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Adventures at the Vet: Yucky Teeth, Vaccine Reactions & Baby Kitty Monster!

Yesterday, I went to see my lovely vet, Dr Seung Ho at the Central New Farm Veterinary Surgery for my check-up. Although most doggies usually get a check-up once a year, after I passed 5yrs old my humans decided to start taking me for a check-up every 6 months ‘coz us giant breeds become senior doggies much more quickly and so this way, my humans thought they would have a better chance of catching any sickies early. Also, since we will be leaving Brisbane soon and I don’t know how long it will take me to find a good vet again in Newcastle , my humans thought it was good to let my lovely vet here make sure everything was OK before we left. Yikes! But there was something in the waiting room – something in a cage that was staring at me! 😯 I went over very cautiously to take a look – … Continue reading

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