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There’s a new bed in town…


Several weeks ago, there was a knock on our front door one morning. Of course, I rushed over to give my BIG BOOMING GREAT DANE BARK and see who was there…it was the Courier Human! And he had brought us a giant package!! What was it?? My human, Hsin-Yi, said that it was my new bed!! Well, you know I have always slept on a beanbag bed my whole life. Ever since I first climbed onto my humans’ little beanbag seat when I was a baby puppy and fell asleep there… …I fell in love with the “beany feeling” and always wanted to sleep on that. I liked to moosh the beans with my paws before I settled down. My humans had prepared a baby cot mattress for me when I first came home to live with them, with nice blankets and a ticking clock and soft stuffie, in the … Continue reading

How do you clean your doggie teeth?


Well, you know it’s really important for us doggies to keep our fangs white & gleaming 😛 – if we have yucky, brown teeth covered in tartar and stuff, it can give us this horrible sickie called Periodontitis (gum disease) – and if you have that for a long time, bacteria can go into your blood from your teeth and then give you a really serious sickie, such as organ failure! A lot of treats & dog biscuits promise to clean doggie teeth but we’re not sure we believe them – even if they’re shaped like a toothbrush! 😉 (Hsin-Yi says that’s a “marketing gimmick”!) They just aren’t hard enough – for big doggies like me anyway. If I can crunch through it, it isn’t giving enough “resistance” to clean my teeth. You really need something that’s hard enough to scrape the yucky, brown stuff off. Of course, now they … Continue reading

Meet my Mini-Me!


Guess what? I got a very exciting parcel all the way from Malaysia and inside was a wonderful surprise: a little Mini-Me! It was made by the human of my blog friends, Christmas the Schnauzer & her puppies, and she made it all just by crotchet! Isn’t she talented? My human, Hsin-Yi, is full of awe ‘coz she can’t even sew a button on straight – hee! hee! 😉 We just love it! What do you think – does it look like me? My humans think the resemblance is amazing…down to the wrinkles on the forehead! 😛 I tried to give my Mini-Me a kiss…but oh dear, she fell over! Anyway, if you’d like to have a Mini-Me too, you can check out their FB page My Crochet Page – where you can see all the Mini-Me’s of the other doggies – all sorts of breeds & shapes & sizes! … Continue reading

The Mysterious Box of Goodies…


Ooh, earlier this week, something very exciting arrived in the mail… …a mysterious box! What was inside? Well, you know how much I LOVE opening parcels! It was lots of goodies from my Big Honey Dog online store! Yes, Hsin-Yi had ordered some of the things we designed, so that we could have some cool ‘Big Honey Dog gear’ for ourselves as well! 😛 Well, of course, we had to get the Big Honey Dog 2013 calendar, showing me enjoying some of my favourite places around Australia & NZ… (some of you were asking me on Facebook about a “Honey calendar”…well, here’s one I made earlier – hee! hee! I know it’s already March but hey, there’s still a lot of the year left – so don’t miss out!  In fact, one of my American friends told me that it’s so nice to find a Dane calendar showing a Dane … Continue reading

Jet Pets & Jolly Packing!


A van machine came to our house early yesterday morning and delivered a bunch of things outside our doorstep…I couldn’t wait to go out to check what it was…it was packing boxes and paper and tape! Yup, our Big Move to Perth is next week and it’s time to start packing! 😛 I was a bit miffed, though to find that the boxes and stuff would have to go against the wall, next to my bed, coz that’s the only spare place my humans can find in our tiny house…humph! Like most kitties, Muesli was very suspicious of any change to her environment – she spent a long time warily circling all the new stuff and sniffing it carefully… …my humans think that the move is going to get stressy for Muesli, ‘coz she is such a timid “scaredy cat” usually and she doesn’t seem to be able to just … Continue reading

Announcing…my Exciting News!! The Big Honey Dog online store!

Hi everybody – well, first before I get to my Exciting News – I wanted to show you how well my eye is healing! 😛 It’s just over a week since the surgery to take out my left eye, because of my Glaucoma Sickie, and already, it is settling down and not red & puffy anymore. We think the vet opthalmologist did a really great job. In fact, from a distance, you almost don’t notice that I’m missing an eye! 😉 And yup – as you can see – I’m finally allowed to go on proper walks again! 😛 Well, only on leash – I’m not allowed to run around off-leash yet coz I’m still supposed to stay “quiet” until my stitches come out – which is not until next week. And my humans are trying to be careful and not take me anywhere with too much tall grasses and … Continue reading

Breakfast with Boo & Blackmores Pet Treats GiveAway!

Remember my humans took me out to breakfast at a really cool cafe in Pyrmont? It’s called Savichees and it’s the perfect dogfriendly cafe: right by the waterfront, with lovely views across the harbour, and lots of space by the tables for giant doggies to stretch out. Plus the Staff Humans are all so friendly too – they even bring a bowl of water out esepcially for me. My humans have taken me back a few more times since and I always love going there – they even know my “usual” now: a Strawberry & Ricotta Muffin! 😉 Well, a couple of weekends ago, I took my friend, Boo the Black Dane there for breakfast – Look, he sure enjoyed a taste of my muffin! 😉  (Boo ordered one too – although he chose a different flavour). It was a lovely sunny morning with a cool breeze, so after breakfast, … Continue reading

Daily walkies & French pressies!

