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My Valentine’s blind-date & Meeting the new neighbours…

Well, this is a bit late but I wanted to tell you all about an adventure I had on Valentine’s Day, back in February…I went on a blind date! :P

See, my human, Hsin-Yi joined a Facebook group for Great Dane owners in Perth and she met a lovely lady who has a handsome fawn Dane boy called Odie….so they got busy and arranged a playdate for us to meet…down on the beach, with a romantic sunset…on Feb 14th!


Odie is the perfect gentlemen and so good and gentle, especially with human pups – he’s grown up with them and used to running around with lots of them.


I think he was quite smitten with me – well, I may be quite senior now, with just one eye, but I am still quite a Cougar Doggie, you know – hee! hee! ;-)


He was doing all sorts of prancing around, to get my attention…



Hsin-Yi was a bit embarrassed ‘coz I wasn’t being very friendly to poor Odie – I kept ignoring him…


…in fact, I got more excited over a stick on the beach…


…and I once even made a Grumpy Face at him!


Poor Odie ended up going to sit on Hsin-Yi’s lap for some cuddles and attention!


Well, finally, I decided to be a bit more sociable…



…and even agreed to go with Odie on a sunset walk down the beach.


Hsin-Yi says hopefully next time we meet up again, I will be friendlier to poor Odie! :P Well, you see, although I am a sociable doggie and I’m not timid or shy or anything – I can often be quite aloof when I first meet other doggies (and even humans, sometimes) – us Danes can be like that. Am not one of those doggies with the super-waggy tail that fawns over everybody and every doggie he meets – I can be quite “stand-offish” sometimes.

Honey-meet-fansBut usually, after the 2nd and 3rd time we meet, I’ll warm up and become really friendly and start to play (although there are some doggies I just don’t like! Back in Auckland, there was a big black Standard Poodle in my training classes that I hated from the first time I saw him! Well, I’m usually such a tolerant doggie that Hsin-Yi was really shocked when she heard me growl at him – but he rushed right up to me the first time, dragging his owner behind him on his leash and lunging into my face when I was just standing with Hsin-Yi on the side, waiting for class to start. Ever since then, I never liked him and would growl as soon as I saw him. He had terrible manners, bouncing around and running off and lunging towards other doggies and trying to stand on their heads. It wasn’t just me – most of the other doggies in my class didn’t like him either and most of them would start growling or even snarling at him, as soon as he arrived in class. Hsin-Yi says some humans are like that too – they are just big idiots and make everybody dislike them with the way they act and the things they say.)

Kaos-jumpup-Honey2I do like puppies though – yes, even the boisterous, silly teenagers, like Kaos – that crazy 7month old Staffie Pup we met when we went for our doggie holiday in Port Stephens!

I am very tolerant towards puppies, no matter how bouncy & chewy & annoying they are…well, towards any doggie below a year, even if they’re doing really silly things to me, like climbing all over me and bouncing in my face – if they get too much, I tell them off nicely but usually I just ignore them or put up with it…and often I’ll join in and play with them! ;-)

But once they are adult doggies, I’m much more fussy about who I’ll play with & be friends with and I’m often not so tolerant. In fact, Hsin-Yi says the older I get, the more fussy I get and less tolerant I become! ;-) (Well, I’ll bet humans are like that too!)

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be much friendlier to Odie next time I see him – although Hsin-Yi says he might not want to have anymore playdates with me after the way I snubbed him! ;-)

Oh, in my last post about our new house, I forgot to tell you about our new neighbourhood…well, one of the coolest things is that there is a beautiful park very close to us, which we can walk to easily – so if my humans don’t want to take me in the car machine to the river beach or bigger park, we can just do a “block walk” and walk down to our little local park.

Well, Perth is so green and full of parks (just like Auckland!) that what they call a “little, local park” here is a huge, wonderful park in a lot of other places!! ;-)


Hmm…looks like we’ve got some interesting neighbours in the park!


I’ve never seen a Tortoise before – have you? Hsin-Yi says they are sort of like little lumps of rock with heads, feet and tails sticking out and they move v-e-r-y slowly. Even slower than me! ;-)

Well, I was very excited and kept looking around for them but although we walked all around the park, I didn’t see them at all…


We did see some interesting birds wading around in the lake/marshlands, in the middle of the park, though…


The only sad thing about this lovely park is that it is not an off-leash park so doggies can’t run free – we have to stay on leash all the time, to protect the special, native birds that live in the lake. Huh, as if I would want to get my paws wet to go look at the birds! :roll: But I guess some doggies might like to do that – Hsin-Yi says there are some doggies that actually love water (*shudder*) and would rush into the lake and scare all the birds and make them stressy – and so you can’t have one rule for some doggies and a different rule for others…so all doggies have to stay on leash.


