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Safe travel, doggie heart conditions, stressy kitties & more…

Hi everybody! We’ve had so many similar questions from our readers about our Big Move to Perth and other things, that we thought we’d do a post just answering your questions! πŸ˜›

“Is Honey OK to travel with her heart condition?”

Yes, I’m fine to go on the Big Flying Machine! When I went back to SASH to have the stitches removed from my glaucoma eye surgery, I also had a follow-up with the special Cardiologist Vet who did another ultra-sound on my heart. She was very pleased with me ‘coz she said my Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) “had not progressed at all” – I’m still in the early, “pre-clinical stage” and my heart was beating nice & slowly and it hadn’t gotten any bigger since when she checked it back in Aug (2012), which was when it was first diagnosed..


Setting off on my daily walk…!

* Normal heart rate for a big doggie like me is around 60 beats per min (smaller doggies have faster normal heart rates) – that’s what it is when I’m sleeping or just lazing around; when I exercise, my humans measured it and it only goes up to around 90 bpm, which is very good and shows that I’m very fit, probably because I have always had regular, daily exercise all my life. If my heart rate went up above 150, then that would be the time to worry. When DCM starts to get bad and go into heart failure (“onset of clinical signs”), one of the signs is the heart speeding up and staying at a high heart rate (as well as other signs like coughing & exercise intolerance).

* If your humans want to know how to measure a doggie’s heart rate: get a clock or watch with a 2nd hand, or a stopwatch, count the number of beats in 10 seconds and then multiply this by 6 and you’ll get the beats per minute.

In general, the lower the heart rate, the better ‘coz it means that you’re fitter – your heart doesn’t have to beat so fast to cope with any stress. When I was having my awful head ouchies from the pressure spikes in my glaucoma eye, my heart rate had gone up to 120 bpm which is pretty high for me.

In a way, it was lucky because you can’t detect DCM just from listening to the heart – in the early stages (“pre-clinical heart disease”, which is what I have), you often can’t hear a heart murmur – the only way you can know for sure is if you do a heart ultrasound. So my heart always sounded fine and nobody would have ever known about my DCM – except that the ouchies from the glaucoma was making my heart race and that made the vets suspicious and so they did the heart ultrasound and found out.


This was lucky because it meant that I could start taking some heart medicine early, which will hopefully help me live longer (“delay the progression of DCM to heart failure”). The old thinking was to only give the heart medicine after you started showing symptoms of heart failure but my Cardiologist Vet, Dr Rita Singh, is very clever and has lots & lots of qualifications (she even went to do special extra training in America!) – and she told us about a recent study on Dobermann doggies which showed that if you give doggies with DCM the heart medicine early (BEFORE they show symptoms of heart failure), it can help them live longer.

The doggies in the trial, that were given the heart medicine early, lived for significantly longer than the doggies who didn’t get the medicine early. It doesn’t change anything once you get heart failure – you can’t slow things down or live longer then – but it can delay you getting to heart failure in the first place, so that you remain in the early (pre-clinical) stages of DCM for much longer.

(For anybody who is interested in the details of the study, you can read about it here:Β http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23078651)

Honey-WVC-lookupMy humans say that maybe everything happens for a reason – if I hadn’t gotten my glaucoma eye ouchies, they might never have found out about my DCM until it was advanced – and then I wouldn’t have had the chance to get the heart medicine early. The only thing is that my heart medicine (“Vetmedin” aka. ‘pimobendan’ ) costs an awful lot of money paper here in Australia!! I have to have 6 pills every day – 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening and it costs $400 every month, just for these pills! 😯 Thank goodness we have pet insurance which pays for 80% of the cost. It is still a lot of money paper for my humans to add in every month but they think it is worth it, if it will help me live longer.

The other risk if you have DCM, even if you don’t go into heart failure, is that you could still get an arrhythmia, which means your heart starts beating in a funny way and then you might just get “sudden death” when it stops…but that’s the worst case scenario. Most doggies with DCM usually just eventually go into heart failure and die that way – but hopefully, Dr Singh says that by starting the medicine early, I will have a better chance of a longer (good-quality) life.

