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(I’m Back!) Having fun with BFF’s from overseas…!

Two BFF's in matching outfits!

Two BFF’s in matching outfits!

Hello everybody – I’m back at last!

Our overseas visitors have just left and we’re finally starting to catch up on my blog and with going around to visit blog friends & respond to emails & FB messages. But it might take us a while to get around to everybody – so please bear with us! πŸ˜›

Also, sadly Hsin-Yi didn’t manage to finish writing the 1st draft of her Big Honey Dog novel before our guests arrived – so she has to get back to that now (last two chapters! πŸ˜‰ ) – and then she’s going to take a short break from it before going back and starting revisions for the 2nd draft…and then we might be looking for some test readers to give us some feedback! πŸ˜‰ Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, Hsin-Yi wants to start submitting to agents in July…paws crossed!

Well, it’s been really exciting having overseas visitors to stay! Hsin-Yi met Susie when they were 14yrs old – they were best friends from school days back in Dubai – and have stayed in touch since then, even though they have mostly lived on different sides of the world! Susie comes from Taiwan, like Hsin-Yi, and that’s where she lives now with her 2 human pups and her husband.


Of course, me & Muesli made sure that Susie was very welcome too! πŸ˜‰


Susie has an old girl doggie too – her name is Lacey and she’s a rescue doggie – she was a stray wandering the streets in Taipei. She is about the size of a beagle and she’s nearly 14yrs old now. Susie is really good and takes Lacey for a walk every day, even though Susie is a human vet and works really long hours and doesn’t get home until late…well, I decided to be a stand-in for Lacey and made sure that Susie got her daily doggie walk fix! πŸ˜‰


Hsin-Yi says one of the saddest things about being an “expat” and always moving around is that all your good friends end up living on the other side of the world from you and you never have anybody to do fun things with…she really misses having close friends to talk to and do girlie stuff with!

She only gets to see Susie once every few years – if they’re lucky! – but when they do get together, they sure make up for lost time! πŸ˜‰



girlie shopping trip in the city…when in Perth, you have to get some UGG boots!

Hmm…I’m not so sure about some of the things they bought though…look, here are Hsin-Yi & Susie being very silly trying to play some didgeridoos that Susie bought for her human pups! πŸ˜‰


Susie came to stay with us first for a few days – and then her husband, Jake (who was doing some work stuff in Melbourne first) came to join us. We all thought that Muesli would FREAK OUT when he arrived ‘coz she is such a shy, scardey-cat and she’s always been most scared of ‘big, strange men’…but whaddya know? She loved Jake!!


Everybody was SHOCKED. Muesli had never acted like this beforeΒ  – usually if she even sees a strange man walking past on the street, from the living room window, she will get that Terrified Look on her face and flatten her body to the ground and quickly slink away to the back of the house…but here, she was practically smooching up to Jake from the minute he arrived! She even let him rub her tummy… (I think Paul was getting a bit jealous – hee! hee! – after all, Muesli is supposed to be HIS little princess! πŸ˜‰ ) Kitties are so strange, aren’t they? They never behave the way you expect them to!


Although we’ve been living in Perth for about 5 months now, my humans haven’t really had much chance to do a lot of sightseeing around the city – so now with good friends visiting, it was the perfect excuse to go check out some places together! πŸ˜›


Checking out the local food market!


Elixir collage

Going on the Perth coffee trail…



Meeting kangaroos at the Caversham Wildlife Park – and a lot of other local “wild Aussies”! I’ll do separate post soon with lots more photos of the critters they met at the wildlife park – including a video of hooooowling dingos!



Eating lots of different yummies!


going on a tour of vineyards in the nearby Swan Valley on a horse-drawn wagon!

Going on a tour of vineyards in the nearby Swan Valley on a horse-drawn wagon! (I’ll do a separate post about this too soon with more about the beautiful Clydesdale horses that my humans met!)

Checking out different views of the city...

Checking out different views of the city…



…and of course, enjoying the famous Perth sunsets!


