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There’s a new bed in town…

Several weeks ago, there was a knock on our front door one morning. Of course, I rushed over to give my BIG BOOMING GREAT DANE BARK and see who was there…it was the Courier Human! And he had brought us a giant package!!


What was it??


My human, Hsin-Yi, said that it was my new bed!!

Well, you know I have always slept on a beanbag bed my whole life. Ever since I first climbed onto my humans’ little beanbag seat when I was a baby puppy and fell asleep there…


…I fell in love with the “beany feeling” and always wanted to sleep on that. I liked to moosh the beans with my paws before I settled down. My humans had prepared a baby cot mattress for me when I first came home to live with them, with nice blankets and a ticking clock and soft stuffie, in the corner of the bedroom –


– but I didn’t want to sleep there! I wanted to sleep on their beanbag instead. So in the end, they just gave in and let me sleep on the beanbag in the living room. Of course the problem was, as I grew and grew, the beanbag got too small!


(By the way, in case you’re wondering, the beanbag in the photo above was not the original – it was a pet beanbag bed that my humans had bought for me from the pet store and it was in XXL, the biggest size they had!! But as you can see, it was still too small for me :-( )

So finally my humans had the good idea of just making my own beanbag bed. They thought it was silly paying so much money paper ($200+) to pet stores for a bed that was still too small for me! So they just went to the fabric shop and bought some nice “faux fur” and “velour” for the outer covers, some stretchy thick cotton fabric for the inner covers, a couple of long zippers and then found a tailor and asked her to stitch the fabric together in the shape of a giant, rectangular cushion – which they then filled up with bean from the hardware store.

And ta-da!


I LOVED my beanbag bed and have always refused to sleep on anything else. I am generally a very adaptable doggie but I can be very stubborn when it comes to my bed!! :twisted: A few times, my humans have tried to change me over to other beds – like once, they brought home some fancy ‘orthopaedic’ foam bed but I just wouldn’t go on it! I slept on the floor next to it instead, which made Hsin-Yi really grumpy since they had spent lots of money paper on it. (They ended up having to donate it to the local doggie shelter and giving me back my beanbag bed.)

Honey-sit-beanbagbedBut lately, Hsin-Yi has been worrying about me getting up from the beanbag bed. Oh, not that I was having any trouble – I could still spring up from it at a moment’s notice – but see, Hsin-Yi is a big believer in always *preparing* for things in advance. She thinks that if you practise for something before it happens, it’ll help a lot if/when things happen “for real” – so that everyone is less stressy & things go more smoothly.

You know, a bit like a fire-drill – so you practise how to calmly leave the place and get to safety BEFORE there is really a fire.

Hsin-Yi thinks it’s the same for successful dog training. You always set-up a situation and practise it BEFORE it happens – but the mistake most people make is waiting until the situation really happens and then trying to do it. That’s when things get all chaotic & stressy and problems are created.

For example, you should really practise Recall with doggies lots & lots of times when the environment is quiet and there aren’t many distractions around – so you set the doggie up to succeed and they get used to obeying you…not wait until the doggie is in the middle of a busy park with yummies on the ground and other doggies running around – and then start to call them to come. Well, of course, they’ll ignore you! And what’s worse – they’ll learn that they can get away with ignoring you! That’s why so many people have problems with Recall. It’s like trying to swim in the deep end of the pool before you’ve even learnt to hold your breath properly yet! ;-)

It’s the same with many other doggie behaviour problems. Planning ahead and practising when things are calm & under control is always best. Like taking us to the vet for “happy visits” so we can get used to the place & socialise with the people before we have to go in for some scary procedure. Or introducing us to a travel crate slowly for several weeks/months beforehand, not just stuffing us in it the day we’re going to travel. A lot of doggie fear problems are caused by people not planning ahead and not giving us doggies enough time to get used to something and practise new skills before rushing us to do it in real-life, stressy situations.


