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Ferret boogie, Park Friends and Swiss Ball action!

Yay, it’s the weekend! Since our dance routine is coming along quite nicely and we’ve been working really hard – my human, Hsin-Yi, thought we could have a break from training this weekend.  But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been keeping busy…! First of all, I helped Paul do his special exercises for his back, so that he doesn’t get the back sickness again like last year, when he had to go for The Operation… Paul has his own ball but it’s not like my tennis ball or even my football – it’s HUGE! It’s called a “Swiss Ball” and Paul likes to sit on it or lie on it, rather than chase it (as I keep saying, humans are very odd…). It was getting a bit small so I helped Paul to pump it up!   I also had a very nice walk in Waiatarua Wetlands Reserve, which is … Continue reading

Weekend Fun: Recall Training and Playing with Hugo…

I haven’t had as busy a weekend as last week but I still did a lot of stuff! I met up with my friend, Hugo the Greyhound-Bullmastiff cross, again at Shore Rd Reserve…and we had a great time chasing each other and playing! He is the bounciest dog I know! Here is a short video clip of us playing…er, until Hugo decided to kiss the camera! (see how he bounces around and even leapt right over the top of me?!) And although we didn’t manage to get out to the beach this weekend, my humans did take me to Waiatarua Wetlands Reserve – this is one of the BEST dog parks in Auckland: 20 hectares where we can safely roam off-leash and walk through open fields and native bush, with duck ponds and rabbit holes to explore…what more could a dog want?? (Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, there is even a dead … Continue reading

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