Don’t worry – although me & Muesli couldn’t go to many of the places, we didn’t miss out on attention! We got lots of extra fuss from our house guests! πŸ˜‰



…and I took them on some sightseeing of my own! I showed them some of my beautiful walks around Perth – such as my favourite walk by the Swan River!






We all had such a wonderful time with our visitors from overseas and all too soon, it was time for them to leave! :-(

I think Muesli almost wanted to get into their luggage as a stowaway back to Taiwan…! πŸ˜‰


(If you’re wondering what I was doing, here is a picture of me, looking up bleary-eyed from my bed…I couldn’t really be bothered to get out of bed to say goodbye…well, they had a really early flight and were leaving the house at 6:30am – that’s like the middle of the night for us Danes!! I’m not at all a morning doggie! πŸ˜‰ )


Anyway, life is slowly settling back into our normal routines now and although Hsin-Yi will still be hard at work finishing her novel, I hope I’ll be able to blog more often now.

Honey-sitPS. a couple of you have been sending messages asking if everything is OK with my hips – coz you thought they looked funny in some recent photos. Don’t worry – my hips are fine! :-) I’ve had them checked several times by the vet and my humans take me for a vet check-up every 4 months (rather than every year) now, because I am a senior doggie. I just sit a bit funny sometimes in photos – but I’ve always done that, even as a younger doggie.

The only place I have a problem is in my lower spine (lumbar) where I have a bit of the Arthritis Sickie now and so the spine bones have sort of fused together a bit…and that makes me look very stiff when I try to run. But it doesn’t stop me running & trotting around! πŸ˜‰

My hips are good – although the muscles around my bum & back legs are a lot weaker now ‘coz you lose “muscle tone” as you get older and I’m not able to do as much running & jumping as I used to – so my muscles keep getting weaker. But that’s why it’s really important for us old doggies to keep up daily (gentle) exercise – I always go for at least 20 – 30mins walk every day and that helps to keep everything loose and limber! πŸ˜‰

I also have a special Senior Doggie Exercise programme now and have been doing regular hydrotherapy sessions…which I’ve been meaning to do a post about to tell you but Hsin-Yi just hasn’t had time to help me write it yet! It was supposed to be Part 2 of my Confessions of a Senior Doggie – and I promise to do it soon! πŸ˜›


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34 Responses to (I’m Back!) Having fun with BFF’s from overseas…!

  1. Melanie & Grendel says:

    Oh, Honey, I love your 6:30 a.m. face! That’s exactly the same look I’d get from Grendel at that hour…. if he bothered to open his eyes at all :-).

  2. rottrover says:

    Oh Honey!! Our human agrees with you – long-time (she doesn’t say old cuz it hits too close to home!) friends are the best! The picture of Hsin-Yi and Susie laughing at the table in the restaurant says it all!! We can’t wait to see and hear the video of the dingos WOOOOOing! We’re glad you’re back!

    -Ruby, Bart and Otto

  3. kkoira says:

    You might think about doing some On the Ball type exercises too- check out the FitPaws website. They have a lot of great ideas for low and no impact exercises that can help build muscle tone.

  4. jet says:

    Glad you got to go to Caversham, and the Clydesdales look gorgeous (we aren’t far from the Swan Valley so have seen them trotting around the wineries.) That is a very cute photo of Hsin Yi and Susie.

  5. Looks like everyone had a blast! That local food market is amazing!

  6. What a wonderful visit …..made Mom miss home too. She was back in Adelaide last year and loved being back home for awhile. My dad actually plays the didgeridoo (pssss those short things you had were actually emu callers not didgeridoos – you don’t blow them at all you hit them on your palm and they make an emu sound)

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh my goodness, they’re not didgeridoos?! The saleslady in the tourist shop totally lied! :-) She told Hsin-Yi & Susie that they were mini-didgeridoos for human pups and promised that they would be very easy to play…but then when they got home, they couldn’t figure out how to play them. They even looked it up on Youtube and tried to follow the video of the man teaching how to blow it but none of the sounds came out…now we know why!! πŸ˜‰ Oh well…guess you shouldn’t believe everything you hear in a tourist shop!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for telling us!