Well, so Hsin-Yi had been thinking that although I was fine getting up off the beanbag bed now, I am only going to get older and my muscles are going to get weaker & weaker (‘coz muscle atrophy is what happens in ageing and you can’t do much about it; you can help to slow it down a bit by exercising daily but you’re still fighting against time) – and so there might come a day when I will have trouble getting up from the beanbag.

*Hsin-Yi says anyone who has sat in a beanbag will know what she means about how hard it is getting off it – it’s a very unstable, slippery, wobbly kind of base and you need to really heave yourself up to get out of there, coz otherwise it’s like sitting on quicksand! ;-)

So anyway, she thought it would be awful if the time came when I was struggling AND I would then also have to get used to a new type of bed at the same time! 8-O It would be stressy enough for me having trouble getting up, without adding more challenges for me by introducing a new bed too – especially since she knew how stubborn I could be about changing my beds…

…so Hsin-Yi decided that the best thing to do was to slowly get me used to a new, more stable type of bed from now, while I was still fit & strong & agile.

Hmm…not sure about this…



Well, as you can see, I wasn’t that pleased about it. Humph.

Honey-bed-smileHsin-Yi thought it might be a winner coz it’s the same bed that my friend, Luni the Blue Merle Dane had in her house when I was staying with her & her human, Trish.

I had seemed to like the bed well enough when it was in her house and I went on it quite happily – the first time I’d gone on anything aside from my beanbag!

So when Trish told my humans about that, they were very hopeful.

Hsin-Yi searched for the bed – it’s called a Sienna Daydream bed, from a company called Kazoo (XL size, 130 x 90cm – it’s a bit smaller than my beanbag bed but not much)- and she found an online pet store that would deliver it to our house. So she ordered it!

She had saved my faux fur covers from my beanbag bed (unwashed) and now she put that around the new bed, so that it would smell the same.

But I wasn’t fooled!



Humph. Don’t like it.


Well, Hsin-Yi had to agree with me that it was very – er – flat, compared to my beanbag bed. It didn’t give the same cushioning & padding and I was very low on the floor…

HobbyfillBut Trish came to the rescue! She told Hsin-Yi that she actually bought some fluffy “filler” from Spotlight (a craft shop) and then she would bulk up her bed with the extra filler, which would make it more cushiony.

She does this every year when the bed gets flattened down again. The bags are just $10 each.

So my humans went off to Spotlight and hunted down some bags of filler for me.

Although Trish said that she normally only puts 1 bag in, they decided to put a couple of bags in for me – since I was so used to the “pouffiness”of my beanbag. I like my beds big & puffy & off the floor! ;-)

So…a couple of bags of filler later and…ta da (again)!


 Much better, yeah?


 Hmm…yes…much better…


It’s still not the same as my beanbag – nothing can replace my beloved beanbag! :-( – but I guess it’ll do. I don’t love it but I’m learning to like it.


There’s one good thing about my new bed, though…Muesli doesn’t like it much either! ;-) So she hasn’t been trying to steal my bed from me like she used to. Hsin-Yi says “every cloud has a silver lining” – hee! hee! :P

I do still have to share my bed with Muesli sometimes though…but that’s OK – it’s big enough that she can curl up in a corner next to me. ;-)


So tell me – are you fussy & stubborn about your beds too? Or will you sleep on anything? ;-)


P.S. Thank you so much to everybody who commented in my last post and shared your thoughts about the Big Honey Dog Mysteries book blurb! Your feedback was so helpful and you raised so many good points that we hadn’t thought of, such as things which might turn people off the book and giving too much of the plot away (!!!) – Hsin-Yi is feeling very stupid about that!! ;-)  Anyway, she has written the final, revised version and updated it in the same post, if you’re interested in seeing it: Book Blurb…what do you think? (& Big Honey Dog Mysteries in PAPER version too!)

* Don’t worry if your comment disappears – it’s probably gone into the Spam folder by mistake but we’ll fish it out!

