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24 Responses to Clicker Training & Tricks

  1. earlsmom says:

    I've added these lesson to my favorites. Can't wait to get a clicker and start training Earl!

  2. Ben Chong says:

    A very nice site you have, was wondering if you have any advance clicker training. Thanks.


  3. Candice says:

    Great videos! Thanks so much!!! Honey is so cute and so well behaved!! We have started our clicker training with Coffee :)
    I cant wait to teach him "thank you"!!! 😀


  4. Stanislaw says:

    Hey Honey.
    Do you have any instructions on teaching marching paws?
    That's yet another one on my show-off brother's list of things to learn.

    Your site is the best!

  5. deniss says:

    traning for everything

  6. Nathalie says:

    Greetings from Germany!

    We (Great Dane Minnie and her human Nathalie) love your Videos we learned so much tricks and have a lot of fun by practicing them!

    We love you!

  7. duc minh says:

    I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. Clicker training is quite new in Vietnam. My friend will send clicker to me soon when he comes back from Australia.

    Your videos are so helpful to me.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Viktoria says:

    Hallo Hsin – Yi ! I am from Russia . Your site is the best! Honey – super!. We have started our clicker training with my Great Dane"s . Your videos are helpful to as.Thank you so much!

  9. Eva says:

    Hello!! I found your website, I enjoy what I see:)
    You do a great job with your human:)
    Hugs from Great Dane friends from Sweden

  10. Sara & Pu says:

    Hi honey!
    this week we meet a 4 years old great Dane from out town!
    Sara found out that she was also into free styling and also knew your blog! how exiting was that!

    you know here in Portugal there aren’t any freestyle classes yet, cause there few people practicing!
    anyway, now that we found a neighbor that is also interested we feel so much more motivated to star training again!

    we are even considering asking the Portuguese obedience champion to create a class of freestyle in his school (that is also in out town!! :D)

    but this will have to wait a few months, because my new great Dane friend named GEMA has an anger issue that she’s working with a trainer… only after this, her human will feel confident to take her to a class with other pups :)
    I think she’ll do just fine!
    She was rescued last year, and we don’t know much about her past… so her human is still working with her!

    and by the way… she’s so smart! she can do lot’s of tricks already, like spin, walk back, wave, marching legs…
    I was really impressed!
    I wanted to ask you to keep teaching us new tricks please!!! 😀

    big kisses from Pu and Sara

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Honey is a great dog. I just got me a German Shepard pup, named him Alucard. I watched your videos on clicker training and worked with him and he picked sit up quick. I was wondeing if theres a good order to teach him others like lay, stay, and ect. Also your videos have shown me alot.
    Thank You
    Chris, and Alucard

  12. Hi Chris – glad you're finding the videos helpful. There is no rule for which order to teach the commands/tricks in – it is up to you. Different dogs will find different thinfs harder. I would recommend teaching Down after Sit as that is an important one – and a natural progression. And then teach Stay in the Down position, gradually progressing to further distance away and longer time (I've done a video on that). Once he is doing Stay well in the Down position, you can try Stay in the Sit position – but remember, you will have to go back a few steps – don't expect him to do a Sit Stay for as long or as far as he can in Down Stay. Dogs don't generalise well and a Sit Stay is a completely different thing to him than a Down Stay.

    "Come" is also an important command to teach. For that, you call the dog and click AS SOON AS he starts moving towards you – and always make a big fuss & treat as soon as he gets to you (don't try to make him sit, etc – the important thing is that he came to you, not what he does when he arrives). Gradually only click him as he gets closer to you – finally only click & reward when he arrives in front of you and lets you put a hand on his collar. Then start trying to call him with distractions. Take him somewhere a bit more interesting/exciting and start again from the beginning – calling & reward as soon as he moves towards you. If you're worried he will run off, leave a long line attached to his collar. Keep testing him in different environments and gradually making things harder (more exciting – other dogs & people there) so he gets better at ignoring distractions and always coming when called. But very important to start in a QUIET place – don't start teaching Come in the park – it will be too hard and if he doesn't come, you will have taught him to ignore you. Don't set him up to fail. Start in a quiet place (eg, your living room) where you know he can do it successfully. The VERY SLOWLY make it harder.

    Good luck!

  13. Linda says:

    Hi Honey, I loved your clicker training videos and was inspired to get a clicker and try it for myself, but when I ‘clicked’ my dog freaked and hid!
    I hope this doesn’t mean we will have to give it up :(

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Linda – some dogs are noise sensitive and so will find the CLICK of the clicker a bit frightening at first. You can try getting a different clicker – there is a kind called an “i-Click” which makes a quieter sound than the classic box clicker. Or a simpler/cheaper method is just to muffle your box clicker by wrapping a cloth around it or putting it in your pocket before you click. It may just take a bit of time but if you just keep clicking & treating a lot, your dog will gradually associate the click with good things (treats) and get over his fear.

      If your dog is still scared of the noise, then you can always use a verbal marker – such as the word “YES!” – it isn’t as effective/clear as the clicker but it will still work to mark the action. A lot of people use verbal markers instead of clickers, especially if they find it difficult to coordinate holding the clicker & treats and manoeuvre the dog, etc. Just make sure that you always say it in the same tone and volume and speed – try to keep it as consistent as possible. Don’t use the “yes” word to try and convey your emotions – keep it neutral, like the CLICK sound. Hope this helps!

