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Playing with my Giggle Bone at 3 months:


First day in my new home:


My 1st Birthday Party:

10 Responses to Puppy Time Videos

  1. Kimba says:

    Hi, Honey!

    What lovely puppy videos! Mom got touched with your arrival. I'm so happy you have found such a nice family!



  2. Karen Aleman says:

    Hi , cute and lovely honey!, I hope you have a
    nice home there! I love dogs too. Mostly all
    the animals even baby animals they make you
    feel much better and comfortable!

    ~~~ 11 year old girl ,, ( Karen)

  3. gemma says:

    hi, i was wondering how long honey would cry for her family because if i got a pup i think that it would break my heart if it lasted too long x

  4. niveditha says:

    i really felt bad that u were crying. this would really break my heart.
    but now u r a very big beautiful girl.
    i am waiting for more of your adventures!!!!!!!!!!

  5. rosaline says:

    hello honey i watched all your videos and its so amazing,i think u are the most smartest dane i know…:)

  6. creolegirl1g says:

    I’m a new friend from the US! I subscribed to your youtube under Creolelivedoll. Wish I’d known you when my human visited Australia & New Zealand in 2008, but it’s been fun reading all about you & your kitty siblings. RIP Lemon. I have TWO kitty siblings that I grew up with! I am 8yts old in July 19th! YAY to we “seniors”! haha!

    What an awesome birthday party, Honey!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    See ya!

    Your new friend,
    Miss Lucy P. (Lucy Pooch)

  7. dawn and mikey the grey hound says:

    Hi Honey,
    Every so often I watch your puppy videos because I can’t believe you were once a tiny puppy. I love your expressive face. I had no idea that puppies could grow so fast.
    It is nice to know that your forever home has turned out so well. Your human’s really love you with every fiber of their being and demonstrate this with the training, diet, walks and adventures they take you on. I must say, when I saw the video of you crying on your first day home I was sad wondering if you missed your own mommy and brother’s and sister’s. I hope your pack went to good homes too. Who would have guessed that Honey the Greatest Dane would become such a famous Great Dane like Marmaduke. I think you are even cuter than Marmaduke Honey. Someone commented in the “Puppy Diary” section that they like that you kept your ears long, and that got me to thinking, “do Great Dane owner’s cut the puppies ears?” Why, I can’t imagine? I love Honey’s long floppy ears, especially when she is running and they flop back and forth in the wind. Sometimes Honey looks like she could take off in the air and use her ears like helicopter blades. Honey looks adorable when she shakes her head from side to side and one can hear the sound of her ears flapping.
    I was surprised to see Hsin-Yi and Paul actually said “no” to Honey. You both make doggie parenting look so easy and when i watch the puppy video’s I am reminded that you had to set limits for Honey. I will feel less guilty when I correct Mikey the Grey Hound the next time I visit him. I worry about breaking his doggie spirit when I discipline him, but no one wants to be around a poorly behaved dog, especially me. Honey at nine years old barely resembles Honey at one years old. I love that Honey still has the inquisitive look on her face in pictures and a pep in her step in videos.
    Dawn and Mikey the Grey Hound

  8. Melody clark says:

    I just found this today. I am in love with ‘Honey’ and ‘Lemon”RIP I know what is like to have animal companions that are totally different. I have always had cats and dogs. They get along great raised right. Your mom and dad did great with you and your sibilings.

  9. Pat Swabey says:

    I just love that puppy video where Honey is playing with the Giggle bone! I think she demonstrates her exceptional intelligence by repeatedly taking the bone to the top of the hill and letting it roll down to get the full giggle affect plus an object to chase!
    Very funny!

  10. davidegan1 says:

    Hi there!

    I made a video as part of a college project in Dublin City University, Ireland! It’s only 2 minute long amateur footage of a little puppy and I need to share it with a number of people. It would be fantastic for my work if you could share it on your puppy blog?


    Hope you like it! If you do please share, comment & rate!

    Best Regards,

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