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35 Responses to There’s a new bed in town…

  1. oh my Boerboel puppy is just as fussy … she had some pretty nice beds, but she ha s a leaking problem, and leaked all over her beds, so we had to throw them out, as it was a bit stinky and gross now… so I got a FREE waterproof crib matress for my girl, and got the cutest sheets for it… BUT, nop, no go… not sure if it was the funny sound it made as she got on, or cause it was really hard, she did try , but we quickly noticed that its not gona work out… so I gave the matress to someone else that can use it, and we bought the same beds she had, cause I know she loves those… luckily she is on meds now, so the leaking is much better, and her beds are safe ;)

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh! Your Boerboel girl sounds as fussy as me – hee! hee! :-) I’m glad her leaking is much better now.

      Honey the Great Dane

  2. Kenia Brown says:

    Big Shayna follows me everywhere! And hogs my pillow—I don’t like it because she walks in the grass and being 8 weeks old…is not particularly aware of where she is stepping. I am thinking of ordering a K bed—I see a lot of Great Dane owner’s have them…and then maybe putting a bean bag on top. Big Shayna has a tendency to use the bathroom where she sleeps—yeah…wake up…pee in bed…back to sleep. She snores, groans, grumbles, suckles and generally does not like to be disturbed while snoozing. I want to get her something soft but…I dont want to make the mistakes with her bedding …like I did with food. Don’t ask. LOL!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Aw, Big Shayna sounds sweet! Althoguh she is still very young at 8 weeks old so I wouldn’t spend any money getting her an expensive, fancy bed yet…because she’ll likely just chew it up & destroy it or wee/poo on it. Usually,it’s best just to let puppies sleep on an old mattress or something – until they’ve gotten over their teething time.

      Also, I don’t think a bean bag is a good idea until she is older and you’re sure she’s not destructive. Some dogs like to really chew their beds and that’s a DISASTER with a beanbag! Coz if she chews a hole in it, there will be bean everywhere and a big mess!!! The only reason we were OK with a beanbag was because Honey was never much of a chewer, even as a pup, but I know it’s not very suitable for many dogs. Also, if she wees on a beanbag bed, it’ll soak through into the bean and you’ll never be able to clean it up.

      So I think until Big Shayna gets older and you kno her personality better, you’re probably better using old blankets piled together or old baby mattress or cushions or something. Or some cheaper dog bed (while she is small, you can use smaller dog beds that are cheaper) – don’t get anything too nice & fancy yet – wait until she grows up! :-)

      Good luck!
      Hsin-Yi & Honey sends Big Shayna some slobbers :P

  3. jet says:

    Bender and Barbie will sleep anywhere, so we are glad that’s one problem we have never had!

  4. Louise Cocks says:

    Gary’s quite happy sleeping on anything! He’s only little though, not much to cushion unlike Honey. :) In fact, at the moment he’s sleeping on a funny combination of things… An old pillow, inside a dog bed cover, covered in my summer doona that I’m not using. Once it gets to summer I’ll find him on the bare floorboards most of the time.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Oh yes! In summer I often just stretch out on the floor too. Too hot to sleep on any bed!

      Honey the Great Dane

  5. Nightshade says:

    Killian and Ophelia both have their own preference when it comes to their favourite spot to sleep.

    Maybe the beanbed thing is something typical for Great Danes, I don’t know, but Killian is really fussy about his beanbed as well! We bought his first one a couple of weeks before he came to live with us and put it down in the living room, so the cats could get used to the fact that something was going to happen. :)
    Killian has loved that beanbed from the first moment he came into the house. Now that we were getting Ophelia this Summer, we wanted to buy an extra bed for her too and because Killian’s old beanbed has had its best time, we bought him a new one as well. Thing was, that the beanbed’s cover is in a very different material than the other one, and he didn’t really like it at first either. His face was very much like the one Honey is showing when first trying out her new bed. :)
    Thing is now that Ophelia doesn’t like to sleep on a bed at all, whatever we try – she prefers to lay down on the floor instead. Of course she has a lot of fur and that’ll probably have something to do with it, so she just comes to lay down at my feet on the floor and seems most comfortable that way. Good news for Killian: he now has the luxury of using both beanbeds at the same time. And all of a sudden he doesn’t seem bothered by it anymore. Though there is one of both beanbeds that he prefers over the other. I tried switching them, but he notices and just lays down on the same one again. :)
    Strange thing, those dogs and their beds… :)