Anyway, we don’t mind coz unlike some other places we’ve lived in (ahem, Sydney) – most dog owners here seem to follow the dog laws and so far, almost everyone we’ve seen is good and has their doggie on leash at this park. We HATE it when people ignore the dog laws because it is so unfair on doggies like me who are being good and following the laws. PLUS it makes Non-Doggie People annoyed and then people start thinking bad things about doggies and start wanting to ban doggies from more places. So we HATE those irresponsible dog owners because they are the worst enemies of all doggies – they give doggies a bad name and give Anti-Dog People even more excuse to discriminate against us and we all end up suffering from their careless, selfish behaviour.


Back in Sydney, every time we went to a park that said “Dogs on leash only” – most people would not listen and just let their dogs run loose and it’s horribly unfair to doggies like me who are obeying the law and staying on leash – coz then the other doggies rush up to me and sometimes they are really nasty to me but I’m stuck on leash and can’t get away – and the horrible owners are so rude and don’t even watch their own doggies and call them away.

The streets in my new neighbourhood in Perth, where the doggies are good and follow the law and stay on leash!

The streets in my new neighbourhood in Perth, where the doggies are good and follow the law and stay on leash!

This even happened in the streets around where we lived (Inner West Sydney) – you are supposed to be on leash all the time when walking on the streets but most people never bothered and their doggies just ran around loose on the streets, sometimes crossing the roads by themselves and nearly causing accidents! That’s one reason why we hardly ever did my walks in the streets around our house – it was too stressy. I once had another doggie chase us for 2 blocks, snapping at my heels, and his owner wasn’t even looking! :evil: So my humans usually took me in the car machine to somewhere further away, like Pyrmont, where there were fewer doggies and irresponsible owners.

What made Hsin-Yi really angry was that Sydney is actually very dogfriendly – she thinks the city is actually very good about providing lots of parks for doggies, where they can run free – not like some other places we’ve lived in where there have been only crappy, small, fenced parks for doggies to play (ahem, Brisbane) – in Sydney, a lot of the big parks let doggies run free – so really, people have no excuse to ignore the dog laws! Yeah, we understand that sometimes if you don’t have a lot of good options, you have to be a bit naughty otherwise you never get the chance to stretch your legs…but when you’re living in a place that already has a lot of good, big parks that allow doggies off-leash, then you have no excuse!!!!

So when you see a sign that says, “Dogs on leash only to protect the birds” or something like that, please do follow it otherwise the next time, the sign will say “NO DOGS ALLOWED”!! :-(

Well, I did keep looking for these strange “Tortoise” creatures but I still didn’t see any!


On the other side of the park, though, I did meet an exciting new neighour: a beautiful kitty!


Her name is Goldie – because of her beautiful golden eyes – and can you believe it, she is 19 yrs old?!! She is deaf now and quite skinny (her human says that she just can’t keep weight on no matter what they feed her) but still really beautiful. Look at her amazing eyes – Hsin-Yi says they look like she’s got “eyeliner” on! :P


Goldie didn’t seem to be bothered about me at all – she was just lying there on the grass, washing herself – but Hsin-Yi made me do a Sit Stay at a Polite Distance from her. This is what I always have to do when we meet strange kitties, because Hsin-Yi doesn’t want me to make them stressy. If they want to come up to me, that’s fine (and a lot of them do! Do you remember Mr Pudding in Newcastle? And Jess Cat in Sydney? I don’t know why but a lot of kitties just come right up to me, even though they don’t know me!) – but I’m not allowed to rush up to them. I have to always be polite & respectful when it comes to kitties. Hsin-Yi says that way, they’ll like me better! :P


I’m so excited now – Hsin-Yi promised that every time we go for a walk around the neighbourhood, we can stop by Goldie’s house and say hello! :P

Well, time to head back home now…hope you’ve enjoyed the little tour of our new neighbourhood! Oh, and I’m really sorry but Hsin-Yi still hasn’t found time to help me visit your blogs yet – but we’re hoping to come round soon and catch up with all your news!


 PS. for those of you who are interested in Hsin-Yi’s side of things, she’s just realised something scary about herself ;-) …you can check it out on her own blog: ‘The (creaky) windmills of my mind...’

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18 Responses to My Valentine’s blind-date & Meeting the new neighbours…

  1. jet says:

    I think we all follow the laws because we live in a Nanny-State! If you get caught by Rangers it makes for an expensive day out ;)

    Barbie is a lot like you too Honey, often a bit aloof with other dogs. She also has a few rude doggies she doesn’t like, she doesn’t put up with too much rough housing. I don’t think she would like that poodle either!

