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Doggie Weekend in the Kurrajong Hills…

* Things at home are still quite stressy & difficult for my humans at the moment, but they are trying to stay positive. Things are improving a bit but VERY slowly and it can be very disheartening sometimes…but we are trying our best to keep our hopes & spirits up.

Hsin-Yi still has a lot of “stuff” to deal with, so I’m afraid she’s still not feeling very sociable (I don’t think we’ve looked at Google Reader for over a month now!! :-( ) but hopefully, if things settle down a bit more next week, we might be able to start slowly catching up with all my blog friends again. I hope you are all well and I haven’t missed any big news.

So thank you to all those who still keep coming to visit me, even though I haven’t been able to return the gesture – and I’m sorry I’m being such a lousy blog friend at the moment!


Back in September, before all the Horrible, Stressy “stuff” happened to my humans and I got my Glaucoma Sickie again, we went away for another mini doggie holiday.

You see, we had such a wonderful time on my Blue Mountains holiday and although my humans usually only take me away on one doggie holiday each year,Β  Paul said he really wanted to take the chance to have more holidays with me, while I’m still fit & healthy…

Well, Paul really wanted to go back to the Blue Mountains but that is an awful long drive away – so Hsin-Yi did some research online and found a nice place we could go that was just about 1.5 hrs drive from our home.

It is an area just north-east of Sydney, called the Hawkesbury region – which has lots of lovely green fields and orchards and horses – Hsin-Yi happened to drive through it a few weeks before and she thought it was really pretty, with rivers and rolling hills and so much more green – much more like the landscapes she missed from England and NZ. Part of it is higher up too, so it is cooler – which, of course, is always best for me!


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Hsin-Yi found a dogfriendly place to stay, near a little village called Kurrajong.- it was called Sunset Cottages and it was also on its own land, so that guest doggies could roam around off-leash and explore…(because, of course, doggies are not allowed in any of the National Parks – grrrr! – and so we wouldn’t have anywhere we could go hiking!)

It was quite different from the beautiful place we stayed in the Blue Mountains…this cottage was much bigger (with 3 rooms for a big family!) and more “rough” – and my humans thought the inside was a bit strange – all a hotch-potch of things, with the old, green leather sofa and lace doilies and 60’s movie posters and dark wood…but it was sort of quaint too, in its own way! πŸ˜›

We arrived late on the Friday so we didn’t do much – but first thing Saturday morning, straight after breakfast, we set out on a hike! The cottage was right in the middle of 10 acres of bushland forest, so I had lots of space to run & explore to my heart’s content! πŸ˜›

After we’d been walking a while, we came to a really strange but beautiful part of the forest…where the trees were black with golden leaves and had all sorts of strange things growing on them…Yes, Hsin-Yi said it was almost like an “enchanted forest” in a fairytale!

It looked almost as if the trees had been “burnt” – but if that was what had happened, how come everything wasn’t just grey ashes and charred stumps? Wouldn’t the trees have crumbled and fallen, the branches snapped and leaves disintegrated?

Why would the trees still be standing, blackened yet strong and tall, and the leaves turn this amazing shade of gold, some with blackened tips?

(By the way, in case you’re wondering, it isn’t just “autumn colours” coz it’s not Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s actually Spring! Besides, it was only the trees in this little section of the forest – just next to them, the trees were brown with green leaves…it was just so strange!)

It was if a great, magical fire had blazed through so fast that it hadn’t had time to really burn anything –Β  just touched with flaming fingers – and then was gone. (Maybe my Australian readers would know more about this – is this what happens after a bush fire?)

Some of the trees were only half black – and the other half golden – and they had things oozing out that looked almost like tears…if this was a fairytale, Hsin-Yi said, then the trees would be weeping because of a curse that had swept through the forest and turned them into statues of charcoal and gold… frozen in silent glory, waiting for a hero to come and break the spell…(OK, Hsin-Yi was starting to do her “weird writer thing” here, making up crazy stories…me and Paul decided to walk faster and leave her behind…! πŸ˜‰ Β  Hmm…although I did quite like the idea of the fairytale story though…maybe they were just waiting for a Hero Doggie to come and break the spell! Hee! Hee! )

Anyway, whatever the reason was, it was a really beautiful place. And we found some really strange things growingΒ  – small mounds that had pushed their way out from the blackened ground beneath the trees….some kind of…well, we had no idea what it was but the closest my humans could think of was that they looked like black pineapples!

