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Visiting The Rocks & The Sydney Opera House!

Here is another of my adventures from a few months ago, that I haven’t had the chance to blog about yet!

This was back in the beginning of Sept – before Paul got his Scary Sickie and had to be rushed to hospital and my Glaucoma Sickie got out of control…and all the stressy, horrible things that have happened since then. (Hsin-Yi gets a bit sad when she looks at these photos because it was one of the last happy adventures we had together as a family, before yucky things happened…)



One of the most famous places in Sydney – where all the Tourist Humans head to – is the Sydney Opera House, and the waterfront area around it, called Circular Quay and The Rocks.


Looking back towards Circular Quay

This is a really beautiful part of Sydney – not just because it is by the water, with views of the harbour and Harbour Bridge, but also because all the buildings are the beautiful, old, antique kind (“with character” my humans say!) and all the streets are nice and wide and clean and there is no graffiti or rubbish or peeling paint or dingy shops or ugly metal fences everywhere (what a shame the rest of Sydney can’t be like this!).


Honey-TheRocks-streetsThe Rocks is one of the oldest parts of Sydney.

White Humans first arrived here in 1788 – they were a kind of naughty people called “convicts” from the faraway place called Britain and they took the land from the Aboriginals who had been living here for thousands of years.

Lots of ships started arriving here and lots of Sailor Humans and other interesting people lived here, although it was quite a “rough” place!

Today, it is full of art galleries and posh restaurants & cafes and fancy shops called boutiques – and it’s not “rough” anymore – it’s a nice place to wander around.

Of course, I couldn’t live for a year in Sydney and not visit the Sydney Opera House! My humans had been wanting to take me to visit for ages but we had to wait until winter time when it would be cooler for me to walk. As you can see, even in winter, Australia is a really sunny place! πŸ˜‰

We parked our car machine in one of the streets of The Rocks and then walked all the way around Circular Quay to the Opera House.

View Larger Map




Of course, whenever I go out, I always get LOTS of attention…I think a lot of Tourist Humans went home with pictures of me on their camera machine – hee! hee! πŸ˜‰ People always want to come up and pat me and ask questions about me and give me cuddles – I love all the attention. I met another doggie also out for a walk around Circular Quay – he was a cute little “white fluffy”, although we didn’t get to ask his name…


Circular Quay is where all the Sydney Ferries come to and also where many other boats take Tourist Humans on cruises and things…it’s a very busy place!

There are 28 ferries in the Sydney Ferries fleet – all different types, from catamarans to traditional old-fashioned ferries. And hey, we didn’t even notice – until my readers pointed it out – that the ferry behind us in the photos from last week, before I went into hospital, was called “Sirius” – the Dog Star! What a cool coincidence, huh? πŸ˜› We looked up the Sydney Ferries website which gives details of all their boats and we found Sirius there!


Although we were halfway round to the Opera House by now, it was getting REALLY hot. Even though this was back in the middle of winter and the temperatures were low, the sun is so strong in Australia that it can still get really hot out in the sunshine. I was getting very panty, so my humans started getting worried about me. There weren’t any water taps around to wet me & cool me down – so my humans decided the best thing to do was cool me down from the inside…with an ice-lolly! πŸ˜›


Mm…it was a rainbow one and it sure was icy and yummy! πŸ˜›

Well, after that, I felt much better and we could continue walking around the waterfront to the Opera House…

On the way there, we had lovely views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – this is one of the most famous icons of Sydney – and Australia, as well. It is the biggest steel arch bridge in the world and took 6 years to build. You can go on a special climb to the top of the bridge but it costs a LOT of money paper and it’s a bit difficult & scary if you’re scared of heights! πŸ˜‰ My humans didn’t do that – but a long time ago, when they first visited Australia as Tourist Humans themselves, they went up the Pylon Lookout, where you can get just as nice views and it’s much safer & easier to do (eg. if you have human pups) – and it only costs about $12! πŸ˜‰Β  (There are 200 stepsΒ  to the top, though, so you have to be pretty fit!)


My humans say the Harbour Bridge is much nicer to look at from far away – driving across it is Hsin-Yi’s WORST nightmare ‘coz there are like 6,278 lanes and they’re all really narrow and everybody else driving is so aggressive and grumpy and driving really fast and if you don’t know which lane you’re getting off, then you’re in Serious Trouble and all the lanes criss-cross and get really confusing…Hsin-Yi loses 5 years off her life every time she has to drive across the Harbour Bridge. Besides, it’s not that pretty up close – you just see lots of metal bars when you’re actually on it and can’t really look out see the view of the harbour.

