Ask Honey! #9 – How to stop puppy mouthing & Using corrections in training

‘Ask Honey!’ is a series of posts where we answer questions from the public on the blog. Due to the huge volume of messages we receive, I’m afraid we can no longer reply to people individually but we will select some questions to feature here on the blog from time to time. * Please note: I am not a professional dog trainer or behaviourist and can only give advice based on my own (limited) research & experience. It’s often best to consult a professional who can assess your dog in “real life” because many problems are too complex to advise over the internet. ~ Hsin-Yi ****** . Hello Hsin-Yi! My family and I watch always your videos of Honey and we decided, just because of the videos, that we buy a Great Dane. We saw how lovely and gentle Great Danes are and have one now too. He is a … Continue reading

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