Well, by now we had been walking for quite a while and strayed quite far from the cottage…and it was nearly lunchtime and getting very hot – so my humans were worried about me “over-doing it” – and decided it was time for us to head back.

I was all ready to settle down for a nice nap but my humans said – no, they were taking me out again! Usually, they have to leave me behind when they go out to eat because most places are not suitable for giant doggies and it’s too hot to leave me in the car machine.

But when she had been driving through this area previously, Hsin-Yi had noticed a place that looked like it would be a dogfriendly cafe and had enough space for giant doggies – so my humans decided to take me there for lunch.

It was a great place, called Lochiel House, with a beautiful little courtyard out the back where you could sit outside to eat, a gorgeous menu of yummies and a beautiful little vegetable garden beyond as well.

And the Staff Humans there were SO nice! They said of course doggies were welcome and when they saw that there were no tables free in the courtyard – even though my humans said it was OK, we could just wait at the side until somebody else finished – they wouldn’t let us wait – they brought furniture from inside and set up a whole new table just for us!

Oh, and I had to advise Hsin-Yi on the menu, of course…

Do they do any muffins?

While we were waiting for our yummies to arrive, a lot of the other people in the cafe wanted to come up to say hello to me. One of the reasons my humans don’t often take me out to cafes (especially in busy places) is because people just keep coming up to us to ask questions about me and pat me and we never get any peace…but also because often people don’t understand doggie etiquette and do really stupid things to me – and Hsin-Yi gets very stressy because she has to supervise closely all the time and make sure that I’m OK.

Because even though I’m a very calm, well-socialised doggie – I am still just a doggie after all and all doggies have limits –Β  and humans do the STUPIDEST things sometimes –

(like once a human pup ran up to me while I was lying down and just climbed on my back and started jiggling up & down, like he was riding a horse! And his parents just laughed and thought it was cute! You should NEVER let your human pup just run up to strange doggies and do stupid things like that!

And why is it that when joggers run past me, they must always smack me on the rump?? πŸ˜• )

– but of course, if I reacted badly because of something stupid some human did, it would still be my fault!! The doggie always gets the blame – especially if you’re a big doggie! :-(

Taking me out in public is always a risk – my humans have to protect me from people doing stupid things and blaming me. Us giant doggies have to cope with much more stupid behaviour because people seem to forget everything when they see us – they do all the things they’re told not to do with dogs (like stare at us or run straight up to us) and we also attract much more attention than the average Lab or terrier doggie, so we can never slink by unnoticed. This is one of the challenges of owning a giant doggie that most people don’t realise – they think it’s just all about big food bills and lots of space to live in (actually, that’s not really necessary) – just as important is that you have to do much more socialisation & training with us, to help us cope with “human society”, especially if you live in inner city/suburbia like we do.

Hsin-Yi tries to “bomb-proof” me as much as possible by socialising me lots & lots (continuously, all through my life -not just when I was a puppy) and always praising me & rewarding me whenever I put up with stupid behaviour.

Because I’ve been around crowds and human pups and parades and inner city streets and many, many kinds of humans, I’m pretty used to all sorts of humans doing all sorts of weird things – so I’m a very tolerant doggie.

But of course, even the most tolerant doggie has limits and shouldn’t have to put up with stupid, rude behaviour from humans. And especially as us doggies get older, we can sometimes get more gumpy and less tolerant…just like senior humans do too! πŸ˜‰

But anyway, thank goodness, this time the other people in the cafe were all very nice and respectful of doggies. One lady brought her human pup up and politely asked if it was OK to say hello…

…of course, I enjoyed saying hello…I even offered my paws to shake without being asked! πŸ˜‰

Another man at the next table wanted to say hello too. He was just trying to reach over and pat the back of my head – but Hsin-Yi told him that he shouldn’t just poke doggies from behind without being introduced properly first! Rather than let him lean over me, she took me over to his table to say hello.

