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…The Big Move (Part 2)

* Sorry for not blogging much – my humans are super busy, rushing around every day looking at houses to rent. They’re not having much luck so far, so are getting a bit stressy. :-( Will tell you more about it in my next post!


So…while I was enjoying arriving in Perth first and having a wonderful mini-holiday at Trish & Luni’s Estate…

(OK, except for the weird, wannabe plastic grass – I wasn’t going anywhere near that! 😕 ) –



Hsin-Yi says me & Luni should have just passed notes like she did when she was a naughty schoolgirl, throwing notes back & forth with her best friends – across the classroom, behind the teacher’s back!



(* Thanks again to Trish for these photos! )

…meanwhile back in Sydney, things were not quite so relaxing!! 😉 Poor Muesli was getting more and more stressy as her home started being packed up all around her. Well, you know how kitties are Control Freaks who just DON’T LIKE CHANGE so they get really disturbed when their environment is changed. Much more than us doggies who usually don’t care much, as long as we’re still with our pack…


Look – the day before the Movers came, when my humans had almost finished the packing and most of the house was in boxes, Hsin-Yi found Muesli in the living room hugging Paul’s slippers and giving dirty looks to anybody who went past…


Hsin-Yi says it was almost a kindness taking Muesli to stay at the pet hotel, away from all the chaos, ‘coz Muesli was getting so freaked out by all the furniture moved around and the boxes everywhere and weird thumping and noises and she wasn’t eating properly and kept trying to hide…

Muesli-AAE-officeqAnyway! The day after the Movers had come to take everything away, it was my humans’ (and Muesli’s) turn to go on the Big Flying Machine and fly to Perth! So they got up early and went to the pet hotel to collect Muesli – and then took her to a special office next to the Domestic Terminal, called Australian Air Express, where pets can check-in for their flight.

See, Muesli could have had Jet Pets look after her too but Hsin-Yi researched it and that would have cost $400!!! Whereas if my humans took her to the AAE themselves and did all the paperwork and checked her in as an “Accompanied Pet”, it only cost $60, plus $70 for the travel crate (you can only do this for Domestic flights; International flights have to use a pet travel consultant). They couldn’t do this for me ‘coz you can only travel as an “Accompanied Pet” if you’re below 50kg (110lbs) – humph! Typical! Size discrimination to big doggies!! 👿 – so I had to go with Jet Pets. (Although my humans said it was probably easier letting Jet Pets handle my flight anyway ‘coz they would have had to hire a special van machine to transport my huge travel crate! 😉 )


So Muesli was weighed and checked-in and went off in her travel crate (sprayed with lots of Feliway!), tucked into a soft, old towel and another of Paul’s old T-shirts, which my humans had specially put in my bed for a few days, so that it would have some of my scent on it as well (coz Muesli seems to like my doggie BO for some reason! 😉 )


Quick! Just time for my humans to board the Big Flying Machine! Don’t want to miss the flight otherwise Muesli won’t have anyone to pick her up at the other end!!



It was a nice, short flight (well, my humans are used to flying 20+hrs around the world, from Down Under back to Europe, so they think 5hrs is a short flight…I don’t think Muesli agreed – hee! hee! 😉 ) – and my humans were very excited to look out the windows and see Perth as they were arriving. Unfortunately, you had to turn all mobile phone machines off when landing (and her big fancy camera machine was packed away), so Hsin-Yi couldn’t get any pictures out of the window to show you…

Muesli-travelcrate-arrivalAnyway, once they got their bags, my humans rushed round to the freight centre to collect Muesli.

The flight had been a bit bumpy and the landing quite loud, so they were worried that Muesli had been totally traumatised by the whole thing…but actually, she was much better than they thought! (Still giving dirty looks though.)

It wasn’t a long drive from the airport to the temporary place that we are staying at, for the first few weeks in Perth – until we find a proper home to rent.