      Honey the Great Dane

  7. Jayne Hawthorne says:

    What a lovely time you all had. Perth is so beautiful. I love all the pictures and had no idea it was so wonderful there. Makes me wish i could move there too. Unortunately I am retired and don’t think I could afford it!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Jayne – thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, Perth is lovely although is IS very expensive to live here, my humans say! They’re not retired and they still feel that they can barely afford it!! πŸ˜‰

      Honey the Great Dane

  8. Morning Honey! Glad you had a great time with your visitors!! We are so excited about Hsin-Yi’s book!! Sorry about your arthritis… hope it gets better.


  9. Greta L. Radomski says:

    Love the Pictures Honey. It looks like you and your visitors had a great time glad to see that Muesli was friendly with your visitors maybe she is starting to realize that people are’nt so scarey after all. Perth looks like it is a beutiful place to live I live in the U.S.A. Pretty far away.

  10. Hi Hi, Honey! Thank you for your warm welcome! I am so happy to meet you. It sure looks like you and Museli had fun with your visitors. Did you get to go meet the kangaroos? I would like that. Maybe too much. πŸ˜‰

  11. Stella says:

    For leaving at 06:30, you have to put me into the luggage!
    It was a big time for all of you and Mueslis behavior is very interesting.
    For the electric cables you have to find a saver connection-route. Reminds me that you’re turning into winter. Here we are expected to enjoy spring, but it feels like autumn. There is little fun in barbecueing now. Big cooking pans dit you show us.

  12. cafall says:

    BOL – you have a lot of update posts to do, it sounds like! We can’t wait to hear more about the Clydesdale – my sister has a couple.


    • bighoneydog says:

      Ooh – how cool, Sam – your sister has a couple of Clydesdales?! My human, Hsin-Yi, has always loved them – and the Shire & Suffolk Punch horses – she loves the giants of the horses, just like the giants of the doggies! πŸ˜‰

      Honey the Great Dane

  13. Ahhh the the arthritis ouchie. I have that too in my lower spine. The Dr. said it will be uncomfortable until the vertebrae completely fuse and once they have fused the Dr. said it will provide more stability but with less flexibility. I won’t be able to do agility jumps set as high as I once did, but that’s ok there are other less strenuous obstacles I can still do. I wear out quicker on my walkies now a days and can’t tolerate the heat as well as I once did. It seems like once I turned 9 all of sudden a switch was flipped and I went from perky puppy to senior doggie with noticeable age related issues. I have Honey and my sister Emma as role models for my future.

    Your human always finds such wonderful looking goods. Those sure are some really big pots of soup at the food market. It looks like everyone had a wonderful visit. Welcome back to blogville we missed you.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh – I can so relate to what you said about turning 9 and a switch flipping! :-) My humans say that I seem to have aged so much in the last 6 months compared to the 2 years before. And yeah, I get tired so much quicker on my walks now and can’t deal with the heat AT ALL. My spine doesn’t seem to bother me too much – it doesn’t stop me doing anything – but I just look very stiff doing it! So maybe I’m lucky and I’ve got to the “fused” stage already.

      Anyway, I hope your arthritis sickie settles down too. OH – those big post were actually Spanish rice, not soup! πŸ˜‰ I’ll be doing another post on my blog soon all about the yummies, including the ones at that market!

      Honey the Great Dane

      • cindybelleau says:

        Honey, Big big pooch had some accupunture for her arthritis sickey and it helped her a lot. She was really old for a big dane pooch when she wanted to go rest and wait for me. Maybe she is watching your Lemon. She loved kitties and puppies, baby bunnies and baby ducks too!