Of course, there are no guarantees – for a Great Dane, 9yrs old is already a pretty senior doggie and it’s natural for our hearts to start to enlarge & fail, because they have to pump so much harder to cope with our giant bodies and besides, you have to die of something, someday, don’t you? πŸ˜‰


“What about giving Muesli something to help her feel less stressy when travelling?”

Thanks for all the suggestions to help Muesli feel less stressy about travelling and moving. Unfortunately, you can’t sedate animals for travelling on Big Flying Machines – it’s very dangerous as it can affect their breathing & oxygen when up in the air. So Muesli can’t have any chill-out drugs.

Yes, we do have some Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy – Hsin-Yi got a bottle of this when I was a puppy and used to give it to me before certain events (like car rides), even though I wasn’t really acting stressy, because everybody told her to. She said it never had much effect on me…although that might just be because I am such a laid-back, placid doggie that I didn’t really need it in the first place! πŸ˜‰ But we might try that with Muesli…although she is such a difficult kitty to give anything, like worming pills or even flea treatment….it drives Hsin-Yi crazy ‘coz my first kitty sister, Lemon, was always so easy – even though she was a fiesty kitty, she was very good & docile about taking her worming pills. Hsin-Yi could just hold her with one hand, open her mouth and pop the pill in – no problems!


Muesli’s idea of helping with the packing…
(so far, she is not getting too stressy about anything yet – she is just having great fun jumping in & out of boxes and climbing over things!)

But with Muesli…oh my goodness! She would claw and fight and scratch and bite and Hsin-Yi’s arms would be shredded and there would be blood everywhere. Muesli gets so stressy if you even just try to open her mouth (yes, we have tried those special syringes to put pills in but they don’t work very well). So Hsin-Yi thinks that even GIVING the Rescue Remedy would make Muesli stressy! πŸ˜‰

But then Hsin-Yi had a great idea! She is going to get a Feliway spray for Muesli. This is a special kind of pheromone therapy which helps stressy kitties feel more relaxed, because it helps to make places smell secure & familiar. We haven’t ever tried it with Muesli but lots of people (including vet clinics) say it works really well. We’re going to spray it not only in her travel crate but also in the temporary accommodation we’re going to be staying in, in Perth, in the first few weeks…so hopefully, it will help Muesli chill out a bit! πŸ˜‰


“Is it safe for Honey to travel in the hot summer weather? What about the temperature in the airplane cargo hold?”

Lots of you have been worried about how I will travel. Hsin-Yi has double-checked with my “personal pet travel consultants”, Jet Pets – and they have told her that I will be kept cool all the time.

Honey+planeWhile I am waiting to board my flight, they will be keeping me in their ‘Pet Transit Lounge’ which is air-conditioned (we saw these when we went to visit the Sydney depot – they are sort of like fancy, indoor kennels!) and then they will take me in my crate, in their van machine (also air-conditioned), straight to the Big Flying Machine just before it is about to take off. I won’t be left waiting out on the tarmac or anything like that. Pets are the first things loaded on the flight (before the luggage) and the first things taken off.

I will be travelling in the belly part of the Big Flying Machine, called the cargo hold. There is a section there for live animals and it is pressurised, air-conditioned (between 18 ~ 22 ΒΊC all the time) and sound-proofed, so it will be almost like travelling in the cabin! πŸ˜›

The best part is that – unlike when I came over from NZ, which was an international flight – my humans will be allowed to put things inside my crate for me, such as blankets or towels, and even a frozen water bottle that I can lick. I will be arriving in Perth in the late afternoon, so hopefully it won’t be too hot at the other end!

Yes, we had heard of that special airline in America which only takes pets…how cool is that! Unfortunately, there isn’t such a thing in Australia and actually, the company in America, called Pet Airways, had to shut down ‘coz it couldn’t make enough money paper. It was a nice idea but probably not very realistic! πŸ˜‰


“How is Paul doing?”