Hsin-Yi did some research online when we were still back in Sydney and she found a great “self-catering” place where you can stay for a few weeks each time…and they allow pets! It’s almost impossible to find that in the city. Usually, places that allow pets are holiday houses out in the countryside or on the beach, far away out of the city. So we were really lucky! And it’s not even like a B&B or something – this is like a mini-house, with a kitchen, living/dining room and 2 bedrooms. Perfect for a short stay.

Well, the evening that my humans and Muesli arrived, Trish took me over to join them! 😀 It was great to be all back together as a family again!


I think Muesli was quite happy to see me coz she was meowing at me lots (complaining about her flight) and kept coming up to strop herself against me…


Hsin-Yi said that we always take the same kind of “family photos” which gets boring – so she wanted to do something more creative for our family reunion photo this time – so…Ta-Da!


Well, Muesli kind of ruined it ‘coz we were supposed to all stand with our paws together but she kept turning away and not cooperating…typical cat!!

And you know what? Trish must have some special magic ‘coz Muesli came right out to say hello to her! Usually, Muesli freaks out and runs to hide under the bed or something whenever strangers come to our house and she had been doing this with all the other people, like the owner of our temporary place – but with Trish, she was all relaxed & friendly!


Trish is so good with doggies (she helps all the rescue Danes in Western Australia) – and obviously, good with kitties too! Hsin-Yi says she must be one of those people with special animal magic! 😉


Well, as for me, I was almost as happy to see my Giant Beanbag Bed as I was to see my humans! 😉


My humans had emptied all the beans out back in Sydney, ‘coz it’s just too HUGE and difficult to carry otherwise, and washed both the inner & outer cover…and then folded it up and packed it to bring with them. Then Trish was so nice and helped to buy some bags of beans from Kmart and she brought them over when she brought me – so that my humans could fill up my beanbag bed immediately and have it all ready for me! (It took 400L of beans!)

Ah…I missed my bed!!


Although the lady who owns this temporary place loves animals and is pet-friendly, some of her other guests aren’t – and the man coming in to stay after us is SUPER fussy & grumpy! So she told my humans to make sure there are no hairs or dirt on the furniture anywhere…


Well, that’s almost impossible! Hsin-Yi got so paranoid about fur/hair getting on things (especially from Muesli – kitty hair gets everywhere and never comes off!!) – she decided to rush out immediately and buy lots of cheap sheets & towels to cover everything.

So now, the sofa is covered with a big, fitted sheet and all the dining chairs are covered with towels. Plus the other bed in the 2nd bedroom is covered up with a fitted sheet too – so that if Muesli lies anywhere, she won’t leave hairs on it. And of course, Hsin-Yi will have to vacuum lots and keep a constant “slobber watch”!! 😉



Remember how – ever since my Awful, Scary Experience back in Auckland, when we had to go to doggie dancing on a Slippy Dance Floor – I get really scared & stressy when I go on wooden floors? I don’t like them at all and will stand in the corner of the room, too afraid to walk anywhere, and whimper and cry. Or I will just get on my Pet Futon and be too scared to get off again…besides, it really IS slippery when I try to stand up again after lying down; I start scrabbling around, like a swimming doggie, and panic and get more scared…

Honey-livingroomHsin-Yi has tried to help me learn to be brave again and she did manage to do it in Brisbane & Newcastle & Sydney, when we had shiny, wooden floors in the houses there – but every time we go somewhere new with shiny, wooden floors, I freak out again. Since we’re only going to be here a short time and Hsin-Yi is so busy, she didn’t have time to do training & desensitisation with me – so she found a quick fix! 😛

She didn’t want to buy lots of rugs coz they cost so much money paper (and we have our own ones coming from Sydney) – but she had an idea: she remembered that people often put a kind of rubber mat underneath rugs to stop them sliding around…well, why not just put the rubber mats by themselves? She found them in The Reject Shop, for just $10 per roll – so she got a few and spread them everywhere…voila! No more scary, slippery wooden floors! :-)


Well, they don’t look very pretty or fancy or anything but hey – they work and they didn’t cost a lot of money paper! 😛

So now our Temporary Mini-House is lovely and comfy for me and Muesli…



(My humans had to carry Muesli’s litter box with them, to make sure that she had her toilet as soon as she arrived after her “long” flight…you should have seen the funny looks they got. I guess not many people carry kitty litter boxes as hand-luggage!!)

