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Stinky bones, helpful tricks and baby Dane puppies!

Well, I had the most AWESOME time at my RSPCA Demo Team display yesterday!! ūüėÄ All of us doggies did so well and our humans were so proud of us! Of course, Paul came to watch¬†and was Camera Machine Man – so you can all watch what we did! But Hsin-Yi hasn’t had time to make a¬†movie yet so I will have to show it to you in my next post. So today, I’m going to tell you about some other bits and pieces that I’ve been wanting to catch up on…¬† But first – some of you may have gotten the wrong idea from my last post that I don’t like kitties. Oh no – I love kitties! I worship them. (I still think Charlotte was giving me the Evil Eye, though… ūüĎŅ )¬†And I know that you must treat them with great respect – I grew up with ‚Ķ Continue reading

My Hard-Working, Sit-Staying, Fun-Training…Dog Pile!

Most of my doggie blog friends will know that there are some great competitions on at the moment – if you haven’t heard about them yet, don’t worry – there’s still time to join in! ūüėõ And although my human, Hsin-Yi, is¬†(still!) too busy with Settling-In and¬†Catching-Up-With-Work¬† to help me do much blog stuff, I have been¬†working hard,¬†training for these competitions! But I’m having a bit of trouble deciding which entries to submit… First, of course, there is Mango Minster 2010¬†– the Greatest Dog Show in Doggie Blogland – created by my great friend, Mango the Mastiff. It has been really difficult to decide which category¬†I fit in in: Cat Dogs, Hound Dogs, Herding Dogs, Sporty Dogs, Non-Sporty Dogs, Cracker Dog Insane Terriers¬†or Hard-Working Dogs…in the end, with a bit of advice from Mango, I decided on Hard-Working Dogs. But which picture shows me at my Hardworking best?? OK, if ‚Ķ Continue reading

Slobber Contest winners!

OK, the voting’s closed, the votes have been counted and the moment you have all been waiting foris here…here are the winners of my Spectacular Slobber Contest: Professional Category – this was a close-run race between the 3 top dogs: Savage, Duke and Mango but in the¬† end – as many of you predicted – no one could beat the super Suds King: MANGO! However, Mango only won by 2 votes (both¬†Duke & Savage tied at 13 votes each)¬†so there was some stiff competition! And well done also to all the other contestants in the Professional category – you really showed us the range of fantastic drooling skills out there! ¬† ¬† Amateur Category – dogs in this category all deserve a special mention for their spectacular efforts, given their naturaly dainty habits. But when it came to the top amateur drooler, MAX won hands down¬†with 23 votes¬†for his one ‚Ķ Continue reading

Time to vote! Slobber Contest…

* Voting is now closed. Thank you! A BIG thank you to all those who participated in my Spectacular Slobber Contest – I am so touched by everyone who went to so much effort for their entries – and Wow – what entries!! OK, so the time has come for you to vote for your favourite slobberer!! As you know, there are 4 categories: Professional Drooler – for the big-jowled monster leakers Amateur Drooler – for the more dainty breed of canine Prop-Assisted – for those who need a bit of help Video¬† – for those who feel that their drool is best appreciated in action… You are only¬†allowed to vote ONCE in each category (and of course, you can’t vote for yourself!! ūüėČ ) – please put your votes in your comments below. * Thank you, Mango, for pointing out that there might be some confusion: to keep things ‚Ķ Continue reading

Slobber Contest: entries so far…

We have had some great entries so far for the Spectacular Slobber Contest. For those of you who have not entered yet – come on! You still have a week and a half to get your best slobber shots in to me (Aug 20th). And don’t worry if nature hasn’t blessed you with leaky jowls – I have created the ‘Amateur Drooler’ category¬†for the more dainty breed of canine…(check out Reilly – really impressive from one of such pointy mouth!) …and the ‘Prop-Assisted category for those who¬†need a bit of help from the water bowl (Petey? JD & Max?), prosthetics (check out Moose and his heavy-lifting drool) or even a generous slobbery friend! ¬† (check out Saige and her fantastic strategy of “borrowed” slobber – full marks for effort!!) There is also a Video category for those who feel that their drool is best appreciated in action… You don’t have ‚Ķ Continue reading

Most Sporty-Looking Dog Contest

How exciting – my friends, The Four Musketeers in Singapore, are running this cool contest to see who is the most sporty looking dog. As soon as I heard about it, I rushed to ask Hsin-Yi to send some photos of me too! Ok, Ok, I know us Danes are not known for being sporty but hey – we do try!! Anyway, Hsin-Yi actually found so many photos of me that she didn’t know which one to choose! What do you think? Which one should I enter in the contest?? ¬† Ok, this one is not for the contest but just to show you that I did catch it! ps. YOU can enter the contest too! – just go to The Four Musketeer’s blog for more details.

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