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Honey & Lemon – Magic Moments Together

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37 Responses to Videos

  1. Ann says:

    je viens de passer 4 heures sur votre site et je vous remercie d’avoir créé ce blog !!
    je suis une grande passionnée de dogues allemands j’en ai moi meme plusieurs ,
    j’ai une association de sauvetage de dogues allemands en détresse
    nous en avons beaucoup de maltraités en france …

    merci infiniment pour cet immense moment magique en votre compagnie et peut etre un jour sur notre association ?
    merci , bonne route a vous !!

  2. dilsha says:

    Hi! i ove you honey.

  3. lori says:

    thats so sad i am truly sorry. but you still have honey so be glad. god bless you

  4. elena andrews says:

    WOW! i am so touched by this video! i laughed and cried through the entire thing. its SO beautiful and so wonderful! thank you for sharing this! -elena please give Honey hugs and kisses from her fans! :)

  5. Lucy says:

    What happened to Lemon?

    Such a sweet video – so sad and so sorry!!!

  6. niveditha says:

    my heart almost burst. how could u tolerate this honey. i feel really sorry.

  7. MJ Bradley says:

    thank you for the wonderful video.. I am sure Honey missed Lemon.. it is heartbreaking to loose our furfriends and especially so young..

  8. Clay says:

    Thank you for the beautiful video. I lost my best friend Sylvester about 3 years ago. He was my fourth Great Dane and probably my last. They are truly wonderful dogs but they just don’t live long enough. Like your Honey, he was gentle and loved cats, dogs, people… Your video made me cry. Friendships between species are really special, whether it’s cats and dogs or dogs and humans.

  9. Patricia Teunissen says:

    Such a beautiful story such a great life together Thankyou for sharing this wonderful video I am still sitting here with tears running down my face sooooo Beautiful ❤❤❤

  10. Helen Russo says:

    I enjoyed the video via Wimp. It is a beautiful example of animals being encouraged and guided to live together, thank you for filming them through their lives. Having pets (and having had a cat live til 20) it is so sad to read of Lemon’s early passing, we never know how long our animal friends or our human family has to live in this life. Although this made me cry, I still enjoyed watching Lemon and Honey’s friendship. Blessings.

  11. Joy says:

    Love, love your cat/dog friendship. It must be sad for Honey that Lemon went on without him. I guess it would be very hard to replace with another cat, since they were raised together.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I just watched this video via I have to say I loved it and then i read of Lemon’s early passing and I cried so hard. Such a beautiful video and it does a wonderful job honoring your kitty.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Loved the video! Reminded me of my little Shih Tzu who loved her little cat friend but I didn’t take that many videos back 20 years. I was watching and expecting that you were going to say that Honey died so young – being a Great Dane and all… But that would have made more sense than to lose the cat. Sorry for your loss and Honey’s.

  14. Martin says:

    I found this cute and moving video of “the story of a dog and a cat” on wimp and was very touched by the story, since i can relate to it, having lost a big dog myself in 2007. I was wondering what happened to poor Lemon having passed away so young? I lost my big russian Barsoi dog when he was 7 1/4 years only, due to a tumor. After researching this field i found out about the terrible (lack of)quality with almost all pet-food products.Especially the deleterious and(mostly)cancer causing dried food, but the canned is also lacking healthy nutrients and quality.So if not through an accident i could understand it to be a slow poisoning through pet food, which led to Lemon´s passing, since he was so young. I changed the brand of the food totally for my cat Sonny immediately and he´s now almost 8 years old with a healthy perspective ahead. Wishing you all the best and a long life for your ´Big Honey´dog.

  15. Scoot says:

    What a fabulous story. Made me laugh then cry. They ate so rewarding, but so hard to lose.

  16. Viv says:

    So beautifully filmed, and so poignant. Magic moments forever captured. I LOVED watching this story unfold…then WHAM!! My heart burst!
    I cried buckets! Still am!! I’ve shared it on Facebook, as have so may others. Thank you for sharing a small part of their lives with us. I hope Honey enjoys many more years ahead of her and isn’t pining too much for the beautiful, feisty Lemon. xx

  17. Jerry says:

    So sorry on the loss of Lemon. I too watched the video on Great video.