    • bighoneydog says:

      Yes, Killian sounds very spoilt now! :-) And yes, I know what you mean about Ophelia lying on the floor – to be honest, for most of the summer months, we found that Honey was preferring to sleep stretched out on the floor, instead of on her bed. We think it’s whenever she’s feeling hot. So with all her long fur, I would guess that Ophelia is probably doing it because she’s hot too! :-) We’re lucky that in this house, there is carpet everywhere so there is still some padding. Although I did worry about Honey – her “old bones” lying on the floor…but then I figured that if she was uncomfortable, she would move and she has a perfectly good bed waiting for her – Danes are very good about looking after their own comfort, so I decided just to leave her alone to do what she liked. Sometimes I think we mean well but we can worry too much and fuss over our dogs too much! :-) Well, I do anyway – I’m not sure Honey always appreciates it! ;-)


  6. Rubie says:

    Hi Honey – I didn’t know you were so attached to your bean bag. Ever since I was little there was always a multitude of beds for me to choose from….. and when mum bought me a bean bag for “outdoor” use – I actually didnt like it. It is noisy to smoosh in and the outer is not as fluffy as my faux fur ones. So I can sleep everywhere (well except for the bean bag) without too much fuss. Most of all I love our big bed where my whole pack sleep.

    Hope you get used to your new bed soon, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  7. Elena says:

    Lyra has 3 different beds (one for each room)… A mat, a pillow and a sort of dog tent with a pillow in it. Guess what’s her favourite? MY bed and the pillows on the sofa!


    But my boyfriend’s dog loves to sleep on his beanbag like Honey!!!

  8. Your new dark chocolate bed is so pretty and you and Muesli look so comfy on it, Honey! We each have a bed in our family room and in the bedroom and in dad’s workshop. We’re not fussy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Holly & Sam says:

    My dog Sam always loved his XXL bed. No matter what kind or which one……..just put it in his favorite spot and he was on it…..snoozing up a storm! Although, when it would start to get dark every night……he would head upstairs to be the first one into our bed! I know that it’s a no-no for doggies to sleep with their humans but I didn’t care I just loved being able to snuggle with him. He was such a big baby!!!!!

    I hope you enjoy your new bed Honey!!! :)
    Holly & Sam

  10. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    I know when I got a new mattress, it took me about a week to get used to it. I’m sure it must be the same for dogs. Your body has to adjust before you can sleep well again.

    My two seem to be able to sleep anywhere, but their favorite place is our bed!

  11. cafall says:

    Our boys have never slept on their own doggy beds. Sam, until recently, has always slept on the end of our bed and now that the Prednisone is making him hot he sleeps out in the hallway. He always liked to spar with the beds we got him. Monty prefers blankets to beds.


  12. Have you thought of getting a trampoline dog bed and then putting the bean bag mattress on top of that. That would give the height and stability she needs without making it to mushy with a double thickness of beanies. I did that with Denny – he has a trampoline bed with his memory foam on top on it and has no issue getting on and off it.

  13. Jacky says:

    You remember when I tried the beanbag thing (after Zena ripped up all the sponge cushions and mattresses that were available to sleep on…)? And she flatly refused to lie on it, rather sleeping on the garden bench in cold weather?

    So I caved and got thick sponge for the dog boxes.

    But then I also bought HoundSleepers (there are photos of you at playgroup on them, a steel frame with canvas stretched over, 80x120cm) … sort of like a camping bed for dogs. Super hit and Zena did not even think twice about jumping up. Even without a mattress the pups still love them.

    But after a couple of years Zena started ripping the covers with her nails. So new covers got bought and they had a new patio style (rubberized textilene that looks like a rubbery net). Zena had no problem but now P refused to lie on it! So we covered it with blankets until he got used to it.

