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Have you read the books starring Honey the Great Dane & her friends? Available as EBOOK & Paperback. Buy on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Kobo and through bookstores & libraries). Click HERE for more details



When I was 18 months old, my human, Hsin-Yi, took me to join a special group called Outreach Therapy Pets. There, I passed special tests which showed that:

  • – I am friendly and well-behaved
  • – I like meeting new people and enjoy being touched
  • – I have met lots of strange human things and am not scared of them
  • – I don’t act silly when I am surprised or scared

…and so I become a registered Therapy Dog! There are lots of different types of Therapy Pets – there are other dogs, of course, and also cats, rabbits, donkeys and even a llama!





Me at Laura Ferguson Rehabilitation Centre with a friend...

Me at Laura Ferguson Rehabilitation Centre with a friend…

As a Therapy Dog, I got to visit a place called the Laura Ferguson Trust which is a ‘rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities’ – I am not sure what that means but there were humans who had hurt their bodies and needed help and cheering up – and I got to make lots of new friends. They were really cool – they just wanted to cuddle me and throw a ball for me or even just talk to me and laugh!

Having a laugh together...





I also go to another place called Youth Justice where I help young humans who had done silly things and need to learn how to behave nicely to other people. They really like me – they get really excited when I come and always want to play Tug or Chase with me or ask Hsin-Yi to show them my tricks!

Sometimes, I go with Hsin-Yi to special Outreach events to meet special humans that need help or tell more people about the work we Therapy Pets do.

Here are some pictures of me at a special Children’s Event in the Mt Roskill Library, Auckland:





I used to go to another place called Kensington House where there were lots of nice old humans who spoke very softly and wanted to pat me. But I had to stop going because I kept trying to shake paws with them and Hsin-Yi was afraid that my claws would scratch their soft skin. Also, they lived in very small rooms with lots of little ‘pretty-things’ which might fall and break if I knocked them with my bum or my tail. I couldn’t even turn around sometimes – I had to back out of the rooms. Hsin-Yi said she thought it would be better for a smaller dog to go and visit them, although they called her and said they were very sorry to say goodbye because everybody really liked me! :)



22 Responses to Therapy Work

  1. Amber-Mae says:

    You are such a bootiful & sweet dog Honey! I admire you very much. My sistas & I got to visit a disabled people's home once & I got to tell you this, but the people there are the most bootiful people I've ever met in mah life compared to all the healthy ones & those who are fortunate & are lucky to not have any problems like those people in that home. They were bootiful within them. Wish to go back there someday.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Pipa says:

    Honey… you're an inspiration to me! I wish I could be like you!

    Pipa from Portugal

  3. Donut says:

    You're real brave! I'm scared of everything so I can't get a job like yours. I wish I was brave!

  4. pointerpandemonium says:

    Wow Honey, I didn't know you were a therapy doggy!! I has qualified to be a therapy doggy too!! I have my very first visit at the end of the month. Gosh me and mummy be nervous!!
    See here:

    Love Scotty xxx

  5. Kimba says:

    OMG, Honey! I'm so proud of you! You're everything I've always wanted to be!

    Mom is disabled and I wish I could help her more. Unfortunately, there are no therapy nor obedience schools here in my area. No agility, no dancing classes… Nothing! Snifff!

    Mom and Dad have taught me how to be a good boy and some fun tricks, but I'd have to learn much, much more to become a Therapy dog.

    While dog things go slowly here in Brazil, I am Mom's therapy dog unofficially. ^^

    Love, Kimba

  6. Carly James says:

    I am training my Harlequin female puppy Dane for service work. She will be a mobility Service dog when she is done with her training. The clicker videos have helped her with wanting to shake paws with everyone she meets. She just turned six months old yesterday. Your videos with Honey have inspired me! I am working on Layla's own MySpace page. Thanks for posting all the things you can do with her. Plus your relationship with her is fun and no harsh punishments. I like that about your training techniques! She will be my fifth service dog I have trained. She has big shoes to fill but will grow into them I am sure. I live in the US, in Oregon.

