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A Visitor from NZ & Learning the ‘Blanket’ Trick

Well, I was hoping to post about this trick for Tricky T-Day yesterday but I’m ashamed to say – I STILL haven’t managed to learn it yet! 😛 OK, us Danes can be a bit – um, slow – hee! hee! Sometimes it takes months before I “get” a trick and my human has to be very patient with me and keep trying. Am just not a fast learner like those clever little terriers and Shelties and Border Collies! 😉  But anyway, I thought I might as well still show you what I’ve learnt so far…Hsin-Yi says it is called a “work-in-progress”! (I have lots of those –  Ha! Ha!)  Some time last year, Hsin-Yi saw this really cute trick on YouTube of a doggie pulling its blanket up to cover itself – so she decided to try and teach me that too. Here is the little doggie demonstrating the trick … Continue reading

Wheelie Chair Game & ‘Paws Up’ trick

This post is dedicated to my blog friend, Moose the Labradane, who lives in a faraway place called Florida! 😛 A while back, my friend Moose  played a really cool game with his human on her wheelie chair. It looked such fun that I wanted to try it with my human too! Except that I don’t think I quite – er, ‘got it’…hmm, Hsin-Yi says she was pulling me more than I was pulling her! Well, you can see for yourselves 😆 : httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C8xV7h3Buc If the movie won’t play, try here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C8xV7h3Buc . Moose also asked me a while back to post some instructions for how I learnt my ‘Paws Up’ trick. Well, this is actually the first part of the trick “Say Your Prayers” – but I haven’t learnt the last part yet where I put my head down. (Hsin-Yi is a bit of a moody trainer so we do … Continue reading

Going for a walk…

A while back, my blog friends Jackal, Dexter and the OP Pack posted videos of their daily walkies – and of course, Khyra ,does regular ‘Walking Wednesdays’ – so I thought I’d show you one of my walks too. I’m really lucky to live in such a beautiful city as Auckland which has so many lovely places to go walking. Although the humans here are not always very dog-friendly (not like the faraway place called Europe where dogs are welcomed everywhere!) but at least here, there are lots of parks, beaches and walking tracks where dogs can go.  And many of our dog parks are huge natural reserves with ponds and trees and hills and bushes to explore, not just small, boring, fenced flat spaces like in many other countries. So my humans like to try and take me on different walks throughout the week, to keep things interesting for me and to keep … Continue reading

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