Clicker & General Training Videos

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General Obedience exercises:
(Heel, Recall, Drop on Command, Out-of-sight Stay, Distance Control)


 Introduction to Clicker Training – PART 1


Introduction to Clicker Training – PART 2: Teaching Tricks


Introduction to Clicker Training – PART 3: Down & Stay


Teaching your dog to go to his bed (using clicker training)


Teaching your dog to ‘Reverse / Back Up’


Teaching your dog to ‘Bow’


Clicker Training to shape a ‘retrieve’


Learning to “do the laundry”… (Teaching your dog to pick up his toys)


Tricky T-Day: “helpful trick” – learning to draw the curtains with Clicker Training

Session 1:

Session 2:


Clicker Training: Free-shaping with different objects:


Clicker Training “Free-Shaping”:


Clicker Training: Free-shaping with a bucket:


Long Distance Recalls:


Learning “house rules”


Distance Control at home:


Motivating Your Dog


Ian Dunbar’s ‘K9 Games':


Playing ‘K9 Games’ Retrieve Game:


Ian Dunbar’s test for training reliability


Trying out Agility:


Group Class at Flip’s Top Dog:

13 Responses to Clicker & General Training Videos

  1. Kadie and her human says:

    Dear Honey!

    My human would love to know how you trained to learn "heel".
    That is something I really need some help with. I like to heel for a short time and then I am ready to loose leash walk.

    If you have time to respond that would be great!
    If your really busy thats fine too!
    Thanks for sharing all you do and giving us some great ideas!

    lots of slobber,

    Kadie the Great dane puppy from Alabama!

  2. Peter G. says:

    Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

  3. Oscar says:

    its great really , but … how can i teach my dog to pee in bathroom :(

  4. Ray Shaw says:

    Great videos. I’ve been watching some on ‘you tube’ but decided to come here. Very grateful for all your sharing, you seem to have so much fun and clearly the relationship between you and Honey is a great one. I got a rescue dog after my last one died. He was just nine months when we got him. I’ve lost a lot of the puppy years for training purposes. He’s come on a bundle in a fairly short time. We’ve now had him just over 6 months. I feel under pressure to catch up but some of the dog trainers say I push him too hard and that he’s only young.
    Clicker training I’m not very familiar with but I’m starting and your vidoes help a lot. So, a big, big thanks.

  5. Sky says:

    I like your training videos, they’re quite helpful! I am using the “curtains” trick for my science project, where I’m teaching two different dogs the same tricks and recording learning time (a house dog and a farm dog). Honey is beautiful:)

    From Tatum and Luca the Aussies and Abby the lab

  6. OscarBlogger says:

    Thanks so much for the videos! Mayli the Labradane recommended them to me when I blogged about how I was going to start using clicker training with my dog Oscar, but wasn’t sure whether I was doing it right or not. They’re very helpful!

  7. cherry says:

    my owner might be getting a clicker for christmas to help with my tricks

  8. kelly carter says:

    I want to let you know how much I love watching you interact with Honey. You both have fun. You keep it short and keep her attention span. Also, you have a superb reading list. Ian Dunbar is the best. I like Jean Donaldson’s book, Culture Clash”. Anyone going to a dog park should have Turid Rugaas’s book as mandatory reading. They will enjoy their visits as much as their dog.

    Thanks you for your blog. It’s a fun informative site.
    Kelly Carter

    “Dog Parks Build Community”

  9. collette says:

    Dear honey,
    hi,my name is collette. i watch your videos elove,very day! i am trying to convince my dad to get a great dane. ilove big dogs! you were a huge insporation to me. please email me back. it would mean so much! love,

  10. collette says:

    hi my name is collette. i love you guys. please email me back, it would mean so much to me. with lots of love, collette

  11. Patrick says:

    Hi Honey,

    Thank you for showing me the proper way to clicker train. I just got a four year old Great Dane that was kennel raised. We will learn a lot faster with the tips we learned from you. Can you do a video on house breaking an older dog, thanks Patrick and Maverick.

  12. Sandra Wilson says:

    Hi Honey. You are really great in these videos. Can you ask your human to do a video on getting used to cats? I have a friend who has a lovely dog, but he does not like cats, so his human can’t really get one. His human is afraid his dog will kill the cat. Thanks Honey.

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