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My first Perth adventures!

Honey-happy-walkingHi everybody – I’m so sorry we’ve been so quiet on my blog for so long! My humans have just been crazy busy running around, trying to find a house for us to rent and Hsin-Yi just hasn’t had any time or energy to help me with my blog.

It’s been very stressy ‘coz we have to “tick many boxes” for our house PLUS find somewhere that accepts pets. Well, you know how Landlord Humans are usually not petfriendly anyway :evil: – and in Perth, they can be extra-fussy ‘coz there are so many people arriving, wanting to live here – and so there are so many people fighting for the same houses! :-(

But anyway – paws crossed – we might not be homeless much longer…I’m hoping to have good news to announce in my next post!! :D

In the meantime, I want to tell you about some of the adventures I’ve been having in Perth so far! Well, since my humans have been so busy, we haven’t been able to go out exploring much yet but you know, even without making much effort, we’ve already had so many wonderful walks here. Perth is great (and just like Auckland) because you don’t have to go far to find beautiful, uncrowded places everywhere. Especially beaches!


You know, because I grew up in Auckland, with all its lovely, harbour beaches and the beautiful, wild beaches of the Waitakeres & the West Coast, I’m a real beach babe and since we moved to Australia, I’ve really missed being able to go to the beach easily.

perth_suburban_mapNone of the places we lived in up till now (Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney) had many clean, beautiful dog-friendly beaches that you could get to quickly & easily.

Well, in Perth, there are dozens of pet-friendly beaches to choose from! Perth is right beside the Indian Ocean and it also has the beautiful Swan River & Canning River snaking through it, so aside from the ocean beaches, there are loads of river beaches all around the city – and many lakes too!

In fact, river beaches are even better than ocean beaches, I think, ‘coz the water is a LOT calmer and less scary for – ahem – a Non-Water Doggie like me – hee! hee!

sunset beach walk by the Swan River

…and they are nice & shallow for a long way out, so you can wade around without worrying about suddenly falling into deep water…


…they’ve got cool ducks and swans that you can say hello to…


…and lovely soft sand to run in!








And the best part is, they are so easy to get to – you don’t have to spend half a day, fighting awful traffic, driving for ages out of the city to get there – and they are clean and EMPTY!!

This beach is just 10mins round the corner from our Temporary Mini-House and we can just go there in the evenings – we don’t have to go super late or super early – and it’s so lovely and quiet and hardly anybody else there!

(you can see the buildings of downtown Perth on the horizon!)


Whew! All that running sure works up an appetite! Good thing there’s a Chinese takeaway nearby! ;-) I had never gone to get takeaway before…what an exciting new adventure!


I wasn’t allowed inside the restaurant, of course, so I had to wait outside with Paul while Hsin-Yi went in to get our yummies…


…although we weren’t waiting alone long! The Chinese takeaway is inside a sort of outdoor shopping centre and soon everybody who was in the shopping centre who saw me wanted to come over to say hello! :P Especially a big group of human pups who were having a birthday party in one of the restaurants – they all rushed out of the party to come see me! Hsin-Yi says if we had charged people to pat me, we would have easily paid for our dinner – hee! hee!


We got home to find Muesli…er…’relaxing’. She sure is making herself comfy in our Temporary Mini-House! ;-)


Muesli has been a bit naughty, though, coz she started trying to scratch the furniture in our Temporary Mini-House! 8-O That is a big no-no because they were so nice to accept pets and we have to show them that we are good guests…and we definitely must not spoil their furniture! So Hsin-Yi decided the only solution was to clip Muesli’s claws.

Muesli-clip-claws3Thank goodness that my humans had done this when Muesli was a baby kitty, so that she was socialised to it. See, this is why Hsin-Yi always spends extra time doing training & socialisation things with us when we are babies – because we are like sponges at that time and we learn things so quickly – things that could be “scary” just become “normal”.

People often tell Hsin-Yi: “Why bother? You’re never going to need to do that!” – but you just never know what life is going to throw at you (we never knew we would have to live in a Temporary Mini-House one day!) so it’s good to be socialised to as many things and learn as many life skills as possible. Even if we never use it again, that’s fine – but you never know when it might come in handy or make a big difference. Hsin-Yi thinks learning stuff is never wasted.

That’s why all the kitties (and doggies) in our family have baths and get their nails clipped every month when they are babies, and go away to stay in a pet hotel just for the experience, so that they get used to it. They might never need to do it again when they’re grown up – or maybe only once in a long, long time but at least, they’ll be socialised to it and it’s no big deal and they won’t get stressy and difficult about it.