My human, Paul is doing OK – his recovery from his Scary Sickie (“transverse myelitis“) was quite good in the beginning but then it slowed down and he doesn’t seem to have improved much in the last few weeks: he still can’t walk very fast, his body is still doing funny twitching sometimes and most of all, his left arm & hand are still really weak and can’t function properly. He can manage OK doing everyday things (he’s learnt to do a lot of things one-handed and just using his right hand) but of course, for his work as a surgeon, you need to have very good “fine motor control” in your hands.

Paul has been trying to do more research on his sickie but since it is so rare, it is hard to find information on how well people have recovered. So far, some people say that what you’re like at 3 – 6 months is sort of the way you’ll remain – which is really depressing, ‘coz Paul is coming up to the 3 month deadline now. :-( But other people say that you can still recover more, up to 2 years, so we are staying hopeful. πŸ˜•


Paul is still going to the special rehab clinic to do his occupational therapy & physiotherapy & hydrotherapy exercises. And he will continue with his rehab when we move to Perth. He has been off work since the beginning of Oct, when he got his sickie – so things have been quite tough. The hospital in Perth have been really nice & supportive, though, and said that they’re happy for him to start his job there doing less. He can’t do any surgery, of course, because of his damaged left hand but he can still do the clinics and other basic things. The new job doesn’t start ’till the beginning of Feb so that’s still nearly 1 month away and hopefully, he will recover a bit more by then!


Honey-walking2“Is there any special aftercare for Honey’s removed eye? Does she still have tears?”

No, my “removed” eye doesn’t need any special aftercare – the skin of my eyelids have been stitched together and they’ve now grown together, so there is just skin over an empty socket, where my eyeball used to be.

I don’t have eye lashes anymore on that eye but I do still make tears. They are just going inwards now, into my eye socket and sometimes out my nose (through lachrymal ducts). But I don’t make so much tears in that eye now since it isn’t getting irritants going in and I’m not blinking.

I’m not getting any oozing or discharge or anything like that and my humans don’t have to do any special cleaning for me – other than the usual cleaning that they do, like I usually have to have a Bath every 2 weeks, when Hsin-Yi washes my face with the shower. (Pah! Hate that!)

Hsin-Yi also does this thing called “Hot Towel Treatment” every few days, where she wipes my face and especially around my jowls with a hot towel. I don’t like it much (Ugh! Getting my face wet!) but it does keep my face nice & fresh and it means that I don’t get so smelly, coz otherwise all the slobber and the “wetness” in the many folds of skin around my mouth & chin can give bacteria a good chance to grow (this is why many young Danes get pimples! πŸ˜‰ )


“What’s happening with the Big Honey Dog children’s book?”

"I think you should make me sound cooler...why can't I have a super-power in the book?"

“I think you should make me sound cooler…why can’t I have a super-power in the book?”

Remember I told you several months ago that Hsin-Yi had started writing a children’s book starring me? (well, OK, not me exactly but a Great Dane called Honey, who is inspired by me πŸ˜‰ ). It is a mystery story for 8 ~ 12yrs olds (middle grade) and has lots of adventure & cool doggie characters.

She has been working on the first draft and trying to write whenever she could find the free time. It has been really difficult in the last few months, with everything that has been happening with Paul’s Scary Sickie and my Glaucoma Sickie & Eye Surgery and then preparing for our Big Move to Perth…but Hsin-Yi has been plugging on. She said that it helped her to have somewhere to escape to when she was feeling overwhelmed in “real life”.

Anyway, she is almost finished the 1st draft! πŸ˜€ She has done about 33,000 words so far (most middle grade books are about 30,000 – 40,000 words) and she is getting near the end. She was actually hoping to finish the 1st draft before Christmas and she was very disappointed with herself that she hasn’t managed that but oh well, sometimes life gets in the way… Hopefully, there will be some extra time when we get to Perth, in the first few weeks, when we’re staying in the temporary accommodation and just house-hunting…so Hsin-Yi might be able to finish the story then.

