Dancing with the Doggie Stars

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Welcome to Dancing with the Doggie Stars…the first online blog contest just for dancing doggies! :P

This contest was to encourage newbie doggies who would like to give doggie dancing a try – focusing on FUN, rather than technical perfection! You just had to submit a video of a canine freestyle dance routine that’s at least 1 min long, danced to music that is ‘live’ in the room with you (not dubbed over the video afterwards) and costumes were encouraged! (Also, unlike in club trials, you can use “motivators” – treats or toys – in your routine, because we understand that not all doggies like to “work for nothing” and we don’t feel that needing a bit of “encouragement” is any reflection of your dancing ability or creativity! This way, more types of doggies can take part in this sort of fun and not just the obsessive workaholics! ;)  ) To make things fair, only doggies who had never competed or performed at public demos before could take part.

During the contest which ran from Apr 15 ~ Jun 15 2011, there were weekly “DWTDS episodes” on Honey’s blog, with updates on the dancing teams, exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, inspiring stories, video tutorials with tips on trick training, music, dancing & choreography…and special guest star performances!

Here are the DWTDS episodes, with the WINNERS at the bottom :

Big Honey Dog presents: Dancing with the Doggie Stars! (contest rules & entry requirements plus sample canine freestyle routines for inspiration)

DWTDS Week 1 – participating dance teams, examples of fantastic simple, short routines, & a ‘behind-the-scenes’ sneak peek at Mango the Mastiff, preparing for his big moment.

DWTDS Week 2 - great examples of “themed” routines

DWTDS Week 3more doggies taking part, a montage of “behind-the-scenes” look at some dance teams practising, how to choose music, shortlist of tricks used in canine freestyle, video tutorial on leg weaving & Mango’s heroic battle against seizures, to keep on dancing…

DWTDS Week 4 - even more doggies joining the DWTDS dance team, video tutorial on choreography for newbies and the special story of Megan-Joy the fearful Golden Retriever who, after a very rough start in life, is finding confidence through dancing, with the help of her dedicated human…

DWTDS Week 5 (Part 1) - the World Canine Freestyle Organisation & their international video competition + dancing titles, performances by special guest stars: Kaycee the Sheltie and Paris the Border Collie from Melbourne Canine Freestyle – showing how to use props in routines.

DWTDS Week 5 (Part 2) - more “behind-the-scenes” sneak peeks at our dancing teams preparing their routines…and a video tutorial on How to Dance Around a Cane (or anything, really!)

DWTDS Week 6 – 2 Golden Guest Stars (check out that doggie Cha-Cha-Cha!) & some tips for the final performance!

DWTDS Week 7 – Guest performance by Bodie the Border Terrier and his “Happy Penguin”!

DWTDS Week 8Final sneak peeks of all our hardworking dance teams putting the final touches to their routines…and a guest performance by Cinnamon the Beagel showing that she’s a “California Gurrrrrl”!!

DWTDS – Grand Finale! Watch all the fantastic routines from our dance teams and vote for your favourite!

DWTDS – The Winners! Check out the winners for Dancing with the Doggie Stars 2011!

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  1. Your dog is so pretty

  2. Are labordors aloud

  3. Gloria artiles says:


  4. jan corles says:

    love everything, cant wait to see who wins

  5. john says:

    number 4 lassiter chase is the best

  6. AveryGirlandPearlyDog says:

    When is the next one?? I would LOVE to enter!!!

  7. Hey, Honey, will there be another contest like this? It looks fun but Jasmine was too busy last time to enter…


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