Remember, it’s a good idea always to let us doggies do the approaching if possible. Especially if you are a nervous or shy doggie – it can be very threatening to have strange humans come up to you. So if people want to say hello to you or pat you, your humans should always tell them to wait there and they will let YOU approach them, rather than the other way around. Then they can release you from your Bed or Down Stay or whatever and encourage you to “go say hello”.

This way you will feel like you are in control of how close you want to get and the pace you want to approach strangers at…rather than feeling like they’re being forced on you. That’s when doggies can freak out and lash out. Even if humans think they’re smiling and being friendly – to a nervous, timid doggie, having them come up and loom over can be really scary! So always tell them to wait there and YOU will go up to them.

Well, by this time, the yummies were starting to arrive at our table…and the first one was for me! πŸ˜›

Unfortunately, Lochiel House didn’t do any muffins at all so the closest thing my humans could find on the menu was an English scone for me (Paul’s favourite! πŸ˜‰ ) – but of course, scones are full of raisins which are poisonous to us doggies…so Hsin-Yi had to pick all the raisins out one by one before I could eat it…

…hurry up, Hsin-Yi!

Finally! Mm-mm…well, it might not have been a muffin but it was still pretty good!

Nooooo! Don’t wipe my mouth in public! How embarrassing!!!

Then the rest of the yummies arrived! When my humans first started taking me out to cafΓ©s, Hsin-Yi did a lot of training to make sure that I had very good cafΓ© manners – such as lying quietly on my mat by the table, not fussing around or wandering off and not hassling the humans when they are eating…

If I am very good, then I get rewarded by yummies from the table from time to time (my humans are naughty and don’t follow the rule about “never feeding doggies from the table” – they DO feed me from the table when we’re out and on special occasions but only as long as I remain polite and wait quietly…I never get anything if I hassle or beg).

So of course, even though I could smell all these exciting, delicious yummies, I had to stay lying on my mat…but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t get a sneaky peek, though! Hee! Hee!

Oooh! I couldn’t believe what Hsin-Yi had got for herself, when all she had got me was a measly scone!! πŸ‘Ώ The most gorgeous “smoked pulled pork” sandwich with puffed, crispy pork skin and a spicy apple sauce!

Still, she did share some of it with me so I was a bit mollified. It was super yummy!! πŸ˜›

After lunch, we went for a little wander in the veggie garden at the back…

…it was really interesting checking out all the vegetables and herbs that were growing there, which were all used in the dishes on the menu…

It was awfully, awfully hot & sunny now – very bright and glare-y – even with sunglasses!

…and Hsin-Yi was starting to feel a bit sickie, so we decided to head back to the cottage. We were supposed to rest a little and then go for another hike in the afternoon but the bright, hot sunshine had given Hsin-Yi a terrible head ouchie called a ‘migraine’ and she felt pukey and awful and had to go sleep in the dark bedroom all afternoon. :-( (Hsin-Yi doesn’t do very well in bright sunshine – she gets sunstroke very easily).

So me & Paul just lazed around in the cottage all afternoon by ourselves. I didn’t mind – my humans had put my bed in a lovely, sunny spot…perfect for an afternoon snooze!

We ended up having a very quiet evening in the cottage, which was fine with me…it had been an action-packed day! Whew! I needed my beauty sleep! πŸ˜›

The next morning, Hsin-Yi was feeling back to normal again, so we set off bright & early for another walk!

This time we went in a different direction and soon came to a little pond, surrounded by tall, golden rushes… (Hsin-Yi started wondering if this place was really King Midas’s backyard ‘coz everything seemed to be golden! πŸ˜‰ )

It was a really lovely morning light, with beautiful gold colours all around me, so Hsin-Yi got me to pose for a nice “portrait” photo…what do you think? πŸ˜›

We were doing the walk before breakfast that morning so it was much cooler – and of course, you know when the temperature drops, I become a different doggie! πŸ˜‰

I was full of beans!!

I was running around so fast, Hsin-Yi could barely get a few, blurry shots of me with her camera machine…she said I was like a wild creature, crashing through the forest! πŸ˜‰

Back at the cottage, after a little rest, it was finally time for breakfast – yay!