Of course, it’s still a loooooong way from being really finished & ready for submission…after you finish the first draft of a book, you should put it away for a while and then come back and read it from the beginning (and think it’s all rubbish and cross everything out and rewrite it all again! πŸ˜‰ ) – so after we settle in our new house in Perth, Hsin-Yi will still have to revise her 1st draft and polish it up. Then she will start looking for a literary agent and a publisher.

So thank you to those who have been interested and asking – the book is slowly getting there! πŸ˜›



Poor Boo!

Well, I’m off to help with some more packing! Don’t worry – it’s not just been work-work-work…I’ve been having some last-minute adventures too, saying goodbye to people.

Sadly, my friend, Boo the black Dane, has broken his toe and it is in a cast, so he isn’t allowed to do anything and hasn’t even been able to go out for walks, for over a month now – poor thing! :-(

But we did go for a last walk with his human, Sarah, and she very thoughtfully carried some of my goodbye slobbers back to Boo on her shirt. πŸ˜›

I also went on a last walk with my great friend, Carmel, and her boyfriend, and my humans.

We went on my favourite walk in Sydney – around the wharves in Pyrmont and along the waterfront – at sunset/twilight. That’s one of the few places we will miss in Sydney – with the wide, clean streets & nice buildings, the cool breezes off the harbour and most of all, the feeling of open space, when you look out across the water to the horizon and the sky around. Hsin-Yi says maybe she got spoilt after living in a beautiful harbour city like Auckland for so long but she desperately misses that feeling of natural space & open sky and views across the water.

That’s why she loves Pyrmont and likes to take me to walk there, even though it takes a bit longer to drive there in the car machine. Being by the open water is very soothing and always makes her feel happier and not all stressy & hemmed in by traffic & graffiti & people & ugly buildings. Who knows, maybe if we had lived in Pyrmont, we might have had a happier year in Sydney (we didn’t look there ‘coz it’s further from the hospital and it’s mostly apartments, although we have since seen lots of doggies – even big ones! – coming out of the apartments)… Anyway, Perth sounds much more like Auckland so hopefully, we should have lots more natural, open space in our new city! πŸ˜›


Carmel-lastwalk-rest Carmel+Honey-cuddles


We finished our walk with an impromptu “night picnic” on the grass in front of The Star Casino. It was such fun! Carmel got me an ice-lolly (strawberry flavour…yum!) and then she played some running games with me and also gave me lots of cuddles. I had a wonderful time and I will really miss Carmel…I hope she will come to visit us in Perth!




Β Oh – and I just wanted to wish you all a belated Happy New Year! πŸ˜› I’m afraid we probably won’t be able to come round & visit any blogs for a while now, or answer messages very quickly, until we get settled in Perth but we’ll try our best to catch up soon.

I’ll pop in to say goodbye before I go on my Big Flying Machine later this week! πŸ˜›


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37 Responses to Safe travel, doggie heart conditions, stressy kitties & more…

  1. Rottrover says:

    Beautiful Honey, happy new year and safe travels to all of you! Looking forward to your next installment!

    Rottie kisses,

    Bart and Ruby

  2. Clive says:

    Wishing you all the very best with the move to Perth and very best wishes for 2013! We hope that all your troubles of 2012 will lessen hugely with your move and that life will be much less stressful for you all this year.

  3. I’m really pulling for Paul to continue to improve, even if it takes awhile. Boy, life can change in an instant, can’t it?

    Hopefully, with your move, comes hope, good health, and happy times for the whole family.