  14. Rubie says:

    I enjoyed your pictures of the great times you had with your friends. Looks like Perth turned on some lovely weather too!

    Rubie and her mum xxx

  15. Looks like u had a pawsome time withSusie’s visit. I think Mommys niece might have those brown ugg boots hsin yi tried on.

  16. sprinkles says:

    That’s really cool that Hsin-Yi still keeps in touch with a childhood friend after all these years! I don’t really keep in touch with any of mine. I do talk to one from time to time, but we aren’t close like we used to be.

    It looks like you all had a really fun visit! Wish I could have been there. Especially for the coffee and the shopping! lol I have some fake Uggs, but I want a pair of the real deal.

  17. Nightshade says:

    Oh so you’re not a morning doggie either, are you? Neither am I! My humans get up really early during the week to avoid traffic jams when they go to work. So they leave the house by 7am, and I just cannot be bothered to say goodbye. After my morning excercise and breakfast, I walk straight to my bed and go back to sleep. Great Danes need enough hours of sleep so we can look brilliant the rest of the day, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

    Slobbery kiss,

    • bighoneydog says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Killian – we loved reading about your morning routine! I can so relate!! :-)

      Honey the Great Dane

  18. hello honey its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like kwite a visit!!! and i unnerstand abowt the novel ever sinse dada started wurking on his silly buks agin he only has time to help me on the kompyooter on weekends hay dada ware ar yore prioriteez??? sheesh!!! ok bye

  19. Lilli says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time with your guests! :)


  20. parlance says:

    I’ll look forward to your second senior dog post, Honey. You still look great, even if you are an old lady now.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Love to HOney, Muesli, Hsin-Yi and Paul. From Carolyn, Mr. Tiny, Fritzie, Mavie, Tulip & Sinny. We LOVE your blog!!!!!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Aw…thank you so much, Carolyn, for your lovely comment! Honey sends slobbers to Mr. Tiny, Fritzie, Mavie, Tulip & Sinny! :-)

  22. Laurel Avery says:

    The newly developed Xinyi District is popular with tourists and locals alike for its many entertainment and shopping venues, as well as being the home of Taipei 101 , a prime tourist attraction famous for being one of the world’s tallest buildings. Malls in the area include the sprawling Shin Kong Mitsukoshi complex, Taipei 101 mall, Eslite Bookstore ‘s flagship store (which includes a boutique mall), The Living Mall, ATT shopping mall, and the Vieshow Cinemas (formerly known as Warner Village). The Xinyi district also serves as the center of Taipei’s active nightlife, with several popular nightclubs concentrated in a relatively small area around the Neo19 and Taipei 101 buildings.