You know that at home, we have an “Out of the Kitchen” rule, which my humans taught me from Day 1 as a baby puppy. But when we go away to stay in other places (or visit friends), my humans don’t make me follow that rule because they think it is unfair – since I haven’t had a chance to learn it in the new place yet.

But you know what? I often surprise my humans by just respecting the rule all by myself! πŸ˜› Without my humans telling me, I will stand just out of the kitchen area when I’m waiting for my food – and I never wander in by myself, even if there is food left on the counters. This is because my humans have been so consistent with this rule at home that it has just become “normal” for me.

People also often think that I desperately miss not being able to get on the couch, because my own humans don’t allow me on any furniture at home. When we visit friends sometimes, they’re always trying to get me up onto their sofas & couches because they think I’m secretly upset and missing out and jealous of their doggies…when actually, I never even think about it. What you don’t know, you don’t miss! πŸ˜›

A lot of people don’t understand us doggies – they are always putting human thoughts & emotions on us – so they think that we are always trying to get things that we don’t have and comparing and getting jealous, like humans do (“Oh, it’s so unfair that Buddy the Lab gets to go on the couch, when I don’t. His humans must love him more than me…” :roll: ).

Actually, as long as you are consistent with us, we doggies are very happy to live by whatever rules you set for us, in our own homes. We might get different rules somewhere else – but that doesn’t mean that we compare things when we get home. I never go to a friend’s house where I’m allowed up on the sofa – and then come home and try to get on my own sofa! Even though people say that to Hsin-Yi all the time: “Ooh, be careful, now that Honey’s had a taste of it, she’ll be trying to get on your couch at home!” – well, that never, ever happens. To me, what happens at other people’s places is a weird blip or special treat…what happens at home is what’s “normal”! πŸ˜›

After breakfast, I had a nice little snooze on my bed while my humans had their own breakfast and then packed up, ‘coz we had to head back to Sydney that day…

…but first on the way, we were going to stop for an early lunch! My humans had noticed a really cool cafe while driving around the day before and they had thought that this was another dogfriendly place that would be suitable for giant doggies…

…and they were right! It had a huge garden with lots of picnic tables, nicely spaced out. We found a big one, right under the shade of a tree, in the corner…

There are a lot of orchards in that part of the Hawkesbury and one of the most famous things is the local, home-made fresh apple pie…so of course, we had to order some!

( Um…sorry, the pie smelled so yummy that we all jumped on it and gobbled half of it up before Hsin-Yi remembered to take a photo! )

I also got some home-made banana bread which was de-li-cious!! πŸ˜› It was almost worth the humiliation of having my mouth wiped in public again! πŸ‘Ώ

Well, after that, it really was time to head back home. Sigh. We had a fantastic time on our 2nd doggie holiday and I hope you enjoyed coming along on my adventures!



PS. For those people who have been complaining that they haven’t seen much of Muesli on my blog lately, here is a recent picture of the little minx…still trying to fit into her eggbox! πŸ˜‰ Hsin-Yi says Muesli is almost 2yrs old now and starting to get Grey Tabby Bum (Hsin-Yi read somewhere that all grey tabby kitties turn into “fat, lazy homebodies”! πŸ˜‰ ) – but that doesn’t stop Muesli still trying to fit into the eggbox!

Β * Don’t forget – you CAN still comment using your Facebook account – even though there is no separate FB comment box anymore…just use the normal Comments box at the bottom of the page! Facebook is now integrated into my blog software so you are automatically signed in for commenting.

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26 Responses to Doggie Weekend in the Kurrajong Hills…

  1. Hi Honey,

    What a fabulous country holiday you had. I’m so glad your humans find such nice places for you to romp around in – they look almost as good as the mountains where my humans take me for hikes in the spring, summer and autumn. Right now we have loads and loads of that pretty white cold stuff – SNOW! It’s all over everything and still falling from the sky. My humans keep saying it looks like Christmas (whatever that is!). I love racing around in it.

    I love the portrait that Hain-Yi took of you in the golden grasses… you look so dignified! But then you showed you still are full of spunk – racing around through the forest. So much fun.

