thank you for the very interesting photo trip around Sidney, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  8. Holly & Sam says:

    Honey….I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling like yourself again. That makes me very happy! Keep having fun and don’t forget to have lots of yummy doggie treats!

  9. Lassiter Chase & Benjamin says:

    Hi Honey! Glad you are feeling better. We enjoyed watching your dance video. All those yummies are making us hungry. We are glad Michelle was there to help you and comfort Hsin-Yi. She sounds like a really great friend!

  10. Nightshade says:

    So happy to read your new blog post, Honey! Seems like your coping just fine! And of course you can still do anything you want to do. Some things will need to be handled a little different maybe, but you’ll do just fine I’m sure!

    Lovely pictures of Michelle staying at your house. A little bit of a shame that you got ill during her stay, but on the other hand; I’m sure she won’t have minded and for Hsin-Yi it must have been nice that there was someone around to help and support her, while Paul was at work.

    Big hug,
    & slobbery kiss from Killian!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Killian – thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog and on FB as always! I just wanted to tell you that I have been trying to leave comments on your blog but I just can’t seem to for some reason! :-( EVerytime after I put in those letters and click on the “submit” button, the page just refreshes and gives me a new bunch of letters (and what is that tiny box at the bottom? I’ve tried ticking it and not ticking it but it doesn’t make a difference. I can’t understand what it’s for) – but anyway, my comment just won’t submit. So I’m so sorry but I can’t seem to leave comments for you. Please tell Esme happy birthday from me!

      Honey the Great Dane

  11. Melanie & Grendel says:

    It’s so good to hear from you again, Honey!!! And it’s great that you’re back to feeling like your old self :-).

    Now I’ve got to wander off and find something to clean the drool off my keyboard. Really, you shouldn’t post pics of yummies like that without warning a person! I don’t feel so bad about Michelle’s visit now ’cause she definitely ate well while she was there ;-).

  12. Sam says:

    Your dancing video is awesome! Michelle is an awesome friend! …and you know, it will just mean she will have to come back to visit again!


  13. Your video with Bodie is terrific, Honey! Could you hear our applause?
    Hsin-Yi and Michelle sure did eat the bestest foods!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Indigo says:

    Hey Honey! We are so happy to learn that the bad ouchies are gone! We were very scared and were very upset too cause we felt like doing something to help and couldn’t think of anything! In the end we sent plenty of positive energy, and combined with everyone else’s it looks like it worked!!!
    We also sent a lot of positive energy to Hsin-Yi who really had a very emotional few months, and we hope she is well, and that Paul is alright too and not too stressed! After all, humans have to be careful with their own stress level cause it can bring ouchies for them too!
    On a more positive note i think you will be happy to know that my humans are going to court tomorrow, against my human connor’s mother for all the bad that she’s done! (including, and we’re all so happy about that, bad breeding practice that led to dog fights and the consequences this had on her kids). We’ll keep you posted on the outcome, although we think we might have to go to court several times.
    Lots of love,
    Indigo the Great Dane

  15. Felix (Gabriele Gottwald) says:

    Hi Honey,
    I am very impressed on you and your humans work. My human trys to make me dance like you, but I habe other works to do: taking care of the surroundings because I am a guard dog ;-)
    I want to invite you to my training-lessons. My trainer especially works with disabled and with old dogs and humans. So, when you visit Germany, join us.
    Lots of love,
    P.S: Felix, the “big” guarding dog is a really big (and great) Chihuahua, I always say, he is a bonsai-giant ;-), Gabriele, the human of Felix

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Felix – thanks for your lovely comment! You sound like a big scary doggie – ha! ha! I would love to join you in your training lessons – it is just such a shame that I live on the other side of the world! :-)

      Honey the Great Dane

  16. Wow, Honey!!! I love all these pictures, and am so happy Hsin-Yi enjoyed some fun with her friend. I know she’s been worried about you. You look great, Sweetie! And, no! You’re not ready for day long naps. My old girl, Madam Lasagna, was diabetic and partially blind in her dotage, but still played toss and chase the cats. I love seeing beautiful you, even a bit wobbly! Hugs to you, Museli, Hsin-Yi, and Paul.


  17. Cindy says:

    So glad to hear Honey is feeling better. I think this all happened when Michelle was there to help for a reason. You are lucky to have such a good friend who would not complain about helping you care for your sick dog even during her holiday.