    Then Bongo tore up the pet mattress in the lounge and I had to replace that … with a poolside beanbag (super bargain actually, 150x180cm, waterproof material … under US$100, delivered … in RSA) … dogs did not like it at first (noisy, unstable) but with some nice blankets they quickly got to love it. But it lost its squish rather quickly (2 Danes, a Pittie and their ‘mom’ can squish anything). I added sponge cut-offs to the beans to fluff it again.

    Then I found a camping style mattress (almost like a fold-up sleeper bed) at a pawn shop for R70 (that’s less than $7!!!), sterilized and washed it … and THAT is now the favorite cozy-up nook!!!

    So now I just have to replace the sponge mattresses in the dog boxes and we’ll be full circle again.

    PS. To get you used to your new bed, I would have put your old beanbag on top and just ‘deflated’ it each week until there were no more beans. Also putting your new mattress on top of a HoundSleeper type bed lifts it off the ground and prevents the doggie smell from permeating the carpet.

  14. ingrid says:

    My Balu, loved her “cot” when she outgrew it I looked around for XXXXXL dog beds and found the prices ridiculous, so I bought her a high density foam, single bed mattress which is in my bedroom. I just put a fitted sheet on it so it is real easy to keep clean. The first night she kept walking over it but wouldn’t lie down! To cut a long story short, I ended up sleeping in her bed with her with her blanket over both of us :) I have since moved back to my own bed which I share with Gizmo my tortoiseshell kitty. Balu now shares her bed with her kitty brother, Harley. What we won’t do for our pets.

  15. Fraidy Cats! says:

    Your new bed looks super comfy to us, Honey! we like the last picture with you and Muesli :) If Wriggley had a bed like that we’d proly take it over :D We’re not really picky about beds, but if our mom sees us always sleeping on the floor in a particular spot, she’ll put a bed or mat there for us…and then we don’t sleep there any more. Hee hee!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  16. jenn says:

    Looks comfy! Enjoy your new bed!

  17. sprinkles says:

    For a nap, the boys aren’t fussy at all. But for bedtime, they like to sleep with me.

    That new bed with all the filling does look comfy! I think Muesli just likes to be near you, and that’s why she insists on sharing your bed.

    I love that picture of you as a puppy sleeping on your bean bag.

  18. Princeton says:

    Aww… You know, I think that in general, Hsin-Yi’s idea about training before problems happen is a very good one. But in this case, I’m not sure it applies. For one thing, you might never get so weak that you have any problems getting out of bed at all. Why decrease your comfort all the time (or well, a lot of the time — whenever you’re lying in your bed) now, just to get you used to something you really might never really need to do? Weakening muscles may be inevitable with age, but it is far from inevitable that you will ever get so weak that you have any significant trouble getting up from your bed.

    And for another thing, I think it’s very likely that if you do ever start having problems getting out of the bean bag bed, you would either choose a different bed for yourself in order to solve that problem if both beds are just made available, or else you would just be showing that you really prefer the bean bag even if it IS harder to get out of — and what’s wrong with that? Humans don’t always make the choices that are “easiest”, either — my human says she preferred sleeping in a waterbed for a long time, even when she was pregnant, and at that time it sure was hard to get out of! And that choice was okay to make. Wasn’t it?

    Or your humans could just give you the new bed and take the bean bag away for a night once in a while, just to keep you used to using the alternate bed when you have to, so that if you ever do get to the point where they’re really concerned about your being able to get up, they can then switch beds with the knowledge that you will accept the new bed, even if you aren’t crazy about it at first.

    Just my 2 bones’ worth. I know you’ll be fine with whatever bed you have to use, but personally, I believe that indulging someone’s preferences when it’s possible will never “spoil” them.

  19. Princeton says:

    Uh oh, wrote up a comment and it disappeared when we clicked “submit”. Did it go to the spam folder? Or disappear entirely?

  20. Glenlivet & Céline says:

    Hi Honey,
    Oh Yes, I’m stubbord with my bed too !!

    I always had a bed for dog, a kind of your Sienna DayDream bed, but a bit smaller. And since my human reads your blog, she decided to buy me a beanbag bed. She seek on pet store, but it was really really expensive, so she found one for human. A big Bean Bag, 120cm x120 cm for human (you see, the kind of bed you put near the swimming pool to enjoy the sun). But because it was for humans, there was no inner bag. It was not really practice to be washed.