There is no private garden with this Temporary Mini-House – it is part of a big block of flats and we are on the ground floor. So there is a small garden all around the whole block and every morning, after breakfast, one of my humans takes me out for a stroll around “the grounds” – to do my business and have a morning sniff around.

Am very good about not running off by myself and I always come when called – so my humans don’t have to keep me on leash and I can have a nice mooch around by myself, with them supervising nearby, as long as I stay on “the grounds” and don’t step out onto the side-walk or the road…

Honey-morningstroll2 Honey-morningstroll

And although our Temporary Mini-House doesn’t have its own garden, it does have a sort of “ground-floor balcony” – where I can go out safely on my own…and Muesli too, on her harness (good thing we trained her to that when she was a baby kitty!) – so she can get a bit of fresh air.


The balcony gets good sunshine in the mornings so I can have a lovely time sun-bathing too!


By the way, Muesli handled the whole move MUCH better than my humans expected! They really thought she would need to see a Kitty Psychiatrist by the time she got to Perth – and would at least spend the first few days hiding under the bed or something…but no, she really surprised and impressed us!


My humans have been crazy busy since we arrived, especially running around looking at houses for rent…so we haven’t seen much of Perth yet but even the little bit we’ve seen is beautiful! 😀 Like – my humans always make time to take me for my daily walk every afternoon/evening – here’s a picture Hsin-Yi got on her mobile phone machine of me walking around the neighbourhood…isn’t it pretty?


Well, I’ve still got LOTS of adventures to tell you about (yes, 2 weeks in Perth and I’m having new adventures already! 😉 ) – but gotta go now.

But I’ll be back soon to tell you more about Perth – and our big house-hunting challenge too…I hope we won’t be homeless for much longer! :-(



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43 Responses to …The Big Move (Part 2)

  1. Nicki Kelly says:

    I am glad everyone is back together and Muesli is not too traumatized by the move. Tell Hsin-Yi that we are going through the whole house hunting thing right now….ughhhhhh!

  2. pat & Collin Costa says:

    Hi Honey, its me Collin and my Mom Pat. WOW, you and your humans are having a big new adventure in Perth. Muesli looks none the worse for wear from the big move.
    Hsin-Yi is very smart to think about putting down just the rug padding so you will feel comfortable walking on the floor of your temporary home.
    Me and Mom are so happy that you and you whole family are back together again.
    Mom was wondering how Paul is doing. She wonders if he has been able to.keep up on his Physical Therapy.
    Good Luck to Hsin-Yi amd Paul finding a house to rent. It will be nice when you have your own place to call home. See ya later Honey!
    Collin and Mom Pat

  3. Ione Couch says:

    Very glad to read the good news. Hope the house hunting ends soon!

  4. Dorothy S in Michigan says:

    It is very nice to read what you are doing. I am sure there are many more pressing details than blog writing, but now, at least we know what is going on.

    I’m glad Muesli is doing so well.

    Honey, thank you for helping your people write on the computer.

  5. rottrover says:

    Oh Honey! Thanks for checking in with us! We see you found the beach there in Perth! All’s well, then! We are furry impressed that Muesli was such a trooper…

    Are you helping Hsin-Yi and Paul with househunting? We’re sure your input is very important to them! Good luck with finding a “forever home!”

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. We are so very glad to read that everyone landed safely and you are all together. We will be purring and praying for you to be able to find a home sooner rather than later.

    Perth does look very lovely and we can’t wait to see your adventures!