The weather is starting to get hot again now…summer is coming to Australia! In the last few months, my human, Hsin-Yi, had been able to take me for my daily walk in the middle of the day (eg. 11am or 2pm)  because it was winter and the weather was nice & cool, even in the daytime. And it was so lovely because very few people would be about and we’d have the whole park to ourselves! But now we have to start walking later in the afternoon/evening – or first thing in the morning. My humans believe it’s very important for doggies to get an outing every day, so they always organise their schedule to make sure that they fit my walk in, no matter how busy they get (well, unless someone is sickie or some special thing is happening, like moving home! 😉 ) They think this is one … Continue reading

Guest Post: Grooming Your Dog

(Guest post by GJW Titmuss Ltd.) For anyone who brings home a new dog – in addition to showering them with love and happiness, along with healthy food and exercise – grooming your pup is just as important to make sure that they are as happy as they can be! Looking after your dog’s teeth Making sure that your dog has a clean set of gnashers is imperative to their health. As with humans, unhealthy teeth can lead to problems with major organs, including the heart and liver. It is well-known that gum and tooth disease has been linked to heart disease & strokes. This is something that occurs within the animal world as well as that of humans. • One way to help your pooch remain in tip top condition is to buy them fun size snacks that help clean their teeth whilst they chew. Dental chews for dogs … Continue reading

Catch-Up Questions #2: The truth about “choke chains”…

Hi everybody – we’ve had a few questions recently in our comments that my human, Hsin-Yi has been meaning to answer but has just been too busy – and since she’s trying to do some “catch-up” this weekend, we thought we’d do a couple of posts to answer those questions! (And I’ll let Hsin-Yi do the answering coz she’ll probably explain it better) Slobbers, Honey the Great Dane ****** (from Hsin-Yi) A couple of posts ago, one of our readers called “Sarah” asked “Great to see you still doing training. I was just wondered why you felt the need to put a choke chain on Honey?” – Well, the short answer to that is: I don’t need to – I just prefer the way a chain looks, loose at the base of the neck, as opposed to a flat collar snug around the neck. It’s an aesthetic thing – and … Continue reading

From blanket-thief…to bed-thief!!

Sorry – last reminder ‘coz the deadline is TOMORROW! (Wed 9th May 5pm Australian NSW time)  I know most of you have already voted – thank you so much! 😛 But if you haven’t yet, please hurry! I’m on the 2nd page (F ~ K) – tick the box next to “Honey the Great Dane” and make sure you click “Finish” at the end! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BAB2012  Thank you!! ****** Now that Autumn is here, me & Muesli are helping our humans with one of the most important jobs in the household: sweeping the dead leaves! Yeah – that’s really Paul using a brush & dustpan! 😉 Coz my humans haven’t got many garden tools and they don’t want to buy anything else to add to all our “stuff” already – (especially since we’ll be packing again in about 6 months!!) – so they are just making do with what we’ve got. … Continue reading

Hsin-Yi’s birthday & CREEPY ‘Petzzz’

Well, a couple of weeks ago, it was my human, Hsin-Yi’s birthday and she was really lucky it fell on a weekend this year AND Paul wasn’t on-call for once! 😉 He specially took the day off studying for his Fellowship exams to spend with Hsin-Yi. First, he came along to watch me & Hsin-Yi at our new doggie school (that’s how I had that movie to show you in my last post – ‘coz Paul was there to film us! 😉 ) – and Hsin-Yi was really happy that she got to spend special fun time with me on her birthday. Plus it tired me out and was my “walk” for the day – so after that I just wanted to sleep and my humans didn’t feel guilty about going out and leaving me alone for the rest of the day… So what did they do? Well, first they … Continue reading

An Italian parcel, an Aussie pet store & a Chinese New Year parade!

The weather this week has been AWFUL. First, it was horribly, horribly hot – our thermometer said 33°C (92°F) INDOORS! – and we have no AC machine in this house in Sydney. My human, Hsin-Yi, opened every window & door in our house but even the breeze that blew through the house was HOT AIR!!   Me & Muesli barely had energy to do anything…we just spent our whole day doing this: My humans couldn’t even sleep at night because they felt like they were burning up. Hsin-Yi kept getting up in the middle of the night & going to the bathroom to splash water on herself and wet her arms & feet, because then she would feel a little bit cooler in bed while the water was evoporating! And then, suddenly, in the middle of the week, the horrible hot weather went away but we got THIS instead! ALL DAY!!!! … Continue reading

Cleaning my teeth with the Buzzy Toothbrush!