    Because she didn’t find any strong fabric to make an external cover, she had to make an inner cover. She spent one whole day to make the inner cover, take the beans out of the bag (try to imagine what was the living room looking like at this time ;-) lol), place the beans in the inner bag, then replace the inner bag in the real bag. And I finally try my new bed !!

    Tada, guess what ?? I don’t like it at all !
    I would rather sleep on the ground or the carpet !

    So, I got my old bed back, and my humans are finally enjoying the bed that could have been mine. After all, isn’it for humans ?? LOL



  21. Toni Etim says:

    I live by myself so its just Zeus (doberman) and me before we moved he had his own love seat which he was the king on thank you… now it my sofa with and towel on it he has his side and i have mine or the pad i made him by my bed or my bed pretty much where ever im at … but when i go to bed at night he get on the end of the bed it seem till he think im asleep then go to (my) side of sofa no towel so i learned to put something in his way so he has to stay on his side on the towel..but what funny is he come to my bed when im asleep he think to check on me but never get back on the bed once he got down for the night !

  22. Howdy Honey. I Stella, don’t care where I sleep, floor, pillow (with head hanging off), carpet, lino, doesn’t matter. If I’m tired I’ll sleep hehe.
    Rory on the other hand loves his big pillow but sometimes if mum hasn’t moved it to wherever she is sitting he will curl up on my little pillow so he is near her. Gee he’s a sooky la la mum’s boy! Sometimes though, at night, when no one is up, he will sneak on the lounge chair and stretch out. Mum does not like it cause she says he will make the furniture smelly. Well he does fart a lot! We have to put stuff on the lounge, like the newspaper or her handbag etc and then he stays off.
    Another hint for extra filling for your big bed Honey is cheap bed pillows. Mum buys packs of two for around six dollars (from K Mart) and puts them inside Rory’s big bed for extra softness.
    See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. Sharryn says:

    When we got our rescue GD Abi, at 7 months old, we had a baby cot mattress for her, but she too adopted our bean bag and loved it to death. She even found the empty skin out in the garage and would go in there and sit on it months after it had been removed from the house.

    However beanbags are noisy and tend to move around the floor. So I made my great dane’s beds by cutting a double-bed foam mattress in half width-wise and putting both pieces on top of each other to make a deep mattress, about 25cm thick. Then I sewed up vinyl covers to keep them together and waterproof. They are firm but give plenty of cushioning. (Nothing big enough in the stores for our dogs either, so it was a case of make your own, and much cheaper!) They have been a great success, the GD’s love them, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the effort of making them again. Now that I have 2 GD’s tho, (we adopted Abi’s big brother Sledge a year after Abi’s arrival,) I would buy one extra thick mattress and cut it in half for a bed each.

    I made fitted furry sheets for them, but I seem to have to change them so often I am just using single duvet covers that I slide the beds into, that can be thrown in the wash every few days.

    The beds are identical and my 2 don’t have a preference, apart from always wanting the one the the other dog bet them to. We have musical beds all night long. If one dog gets up for a cuddle the other dog is immediately up and on the bed they have recently vacated. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence I guess! Add to the mix one german shepherd/lab, who has a smaller store-bought bed, she is always sneaking onto their beds just like Muesli! She obviously prefers home-made to store-bought too.

    I am happy to give more detailed instructions to anyone who is interested in making something similar. Upholsters will also make them up to your specifications.

  24. Michelle Tureson says:

    Poor Honey. It is hard getting used to something new. I love the picture of you as a baby puppy in the beanbag with those big feet sticking out. I love how large breeds have such big feet as puppies.

  25. Ted says:

    It is so great to see your blog!

    I recently lost my Dane – who looks and acted just like Honey. Thanks for sharing everything!

    Here’s a video for my puppy.