But it’s sure nice to take photos with, from far away! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, we were walking almost to the end of Bennelong Point now – that is the name of the peninsula that the Opera House sits on, at the very tip…

…Yay! I see it!


Shall I tell you something really cool? The Sydney Opera House was designed by a Dane!! πŸ˜›

Well, OK, not a doggie Dane – a human Dane, from Denmark. You see, when Sydney wanted to build a special opera house for concerts and things, they ran a worldwide contest for the best design – and a young man in Denmark, called JΓΈrn Utzon, won the contest. Some people say he got his idea from looking at the segments of an orange or at seashells…anyway, it was the most beautiful & unusual idea for a building that anybody had ever thought of!


The only problem was – it looked really cool in a drawing but how on earth would you build it? Nobody had ever tried to build a curvy building before and all the Engineer Humans & Architect Humans were scratching their heads. It was costing lots and lots of money paper too and taking much longer than they thought…there were so many problems that the humans all got grumpy with each other (typical humans!) – and they told JΓΈrn Utzon to go back to Denmark and wouldn’t let him work with them on the Opera House anymore. So he took his family and left Australia – and he never returned to see his creation again in his lifetime…isn’t that sad? :-(

Anyway, they finally finished the Opera House in 1973 – it had taken 10 years longer than they expected and cost so much more money paper! (they originally thought it would cost $7 million to build – and it ended up costing $102 million!) But still, it has become so famous as a symbol of Australia that everybody thinks it was worth it.


And there is a happy ending to the story too – in 1999, the NSW Government finally decided to make up with JΓΈrn Utzon and they became friends again – and he helped to design some new rooms for the Opera House. He also got a great prize (Pritzker Prize for Architecture) on the Opera House’s 30th birthday. He still never saw it, though, ‘coz by then he was an old man and it was too far for him to come to Australia in the Big Flying Machine – but his son came for him, to receive the prizes and awards and be at the special party.

The Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 7 million visitors each year! If you ever get the chance to visit, you should definitely do the Opera House tour – my humans did that and they said it was really good. Sadly, doggies are not allowed inside the Opera House so I didn’t get to see inside but my humans said it is really cool.


Well, it was time to head back now…but first, we had a little mooch along the tourist shops…lots of them were selling a famous kind of sheepskin boots that are made in Australia, called UGG Boots. (Actually, Hsin-Yi is wearing a pair in these photos, although hers are Kiwi ones from New Zealand! πŸ˜‰ ) Hsin-Yi says they do keep your feet amazingly warm & toasty and are really soft & comfy to wear!


Hmm…I don’t know about the boots but I do like the look of those stuffies!


On the way back to our car machine, we stopped by the famous The Rocks Markets, which are on every weekend, plus Friday too. We didn’t actually go in to walk through the stalls ‘coz it was already very busy and full of people and a bit too crowded to take a giant doggie like me into – plus Hsin-Yi is always very careful about me not “disturbing” people – she thinks that doggies already suffer from a lot of “anti-dog attitude” and she doesn’t want to give anybody any more reasons to complain about doggies. All you need is one rude doggie and one irresponsible owner to give us all a bad name!


So we are always careful when we go out to be a good doggie ambassador – especially for big doggies – and we try to be polite and not do anything that might annoy people, such as get in people’s way or scare them by going too close without being invited (remember, not all people like doggies and that’s fair enough) or do any rude things like jumping up or grabbing food or leaving poo without picking it up…


If people just see me being very calm & polite, even in busy, crowded places, and think how beautiful and well-behaved I am – then they go away thinking in their minds that big doggies – and doggies in general – aren’t that bad after all. And so the next time they’re renting their house or opening a cafe or planning a park or any other thing – they might be a bit more petfriendly.

Honey-rest-OrientHotelWhen Hsin-Yi got me as a puppy, one of her dreams was always to make me a good ambassador for doggies – that is one reason why she spent so much time & effort on my training & socialisation – to make sure that I always impress people wherever I go. She thinks it’s an important job and the best thing we can do to help doggies everywhere.

Well, it was getting awfully hot by now, because it was late morning and time to head home – but of course, no adventure is complete without a muffin! πŸ˜›

So me & Hsin-Yi went to wait in the shade of one of the pub entrances while Paul went off in search of a cafe or bakery that would sell muffins…

…gosh, he took ages! We got quite bored waiting!

