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My 1st Swimming Lesson! (Auckland)


Meeting a ‘Baby’ for the 1st time! (Brisbane)


Happy times with my best friend, Ombre the Standard Schnauzer: (Auckland)


Visiting Brisbane’s Southbank Markets


‘The Massage’ – Pawdance Film Festival: Comedy Flick entry


Great Danes meetup on Nudgee Beach (Brisbane)


“a day in the life of a dog dancing dog…” – Honey takes you ‘behind-the-scenes’ at a dog dancing gig @ 4 Seasons Pet Store, Auckland


My first holiday (in Rotorua, NZ):


Fun at Bethells Beach, West Coast Auckland:


Representing Outreach Therapy Pets @ the STAR DOGS Afternoon Tea (Auckland)


Playdate with Cookie & Cinnamon the Beagles (Auckland):


Photoshoot with Rachael Hale (Auckland):


Dancing on NZ kids’ TV show ‘Studio 2′:


Meeting Rachael Hale kittens (Auckland):


Playdate with Lupe the Great Dane (Brisbane)


Paul’s Birthday Surprise (Auckland)

10 Responses to Fun things I’ve done… Videos

  1. Lexi the Dane says:

    Hey Honey,

    Loving all your video's you are having a great time with Ombre! In
    "Happy times with my best friend, Ombre the Standard Schnauzer", there is a big green park and there is a big lake/pond thing, is it in Auckland? Cos I would very much like to go there.

    Have fun!

    Lexi and Laura

  2. Lexi the Dane says:

    Hello Honey and Hsin-Yi,

    Lexi and Laura again. We just went to Waiatarua Wetlands Reserve today, and loved it :) And I made a great new friend, Floyd the 5month old Dobermen. He was awesome we played nicely together, he was a little bigger than me, but not much and not for long! hehe.
    It'd be great to go there with you guys sometime!
    Speak later
    Lexi and Laura

  3. donna says:

    love your videos there so much fun i am at the moment training my dog Dexter a 19 month old lab we are having so much fun ! learning you are our inspiration thanks xx

  4. The video of Honey learning to swim is simply PRICELESS!! What a beautiful sweet girl you have there. And I’m very sorry about your sudden loss of Lemon :-(

  5. jamie smith says:

    I’m totally in love with honey. As a kid I gre up with great danes and they were amazing animals but I never quite seen 1 as special as honey. I ent the other way in size with a dog I bought myself a Min Pin pup. She is a extremely smart animal just a hyper. She does quite a few tricks I just cant seem to do the recall command which is scarey because I’m afraid she may chase something and get hit by a car. I cant even get her to play fetch. Plus Ive seen other min pins do tricks like play dead and bow (like honey) and I cant figure out how people talk there dog these tricks. I am gonna get her into agility because I think i will help with her energy. I actually wish I knew where to buy some stuff for home. So if u have any advice I’m all ears. Anyone who can get a GREAT DANE to do the things you have is the master in my eyes.

  6. Hi Honey! We have been watching some of your video. The one with Bertie the Pug is sooooo funny!!!!! BOL!!


  7. Cherry says:

    What comments can you say here!
    I like your videos!

  8. Juliette says:

    Wow,that’s very funny videos.My favourite is “Happy times with best friend”

  9. jessica lauren taylor says:

    i am from Bolivia and born in Luxembourge in germany , i have seen many awsome dogs in the universe but for you honey ,ur ………….ur….ur…….thousands of words ,,,,,,,,,, ur so great and your owner is incredible too

    H=Honey baby
    luv uuuuuuuu


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