  4. Preston says:

    Hi Honey and family!
    Happy New Year!
    Glad to see honey is doing so well and you guys are getting ready for your big move to Perth.
    Best of luck to Paul’s recovery. We hope Great Dane Honey’s book will be the next Harry Potter so Paul and Hsin-Yi will never need to work again! My baby brother Nolan is growing up fast so my mommy will get him the Honey book for him! (by the time he can read, maybe there will be Chinese version of the book out there! my mom and dad are obsessed with him learning to speak and read Chinese! )
    we know 2012 was tough year for your family and hope 2013 will be a year full of wonderful things for you all!
    Preston the puggle

  5. What a great post Honey, and thanks so much for re-assuring us on how everything is going with you, Muisli, Paul and Hsin-Yi. We are sending you all our love and good vibes for the coming travel, and we can’t wait to hear all about it!
    We think you are incredible, and we are so glad that about a year ago our human stumbled on your blog!
    Lots and lots and lots of love from Indigo and Malach and all the family

  6. Nicki Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to hear that you have arrived safely and are settled into your temporary housing.

  7. Toni Etim says:

    Honey praying for a calm safe trip for you ,Muesli,Paul and Hsin-Yi to Perth on your next adventure . Its so much fun to read what going on with you and your almost like be there with you and love all the pics just great !
    Hugs and kisses Zeus
    and Toni

  8. hollysam says:

    Dear Honey…..
    I wish you & your family a safe trip to your new home. We will be waiting to hear all about your travels. I hope you get settled in your new home quickly and hope that there are lots of new friends there for you to meet. Good luck to you & your family and happy traveling!!!!
    Love to you…….Holly & Sam

    • Wow that airplane sure looked big in that picture of u on the beach. We can’t wait to hear about your move and your new home. Oh, we got the apron we ordered from your store. Looks great. Love it. I might secretly use it as a superhero cape when mommy isn’t looking.

  9. Treasure says:

    I am so glad that you are doing well after your surgery! Good luck with your trip!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  10. 2browndawgs says:

    Thunder has a message for Boo… Don’t worry Boo, I had to wear one of those cast things for like 100 years (well it seemed like 100 years). But it helped my leg and I bet it will help your toe and be off you in no time. I felt much better about the thing when all my blogging friends signed it. :)

    your pal
    Thunder, one of the brown dawgs

    Thunder and the rest of the brown dawgs are also wishing Honey and her family safe travels.

  11. Lucy says:

    I wish all of you a very safe trip…so glad to hear that all is well for you, Honey, to travel! I’ll be thinking of you all and sending prayers for safe travel. Honey, you look wonderful, I am so glad your eye problem is solved and you are back to your healthy self.
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  12. Ruth says:

    Best wishes to all of you in your new home and good health in 2013. Ruth, Rochester hills, mi

  13. Kari says:

    We did lots of research with our upcoming trip and hope it goes as smoothly as yours

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Aj says:

    Safe journey sweets….

  15. zorbi2012 says:

    Dear Honey, Muesly & Humans,
    We have been thinking that perhaps we won’t hear from you until after you’ve settled in Perth.
    It is very comforting to know that ‘everything is under control’ … or most of it. Anyhow, JetPets is a very professional and reliable company … they have even allowed you to use your wooden Jumbo Crate in your flight to Perth … most considerate of them taking into account that they only use their own kennels. We are sure that if Muesly’s traveling crate is kept close to your own crate during the flight she will not feel too stressy while airborne. As your your human Paul, encourage him to continue with his physiotherapy -most of our limiting conditions after a sickie are usually born out of our fear of not to being able to get back to our ‘old usual selves’. Also, help Hsin-Yi as much as you & Muesly can -I guess it has been too much of a heavy load for her to carry throughout the past few months; and although she seems to be a strong-willed , focused-minded lady, there is a limit to everything before our ‘steam valves’ let go off.
    As usual, my beau, we send you our love, positive energy and best wishes for a very safe travel, nice settling in in your temporary accommodation, smooth finding of your new house in Perth, quick full recovery to Paul and peace of mind for Hsin-Yi so that she can re-read, review, correct and proof-read her book … we look forward to reading the full story a.s.a.p. May God Bless
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 for the entire family!