But finally he was back – and he was carrying something that smelled very good! Ooh – what was it?


It was a homemade Almond Meal Muffin and it was still warm from the oven…YUM! My humans were laughing because I was so excited and drooling so much that when I shook myself, bits of slobber went all over my head…


In fact, it smelled so amazing that Hsin-Yi – the total pig – decided that she was going to have a bite first. Huh! Not fair! That was supposed to be MY muffin!!!!! Can you believe it – she ate the whole top of it off and only left me the bottom half??!! πŸ‘Ώ


And she didn’t even notice that I was grumpy with her – she just kept giggling & squealing and going on about how the drool on my head looked like I was wearing a “little crown”..


Humph. Who cared about stupid drools on heads – I was more interested in muffins in tummies!

Anyway, Paul promised to buy me a whole muffin for myself next time, which made me feel a bit mollified. We had a nice walk back to our car machine – oh, and before we left, of course we had to get the usual family self-timer! πŸ˜› (Some people take a tripod with them but my humans are lazy and always just look for a handy ledge or bin or bench or something to prop the camera machine on)


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along to visit The Rocks and the Sydney Opera House with me. Or maybe some of you have already been yourself? (Well, I suppose many of my Australian friends & readers might have!)



My eye is looking better – don’t you think?

I’m still having to wear the Stupid Cone of Shame sometimes – but I’m getting used to it now and don’t mind it so much – and when I’m wearing the cone, I’m not crashing into things so much anymore! πŸ˜‰

As for walking around and doing things since my surgery – I haven’t had any trouble at all.Β  Well, to be honest with you, I haven’t been able to see properly on that side for months now and I’ve been completely blind in my left eye since that 2nd Sudden Pressure Spike from my Glaucoma Sickie, which was nearly 2 months ago…so I’ve had a lot of time to get used to things! πŸ˜‰

I know some of you were worried about me turning left and stuff like that – but don’t worry – I feel completely the same as before they took out my eye (except without the ouchies!) and I have no trouble turning left or walking past things.

In fact, my humans have been watching me carefully – especially when we go outside the house – and I haven’t smacked into anything once! πŸ˜€

* Now that things have settled down a bit, we’re going to try our best to start coming around and visit your blogs and catch up on your news! We feel very bad that you have all been so lovely to keep visiting me and leaving me comments – even though we haven’t been able to “return the gesture”, because Hsin-Yi has just been too busy & stressy with everything that’s been happening. But anyway, we’re going to try now! πŸ˜› So please bear with us – it might take us a while to get round to everybody but we’re on our way!

Oh! And before I go, I must tell you that I’m going to announce something very exciting on my blog soon! So stay tuned for my next post!!

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28 Responses to Visiting The Rocks & The Sydney Opera House!

  1. What a fun day you all had! You are quite talented to be able to place drool dead center on your head Honey. Must be all those years of practice. Perfection!

    Your eye looks much better, but all those boy dogs you meet are going to have growing egos when they think your “wink” is just for them.

  2. Carolyn Winks says:

    Loved the entire story and the pictures. Just lovely. Am thinking and praying for you all. Carolyn WInks, Mr. Tiny (also Great Dane), Fritzie (Beagle/Basset), Mavie (Lab/Border Collie), Tulip & Sinny (Kitty-Cats)!!!! Happy Holidays too! :)

  3. Nicki Kelly says:

    You are looking a bit younger and sassy in that last photo….

  4. Michelle, USA says:

    Dear Honey … Your eye is looking so much better. I am happy that it is all over and things are starting to get back to normal even though it is a different type of normal. You are truely lucky to have such a wonderful loving human human to take care of you. I became disabled myself in 2000 and went through a long grieving process because I had worked so hard at going back to college as a single parent and then I was unable to work within a year after graduating. I understand what Hsin-Yi is going through when she sees those pictures and remembers how it use to be. Every day I feel sorry for myself because I live in such extreme pain and fatigue and am unable to get out and go anywhere. But I only allow myself to feel sorry for a short period of time and than try to accept my new normal. I am extremely grateful for you, Honey, and your wonderful adventures. It brings joy to my heart. Tell Hsin-Yi don’t feel bad about getting back to us during this difficult time because that’s what caring is all about. You are there for each other during the hard times. Like the song says, “Lean on me … when you’re not strong.” Can’t wait to see your exciting new blog. I hope to see you and Meusli together again. You two are PRECIOUS!