You remember at the end of last year, back in Newcastle, I had some yucky brown tartar stuck on my back teeth that was just too difficult to get off from simply chewing bones & stuff…so I had to go in and get a “dental scaling” done at the vets (and also some suspicious lumps removed at the same time while I was sleeping). Afterwards, my teeth were all lovely and white & clean and the vet told my humans that it would be good if they could brush my teeth regularly – to keep my teeth that way for as long as possible. Well, Hsin-Yi had socialised me to a toothbrush from a young pup – even though I didn’t need my teeth brushed then, she likes to always prepare for the future – just in case one day I need to cope with something, if I am already socialised to it then it … Continue reading

“Out of Office”…in my pyjamas!

“But you only just got back! What do you mean you’re going travelling again?” Humph. My human, Hsin-Yi, is grumpy at me because I thought one of her new sheepskin boots from New Zealand was a new stuffie toy and grabbed it and ran around shaking it…and my teeth made a big hole in it. Oops. Well, it’s not my fault! I’ve been given so many new stuffies lately – who can blame a doggie for getting confused? Especially when everything has sheepie wool on it? And who told her to leave those boots lying around? (Don’t worry – the nice Cobbler Human stitched the hole up again!) Humph. Anyway, I’m grumpy too. You know why? My humans are going travelling again! Yes, they barely came back and now they’re off again. And this time they’ll be gone for weeks and weeks! They are going to a faraway place called … Continue reading

Stolen Pictures & Senior Kong

 Every self-respecting pup knows about the Kong, right? It’s one of the best secret weapons for keeping us doggies out of mischief and making us tired & happy! It’s great for home-alone doggies who might be getting a bit bored or stressy; it’s great for puppies with itchy teeth who might be eyeing up the coffee table and it’s great for busy-busy doggies who need something a bit more exciting to fill their days with than just sleeping (I really don’t understand that – what could be more exciting than sleeping? But hey – it takes all sorts, right? 😉 ) I have to say, though, that I am not a *huge* Kong fan…oh, I like it but I’m not crazy obsessive about it, like some doggies are. One of the reasons for this may be my humans’ fault! 👿 You see, when they first got me as a baby … Continue reading

Big Honey Dog presents: Dancing With The Doggie Stars!

* Don’t forget to check out the Dancing with the Doggie Stars page for all the weekly episodes – featuring updates on the dancing teams, exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage, inspiring stories, video tutorials with tips on trick training, music, dancing & choreography…and special guest star performances! . It’s time to put on your dancing paws, everybody, for the 1st ever ‘Dancing with the Doggie Stars’ contest!! I know lots of you love to have fun with your humans and lots of you know some great tricks…and who doesn’t love to boogie to their favourite tune? 😛 So here’s your chance to put them all together! Just like on the human TV show, this is for doggies who are not “professional dancers” but just want to give it a go! There will be fantastic PRIZES for the WINNERS, including special categories such as ‘Best Costume’…and also a ‘Readers Choice’ award so that you, the audience, can vote for your … Continue reading

The Bath Torture Place…!

Things are still a Big Mess in our new home so unfortunately, I haven’t got any nice photos to show you yet – maybe in my next post! But today I wanted to tell you about this Awful Experience I had. My humans promised me it was going to be a “Fun Adventure” but they lied! 😯 It all started when Hsin-Yi started making sniffy noises and yucky faces whenever she came near me – and saying that I had ‘doggie B.O.’ ! 👿 Really! What is she talking about? Just because she can’t appreciate my personal canine aroma – I’ve taken a long time developing this, you know. I’ve even been thinking I might release my own fragrance – L’Eau de la Honey: a carefully cultivated combination of encrusted dried drool and dirty rainwater, with topnotes of moist garden grime and salty beach sand – of course, all brought … Continue reading

Hello Newcastle!

Well, we’re finally here in Newcastle, New South Wales! My humans found a lovely dog-friendly B&B that we could stay in while they are looking for a new home for me, here in Newcastle. They were lucky to find it as it is the only place downtown that us doggies can stay with our humans. It is called the Hamilton Heritage B&B and it is owned by 2 lovely humans called Laraine and Colin who really welcome doggies like their own family! We can sleep in the rooms with our humans and go anywhere we like. There is even a pretty little garden at the back where we can sign the Doggie Peemail Guestbook! 😉 And here is the room I was to share with my humans: I had a great time exploring when we arrived. It is a gorgeous big house with beautiful rooms with soaring ceilings, lovely old … Continue reading

A visitor from NZ with a special delivery…

Well! I have been having the most exciting time this weekend!  On Friday, my human Hsin-Yi told me that I had a very special visitor from NZ…my blog friend, Pepper the Pound Pup‘s human! Pepper is a Kelpie-cross and she was adopted from the Wellington SPCA – and now lives in Auckland with her humans.  I always love visiting Pepper’s blog & I get very homesick whenever I see her running and playing in all the big, beautiful, empty, dog-friendly reserves and parks and beaches in Auckland.  So I was very excited to meet Pepper’s human, Emily, who had come to Brisbane for a small holiday. Hsin-Yi, took me to meet her in Roma St Parklands so we could have a walk together!    Emily gave me lots of cuddles – she loves horsies and is a great Riding Human so I guess she has a soft spot for me – hee! hee! … Continue reading

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