Muesli is not as good as Lemon was so she has to be wrapped up in a towel otherwise she starts wriggling around and then Hsin-Yi might cut a quick by mistake. Lemon was very good and would just sit on Hsin-Yi’s lap and let her do all her claws without a fuss. Hsin-Yi thinks she didn’t socialise Muesli as well as she did Lemon!

Hsin-Yi really believes that good socialisation when we’re young is the key to helping us grow up into happy, confident doggies & kitties who can cope better with anything that life throws at us. Even Muesli – although she is a scaredy-cat type – but she has coped with this move much better than she would have.

The one thing my humans are awful lazy about, though, is grooming! Hsin-Yi can barely remember to do it once a month – that’s why she would only ever have a short-haired breed of doggie or kitty – ‘coz she knows she is useless – hee! hee! ;-) But they have had to be a lot better lately ‘coz I’m shedding like mad. I don’t usually shed much but twice a year – in spring & autumn, I go through a big moult and lots of dead hair falls out. It’s terrible – even if you just stroke me, lots of hair comes off in your hand. So then my humans have to groom me almost every day to get all the dead hairs out, otherwise I just look like a moth-eaten carpet. ;-)

Speaking of coats, my Bionic Doggie patches are taking an awful long time to grow out! :-( Look, here’s a picture Hsin-Yi took of me on one of my walks, when I was standing nicely just by myself – you can see my patches clearly. They were quite cool in the beginning but now, they just look a bit ugly and annoying. I wish they would grow out quicker!


Hsin-Yi was making rude comments about me in this photo – she said that I’m getting “middle age spread” and losing my figure. Even though my humans keep me a bit underweight now (to help my joints & my heart), I still don’t look as slim & trim as I used to. My hips & thighs are all scrawny & bony now and especially, I don’t have the nice “tuck up” anymore that younger Danes have, coz the skin that’s attached between my back legs and my body is really sagging down now. Humph! Well, I’d like to see what she looks like when she’s my age! I’m nearly 80 yrs old in human years, you know! See if Hsin-Yi isn’t sagging everywhere too when she’s 80!! :evil:

While we were at that park, we met another old doggie – a rescue Pug called Belle.



Well, Hsin-Yi was being rude about my new friend too – she kept giggling and saying that Belle looked like the Alien Pug from the movie, ‘Men in Black‘. Honestly! Somebody should have washed Hsin-Yi’s mouth out that day!! :evil:


Now, you’re probably wondering how I was getting out and about to all these cool parks and places since our car machine was still coming on the “road train” from Sydney. Well, Paul has a lovely friend who let us borrow one of his car machines! It was a giant breed car machine, for lots of people to sit in – although you can fold down the back seats to make room for carrying suitcases…or Great Danes! ;-)

It had slightly weird slidey doors at the side, though, so I had to learn to climb in through that – but my humans were very proud of me: I was very agile & learnt very quickly! :P



Honey-newcar5My humans were also very proud of me because when I got in, I just lay down all by myself, without being told! That’s coz I’ve always been trained to lie down in the car machine and that is how I’m used to riding around. So even though there was loads of room in this new car machine and I could have stood up if I wanted to, I still lay down. Hsin-Yi has always been very strict about that – she thinks its very wrong & dangerous for doggies to be standing up, roaming loose in car machines (and sticking their heads out windows) – they don’t need to do that to “enjoy” the ride, whatever their humans might think! Well, really, all doggies should wear doggie seatbelts or be inside crates – but if they don’t, at least they should be lying down quietly, ‘coz then their centre of gravity is lower down and much safer if the car machine has to swerve or stop suddenly.

Well, although it was nice & roomy in that borrowed car machine, it was still nice to have our own back. It arrived from Sydney last week!


So, now I can go off on my adventures in our own car machine – yay!

Well, you can see that we are LOVING Perth so far and having a really wonderful time getting to know our new city – even if we haven’t been able to do many special things so far. But I hope I’ll be back soon to tell you some really good news – ;-) – and then we can relax a bit and start really exploring Perth!



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47 Responses to My first Perth adventures!

  1. Louise says:

    Yay, what lovely photos Honey! We’re glad to see you’re enjoying Perth so far. Gary and I have only been down to that part of the river once or twice for family picnics. Our friends at Paw Prints Pet Training are having their agility classes there now! We wish we could go but I work on Wednesday nights when it’s on.

    The area of Trigg beach called Bennion Beach is lovely, with big rocks to explore, and big waves too. The beach itself there is nice and not normally very busy. The sea at Swanbourne (between Floreat and Cottesloe on your map) is a lot more calm so long as you go at the right time of day, but there are more people and doggies, (and nudie people!). Gary doesn’t swim but loves taking a dip in the waves when chasing his ball. Scarborough is a bit of a pain to get to since the dunes are very tall. It’s also one of, if not the, busiest dog beach in Perth.