  7. Pollyna says:

    how nice of you to do that :) 😛

  8. Filly says:

    Honey, Shake is the best game ever! I use it constantly…who would have guessed us Danes love that one so much. I wanna do it for "Sit", "Down", and anything else I can think of. I will work on taming my joy since me and my sister wants to do what you do and because my mommy is a nurse and my other human pups tutor reading and the program wants me as a reading dog. I have a long way. The clicker game is great. Thanks for teaching my human who worries about how sensitive I can be to a stern no. Could you show me Fetch since I have no intrest in the toys my mom can find and all off limit toys are soooo fun!

  9. Keith Zetterstrom says:

    Honey you are very gentle. My grandma would love you.

  10. Oh Honey! That is so good of you! And what joy you have given to many people! The smiles on their faces speak a thousand words. Some of those pictures brought tears to mommy’s eyes.


  11. Hi Honey,
    Thank you for the nice message. I have read about your wonderful therapy work, and watched you dance. You are a pretty girl, even my girlfriend a Weimaraner named Luna likes reading about you. I also have an Irish Wolfhound friend named Connor. We all live in United States in Minnesota, it is very cold here, and we have over a meter of snow on the ground so I have not been able to play chuck-it with my humans lately, but I am getting to go on lots of visits. As you know I am having my human write a blog discussing our therapy visits, but here is the site if any of your fans want to read it.

    Keep up the good work Honey and who knows maybe someday we can help all the humans be s wonderful and loving as us dogs.


  12. rebekah says:

    oh yeah i just cried

  13. Ashley says:

    Therapy work looks so awesome, I’m so glad you do it, Honey. Maybe I’ll introduce my future dog to that. I was always wondering how to volunteer in the community and this seems amazing! Honey, you are an inspiration, truly.

  14. I LOVE great danes but sadly mine passed last year. He was starting to get hip problems and he had cancer on his snout, which eventualy took over his eye. I watched him suffer with it. even though he was bone lookin skinny (which is natural) He began to lose weight. This went on for two years then he passed Jan, 27, 2010. I will miss you Bravo. There will never be love like you again. v.v

  15. Pepper says:

    Hi Honey, I’m so glad I found you at today’s blog hop. You’re a therapy dog!? Wohoo, that’s so cool! I admire your work. I’m still a puppy but when I’m older, I want to become a therapy dog too.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.
    Puppy kisses, Pepper

  16. suraj sukumar das says:

    honey hiiiiiiiii my dog biting for evere thing he is 10 old tell me any soulotion

  17. Mac says:

    You look so cut with the golden oldies who would have thought you would have to be one to one day

  18. Sandra says:

    Hi Honey,

    I first came upon you on YouTube. You are my favorite YouTube pet. I’m a volunteer at the ASPCA in New York City and I love and admire the work you do. I would love to work in some sort of pet therapy program in America. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. God bless you and your human family.

    • bighoneydog says:

      Hi Sandra – thanks for your lovely comment! 😛 My human says you’re giving me a big head – hee! hee! I’m so glad you enjoy my videos – have you visited my blog as well? That is updated much more regularly with fun stories & photos & videos (incl private ones) of my adventures. I only make videos on Youtube to support my blog – so that’s not the best place to keep up with me! You can click on the link to my blog in the menu at the top of the page – or here’s the link: – hope to see you there!

      Honey the Great Dane

  19. Trixie says:

    You are inspiring!

  20. Larissa Silva says:

    Hello Honey .. speak of Brazil, and words fail me to describe how much you are beautiful and captivating.You expressed the idea that animals are beings completely RATIONAL and wonderful. Today, I spent most of my afternoon watching your videos and and filled my heart with love. It is impossible not to be moved by you!
    I have four canine companions at home, and I’m sure if they could talk, would give congratulations.
    Many health and love to you dear .. Big kiss from Brazil!

  21. Lisa says:

    Honey you are an awesome puppy! We have 2 Great Danes that adopted us. Zeus (22 months old, full dane) and Bella (2 1/2 yrs old, a mixed Great Dane, has lots of dane in her). They are both black with alittle white on them. Zeus is a therapy dog also. Right now we go to a rehab hospital here in Alabama. We are looking to branch out to visit children next. Where we live it isn’t easy to find testing for therapy dogs, so we have been kinda doing on the job training at the rehab hospital. I train our pups myself, however there are times I get stumped on how to go about some of the training. Zeus is alittle slower learning new stuff, Bella picks stuff up so much quicker, however Bella is alittle skittish with loud noises so don’t think she would be real good with therapy work. We might try it in the future, but for now its just Zeus. Best of luck to you!

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