  7. Minabey says:

    Happy to hear from you guys! We’re all wondering what you are all up to now. Thanks for the update. Glad that you’re all together and safe. Muesli’s surprised you all, didn’t she? Maybe the calming spray and smelly shirt did the trick. Hahaha. Well, whatever works. Hope your folks finds a suitable home soon, Honey. Best of luck, specially with the neighbors.

  8. Glad to hear that Muesli handled it all like a champ. Perth reminds me of a town in Florida where my parents spend the month of January every year.

    Good luck on your house hunt!

  9. I am so glad you all arrived safely.
    The pictures are very touching, because you all seem happy.
    Good luck for the house hunt

  10. Elena says:

    Perth looks idillic!

  11. It is probably harder to find a rental when you have pets – especially when you say a great dane – but all paws crossed that you will find something soon.

  12. Nightshade says:

    We’re happy to see that everyone arrived safely in Perth and that you’re all enjoying the new city. We hope that you’ll find a new home soon where you’ll all feel completely at home!

    slobbery kiss,
    & greets, Karolien

  13. Michelle says:

    I’m glad to hear everyone is back together again. I understand about Muesli not liking the move. When we moved all of our cats were not thrilled but did fine once they realized where we all were ending up. (It was so cute with her with Paul’s slippers, though.) I hope you find a home soon and will love to hear all about Perth. Hugs from Kimahri the Great Dane and Walter the Mastiff puppy! P.S Honey, enjoy your doggie bed. You deserve a comfortable night’s sleep!

  14. Lucy says:

    Dear Honey, Muesli, Hsin-Yi, & Paul,
    So very glad to know that you all are together again! Do hope you can find a house soon and really start enjoying your new home. I am very impressed with Muesli on traveling so well and with you handling being without your family for so long! I enjoy reading your blog so much and look forward to your next post. By the way, Honey, you look wonderful, I am so glad you have healed so nicely and now just look even more distinguished!
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  15. Marion Burgold says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog. It’s almost like being there with you. Hope you find your own place soon. All the best with house hunting. Marion, Lucy & Zeus

  16. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    We join in the chorus of being most happy you are all safely reunited. Hsin-Yi is very clever to think of just using rug pads, and you can almost certainly repurpose them after you find your house. Best of luck finding a great house with good neighbors and near enough to the hospital that Paul’s commute won’t be too bad. We’re also watching with interest to see how fast your bare back patches grow back :) Jed’s been shaved a few times from chewing himself [before he started allergy shots] and it took him quite a while to get all his furs back. At least it’s summer while your bare patches are growing back.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Yeah, we’re wondering how long it’s going to take to grow back too! At first, we thought it looked cool but now my humans think it’s just a bit ugly and annoying – and spoils the “nice, clean lines” of my body. It seems to be taking AGES to grow back!! :-(

      Honey the Great Dane

  17. Hope you guys find a house soon! It’s great to see everyone together again in Perth :)

  18. Stella says:

    Nice that you could be immediately together after the big move. Hilarious is drama-queen Muesli, pissed off and very stubborn on the happy together photo.

    The hair & drool war sounds stressy. Hope you find soon a new home and do the last move.

  19. We’re so happy that you all made it to Perth and you’re all together again! We love the picture of all of your feets!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. Sam says:

    Oh my, what an adventure you all are having! I hope you find a permanent place soon!


  21. jet says:

    Good Luck with the house hunting, we had such trouble finding a place that would acommodate Frou and Bender we gave up and bought a house!! There is a group on Facebook called ‘Perth Pet Friendly Rentals’ you should try there. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Perth-Pet-Friendly-Rentals/337627329669195?fref=pb


    ps you can see my office building in some of your pics of King’s Park!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh Jet – you’re not being very encouraging – ha! ha! :-) Yeah, we would definitely buy if we could – so fed up of being treated like 2nd class citizens! – but unfortunately, we would need to save up for a deposit first and moving around so much in the last few years has not been conducive to growing savings!! 😉 Thanks so much for the link – I checked it out yesterday and it seems to have lots of helpful info and some promising listings!


