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Let’s Boogie! Starting a new dance routine…

. Guess what? Me & my human, Hsin-Yi, have started working on a new dance routine! 😛 We usually try and do a new routine every year but we have been slacking a bit this year. Hsin-Yi has been a bit lazy about doing training with me – it took us a while to settle into Newcastle after our big move down from Brisbane – and then of course, everything was put on hold for a while when Muesli joined the family! …and then I was hosting Dancing With The Doggie Stars, where I was helping other doggies learn to dance (but didn’t get time to do much dancing myself! 😉 )…and then when things finally calmed down again, my humans suddenly started having to do lots of travelling! So most of the year has gone by without us doing much dancing. Besides, Hsin-Yi says she hasn’t really felt “inspired” … Continue reading

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