  16. zorbi2012 says:

    My dear Beau, Muesly and Humans,
    We rare very happy to hear from you before your great move to Perth. Do not worry about JetPets … they are very professional and competent and you will not have any reason to complain …They have even allowed you to travel in your Jumbo Crate -which was very considerate of them. Before you realise, you will be already landing, despite the almost 7 hrs. flight. As for Muesly, if they can place her travel crate next to your own Crate, she will be very much comforted.
    Your human Paul will get better within short time and sooner than expected, he will get back to his ‘old self’, if he does not give up on therapy -most of humans’ limitations after a sickie are born out of their fears of not being able to immediately get back on their feet again. But he’ll make it, wit the help of his family.
    As for your super human Hsin-Yin, you should all help her -it has been too much of a super heavy load for her to bear in the past few months … there is a limit to humans’ own capacity to cope with stressy things and sooner or later, the ‘safety steam valve’ trips off … and then, anything can happen. So, help her and do not add additional stress to her large share.
    We wish you a very safe flight to Perth, safe landing, smooth settling in your temporary accommodation, friendly environment to you all and very importantly, help Hsin-Yi to review, correct and proof-read her book to see if it can be publish earliest.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments! I’m sorry they went into the Spam folder yesterday but I have fished them out now and restored them., Please don’t worry in the future if your comments disappear after you click “Post Comment” – usually they have gone into the Spam folder and we always check that every day and fish the comments out! Unfortunately, sometimes the blog software is stupid and thinks that you are spam, even if you are not! That happens to me too when I visit other blogs and leave comments for them – they often think that “bighoneydog” sound like porn and so put my comments in the Spam folder!! πŸ˜‰

      Honey the Great Dane

  17. zorbi2012 says:

    My Beau Honey, Muesly and Humans,
    It’s great to hear from you!
    We wish you a very safe trip to start this New Year 2013 .

  18. Sarah says:

    Thanks!! I’m pleased that my special dog doctor is going to be taking the cast off in 2 sleeps time! It’s hard to hop around when you’re such a big dog and I really miss running around!

    I’m sad that I missed out saying goodbye to Honey and her humans as Honey was my good friend and her humans always gave me lots of pats!

  19. wispyk9s says:

    Safe trip Honey bunny. Kia Kaha

  20. jet says:

    Hm, I hope that Paul keeps recovering, it is hard when something is so rare! Hopefully we will get to meet you guys when you get here.

  21. Anne-Maria Lee says:

    Hi Honey,
    Your upcoming flight takes me back to just over a year when my humans packed me (Pippa the soccer playing Jack Russell) and our, then 4, scaredy cats into the cars and spent 3 days traveling to Adelaide! we stayed in pet friendly places but it was stressful. Then they put us into a strange place, a Resort for us, where we were really pampered for 4 weeks until our house was ready. Sounds like you might be going to have a similar experience. Well, our scaredy cats were very stressed when they got to the new home and my human, Anne-Maria had to rush Tai to a vet cos we thought she couldn’t breathe. Our very, old sick cat, Isabella, sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge and never got to come to the new house and our humans were worried about Tai a lot. Our beautiful vet, Barb, reassured them that Tai was just stressed and gave her Feliway and this stuff keeps them calm whenever we go to the Resort to be pampered! Now we have this crazy new kitten who isn’t scared of anything! Driving all of us crazy but the humans seem to like him a lot! Now we need some of Hsin-Yi’s special training for this silly kitten!
    You all have a beautiful, safe and gentle journey to Perth and hope you get pampered like I do in my temporary accommodation. Perth is a lovely city and may you all find a rapid recovery from ill health and a fantastic new life with an abundance of all good things in all areas of your life.
    Blessings from me, Tai, Mandy, Holly and “ratbag” sorry, Raffy, hehe. My humans also send you all their best wishes.

  22. parlance says:

    Best wishes for a stress-free flight, good health for all, and success in finding a lovely place to live in Perth.