  23. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Hi Honey, the Greatest Dane,
    It looks like you had a great time with Hsin-Yi’s best friend and husband. I noticed Jake was taking a lot of pictures of the local superstar, you! I bet Jake will show all his friends and his human pup’s the pictures he took of you. That was nice of you to make sure Susie got her doggie walks in and was able to keep in shape. It’s true, that Muesili has a big crush on Jake, I could tell from the belly rub she was happy with the attention she was receiving. I think Muesili was trying to make Paul jealous and keep him on his toes, that is sometimes what a girl has to do to keep her guy interested. And with a pretty Great Dane around the kitty probably gets envious of all the attention that you garner at home and on the streets of Australia and the internet.
    Honey, do you get to go to the open markets where they sell the big vats of food? I bet to a Great Dane walking up on the biggest dog bowls ever filled with rice and a red soup of some sort must be heaven. I couldn’t tell from Hsin-Yi’s picture what the lad’s were selling in the market place, but it looked delicious.
    I noticed you had on new purple flowered jammies. The look cute with your pink coat underneath. I forgot about the weather difference in Australia and it being Winter-like in the Summer. It has been warm at my house and I am going to visit Mikey the Grey HOund on Saturday in a place called Arizona, and it will be extremely hot, hot, hot. 105 degrees. Yuck! I like the temperature to be in the 70’s and Mikey the Grey Hound prefers it cool too. He will run outside to poop and race back to the air conditioning in less than a minute. I call it “Hit and run pooping.” Mikey does the same thing when it gets super cold in the Winter too. I bought Mikey a new Winter coat from a Grey Hound Rescue this year. They sell the coats to make money for the rescuing of Grey Hounds. I don’t think they make much profit because they don’t charge enough for the coat. Some of the coats have SNOODS. A snood is like a little hood so the doggie ears don’t get cold. I would be happy to buy you a coat and mail it to you if you would like one Honey. The coat has velcro straps that go under the belly and around the neck. You let me know if you want one at my email address, and if you do, please leave me an address of where I can send the coat to you. Wouldn’t it be cute if you and Hsin-Yi had matching coats or would that be bonkers?
    I am so glad to hear your hips are okay Honey. I was one of the folks that inquired about them. I think it must have been the angle you were sitting in a photo that made some of us worried. I am glad you are walking every day and doing healthy things for the arthritis sickie. Doctors used to think rest was the best treatment for your type of sickie, but now they know exercise is the best and keeping the muscles strong and moving will keep you strong and moving. I am so proud of you for continuing with water therapy. I have been doing water therapy too, for approximately seventeen years for my own sickie. I get to go in the deep end of the pool like you, I use a noodle for some of my exercises, which I know you would think was a big pink stick made out of foam, and I kick around a bit making waves and trying to tighten my tummy muscles to keep my back/knees strong. I bet it takes a while to dry your beautiful, thick, fawn colored coat.
    I look forward to the book being finished. I know Hsin-Yi will find an agent/publisher because there is already a built in audience, but if she has trouble let her know there are ways to publish her own book and sell it herself online at sites like Amazon and Ebay. I hope she chooses a big publishing house that sends you both on a book tour that includes America, really California, really Los Angeles, so I can meet you both!
    Thanx for being so Pawsome Honey!
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey Hound

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Dawn & Mikey – thanks for your great comment as usual!

      Sadly, I didn’t get to go to that markety coz they don’t allow doggies there (although Hsin-Yi has seen some people sneak small doggies in…so unfair!!) – but I wish I could go coz they do really wonderful yummies there, from all over the world. I’ll be doing another post on my blog soon just about all the different foods that my humans had with their friends, so you’ll find out then what was in those vats! πŸ˜‰

      Oh yes, I do know about the Greyhound rescue – in fact, one of my coats (the leopard print one) is from Greyhound As Pets (GAP) which is a rescue organisation here in Australis & NZ. They made one especially for me coz even the largest greyhound size was a bit too small – so mine was made to be XXXXXL! πŸ˜‰ It fits great and has a nice soft tie around my middle and a warm high neck. Thank you very much for your offer to send me a coat – that is so sweet of you – but I don’t think I need any more coats at the moment.

      Oh – and we didn’t realise that you’re doing hydrotherapy too! Yes, my humans really believe in it (Paul is doing it too for his rehab) but unfortunately, I just HATE going into the water!! I’m a big wimp like that – am not a water doggie at all. So it’s really hard to get me in – even though once I’m in, I swim really well. But my humans keep on trying coz it’s really good for me. Good luck with your water therapy – I hope it’s helping you!
      ps. no, my coat dries really quickly! I have a single coat so it’s very thin and it dries in about 10mins. It’s one of the reasons Hsin-Yi got a Dane coz she’s so lazy about grooming & stuff, she wanted a wash-n-wear dog that would be really easy to look after!

      yes, we have been thinking about self-publishing too for my book! So we will keep everybody posted on the blog about what’s happening!

      Honey the Great Dane

  24. Maxine Carey says:

    You all heard about the famous doggie competion that Honey and Hsin-yi organised in april, haven’t you?

  25. Jayne says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. So happy that your friends got to visit! Perth looks like an amazing city. I would love to take a trip to Ausralia someday! Thank you for sharing your lovely adventures!

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