    I’m so glad that you got to go on a second doggy trip this year. We love reading/seeing your adventures.

    Nibbles and Neck Wraps
    Daisy The Great Dane (puppy)

  2. Izzy says:

    Hi Honey,
    I live in Sydney too and I spend a lot of time around the Hawkesbury competing horses! It’s really is a lovely area, one of my favorites in Sydney.
    From you pictures, it looks like the magical forest could have come from back burning? It’s when, around this time of year, before it gets any hotter, the fire fighters light very small, controlled fires to burn up just the grass and leaves on the ground so that if a bush fire does come through the area it has less fuel and can be stopped before it does too much harm. They usually just blacken the trunks of the trees because the dont ever get big enough to do more. They do them a lot around the horse riding trails, and it makes everything too very different.
    Hope that helps and that you come back to the Hawkesbury again soon!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh, thank you so much for explaining that to us, Izzy! Yes, that does make a lot of sense and is probably what happened! How cool – we never knew about “back burning”! And yes, Hawkesbury is definitely one of our favourite areas too! :-)

      Honey the Great Dane

  3. Nightshade says:

    That really sounds like a fantastic second doggy holiday!! Love the pictures, they’re great, as usual!

    Oh it can be a nuissance sometimes when people see you walking somewhere and try to come over to meet you, but they seem to forget that even though you’re the size of a full grown human, you are still a doggy and you only understand doggy etiquette… I think it’s a “curse” for us, big doggies… Sometimes when we go out walking, there are even people who pass us by car, who actually pull over when they see me. And indeed, humans with human pups can be so unthoughtful when approaching us! But luckily that’s where my humans step in. When Karolien gets really annoyed by humans who act very carelessly, she sometimes asks whether the other humans would think it ok if she’d approach her human pups in the same way as they approach me. And then they usually seem to understand it a little better. :)

    And yes, we have the same thing about people making remarks about getting on to the couch and stuff! At home I was never allowed in the couch, but at some houses of friends of ours, I am. And sometimes they would ask if I wouldn’t be trying it at home after getting a taste of it, but I never have. Not even when I saw some of my befriended doggies try to get into the couch at our own home. I know that at our place, it isn’t allowed and I’d never even think about trying it!
    Even Fleur (my Weimaraner friend who sometimes stays over) doesn’t try to get into the couch anymore when she’s staying at our place, even though she’s always been allowed to do so at her own place. But my humans said, that when staying at our house, she’ll have to abide by the same rules as I do, and it’s actually never been a problem. :)

    And don’t feel guilty about not being able to visit other blogs. Take your time, it’ll be better when things start to improve for your humans!

    Slobbery Kiss,

    & Big hug from my human Karolien

  4. Hello Honey,

    I was surprised and very happy to read that you had a beautiful weekend in Kurrajong. My mother and her family have been considering moving there for a couple of years. Mom says that it’s great as it feels like living in the country but isn’t too far away from Sydney city. The rolling green hills, ponds surrounded by rushes and the beautiful songs of the bell birds are quite enchanting.
    Reading about your discovery of the part of the bush that had been burnt. Back burning is often done to reduce ground fuel incase a bush-fire came through the area. Fire is extremely important for the survival of the Australian bush. It helps to rejuvenate it and the extreme heat of the fire opens up seed pods that without the fire would never get to germinate. When you come across little forest areas that have seen fire recently it’s like stepping foot on a completely alien-like piece of land.
    The ‘pineapple’ appearance of the grass tree (Xanthorrhoea australis) that Honey was closely investigating certainly adds to the alien looking landscape.

    My mom and my thoughts are with you through your stressful time. And even though I have told mom to advise you that the best way to deal with stress is to have a nap and then you won’t even remember that you were stressed in the first place, she says that my elderly cat or how she sometimes rudely says ‘senile’ sense of way doesn’t work for everyone. Oh well I’m sure Muesli and Honey are napping enough for both you and Paul (cats and relaxed dogs truly excel in the art of napping).

    With head butts, rubs and smooches,

    Tess the Tabby (and her mom)

  5. Howdy Honey, another fab short holiday for you all to enjoy. The photos were wonderful and of course we drooled and slobbered over the food. You reminded us of Brucey when you were eating the scones, a good memory for us!