  18. Nicki says:

    After reading that blog post with all the pretty,yummy looking foods I can sure understand how upset you get when they come home smelling and talking about the food they didn’t bring home to you.

    I am glad Michelle got to have some fun but more glad she was there to help Hsin-Yi deal with the health crisis. I am really glad you are doing better!


  19. Dorothy S in Michigan says:

    I just opened my dictionary and looked up darling. It had a picture of Bodie!

    I’m glad you had a little sightseeing with Michelle in spite of everything. I think Muesli had the most fun of all!

    I’m glad Honey is doing well.

  20. Mason says:

    BOL! Look at that photo of the humans!! BOL!!!

    How dare someone say you should be an invalid?!


  21. Badger the Deerhound says:

    SO glad you’re feeling better! You look tip-top, too!! My human has loved and re-watched the Honey/Bodie Pairs routine a million times so you can imagine how excited she was to have a NEW movie about it! Don’t you wish Bodie could have come for a visit with Michelle? But it’s nice she got to visit. Oh, and about those creepy-looking stuffed “pets,” we have an interesting story about those you can appreciate, Honey. A competitor at the most recent Canine Musical Freestyle trials we attended (where we got our Novice TITLE!!)used four of those stuffed dogs in her routine; they were lined up like they were in an obedience-trial “sits and downs” exercise, and her dog was supposed to be “annoying” them in the dance (it was to a song called “Little Town Flirt” and her dog was “flirting” trying to get those fake dogs to “break” their stays). Cute concept, eh? But if Hsin-yi had been there, I know she would have agreed with my human that those stuffed doggies were just TOO CREEPY for the routine to be entertaining! Anyway, hope you continue to feel more and more better!!

  22. sprinkles says:

    I’ve always wondered if the Sydney Opera House was as beautiful inside as it is outside and it appears to be!

    So glad you’re feeling better, Honey! And just because you have a disability now doesn’t mean you can’t still live a full life.

    I remember Bodie! I’m sure Michelle was understanding of the situation, and hopefully she’ll get to come back and see you another time for a proper visit.

  23. Dear Honey,
    I love you and am so glad that you are feeling better. You look great! We watched the video of you and Bodie. Soooooooo talented! My favourite part is in the middle where you change partners. So clever! Cathy, my human, wants us to start dancing so we are working on some of the bits that would work in the dances (like down/stay- while C. walks around me or passes her leg over me; down/come/down; twist & turn; down while C. walks a long way away etc. etc.)… now we need to find some nice music! I am only 6 months old so I hope we have lots of time to work on this and make it as good as you do!
    With lots of love and nibbles

  24. Just because you are blind doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I have a doggie friend who is blind in both eyes and we still run and romp around together and have all the fun that other doggies do. So being blind in one eye is nothing. It took some getting use to for my doggie friend but now he has some new habits that help him cope. You will be fine Honey and all it takes is a little getting use to.

    On the bright side its like you live in a new world. Now you get to go out on your usual walks and it will be slightly unfamiliar. Just think of the perspective having one eye gives you on life. Keep your head up Honey I bet you will start using sounds more to help you get around.

    Wishing you many new adventures,

    Maxine and Rocco

  25. Marjie says:

    I’m so glad you got to spend some time with Michelle, and it was really good for Hsin-Yi that Michelle was there to keep her calm while waiting for news about you. Most of all, I’m glad you’re adapting to diminished eyesight! Lots of humans get glaucoma, and Sissy the Basset Hound in Virginia (Chan Knits – she always comments on my bloggy, you can find her that way) has the same problem. She’s doing well, too, so I have all confidence that you’ll keep doing fine!

  26. jet says:

    All that food! Actually I was watching a documentary about the Opera House the other day and they said the designer never saw it finished! Apparently there were huge cost blowouts whilst building, and he went back to Europe, never to return to see his masterpiece :P

  27. Kari says:

    That food looks awesome

    Stop on by for a visit

  28. Marmalade says:

    Oh Honey, it is fabulous to hear from you!
    I am so glad that Hsin-Yi had Michelle visiting during your ordeal. Friends like Michelle are so special & I am sure she was glad she was there with you & your humans during that dreadful week of head ouchies.