    In terms of river beaches, there is also the Bayswater Riverside Gardens which is a big park and all offleash, with a nice section of river. We also like the bit of river near the Maylands sailing club, where there’s a big oval, some stepping stones through little ponds, a bridge and all sorts of other things.

    Fingers crossed on your good news! And see you on Saturday.

    Louise and Gary

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh thank you so much, Louise, for all the great suggestions! We will certainly look them up when we have settled in a bit more. Wow – so many wonderful places to check out! :-) And yes – looking forward to meeting you on Sat!

      best wishes,

  2. rottrover says:

    Honey, your new city looks so BEAUTIFUL!! Good luck on finding your kinda forever home in Perth!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. blisscodisco says:

    So glad to see you are settling in and have so many lovely beaches to chose from.

  4. hollysam says:

    Hi Honey…I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself in Perth. It looks like a beautiful place to live. Just to be able to go and run on the beach looks like so much fun…..especially since it’s not really crowded.
    We will look forward to all of your new adventures and seeing all the fun places that you go to. You’re such a beautiful girl and I know you put a smile on everyone’s face the minute they see you! Have fun and we will be waiting to see more pictures!!!
    Lots of love, hugs & kisses from Holly & Sam

  5. Cathy N. says:

    Oh Honey… We are so glad that you and Muesli and your lovely humans have finally found another beautiful city in which to live (memories of Auckland). We sure hope you find a nice pet friendly home very soon. You look so happy!

    I am now staying at our island cottage with my canine sister, Nessie. We are here for a whole year while our humans sail on their yacht from NZ to S. Africa. I wanted them to stop off at Perth to visit you but they say they are going along the north coast of Australia and then WSW across from Darwin to S. Africa. Too bad :(

    My dog sitters, Danielle and Michael, will be adding photos to my blog once in awhile! We go for lots of walks with the pack in the woods (although Nessie likes to smell the moss and ferns so much that she is not allowed to come with the fast pack… She has to stay with the older doggies on their mini-walks. (She is insulted as she says she is only 13 1/2 years old – the new 5 years !).

    Anyway have fun in your new home!

    Big hugs
    Daisy the Great Dane

  6. No doubt the beaches are empty because everyone is out looking for housing! ;-) Seriously, it looks lovely! And yeah, tell Hsin-Yi to cut the ‘middle age spread’ comments – you are the youngest 80 year old we know (well, other than our Dad’s Mom who is 88+ and looks and acts like she’s 60)! Hopefully you’ll have a house of your own soon, and you can get all nice and settled in! Mom had to giggle about the claw clipping – she’s started grooming us herself (saves money, gives us ‘bonding time’, gives Mom a chance to check out every inch of our bodies every 6 weeks or so, etc., etc.) but she doesn’t cut our nails. Not because of us, mind you, but she’s worried that she’ll cut the quick or do something, and since she KNOWS she’s hesitant, she knows that we’ll KNOW (well, duh), and so she has our local vet do it. And since our vet loves to see us and is all friendly (and it’s nice to go to the vet’s office and NOT have someone take our temperature…) it works out for everyone. However, she says she might be persuaded to try one of the ‘dremmel’ thingies, if someone shows her how to do it. Silly Mom! Have fun on your beaches, you Non-Water Dog Who Likes Water!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    PeeEss: We’ve heard life in Perth is fairly relaxed – it looks like Muesli is adapting to the local culture nicely! :-D

    • Pat& Collin Costa says:

      Hi Honey! It looks like your getting to.know the nice beaches and river placed in Perth fairly well. Going for walks by the water is always lots of fun. I hope that you find a nice house to move into very soon. Having your own place is much nicer, don’t you think.
      I agree with you that Hsin-Yi should not make fun of other doggies. They are all born the way the6 are and that’s that. She wouldn’t like it if the doggies made fun.of her now would she.
      I’m glad your having a good time and that your finding Perth as nice as.you had hoped.
      Good Luck finding a house and I will keep my fingers crossed for you finding s house..

  7. Elmarie says:

    Honey is so precious

  8. What a wonderful place perth is – Mom sure does miss that Aussie sunshine.

  9. Melanie & Grendel says:

    “giant breed car machine”…..snicker ;-)

    You will alwasy be lovely at any age, Honey! Thanks for sharing all the photos of you having such a great time in your new home ;-).

