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A year in my life…


Honey & Lemon – Visit to the Vet!


Making my bed…

Post-bath zoomies:


Learning to swim!


“When my human gets zoomies!”


Baby-sitting duties…


Spring is here! (Walk in Cornwall Park, Auckland)


Helping to pump up the Swiss Ball:


Trying a Nina Ottossen “Dog Brick” Interactive Toy


Going for a walk…


Doing some tricks:


 Tribute to my best friend, Ombre the Standard Schnauzer:


Playing with my friend, Hugo:


Playing with football in park:


Meeting new friends in the dog park:


Walk on Mission Bay, Auckland:


Playing with my doggie friends:


Brain Games # 1


Brain Games # 2


My humans visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia


  Playing with Lemon:

14 Responses to Everyday Life Videos

  1. Monica Stage says:

    I am completely in aw of Honey and yourself and all your work with her. She is gorgeous. I started watching the video of her swimming in the pool – and laughed so much tears were pouring! Have enjoyed many of the other videos. You have an amazing life with your great Dane ! Will definitely be back for more!
    Monica, with 1 year old bullmastiff Bundy

  2. Brenda Van Tiem says:

    Hi I wanted to stop by and let you know from one Great Dane owner to another, you have one beautiful connection with Honey! Keep up the great work!!! I hope that your "big move" goes well. I found you and Honey when I googled Great Dane crates…. I have been having a really hard time finding a crate large enough for Zeus a 3 year old. Thank you for sharing your informatiom. Take care and enjoy your baby!

  3. Kirsten and Zeppelin says:

    Loved the brain games! What a great way to use what you have at home to challenge your baby. I love to do these kind of games with my little boy 😀 Thank you for the great idea.

  4. Brodie says:

    Honey! Your so cute when your making your bed! I love the expressions you make!

  5. Keith Zetterstrom says:

    “A dog has no use for fancy cars.. or big homes or designer clothes. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, smart or dumb, just give em your heart, and they’ll give you his.” – John Grogan

  6. Theo says:

    Oh it´s so lovely when Honey plays with the puppy … I love it !!!

  7. Jasmine and Winstin says:

    I just love watching videos of Honey playing! She seems like such a sweet girl, and my goal is to raise Jasmine with the good behavior that Honey models so nicely! Thanks for sharing.
    Jasmine the puppy Dane &
    Winstin the old man Sheltie

  8. Cherry says:

    So cute,love your video about Honey & Lemon!

  9. manateeluvr6 says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Honey is adorable i am very sorry about the loss of Lemon they were so cute together!!! My family is thinking about getting a dane!

  10. Donna Wolfff says:

    Honey is a beautiful creature. I enjoyed watching the various videos and loved the brain games. Great idea! We are getting another dog in April (a puppy) and I want to stimulate his or her brain as much as possible. Also hoping we can be a therapy dog so I’ve enjoyed your posts on that subject as well. Again, great job with Honey who again is an absolutely beautiful creature and you are so blessed to have her and she you.m

  11. K-9 Katastrophie says:

    Hi Honey! Mommy wanted to come by and watch some of your videos! She says they cheer her up!


  12. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Hi Honey,
    I re-watch your videos all the time and was saddened to learn that I can’t watch your Vet Video due to the owners of the song not allowing you to play it. I thought if you gave credit in your video to whomever wrote the song that that made it legal. I know there is a music site that has songs that are in the public domain. Maybe, after the book is published you can change the music so we can continue watching such a wonderful video. I love the pare where your drool gets very long Honey.
    I enjoyed the video of you playing with your dog friends in 2009. I am always amazed at the green space that you have in Australia. I wish we had that in California where I live and in Arizona where Mikey the Grey Hound lives. Mikey has a dog park nearby that has sand. The sand seems soft under his feet, except all the dogs take a wee in the sand. There is grass next door to the doggy enclosure but the dogs have to be on a leash in that area. I think Mikey would take off running if given the chance and I would not want to lose him or have him get hit by a car by being off leash. I am still working on Mikey’s listening skills when I visit him in Arizona. You are so obedient Honey, Hsin-Yi and Paul must be so proud of you. They can take you anywhere and not wonder what is going to happen.
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey hOund

  13. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Dear Hsin-Yi, and Paul,
    I have ben watching hours and hours of Honey, the Greatest Dane videos since I received the news that my favorite Dane went over the Rainbow Bridge.
    I particularly love the puppy videos. I love her floppy ears. I love how her ears flop up and down and side to side in the video where she plays with the squeaky bone in the back yard. I think I will look for a bone like that for Mikey the Greyhound. I think he will get a kick out of it, and enjoy all the noises the bone can make. Clearly, my dear Honey enjoyed that toy and I know Mikey will to. Honey grew up so fast her first year. One minute Hsin-Yi is sitting, legs crossed with a pile of soft, chirping baby Dane’s on her lap and a few nipping at her toes, than there is the big Great Dane Swap in the parking lot. Paul, the new canine dad is protectively carrying a four legged, squirming Fawn,a Great Dane, we know as HOney. And the fun begins
    The vet video was great while it was up. I hope when you are finished with Honey book number two that you can add free music to the video or leave it without music so the fans can see how obedient and cute Honey was at the vet. Honey was a good sport while the doctor gave her her physical, and so sweet while she waited her turn while the kitty got checked out. I also like that both you and Paul are involved at the vet visits. Of course, the other patients and their owners fall in love with my Honey. She is truly irresistible. I miss her! I am so great full to you and Paul for documenting her life in video and pictures. My heart and soul always get lifted when I watch her videos. During the rough times after Percy the Greyhound’s passing that I watched the videos over and over and they helped me through my grief. Honey had the amazing ability to lift spirits whether she was in the same room as you or across the sea and through the internet. Honey understood the power of the internet, and the need for you to help her blog to her human and four legged friends.

    I hope Honey’s video’s bring you the same joy and sense of peace that they are bringing me at the time of Honey’s passing.

    Blessings and slobbers to you,
    Dawn and Mikey the Greyhound

  14. Steven J. Gosink says:

    I also enjoy watching the videos of you and Honey, think my favorite was you dancing with the hula hoop around honey. I am also very sorry to hear about Honey’s passing away, she was a good dog

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