    Leans & slobber,

  29. Janne & Ais says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news! Our human mom nevertheless leaves you in her healing circle for a while. Cannot be wrong.
    And, grrr, all these things on the table of the HUMANS… Without words! You have our pity! But to be honest – although we never would admit it – our humans know, what is good for us and what is bad. Isn’t it so? But we understand, that you are upset!

  30. Blue-Sea says:

    Hey Honey, so nice to know you r doing well. I can’t believe though that someone would leave such a nasty comment for you. Good for you to not heed them. You take care.

    Lots of love,
    Mom and I

    • bighoneydog says:

      Well, it wasn’t really a “nasty” comment – just someone telling my humans to “please don’t stress me and make me do dancing and training anymore” coz I am old now and “should be entitled to be left alone to rest in peace”…which I found very insulting! And I think a lot of old humans would too! :evil: We may be old but we still have our brains and we can still do fun stuff – not just sitting here, waiting for Death!! :evil:

      Honey the Great Dane

  31. BODIE says:

    Hi Honey
    Mum (Michelle) was just super pleased she was there with you all through such a stressy time and she thinks you are amazing for putting up with so much pain and prodding for hours before you got any serious fixing. She loves you very much and knows that you will take your new “pirate” status in your usual equanable (is there such a word I don’t know I’m just a border terrier) stride!! Love n fancy dance moves from the Bodester.

  32. I just saw a part of the paralympics yesterday while were moving in and I was so impressed! I saw them playing tennis and I have to admit, I never thought about people playing tennis in wheel chairs before. So impressive!
    All of Hsin-Yi and Michelle’s food pictures are making me so hungry!

  33. So good to know you’re handling your eye problem ok, Honey. And a big thanks to Hsin-Yi for keeping us updated while you were recuperating!

    Michelle sounds like a very nice lady and you’re lucky she was around when you needed her. :) And that picture of her and Muesli is so adorable!!

    – Jasmine

  34. parlance says:

    Thank goodness Michelle was there! It would be a bit disappointing that she didn’t get to do those things, but it would be a comfort to be able to help in such an emergency.

    Loved the routine. I thought Honey was great to stay so calm when Bodie jumped over her.

  35. HOwdy Honey, we are so glad you are ‘back to normal’ apart from your eye. Keep on doing the things you love cause life is for living and enjoying. We all drooled over the food photos and wished we were there too. Your friend was a wonderful support for Hsin-Yi and yourself. We hope you gave her lots of slobber to say thanks hehe. Take care all. We are sooooo happy you are feeling better. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  36. Melinda says:

    That dance routine has been one of my favorites, so clever and unique. I am so glad to read you are improving so quickly, all the love and attention no doubt contributed to your speedy comeback.

    You are very fortunate to have Michele, she is a true forever friend, and a beautiful dancer. It was cute to see the photos of Hsin-Yi and Michele goofing around, it’s apparent she’s as funny as Hsin-Yi.

    Stay well, Rex and Lyric

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Melinda – just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments recently! Slobbers to Rex & Lyric too!

      Honey the Great Dane

  37. Cinnamon says:

    Hi Honey It’s so nice to hear that you are doing well again! Also, I am happy to see your human Hsin-Yi and Bodie’s human Michelle together again! I remember watching all of you four doing your last routine in NZ at a dog training club’s Christmas party and all of you looked awesome. By the way didn’t you get stuck under Hsin-Yi’s leg and Hsin-Yi almost fell during the routine? Oh, nice memories!!!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Ha! Ha! Yes, Cinnamon – although it wasn’t in this routine – it was in my solo one (Me & My Shadow) and I didn’t get stuck – I just suddenly decided to stop walking in the middle of a weave, when I was under Hsin-Yi’s leg, and stare into space!! :-) This made her topple over and nearly fall on her face – she was very grumpy with me!! ;-)

      Honey the Great Dane

  38. Piper Pup says:

    All those yummies look SOOO good! Laura uses the “poison” excuse too, but I don’t believe her. One time, she forgot the grapes on the counter, and I grabbed ONE grape. She freaked out and pried my mouth open to get it! Hmph. Well I’m glad they aren’t treating you too different! My best friend Bosco is completely blind, and he is a champ at playing fetch!

  39. Garth Riley says:


    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! And you have a super attitude about it. My mom has a friend who has been blind in one eye since he was a child, and it hasn’t stopped him from doing anything. He and mom used to hang-glide together!

    your pal,

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