  10. Oh Honey! Don’t worry bout that patch! We think you are still stunning no matter what is bald or saggy!

    ~Mason & Tiffany

  11. Nicki Kelly says:

    I am so glad to see you really enjoying your new home!

  12. kristine says:

    Really great photos Hsin-yi. Everyone is looking really happy xx and slobbers George

  13. Nic says:

    What a lovely entry! Glad to see that Honey and Museli are enjoying Perth! Might have to move there with Diesel and Cooper, it looks lovely!

  14. Honey, I hope you and your humans and kitty sister find a new home soon. Perth looks beautiful and the beaches are amazing. I’m glad everyone seems happy. My humans moved last year and it was a very stressful time but we are all now happy in our new home. Hope to hear from you soon, Kimahri the Great Dane and Walter the mastiff puppy.

  15. Denise Ditton says:

    So glad you are all enjoying your time in Perth Honey. Hope you find a pet friendly home soon so you can all really settle and relax. Tell Hsin-yi we think you look just fab for an 80 yr old. And although it was a little evil of her, it did make me laugh because the little pug DID look like the alien pug in the movie hehehe. Thank for sharing all your wonderful photos. Take Care
    From Great Danes Cristal and Leroy

  16. sara says:

    Perth looks absolutely amazing. I even think that Oreo would like it there, with all those nice, quiet beaches.

    Fingers crossed for good news on a house!

  17. You and Hsin-Yi look like you’re having so much fun running and playing on the sand, Honey! Perth agrees with you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  18. iheartdogsmn says:

    Lovely pictures, I can see why Perth is becoming so popular!
    Just wanted to give you a quick tip regarding your hair patches; apply a mixture of organic castor oil and organic almond oil on the patches everyday to help hair growth :)
    Fingers and paws crossed you’re able to move into a home soon!

  19. Shelley Delaney says:

    So happy to see you all settling in so nicely, and Perth looks soo lovely, I am so jealous of the beautiful weather, beaches and the duck chasing… We here in Canada are on the verge of a major snow storm expected to bring 30 to 50 centimeters, that will be taller than me!! Looking forward to your next post, best of luck with the house hunting, hope you find your own backyard very soon!


  20. Lovely photos as always. :D I’m so happy you’re enjoying your new home and have such beautiful places to walk and explore. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your good news. :)

  21. Frisky says:

    Dear Honey,
    It seems you are getting your wonderful lifestyle back. Walking in the park, traveling to the beach, and meeting new friendly doggy friend are nice activities you always had in Auckland. Is there any mountain around to hike in? I remember you and your family love long hike so much. Will wait to see that in your blog.


  22. parlance says:

    Lovely to see you are all safe and happy in your new, dog-friendly city.

  23. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    Looks like Perth is going to be the happiest place you’ve lived in Oz; good thing it’s the last! Seems to be a perfect match for you guys. And it’s good to see you and Hsin-Yi and Muesli [and Paul, we hope] looking so much more relaxed than you have for the past couple of months. Things are looking up! Hope you have a great house soon. How is Paul doing?

  24. Lilli says:

    It’s nice to hear you are settled well :) And I just love those pictures of you chasing Hsin-Yi :) Those ears in the third running picture are just so cute.


  25. Loved that beach that was like 10 minutes away from the temp house. How cool was that!

  26. Badger the Deerhound says:

    Honey, it was so lovely to see pictures of you running and leaping again!! How wonderful to have dog-friendly beaches!! (At first, when I saw the photo near the end of today’s blog, I thought someone had put your car-machine up a tree!! Wouldn’t that have been funny? Haha! Maybe the humans wouldn’t have thought so. Humans have odd senses of humour, don’t you think?) Anyhow — enjoy Perth! I’d be there in a minute to sample those beaches if my human could just learn to drive an airplane. — Badger the Deerhound

  27. Dorothy S in Michigan says:

    I assume it was Paul taking a lot of the pictures. If so it was wonderful! If not and you (Hsin – Yi) did it with self timer – WOW!

    Anyway, things sound positive. You’ve been in my thoughts and occasionally in my prayers.

    Seeing everyone doing well warms my heart. (Not that it’s not ok to have problems. We all do. It’s ok to talk about the problems as well.)

    Honey looks fantastic. I’m so glad you have her after the scares, the medical trouble and the surgery. She is a survivor, and bless you for taking such good care of her.

