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NaNoWriMo, My New Chinese Collar & Barking Mad!

A lot of you know that my human, Hsin-Yi, is a freelance writer – she writes articles for magazines and she specialises in stories about doggies for pet magazines. Well, her real dream is to be a book writer – an Author Human. I know lots of my readers have said very nice things, like Hsin-Yi ought to write a book about dog-training…well, she might think about that some day (although she feels a bit embarrassed writing her own book because she isn’t a proper “professional trainer“)… …but what Hsin-Yi would REALLY like to write and publish is a kind of storybook called a “novel”. But when you write a novel, it takes a LOT of time and you don’t get any money paper for it – maybe even when you’re finished, nobody will want it! 😕 So Hsin-Yi always thinks she ought to spend her time doing other things that are more “worthwhile”, … Continue reading

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