      • jet says:

        I think if you’re not looking at the very cheapest houses its better because there is less competition. It should still be better value than Syd though and its so much easier to get around in Perth you can prob look at a fairly wide range of areas. If I can ever buy an investment property it will be “pets welcome!” And I bet we would get the best tenants!

  22. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Just stop by to check you guys! You look great, and hope your housing situation will change to better soon!
    Take care and wish you all the best,

  23. parlance says:

    So lovely to hear you are all together once more. Perth seems lovely, and I hope you are all going to be very happy there.

  24. Madeleine says:

    Glad you all arrived safely and that Muesli wasn’t too traumatised by the flight – hope you find a permanent place to stay soon and I am really looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. All the best, Madeleine and Candygirl xxxxxxx

  25. Wow, it is beautiful!!!!!! I love it. I hope you find a house soon, but I’m glad you at least have a nice temporary place to stay. 😀 I’m glad Muesli did so well and settled in nicely.

  26. Kari says:

    So glad your move went tons better than ours

    Stop on by for a visit

  27. Toni Etim says:

    So glad your all back together in Perth ! And your Temporary House look great for now ,then you can take your time to find just what you want.. all that important is your all together.. and it look like Muesli is happy and was so glad to see you honey.. Hsin -yi great ideal for slipper floors.. Zeus like to run on slipper floors he think that great fun ! Love all the Pics waiting to see what next for all of you!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Zeus and Toni

  28. Chloe says:

    Hi Honey!

    Wow, I can’t believe how crazy-exciting your life has been these last few weeks! My humans are so boring. The highlight of my day is riding with them to the fast-food restaurant. AND I don’t even get to try any of the yummy smelling goodies the nice lady hands over at the window. Not fair! Where’s mine?

    Ok so I suppose I’m exaggerating, but still, I think your latest adventures just sound fantastic. I also think it’s very nice that Muesli looked so happy to see you. I hope one day my kitties will be just as happy to see me too (maybe? Possibly?).

    Anyway, my family and I are glad to see you all safe, happy and in one place again. Even though I think exploring all these new places sounds like fun, Kate says she is crossing her fingers that you find a comfortable, more permanent place soon. She says that this “moving” thing is hard work and very tiresome, and that she is impressed Hsin-Yi has even had time to help you post your updates!

    Well, happy house hunting!

    Wags & Slobbers,

    PS. I’m sure Paul and Hsin-Yi will be wanting your input on the new house. Just remember to find a garden with lots of sun and good places to store your bones for later!

  29. Good luck with the house hunting. Given your many moves in the last few years, you should be pros by now. Take care 😉

  30. Glenlivet says:

    Hi Honey,
    Thank you for this lovely post. I’m happy you enjoy Pert, and indeed, it looks like a beautiful city.
    Wish you good luck for searching your new home.

