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Possum! & How to feed the raw diet

My humans gave me a new kind of raw meaty bone today: possum! Possums are really cute but they are introduced pests to New Zealand which harm the native animals and plants, and humans are always trying to get rid of them. So it’s nice to be able to use them for something good. My humans get my raw food from a really good company called Raw Essentials – they stock all sorts of different kinds of raw meaty bones, which makes it much easier for our humans to find the right things to feed us and give us enough variety for a balanced diet. They have things like lamb, rabbit, chicken, hare, ostrich – and now possum! Possum is a good alternative source of protein for dogs and cats with food allergies. Yum – it was really delicious! Feeding the Raw Diet People often ask about how to feed the … Continue reading

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