  26. Badger the Deerhound says:

    You’ll just have to break it in, Honey — get it all contoured and fluffed to fit you! I’m fussy about MY beds, too, but as a great big dog kind of your size, I have always been partial to beds that SEEM a little too small for me. Like, for instance, I LOVE the looks of your “XXL” bed that looks like a giant Jacob’s-cattle bean! No human ever understands my preference for an itsy bitsy bed. My favorite is a “ball bed” (lots of fluff but no beans) that my human bought many years ago for her Tollers. Later she saw it “reviewed” in a dog magazine that criticized it for being “too small” for the medium-sized dogs it was advertised for! WHAT? How silly! You just never know with us dogs, do you?

  27. Nina Wallis says:

    New Honey fans here! My son and I watched the video of Honey and Muesli becoming friends. It touched our hearts and we had to check out your blog. Congratulations on your new bed. Thank you for making a mom and 4 year old son laugh together on a rainy day.

  28. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Howdy Honey,
    I was going to make Mikey the Grey HOund a bean bag bed because I saw how much you loved yours. Unfortunately, my mom vetoed the bean bag bed. Mikey is my mom’s dog and I hog him when I come to visit and pretend he is mine and I spoil him rotten.
    Mikey had Percy the Grey HOund’s bed when he arrived at my mom’s house. Percy passed and my mom thought the bed was in good condition. I thought Mikey should have his own bed and I got him a fancy bed for Christmas. At first he wouldn’t go on his soft beautiful bed and I was going to return it. Some how my brother got Mikey the Grey Hound on the bed. He fell in love with the bed. He now has dug out the center of the bed and I have to find a way to fix the bed. I think Grey HOunds like to sleep in something that resembles a taco. They like the center hollowed out and the sides to stick up. The new bed had baby type bumpers on it so Mikey could rest his head on it. The bed had a center fluffy bit for him to rest his weary young bones on that he liked in the beginning. Then, he realized he could take the center pillow out and sleep low in the bed like a taco. Mikey then decided he would try and dig a hole in the bottom of the bed and ripped through the bed. I now have to perform a miracle operation on the bed. The bed isn’t even a year old yet. Mikey doesn’t care and nor does he understand when I tell him the bed was costly and I could have gotten him a bed from Costco for twenty dollars. Sure the C ostco bed is nice, soft, but not as fancy and special as the bed I got him. I still think we should have gone with beans and a velour wrapping. Mikey likes to pounce on his bed like you Honey. We normally do what Mikey wants. I think this was the first time we didn’t. What I have learned from your blog Honey, is that Hsin-Yi knows best and if she thinks it’s time to introduce you to a new bed then it is time to get a new bed. I think I may be following her lead in a few months with a new bed for Mikey if I can’t fix his bed that he loves so much.
    I think it is normal for dogs and humans to have our favorite things that we love and make us feel comfortable. I think our human logic tells us that doggies should be more adaptable, which is stinkin thinkin. Best of luck with the new bed Honey. You will grow to love it, I’m sure.
    Slobbers and sweet dreams,
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey Hound

  29. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Hi Honey,
    The computer ate my note to you. I just wanted to say I love the posts that have pictures of you as a baby puppy. I forget sometimes how small you once were. One look at your paws and I am reminded of what a big girl you really are. Your paws were a tell tale sign that you were going to be big. Does Hsin-Yi paint your toe nails a dark color? In the recent photos I thought it looked like you might have been given a pedicure. I’m not allowed to paint Mikey’s toes, but I do massage his feet. He falls right to sleep when I rub his paws. I once massaged Percy the Grey HOund’s feet with cream and I did not notice that I used my mom’s lotion that was for tanning your legs. Percy’s paw’s turned orange, the bed sheets turned orange along with the carpet and floor. Yep, she wasn’t happy with me and the mess I created especially when she saw that Percy’s tongue was orange too, he licked his paws.
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey Hound

  30. 2browndawgs says:

    That looks like a nice new bed Honey. I bet you get used to it just like your old one. Brown dawgs are not too particular about where they sleep, yet. They are younger and don’t know better. ;) I thought the picture on the front of the bag of fill was funny. Were they using the fill to stuff in Humpty Dumpty’s crack on his head? lol

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