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Bonjour…I’m Back!

Bonjour, everybody – my humans are finally back from their long holiday in the faraway place called France – and me & Muesli are back home! đŸ˜€ Actually, we all got back a week ago but my human, Hsin-Yi, has been really busy with unpacking and “catching up” and cleaning the house and stuff – (and sorting through all her photos…she took over 3,000 pictures!! She was the unofficial Photographer Human for her brother’s wedding so she had an important job getting all the pictures ready!) – so she hasn’t had any time to help me with my blog at all. Humph. But that’s OK – I’m just so happy to be back home! In fact, my humans were supposed to come and get me the day after they got back but they missed me (& Muesli) so much that they stopped to get us on the way back from the … Continue reading

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