  28. dawn says:

    Hi HOney,
    Perth looks beautiful, especially the river area with the swans. I can’t wait to see video of you chasing after your ball in the water with the ducks/swans near by. You might want to bring them a slice of old bread as a welcome gift. How nice it will be to have doggie beaches and rivers for you to go to near your rental house and hopefully the new house.
    I was impressed at your agility Honey at getting in the loaner car. I was trying to socialize my Mikey to get into the car and I followed Hsin-Yi’s technique and Mikey wouldn’t get in the car. I will try again tomorrow to try to get him in the car and let him know how well you did getting into a new car and following directions all on your own. You always impress me Honey.
    Your new friend Belle is cute. I had no doubt that you would make friends from the doggie world quickly as well as friends from the human world. The girlies you met from the take away restaurant were cute and must have loved meeting a celebrity.
    Sorry to learn that your patch sites are taking a while to heal. I have patches for pain on my human tummy and the patches rip up my skin and takes weeks to heal. Not to worry, because you always look beautiful. Folks look at your beautiful and expressive face first Honey.
    Best of luck with the house hunting Honey. Be patient with your human’s as they make all these big changes in their life and yours. I am amazed and surprised that they are able to walk you let alone blog for you.
    Friendship and slobbers,
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey HOund

  29. Janne & Ais says:

    Honey, we are very busy in these days, so we cannot write as much as we would like.
    Just two things about your patches:
    First: Do you have to use sun milk when walking outside? Second: Try to get some milled millet. Perhaps Hsin-Yi can bake some goodies containing millet and egg and liver. Millet does not contain gluten, so it will be a bit crumbling, but it tastes so good! And millet lets sprout the hairs! We know that from our own experience. Otherwise you can take whole millet and cook it and give it with the normal daily food. (Not BARF, but, so what?) So far – next time more! Slobbers! Janne & Ais

  30. Avalon says:

    Good luck in finding a new home. It’s such an amazing place. Very beautiful.

  31. Madeleine says:

    Great to hear from you again and to see all the lovely photos of you in Perth – love the ones of the two of you chasing up and down the beach. Hope you find a permanent place to live soon. Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best. luv Madeleine and Candygirl

  32. cafall says:

    We are so glad you are enjoying yourselves in your new town. Perth looks lovely!


  33. Perth looks like a great place! I miss having a car and being able to take Darwin out to more places. I think she misses it too. One day on her potty break she stopped at a car parked in the stalls downstairs and just stood there sniffing the car, then looking at me. Im in the process of converting my Seattle license to a Singapore one so hopefully we can rent a car more often (no chance of buying one here as they are so expensive).

  34. Carolyn Winks says:

    I adore your blog. Honey – you and our Family – just the BEST!!!! Hope your new home turns out to be just great. Slobbers, Mr. Tiny (Dane), Fritzie (Beagle/Basset), Mavie (Lab/Border Collie), Tulip & Sinny (kitty-cats) and Carolyn (Momma)

  35. Ruth says:

    I’m glad to see, Honey, that you and your family members (two legged and four legged) have found a wonderful home with so many beautiful outdoor options. Pretty soon you’ll have your own house and can really settle in. Enjoy each minute. Big hugs from Michigan in the U.S. ruth

  36. Bodie says:

    Wow Perth looks fab. Look at all that space. Its like a different country to Brisbane and Sydney thats for sure.

  37. It’s good to hear you’re all enjoying your new home. It looks lovely, Honey!

  38. Ludo says:

    What lovely beaches you found already. Just like mine, only warmer I guess. Don’t you listen to Hsin-Yi making fun of you Honey. One of the great things about aging be you can get away with looking however you want. Mum says one of her favourite poems talks about this. It something about wearing purple. I very glad you enjoying Perth already. I hope Clipping Muesli’s nails stops her trying to be naughty. She looks very relaxed. When she has her eyes closed like that Mum thinks she looks just like the happy neko’s you find in Japan.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  39. Howdy Everybuddy, so glad you are loving Perth. It looks beautiful and what a treat having the beach so close by. We see you have been having some hot weather but hopefully you are keeping cool. Loved your photos. Your little friend Belle looked a sweetie. Hey Honey, why can’t Hsin-Yi pick you up every now and then hehehehe. See ya soon mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  40. Cheryl, Benji and Rosie says:

    So glad you are all settling in, Perth is a lovely city Honey …. love Cheryl, Benji and Rosie xxx

  41. Kari says:

    Looks like you’re loving it (other than the house issue)

    Stop on by for a visit

  42. Lisa says:

    It looks beautiful there and I hope this move to this pretty place marks an upswing for all of you!

  43. ellarich says:

    Great to see such amazing and beautiful photographs. Love to visit this place someday.

  44. LenK says:

    I love yours video with honey! I have two beautifull dogs and i love them so much. Big greeting for you honey and musely from slovakia

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