  14. Linda says:

    Thanks Honey.

    I’m thinking I might just say ‘click’! :)

    Will give it a go anyway, wish us luck!

  15. Sindy says:

    Hi Honey! my name is Sindy from Perth, i’m a chihuahua cross pomeranian cross mini poodle, my owners are a teenager and her mum, the teenager is trying to teach me some dance moves and she made me an agilaty corse, and i just LOVE the corse!
    I just wanted to say a huge thanks, for the videos!

    -Barks and Slobbers

  16. some good informations here, I’m currently trying to train my dog (a Japanese Terrier) and I have to say it’s way longer than what I was initially thinking. Do you have any tips on how I could improve?

  17. Kris and Annie says:

    Hi Hsin-Yi and Honey!
    I’ve been meaning to comment you guys for a good long while now, but I’ve been more preoccupied with catching up with Honey’s adventures in the past to comment on the more current ones. Just recently in May, I adopted a sweet little dachshund named Annie from Lied’s Animal Shelter in faraway Las Vegas, Nevada. I just wanted to share a video that I recorded of me and Annie having fun with clicker training. Honey’s videos with you have inspired and helped us so much that I thought I would show you what progress we are doing. This is me and Annie’s third day on a new trick.. Beg! People are definitely wrong when they say dachshunds are impossible to train. ;]

    I would love to get any advice to do better if I’m doing anything wrong and would love to hear back from you either here or in an email.

    Annie and Kris from the states!

  18. Kris and Annie says:

    oops! The video didn’t show! Here’s the link instead!

  19. michelle says:

    hi there everyone!!
    this is Mica from France a great great fan of honey the great dane :) watched almost every episode since I was getting a dog and wanted to get some training tips. thing is I finaly got a little pug two weeks ago but its like I forgot everything I saw! Its my first puppy and Im kind of nervous and very much exited. I have been watching again the honey clicker training videos and I realized I got some things bad. CAN ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME IF ITS POSSIBLE TO START CLICKER TRAINING ALL OVER AGAIN?!! I mean, charge the clicker again, like lets say DAY ONE? cuz I´ve also been asking him to sit, but always saing “SIT” instead of waiting for him to do it and then introduce the word.
    Its sort of a really simple thing, but I dont wanna get frustrated on clicker training, seems like a great mediator between the dog and you. And this lil guy is just the best thing thats happening to me now, I wanna have a really good comunication with him.

    So any advise will be so so helpfull. Thank you so much for your time. If anyone can give a hand I will appreciate it like you have no idea :)

    sorry for my low english

    bisous pour tout le monde!!

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Congratulations on your new pup! I love Pugs and they would be my 2nd choice of dog, I think, after a Great Dane!

      In answer to your question, yes, of course you can start again – you can start clicker-training any time. But it might be a good idea to start again with a new action – teach a totally different, new thing (eg. “Touch” – that is one of the easiest first things with a clicker and really helps the dog to understand the concept).

      Also, don’t worry if you didn’t teach Sit using the clicker correctly – you don’t have to teach everything with a clicker. I didn’t start clicker training Honey until she was 3yrs old – so she learnt all her basic Obedience commands just with luring & rewards – the old-fashioned way! Sit is a very simple action that most dogs can learn easily, using any method – I only used it in my video to demonstrate because it is one of the simplest things that most dogs can do but it doesn’t matter if you taught it using another way – as long as your pup understands when you say “Sit” and does it correctly, then that’s fine.

      So don’t worry – dog training is not like a religion where you must choose only ONE method over everything else. You can use a variety of different methods and you may find that some techniques work better with some commands or in some situations – and others work better in others. Just mix & match and find out what works best for your dog.

      Good luck!
      ps. your English is great – don’t apologise!
      pps. I hope you’ll come and say hello to us on Honey’s blog ( – this page is just a static page which I don’t update often – but if you come to her blog, you will see regular updates on all her adventures + also training & behaviour information.

      • michelle says:

        :) 😀 :) Thank you so much!!!! I follow you advise and restarted with the “touch”! it did help to get the click thing! we then moved to new “comands” and learning. I also try to relax more and as you said mix other methods that goes more with my puppy and I favorite games, toys and places. The clicker is great though. Another good key was finally finding a treat my dog really likes.
        Cant tell you how thankful I am, for your encouraging words and all you share. Its inspiring, funny, a great pleasure to watch.
        If you´re ever in France you can send me an email for anything you need, I really mean it.

        All my best wishes for you and Honey! You guys are awesome :)

  20. Gwen ( Myrtle Beach SC) says:

    Hello Honey,
    Thinking of you today !!!!

  21. Cynthia Howell says:

    Hi Hsin-yi! My name is Lilly, the Yorkie! love everything posted in your Blog. My humans are going to be bringing home a new brother or sister for me to play with and love sometime next spring. He/she is going to be a great dane too! I’ve over heard my mommy say she is switching me to the raw diet and going to introduce clicker training to me and my new sister/brother to my daddy. I was not clicker trained but am a well-behaved girl. My mom has been reading through your blog and watching your training videos and feels pretty confident on how to begin training but wonders… how can she work in potty training wither the clicker when the new puppy gets here?

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