    We too have found people very forward when Rory is out and about. As you know we live in a very small town so he is not a “city dog” used to all the noises and people. Thankfully he has experienced large groups at dog school and a little at our local football but the other day we went to a local Spring Fair. My gosh, as soon as we got out of the car, about 15 people (kids and adults) rushed straight over, touching and talking (some loudly) in his face. Now Rory is a shy, quiet kind of fella and mum immediately told everyone to wait and let him have a sniff first and explained he was a young, shy boy. He was on his best behaviour but it did worry mum that so many people let their small children rush up and pat and touch him. It made mums heart go boom boom boom but he made us proud and took it all in his stride. We did not stop after that but kept slowly walking so if people wanted to talk to us they had to walk alongside hehe. Isn’t it funny that people just assume dogs are all friendly. Mum always explains to children they must ask her first to have contact with us dogs.

    Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Paws crossed here things continue to improve on your homefront. You know we are thinking of you all. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  6. What a wonderfully relaxing vacation for you, Honey! If it makes you feel better, we’re never allowed on the furniture either and we have no clue what we’re missing!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Nicki Kelly says:

    Our dogs weren’t allowed on the furniture either. When the human pups started to come along we decided that doggies on the beds and couches wouldn’t be a good thing. Drake proved this to be true. See when we first got Drake and a thunderstorm fired up, he got scared. He immediately went to sit on the couch and he almost sat on our human boy pup’s face. Ewwwww…. but also I didn’t feel it was safe to allow him back on the couch again.

  8. What a fun holiday! That forest truly was magical!

    **waves paw** Hi Muesli!

  9. Melanie & Grendel says:

    Hey Honey –

    It’s great to see you back with your own “voice”! It looks like this was another awesome little vacation! I love the cottage and “enchanted forest” ;-). And, of course, the pictures of the yummies.

    Your Australian friends did a good job explaining the burning. We do the same thing in the States, only here we call it a “prescribed” burn. The common term is “controlled” burn, but as our forestry friends have pointed out to us, you can never really “control” a fire ;-). We’ve done it on our own property and it’s a fascinating thing to see. Occasional exposure to fire is actually very important to many habitats — it rejuvenates trees and grasses, helps eliminate invasive species and can cut-back on the risk of a true wildfire spreading during dry seasons by reducing available fuel. The last time we burned on our property it was amazing to watch how quickly the baby long leaf pines, palmettos and wiregrasses bounced back, healthier and stronger than ever. But it does make for kind of a weird moonscape right after the burn ;-).

    Oh, tell Hsin-Yi that the improvements to the comments section are worth the hassle she had to go through. It’s nice to easily be able to go back and correct stuff again.

    Hugs & Slobbers from Melanie & Grendel

  10. Jeannie says:

    Love the pictures! Glad that all of you enjoyed your little vacation! :) Honey is so beautiful in the golden sun light!!

  11. Another amazing vacation place! I love all the wood in the rental house. Really love the enchanted forest.

    I’m glad you all got to get away for a bit of relaxation.

  12. Wow Honey! It sounds like the 3 of you had a lovely mini holiday. Hsin-Yi took some gorgeous shots of you and the scenery…are you sure she is not a photographer at heart?

  13. Hi guys, we haven’t been commenting much either but still reading. We were so sorry to hear about your eye and happy to hear that you didn’t need to have it removed. We love seeing your Sydney adventures because Mom has finalized her Australia plans and will be living in Castle Hill!

  14. Sonia Carr says:

    Hi Honey, love seeing all the pictures on your holidays, you take a great picture. Ronson gets on the furniture and the bed, I wish he had the same rule as you, maybe too late now xx

  15. Sam says:

    How fun! We try to get away too, but to get out of the valley takes quite a bit of planning!


  16. Dorothy S in Michigan says:

    Nice to see you posting and telling your story! The portrait was lovely.

    My dogs got a treat today. The once “little” neighbor girl who used to play with my dogs came back for a visit. She wanted them to run with her. Shadow did fine, but Lucy couldn’t! She was trying to run with her head turned back to watch me the whole time.

