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Richard Curtis ‘Doggie Dancing’ Weekend @ Camp Tailwaggers!

  Ooh, I was so excited last weekend when I got to meet the famous Richard Curtis (www.k9freestyle.co.uk) who is one of the the top Canine Freestyle / Heelwork to Music trainers from the faraway place called England.  We were very lucky because Richard was very nice to spend a long time on the Big Flying Machine and come all the way to Australia to do some trainings with the doggies here. He was giving a ‘doggie dancing’ workshop at Camp Tailwaggers on the Gold Coast and so of course, my human signed us up immediately!  Here is an exciting movie of the highlights!   .  Hsin-Yi was very excited because it was always her dream to meet Richard – especially because Richard always supports other types of doggies doing Canine Freestyle too and not just the usual working breeds. He was also very kind to help Hsin-Yi a few years ago when she was writing an … Continue reading

My birthday party!

Last weekend, I had my 6th birthday party! Of course, my birthday was actually in October but because my human, Paul, was away, we waited until he got back to have the party. And my lovely trainer, Flip, said that I could have my party at his Flip’s Top Dog training centre! I had invited all my good doggie friends: some old friends that I’ve known for a loooooong time, like George the Bernese Mountain Dog and Lucky Bear the Akita-Rottie-cross… …some friends that I’ve met through doggie dancing, like Finnegan the Sheltie… …some friends that I’ve met through Outreach Therapy Pets, like Kira the German Shepherd… …new friends I’ve met at Agility, like Scarlett the Shepherd… and even friends I’ve made through my blog, like Cinnamon the Beagleand Lexi the Great Dane pup! I also invited my human friend, Dizzy Mum and her 2 human pups. They had to leave … Continue reading

Tricky Free-Time (free-shaping)

You know lots of us doggies are learning tricks and dance moves and stuff…well, check out this doggie team for inspiration – WOW! – my human’s mouth was open the whole time she was watching them – they are incredible! OK, so for Tricky T-Day today I am going to show you some movies of me doing free-shaping with different objects, as Ludo asked us to do. Free-shaping (or free time) is when us doggies make up our own tricks. Our humans don’t set out to try and teach us any specific trick – they just wait and see what we might do – and if they like it, they will Click that action and give us a treat! For example, if they put a box in front of us, we might: put one paw on it walk around it sit ON it sit IN it touch it with our nose jump over it Any of these things is … Continue reading

Weekend Fun: Recall Training and Playing with Hugo…

I haven’t had as busy a weekend as last week but I still did a lot of stuff! I met up with my friend, Hugo the Greyhound-Bullmastiff cross, again at Shore Rd Reserve…and we had a great time chasing each other and playing! He is the bounciest dog I know! Here is a short video clip of us playing…er, until Hugo decided to kiss the camera! (see how he bounces around and even leapt right over the top of me?!) And although we didn’t manage to get out to the beach this weekend, my humans did take me to Waiatarua Wetlands Reserve – this is one of the BEST dog parks in Auckland: 20 hectares where we can safely roam off-leash and walk through open fields and native bush, with duck ponds and rabbit holes to explore…what more could a dog want?? (Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, there is even a dead … Continue reading

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