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Howlawe’en TV Special & ‘Draw the Dog’

Lots of my doggie blog friends in the faraway places called America and Canada celebrate a special holiday called Hallowe’en where they seem to dress up in silly costumes and dig holes in pumpkins to make funny faces… We don’t really celebrate Hallowe’en much here Down Under but on Thursday last week, my human, Hsin-Yi got a call from the Brisbane RSPCA Animal Shelter (where we go to do our fun training classes) asking for our help. They wanted to film a “Howlawe’en TV Special” – a special short movie for the News in the TV box, telling people about the poor homeless doggies looking for forever homes at the shelter. They also wanted to tell people that “Trick or Treat” was not just a game for human pups – it’s a great game to play with doggies too – to teach us tricks is great fun and helps to build a wonderful bond between … Continue reading

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