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks a lot…you made me cry like a baby.

  19. Joerg Borns says:

    Thank you, for this video.
    Its so beautyfull. ♥♥♥
    RIP Lemon you lovely cat

  20. Dawn says:

    What a wonderful tribute to “Lemon”. Thank you. can’t say any more….snifffff

  21. Kati says:

    very beautiful memories of those true friends ♥

  22. FreneticMadness says:

    Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL story!! I was also touched by these amazing animals!! Wow, your video was incredibly moving. I can only imagine how delightfully BLESSED your life was (and still is!) having witnessed such a remarkable friendship. We all need friends like Lemon and Honey!

  23. Patty says:

    I love this video, im all tears:(

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  24. I watched your video on and I thought it was wonderful. I love that you took the time to video them all throughout their lives together, it is beautiful. It made me smile and it made me cry. Our furbabies give us such joy! Thank you!

  25. Max says:

    Crap, you can’t help getting all balled up! (Happen to catch your vid on I sent it to a ‘cat friend’ of mine…, she also got teary-eyed…!)

  26. Lorn says:

    I loved watching this video. What beautiful moments caught on video. I thought maybe something sad was going to be at the end and I couldn’t stop crying. But what wonderful video you can keep forever x

  27. Deanna says:

    what a gr8 friendship they shared ,was so lovely to watch ,I’m sure that Honey and Museli,will be and probably are the best of friend’s now too .:)

  28. Sal says:

    What a beautiful video capturing these wonderful moments of life between these two creatures. I can’t stop crying…really affected me.

  29. Gayla Weeks says:

    beautiful heartwarming video. and a wonderful tribute to ” Lemon” who was clearly well loved. Your story prompted my own recent memories. We too had cat and dog that were best of friends. Whenever I took Kelsey ( dog) for a walk ” Kitten” was sure to follow. Kelsey was his protector and playmate. When Kitten was stolen at age 9 Kelsey was 12 and passed just 2 months later. It was heartwrenching for us and to see Kelsey missing her best friend. We miss our girl everyday and we continue to search for Kitten and hope someday he will be found..

  30. Sandy. B says:

    Can you tell us how Lemon died? And how did Honey react losing her best friend?

  31. Terri says:

    I have goose bumps from watching your video!! I hope Honey is recovering from such a huge loss in her life.

  32. josiedlecka says:

    What a beautiful film! What wonderful animals and good owners. I’ve always thought pets are much happier if they are brought up with a friend. Poor Lemon. I had a little cat that looked quite like her – Coco. Thank you very much for posting this up. I am looking forward to reading your blog now. XX

  33. ti says:

    This was soo awesome,brought tears to my eyes,soo precious,thank you for sharing their adventures in friendship and love..xoxo

  34. NicoleA says:

    Oh my. I just stumbled upon this video and what a joy it was to see.
    My favorite parts are (1) when Lemon is laying in the HUGE dog bed and Honey is standing there like she wants to lay down and decides to lay on the floor next to the bed; (2) when they are both laying outside in the sun rolling over and stretching out.
    Honestly the entire video was incredible but those were my favorite parts.
    Such a beautiful story of friendship and love.
    Thank you for sharing! <3 I am a pet lover and am very sorry for your loss. I was bawling at the end :( Lemon has touched us all – all of us who have bared witness to the dynamic duo that is Lemon+Honey. Thank you. <3

  35. Hi, Honey (and Hsin-Yi! And Muesli!). I saw this video several years ago and it inspired me to adopt a kitty and a puppy to share my home with. The puppy did come first. I named her Isabelle. I can honestly say she saved my life. Two years later, I moved to Florida to be with my boyfriend and, together, we found “the kitten he had been waiting for his whole life”. His name is Beric Dondarrion the Lightning Lord. It took a couple of months but, finally, Isabelle and Beric are having mischievous adventures together. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration to bring Isabelle and Beric into my world. I am still following your blog and find myself looking forward to your posts. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


  36. Kathy Vertypora says:

    What a beautiful love story!! Thank you or sharing!
    So sorry you lost Lemon so soon but it is apparent she had a good life filled with love!

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