  23. Shelley Delaney says:

    Dear Honey & Family,
    Paws crossed for a safe and uneventful trip to your new home. Anxiously waiting to hear you are all safe and sound on the ground in Perth.
    Safe travelling,
    Love, Briar & Shelley

  24. Dmpfromri says:

    Hi Honey……sorry I have not been to visit your blog, my human Diane tookna nasty fall on Christmas Day and broke her leg! She has been very sad and had to go to a surgeon for an operation. Now she has a big huge hard thing on her leg and has to keep it up on pillows. I mss her playing outside with me and taking me on our daily walks. But i sit quietly with her and try to make her feel better. We want to wish you all the best as you travel to Perth, we cant wait to see your next adventure.

    Your friend,

    Indy Bones

  25. We wish you, Muesli and your humans a Happy New Year. We are sorry to be away from blogville for a while that we were not been able to visit you sooner. We are hopeful that this year brings you more joy and less stressful moments. We also send lots of positive thoughts for you and Paul. We read your past posts too to be updated. We look forward to your many fun adventures in Perth.

    Hugs your way, Honey!

    Piappies – Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  26. Howdy Everybuddy, glad to hear all your news. How wonderful to think this time in about a month you should be in your new home and can settle down and enjoy it. Imagine not having to think about moving again in 12 months!! Good wishes to Paul that he continues to recover and regain full strength in his arm and hand. Keep on rubbing in that healing slobber Paul! Good luck with your trip over to Perth. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  27. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    Thanks so much for the updates! It’s reassuring to us to know you’re doing so well and that Paul continues to make progress. Bet he could write quite a learned paper on his rare disease and get it published, especially with his insights about the treatments that are currently available and what works, what still needs research. We’ll be keeping our paws crossed for your safe arrival. Do please do a quick post to let us know you all arrived safely.

  28. Safe travels, we can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in Perth!

  29. Dexter says:

    Miss Honey,
    You look grand with your winking eye. I can see your pretty muscles and how healthy and happy you are feeling. I know your Hsin-Yi and Paul will do all they can to make your journey uneventful. It sounds like the air transport people will look after you well.


  30. That sucks about Paul’s sickie. :( I’m praying for him to recover so he can be a surgeon like he wanted to. Just remember that things do happen for a reason, like with your eye and heart, so maybe he’s just meant to do something else. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to hear about your new home. I love all of the pictures in this post. Hopefully this will be the last time you have to move and say goodbye for a looooooong time. πŸ˜€

  31. Nightshade says:

    Have a safe trip! Hope all goes well and you’ll all like your new home.

    Slobbery Kiss, Killian
    & best wishes from Karolien

  32. Stella says:

    At 3 months of 6 you should not be depressed. And maybe it is like growing baby’s: alternating in length and with.

    I have learned to try to move as symmetrically as possible when something is wrong. Then the good side is less overloaded and the poor side learns that more is possible as thought. It is good for the balance und for the spine. I have seen some people born with an incomplete hand. They who used to hide this hand, didn’t use this hand & arm, so this arm kept undergrown and their schoulders stiffend. It is good to involve the week arm in all the movements. My incidental leg-problems were solved quicker when I swayed my steps with the good side just like the steps with the bad side. Yes breathless mostly, buth very effective. Please, don’t let a dead hanging arm steal in.

    Wish you a good move and house settle in.

  33. Denise Ditton says:

    Hi Honey, Hsin-yi, Paul and Muesli.
    We have just caught up with your adventures in Oz. Sorry to hear of all your illness and hope both you and Paul stay healthy from here on. I can only imagine how stressed it must be for Hsin- Yi worrying about you both. By the time you read this, I imagine you will be settled in Perth. Hope you enjoy your time there it is a beautiful city, even if it does get a bit windy at times. Look forward to reading all your adventures. Take care from Great Danes Cristal and Leroy

  34. Debbie Moore says:

    wow I have loved reading all your posts, they are funny, sad, and bright happiness radiates from Honey, keep up the posts and I hope your move to Perth goes smoothly and you all settle down into a happy life very soon. Best Wishes from Debbie and family in the UK x

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