    Love Michelle and Toni

  5. Chingmy says:

    Quite the Adventures!
    You look FABULOUS Honey!
    Chingmy Kisses!

  6. Melanie & Grendel says:

    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics of the harbor, Honey!!! Though I always imagined Circular Quay looking more, well…. circular ;-).

    Looks like your eye is healing up quite nicely. You’re still the most beautiful Dane girl I know! Can’t wait to find out what the “exciting” news is!

  7. Way to tease us about the exciting news lol. Your Opera House adventure sounds like so much fun! The story was cool too (although it was a bit sad). I’ll have to remember to check it out if I ever get to visit Australia. I’m glad you’re doing so well Honey. Your eyes looks much better! :)

  8. Oops forgot to click the follow button hehe.

  9. Sounds like this was a lovely day visiting the opera house. The photos were pretty!

  10. Cleo and Otis says:

    We should all be so lucky to have the happy wonderful memories that you do !

  11. MindyLu says:

    Honey, what a Beauty you are, eye and all! I look forward to getting to know you. I have a kitty sister too. Mom says that is because you & your sisters encouraged her & put the dream in her heart. My sister hasn’t taken my bed yet though.
    Heal soon – slobbers… Sir Lancelot

  12. Dorothy S in Michigan says:

    I’m enjoying that you are posting again. Indeed you have some wonderful material!

    I can understand your regret in looking back at happier times. There is a country song that goes: “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” It makes sense if you think about it.

    I know things have changed and not for the better, but I am confident that you are all making the best of things.

    Here in the states we have a TV channel called HGTV where they show decorating ideas, remodeling, gardening, and things about real estate buying and selling. Today I got to watch part of a wonderful program showing some fabulous homes in the Sydney area, including some of the areas you have made us familiar with.

    I promise to remember that not everyone lives in fantastic homes like that in Sydney if you remember we don’t all live in NY penthouses or 3,000 square foot brick mansions in the States here.

    I’m looking forward to your good news! Just remember I am happy to see you in your everyday lives. I’m especially happy to see how well Honey is recovering. It is ok if things aren’t perfect. I like you the way you are! You are a bright spot in my days (or nights) 11:05 pm Dec 16, 2012

  13. Anne says:

    Glad to know your daily life have not been affected by the surgery, other than losing one of your eye, but don’t worry, you are still as beautiful as before. I think you’re lucky to have such an thoughtful owner that look into every e expect to make sure you have the best and been given the best. I wish I had been like Hsin-Yi, then my little Birdy will still greeting me at the door when I come home and sing to me when she hear my footsteps in the morning and fly behind me because she wants to go to bed with me….oh…. I miss her so so much till we still not able to tell anybody she has passed away, killed by the monster fans.

  14. As my daughters and I arrived in Sydney, we were met by my penpal. We were schoolgirls in the 1970 when that penpal thing started. We never dreamt of meeting in real life back then. Imagine, we were as far apart as could be. And suddenly we were there, with our daughters. Karen took us to the Opera and the Rocks market. So those pictures remind me of a good time! Thanks for the tour.

  15. Echo & Link says:

    Ooooh, exciting news, I can’t wait !!!

    This was a lovely family walk, MaΓ―tΓ© always wanted to see the opera house of Sydney !! Maybe one day, but it’s so far away from us and she says she can’t take us with her if she goes… So unfair…

    Your eye looks much better, and we are so happy to know you’re fine πŸ˜€

    You’re the best & we love you.

    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

  16. Janne & Ais says:

    But Honey, rainbow ice against thirst??? 😯 Doesn’t it contain sugar? When the summer comes, we will remind our mom, that there is a pretty, lucky doggy on the other side of the globe, who gets such tasty stuff, BUT WE DON’T! You call Hsin-Yi a pig, but we cannot find words for our mom. She is even worse! πŸ‘Ώ

  17. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Dear Honey,

    you’re eye looks so much better! I’m so happy you don’t feel pain anymore, and things are getting back to normal.

    We humans are a bit sentimental when it comes to our dogs, and we want best for them, but sure, you don’t live fearing of death no matter what, so why should we, eh?

    I adore photos of you posing in front of these beautiful scupltures or monuments of Sydney and Australia, you look just like model with your had high and ears flooping in the wind and with those long legs :) .

