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Celebrating My 8th Birthday!

Yup! Last week I turned 8 yrs old! Now, this might not sound like much to you but for us giant doggies, it’s a pretty good achievement! 8 years is the “breed average” for Great Danes – which means that although a lot of Danes do go on to live longer (some even to 13 or 14!) – sadly, many also die much younger from things like Heart Failure Sickies (Cardiomyopathy) and the scary Bone Cancer Sickie (Osteosarcoma), plus many just become really sad & ouchie from the Arthritis Sickie and can’t move around comfortably anymore. And of course, there is always the big scary Bloat Monster (Gastric Torsion/Gastric Dilation & Volvulus) waiting to attack us anytime. We are definitely not a long-lived breed. But my humans say it’s not just about the numbers…just like in humans, it’s about “quality of life” – and I’m really lucky that even as … Continue reading

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