  31. Dawn says:

    Greetings and Slobbers Honey,
    Your new, temporary home looks lovely and how wonderful of Hsin Yi to buy mats for the floor to make you more comfortable. My mom had to do the very same thing when she got her Grey HOund Rescue, Percy. He wouldn’t walk on the floor, but no one told her Grey Hounds don’t like marble. She put many of the same mats on her beautiful marble floor and when I visit I trip on them all the time with my crutches. Percy was king of our house while he was alive. Mom only had him a few years because the human pups who raced him did not take proper care of him while they had him. We made sure when we got him he had as much love and doggie happiness as possible. He went over the rainbow a few months ago and now we have our beautiful, Mikey, the Rescue Grey Hound, whom we love an enjoy. He is a good sport like you willing to put on funny costumes. He was a butterfly for Halloween and a Reindeer for Christmas. Big doggies like you Honey are so much fun to walk and parade around.
    Your new neighborhood with all its trees looks like a nice place for your daily walks and slobbers. I am sure you will leave a trail of slobber for all the neighbors to appreciate. I wonder if the folks of Perth know their is a celebrity living amongst them. Their are no celebrity doggies on my block, but there is a lady who lets her tiny dog poo on our apartment lawn and doesn’t pick it up. She says it’s small and shouldn’t bother anybody. In my neighborhood if you do not pick up your dog poo you will get a ticket for $50.00 dollars in paper money and if you don’t carry a poo bag on your walk you can also get fined. That one is an interesting law because people who have thrown the bag out on their walk have been fined. I hope people in Perth are good about cleaning up after their doggies.
    I was wondering Honey, how did you know that the lawn at Trish’s and Luni’s house was plastic? i know there would not be a smell, but don’t all dogs want to walk on the lawn? You always amaze me Honey at how smart you are. Perhaps you are a Doggie Savant and Hsin Yi doesn’t even know it.
    Be sure to take care of Mueseli since she is currently stressy with all the changes in your lives. You are such a big girl to handle all these changes without getting upset and acting out. It does look like you have room in the new, temporary house to do your zoomies. I love watching the video zoomies!
    The new family photo of the toes and paws was lovely. My college roommate had a challenge for the year for everyone to take pictures of their beautiful toes, and the lovely toes in great places. If only I knew how to post your picture to her on her website i would. She would love to meet you Honey, because she loves toes, paws and puppies like you. My former college roommate has two big Great Danes that are the size of small ponies. They jump the fence like ponies too. It is a good thing she has two children that can chase after the Great Danes and get them back home. I think they would come home because she is an amazing chef and we all know doggies love food. I think doggies were the original foodies and the term “foodie” should belong to the dogs.
    Thanks for the Perth Post ll Honey.
    Dawn and Mickey the Grey Hound

  32. 2browndawgs says:

    My Dad goes to Florida for the winter every year and takes his kitty with him. She is small and can travel in a carrier under the seat. The part of the trip she doesn’t like is going through security. I am glad Muesli handled the trip so well. Both Muesli and Honey look settled in. :)

    Good luck with house hunting!

  33. Cleo and Otis - Great Dane Companions says:

    We are so glad everyone is together again, the pictures of your temporary home is beautiful, since it is winter where we are its nice to see so much green. Hope you get to go for swim 😉

  34. Hi Honey and Hsin-yi! My human says I have to thank you because I learnt how to twist, spin, reverse, touch and go to my
    bed after she watched your videos on clicker training and taught them to me. Well the tricks aren’t bad I guess but I am happiest I scored on yummy treaties! Thanks! Wuff, Ruff

  35. Paula Diggle says:

    Happy new home to all of you. xx

  36. ludo says:

    I like your mini house Honey. I know your people with find a good house for you. I loved the photos of you and Muesli saying hello again and you getting your big bed back, it’s the little, or, er, big, things that make us feel at gome and relaxed again isn’t it? You is so lucky to have caring owners who don’t make you walk on scary slippy floors too.
    Good luck with the house search!
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  37. When we saw on FB that you were homeless, we had visions of the four of you living under an overpass on the highway! 😉 Okay, maybe not REALLY. We’re so glad everyone made the trip safely and we’re hoping you find a real home soon. In the meantime, your rented place looks nice – and the carpets are a good idea – even sure-footed doggies such as ourselves don’t always like slippery floors – we handle them ok, but prefer a few cheap carpets or mats for better traction. We can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in Perth! (And Mom keeps looking at your photos thinking it is too bad Australia is 87 million miles (and 87 hours of air travel) away or she’d pop down for some sun and sand!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  38. Denise Ditton says:

    Hi Honey and muesli and Hsin-Yi and Paul
    Hope your house hunting has been successful and you are all now settled. Loved your family reunion photo, typical of Muesli being of the feline breed to be so indifferent LOL they can be such Diva,s can’t they. Hope your stay in Perth sees you all healthy and happy. Take Care from Great Danes Cristal (Blue Fawn ) and Leroy ( Black ) Hunter Valley NSW

  39. Henrietta says:

    So thrilled to see you playing on the beach and having a goofy good time, family reunited. A feelgood moment.

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