    Goldie is a very pretty cat :)

  2. What a lovely place for a date. I am sure Odie will be understanding. That’s an awesome park too. Hope you see some tortoises next time.

  3. bubba says:

    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!! if that odie gets to lick your slobber i might cry.

    and yes we have gopher tortoises here in my neighborhood.but they arent slow at all. they are very very fast. creepy and scary too but that hasnt stopped me from trying to smell one up close. mommy keeps me away though. i did manage to chase a little animal last night around 2 in the morning when i insisted we go out to pee. i dont know what it was but i found it under my palm tree and chased it across the street. when mommy called me back i came but i was so excited i couldnt pee and had to go inside and wait till morning. i looked around the tree for it but nothing. mommy thinks it was either a bunny or a cat. i just dont want any other animals pooping on my lawn.


    bubba (your american boyfriend)

  4. Milo & Jet says:

    Hello Honey

    Odie looks like a great new friend for you to have play dates with and where sure he will love to come for another play with you honey. You have a lovely new neighbourhood and that looks like a very nice park to explore and where sure you will spot a tortoise one day soon
    From Milo & Jet

  5. Mina&Maks&Mo says:

    Oh, Honey, you’re just like Mo when it comes to dogs :). I sure agree with you that bad owners are the worst factore if people don’t like dogs or don’t let them in parks or cafes or other places.
    Perth looks like a great place to settle in and I sure hope everything will get even better and you’ll be able to stay here for a while.

    Best regards to Paul and Hsin-Yi, and to you, Honey and Muesli, lots of kisses from Croatia.


  6. Rubie says:

    We are so happy for you to have better parks and walks now….. Sydney sounds so horrid for doggies playing by the rules! We always do the right thing too – we dislike it when doggie owners do things like leave their poop on the sidewalks and verges….. it make all us dawgs look bad!!

    Hopefully you will warm up to your new furiend too!

    Tell your peeps we are so happy that Perth is treating them better and we are keen to see more of your new house and all.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  7. 2browndawgs says:

    It looks like you have some beautiful places to take dogs there. The brown dawgs would be ones to want to head for the water so they would definitely need to follow the leash rules. :) Of course they have been trained not to chase birds until sent but the idea of a nice swim might be very tempting to them.

  8. Reilly says:

    You sure have found the best place to live…..it has everything you could want…beautiful parks, good friends and so much to see and do.

  9. Carolyn Winks says:

    I love these blogs. Regards to Honey, Hsin-Yi, Paul and Muesli!!!!!!! Happy Thursday and Barks and Meows from Richmond, Va., USA… Carolyn, Mr. Tiny (Great Dane), Fritzie (Beagle/Basset), Mavie (Lab/Border Collie), Tulip & Sinny (Kitty-Cats)!!!!!

  10. Caesar Jones says:

    Hello Honey, you look like you are having a fab time. I love reading your blogs and I hope you get another date with Odie (he looks nice) Such a lovely place you live in! All the best Caesar Jones

  11. sara says:

    Oh, everything looks so green! Gorgeous. Almost doesn’t seem like a city at all.

  12. I love the coloring of Odie! So unique!
    How is Paul doing?

  13. parlance says:

    It’s lovely to read about your new home and the dog-friendly places you can go.

  14. cafall says:

    I’m sure you and Odie will be friends in no time!


  15. Marjie says:

    Your new neighborhood looks just wonderful, and having a new kitty friend is great. Goldie sure is pretty. It looks like you guys will be really happy in your new house and new city, and I hope things keep going just as nicely for you as they’ve started out.

  16. Badger the Deerhound says:

    Odie is a HUNK!! You go, girl! Me, I saw a tortoise once. I barked and barked and barked into his shell, and then found out I was barking into the WRONG END! That was so embarrassing! But tortoises are not much fun to chase, I can tell you that! Enjoy your new home, new park and new friends, Honey!

  17. Tucker says:

    Honey, I am so glad you are settling in so well in your new home and your new adventures! I would bet your neighbor kitty might have hypothyroidism as it’s very common in older kitties and the skinny bodies and dry fur are the early signs. My kitty brudder Patch had developed this and daily medicine controls it.

    woof – Tucker

  18. I’m so happy for you Honey. It’s wonderful you are having a great time in Perth finding new parks and new friends. I can’t wait to see your new tortoise neighbors. I bet they are pretty large creatures. The only place we have ever seen them is in a zoo. It would be fun to meet one in person out in it’s natural environment.

    I wonder how Kaos is doing. He was an adorable little ball of energy.

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