    Thanks for the picture of Muesli! That does a very nice job of showing her “mysterious eyes”.

    Again great that the editing feature works. Now there’s no excuse for my mistakes. (Before I could simply blame the editing!)

    Someday I will email you a picture of the oak trees here in our part of Michigan. In the fall the leaves turn brown kind of like the background on the blog. The leaves fall off of the big trees but stay on the shorter ones until spring. It is amazing because in the spring even some of the other trees will have new green leaves while the old brown oak leaves are still there. Of course, eventually they DO fall. Just a marvel of nature!

    I know you saw other mysteries, which I never dreamed of. I’m anxious to see if some reader can explain it all.

    Nice to see you here. Honey, as always warms my heart. (I am so glad her eye sickie came after you got back so you could go right away and get her the help she needed.) Pretty girl.

  17. Kari says:

    What a great place to visit

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Wow, what a vacation!! Even though it’s really unfair you can’t go to any National Parks, it’s great you have all those beautiful cottages with acres and acres of land and forest where you can jump and run as much as you like. It’s wonderful! The forest is really magical, and I love your pictures on the Sunday morning with all the golden bushes around you. You are such a model πŸ˜›

    I totally agree with no-couch rule, I mean what’s the point of buying a bed or couple of beds for my dog, when he’ll be sleeping on the couch all the time… My dogs are perfectly happy and comfortable also on the floor on their beds, sometimes they can go up but only when we’re on the couch and if it’s some special thing going, but they go down by themselves after a while …. They are used to their beds and it’s really great, because I can take their small blanket or something like that and put it anywhere else (at friends house, or like cafe or such) and they now that they have to lie down there, and the same rule goes as being at home…

    Just to say, I’m really sorry the bad stuff you’re going through isn’t better already, and things are improving very slowly …. I’m so sorry. I so much hope things will turn better eventually, and you’ll be all very happy again. Know that my thoughts are with you, and I so much hope for the best.

    Take care.

  19. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    How interesting that one little area can look so autumnal while the rest of the area looks like spring. It was interesting to read about the backburning. Did you ever find out what species of tree had the interesting fuzzy pods?

    We’re glad the injection seems to be taking care of Honey’s eye problem. We’re keeping our paws crossed for all of you.

    We’re still having a problem with the text as we type being very faded and hard to read, especially when we start because the “Enter your comment” command is superimposed on our text. Same problem trying to enter email and name info; can’t actually see our text at all due to superimposed commands, so we just hope mama didn’t make any disqualifying typos.

  20. Lassiter Chase and Benjamin says:

    I didn’t know raisins were poisonous. I will tell my mommy immediately about that one!!! That black pineapple thing growing in the ground looked very interesting! I wonder what happened in that area to make the trees and stuff black. I guess we will never know.

  21. Maggs says:

    It’s funny how often I forget Honey is big until I see her in scale. I do the very same thing with my own Great Pyr, Sophie. She’s just dog-sized to me. Then I’ll see her next to somebody else and suddenly she’s huge again.

    (Also, I think the jogger thing is about counting coup, they do it here in CA, too.)

  22. Badger the Deerhound, with Anne says:

    Mmm. My “Automatic” reply icon and name seem to have disappeared! Anyway — Badger the Deerhound here, just wanting to tell you I think your cottage was really beautiful, but didn’t that highly-varnished and polished wood floor bring back nightmare memories of a certain “dance” event done for charity? Us big long-leggedy dogs versus polished hardwood floors — argh, the floor always wins!

  23. Isis says:

    Isis the great dane here, you are such an inspiration! I am getting my mom to take me to Beaver Creek, CO this winter while she snowboards. We decided that we should start documenting our adventures as well. Thank you for the inspiration!

  24. LOL! Muesli! Too cute!

    I LOVE that first picture of Honey and the portrait one. Nice! I’m glad you guys had fun. You sure know how to find awesome vacation spots. :) I can’t wait until my husband and I have the weekends off so we can go do fun things together (we’ve almost never had the same days off together the entire time we’ve known each other).

  25. 2browndawgs says:

    That sure looks like a great trip. I would love to have a cabin like the one you stayed in. :)

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