    I can’t wait for your new adventures in Perth, and also posts about happy times.

    Wishing you all and especially Paul the best.
    And keep up with good news <3


  18. Honey, your eye looks so much better than the last time I was able to check your blog (Thursday). I am so glad you are feeling better!
    Merry Christmas!
    Marian in Houston

  19. Your almond meal muffin is making us drool too, Honey!
    You are the bestest ever tour guide! What a beautiful city to explore!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. dawn ann gallagher says:

    Ciao Honey,
    You look happy walking around Sydney. It doesn’t surprise me that people love to pet you and take photos with you and your humans. I did not realize that it is still hot in Australia in Winter. I always thought it is the coolest time of the year, hence your human wearing UGHS. Thank you for letting me know it is still a hot time of the year, especially for doggies. My mom and her doggie live in a hot place called Tucson, Arizona and her doggie gets hot and we have to be very careful that he doesn’t get over-heated. I will sometimes rub ice on Mikey’s fur and I will put those wrap on gel ice bags for the neck, wrist or knee on her doggie to keep him cool and also then there is no mess from ice dripping. These gel packs travel well too. Another way to cool a puppy down while out and about is to buy a super cold coke in a can and rub it on the doggie. If you are at a cafe, you can ask your server to put the gel ice pack in the freezer while you eat, so it will be nice and cold when you are ready to leave and can then have another cool down. The dollar stores also sell ice bags that are for one use where in you break the bag in half and the bag instantly cools because it is chemical ice. Those types of ice bags are good for car trips or in a pinch if you are out some where where you can not get any ice to cool yourself down. Honey, be sure to share these little hints/tips with your wonderful owner Hsin-yi. She probably already knows these tricks already, but I just thought in case she did not I would share them with the two of you.
    I have to agree with you Honey that your human was being a piggy with the muffin. The muffin should have been all for you because you were such a good girl strolling around The Rocks. I imagine Hsin-Yi was very hungary and knows you are so good about sharing that she probably didn’t even think to ask you if she could have the top half of the muffin, which is the best half of the muffin. I bet your human’s share a lot of their treats with you, don’t they? Being a kind and considerate doggie is a good thing and a doggie that shares is even more admirable. Please don’t be upset with Hsin-Yi about the muffin. She loves you so very much and I can tell this from all the beautiful photographs that she takes with you and also by her big, bright smile.
    Anyway, I’m glad you had a great day in Sydney. I am surprised big doggies aren’t allowed in the Opera House for a tour. That is just doggie discrimination of the highest order. Perhaps you should write to your doggie congressman about this injustice.
    Thank you to your human for the medical updates. I have been worried about you and appreciate your human taking the time to let all of who love you know how you are doing.
    P.S. You are still the prettiest doggie I know, and leggy blondes seem to always have a leg up on the competition, even though no doggie is competition for you Honey.
    Love, Dawn

  21. wendy says:

    I’m soo glad youre doing fine!! Sweet Honey!! even in Holland people follow youre Life!! Glad youre moving too WA!! I’ve been there and it’s a great place to live!! I have lot’s off family who live there and its great!! Send my love to Hsin-Yi and Paul from Holland!! Ps, Cant see a difference! youre still the best great dane!!

  22. Nightshade says:

    Seems like this was a lovely day out! Really enjoyed the pictures with all the views on the beautiful places in Sidney.
    We’re also very happy to hear that you’re coping just fine and that you’re feeling ok.

    Best wishes,
    Karolien, Killian & Co

  23. Janne & Ais says:

    What will it be, this “something very exciting”??????????? Another friend with four paws in your house? We are so curious!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  24. Maria Alice says:

    Beautiful trip you had Honey! Loved reading the story of the Opera House, very interesting. I love travelling and hope I’ll get to visit Sidney too once, but I fear Italy is somewhat too far… Expecially since I usually travel with my dogs :-) can’t wait for the news!

  25. Bark'n About says:

    Your eye does look better! Your crown of drool… heeehhee sorry, love the description!

  26. Honey you are such a princess! Your the Queen of the doggy realm!
    Love you lots, Indigo and Malach

  27. Glenlivet says:

    Hi Honey,
    Thank you for this lovely visit of the Rocks ! My humans used to visit them, when the husband of my mistress lived in New Caledonia. But she never took the time to show me how great it is !
    Glenlivet the frenchie

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