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Introduction to Clicker Training – PART 1

For all those pups out there who asked me about clicker training, I thought I’d do a post to show you how to get started with using the clicker! I know some of you are already experienced clicker pups so I hope this won’t be too boring for you – but I thought it was still good to go ‘back to basics’ for those pups who are just starting out… So here is a special movie that my human, Hsin-Yi, and I made to show you how we do it: (I have never tried to be a teacher in a movie before so we were not sure how to do it…as you can see, my human cut off her own head! Hopefully, she will be better in Part 2! )   Also, here is an article that Hsin-Yi wrote about clicker training which will help answer some of your questions on clicker training: … Continue reading

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